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}  t!:!)e  iHitcfjell  library 

}  JfounDeli  1874. 

Dau  5    :^,^      )^iOL 


l^l^l / 

TH«    «fTCH?^LL    UIWIAItt 

Digitized  by  tine  Internet  Arciiive 

in  2011  witii  funding  from 

National  Library  of  Scotland 




^ercjanw,  Manufacturers,  CraDeriSf, 

Sfc,  Sfc.  Sj-c, 


Also,  a  List  of  the 





From  JuLT,  1816,  till  Februart,  1818. 




For  A.  M^^eatj  Stationer,  Trongate. 

PRICE   2s.    6l>. 

The  Public  are  requested  ivhen  Removals  take  placm 
or  Change  of  Firms,   Sfc.  to  leave  notice  thereof  at  til 
Publisher's  Shop,  :  05,  Trongate,  on  or  before  the  lOth  c 
June,  that  they  muy  he  inserted  in  their  proper  places  i 
the  nejst  EditiGn. 

By  attending  to  this  Notice,  the  Public  mil  be  doin 

'justice  to  fherf'.'^e'ves^  and  enable  the  Publisher  to  mah 

the  Lists  more  CQmplete. 



iiist  of  Streets, 5 

Names  Omitted, 169 

Banks, 169 

Public  Offices, 171 

Fire  &  Iiisurance  Offices,    173 

Porters'  Fees, , 174 

Coal  Porters, 175 


Carters'  Fees, 176 

Table  of  Freights,   178 

Packets  and  Traders  upon  7 
Clyde  and  the  Canals,    S 
A'lail  &  Stage  Coaches,  182,  183 

Carriers'  Quarters,   184 

Managers,  &c.  of  Police,      189 



Froyn  July,  1816,  till  February,  1818. 

August,  1816.      |     February,  1817. 
'hurs.l     S   15  22  29  Satur.  1      8   15  22 

Frid.    2     9   16   23  30 
Satur.  3   10   17  24  51 
Sun.     4  11    18   25 
Mon.  5  12   19   26 
Tucs,  6   13  20  27 
Wed.  7   14  21   28 

.un.     1      8    15   22  29 
Mon.  2      9   16  23  30 
Tues.  3   10    17  24 
Wed.   4  11    18   25 
Tlmrs.5   12   19  25 
Frid.    6   13  20  27 
Satur.  7   14  21    28 

Tues.  1      8    15   22  29 
Wed.  2     9   16  23  30 
Thurs.3    10  17   24  31 
Frid.    4  11    18  25 
Satur.  5   12   19   26 
Sun.     6   13   20  27 
MoH.  7    14  21    28 

Frid.  1  8  15  22 
Satur.  2  9  16  2o  30 
Sun..  3  10  17  24 
Mon.  4  11  18  25 
Tues.  5  12  19  26 
Wed.  6  13  20  27 
Thurs.7    14  21    28 

Sun.     1      8    15   22  29 
Mon.  2     9   16  23  30 
Tues.  3   10   17  24  31 
11    18  25 

Sun.     2 
Mon.  5 

Wed.    4 

Thurs.5  12  19  26 
Frid.  6  13  20  27 
Sarur.  7  14  21  28 
January,  1817. 
Wed.   1      8   15  22  29 

aun.     2  9  16   23 

Mon.  3  10   17   24 

Tues.  4  11    18  25 

Wed.  5  12   19   26 

Thurs.6  13  20  27 

Frid.    7  14  21   28 


Satur.  1  8    15   22   29 

August,   1817. 
Frid.    1      8    15  22  29 
Satur.  2     9   16  23  30 
Sun.     3   10   17    24   31 
Mon.  4    11    18   25 
Tues.  5   12   19  26 
Wed.   6    13  20  27 
Thurs.7   14  21   28 

Mon.   1      8    15  22  29 

9   16  23  30  Tues    2      9  16  23  30 

10   17   24  31 
Tues.  4   11    18   25 
Wed.    5   12   19  26 
Thurs.6    13  20'  27 
Frid.    7   14  21  28 

Tues.   1      8   15  22  29 
Wed.  2     9    16  23  30 
Thurs.3   10  17  24 
Frid.    4   11    18   25 
Satur.  5    12   19  26 
Sun.     6  13  20  27 
Mon.   7    14  21    28 

Thurs.l      8   15  22  29 
Frid.    2     9   16  23  30 
Satur.  3   10  17   24  31 
Sun,     4   11    18  25 
Mon.  5    12  19  26 
Tues.  6   13  20  27 
Wed.  7    14  21   28 

Sun.     1      8    15  22  29 
Mon.    2     9   16  23  30 
Tues.   3   10   17  24 
Wed.  4   11    18  25 
Thurs.5   12   19  26 
Frill.     6   13   20  27 
Satur.  7    14  21    28 

Tues.  1      8    15   22  29     9   16  23  SOiWed,   2      9   16  23   SO 
Frid.    3    10   17  24  31  Thurs.3   10  17   24  31 

Satur.  4  11    18  25 

Sun.     5  12   19  26 

Mon.  6  13  20  27 

fue.s.  7  14  21    28 

Frid.    4  11    18  25 

Satur.  5    12   19  26 

Sun.      6   13  20  27 

Mon.   7   14  21  28 

Wed  3  10  17  24 
Thurs.4  11  18  25 
Frid.  5  12  19  26 
Satur.  6  13  20  27 
Sun.     7   14  21    28 

Wed.  1      8    15  22  2^ 
Thurs.2      9   16  25  50 
Frid.    3   10   17   24  31 
Satur.  4   11    IS   25 
Sun.     5   12   19  26 
Mon.  6   13  20  27 
Tues.  7   14  21   28 

Satur.  1     8   15  22  29 
San.     2     9   16  23  30 
Mon.  3  10  17  24 
Tues.  4   11    18  25     " 
Wed.  5   12    19  26 
Thurs.6   13  20  27 
Frid.    7    14  21   28 

Mon,   1      8   15  22  29 
Tues.  2     9   16  23   30 
Wed.  5    10  17  24  31 
Thurs.4   11    18  25 
Fnd.    5   12  19  26 
Satur.  6   13  20  27 
Sun.     7    14  21    28 
January,   1818. 
Thurs.l     8   15  22  29 
Frid.    2     9   16  23   30 
Satur.  3    10  1  7  24  31 
Sun.     4   11    18  25 
Mon.  5   12  19  26 
Tues.  6   13  20  27 
Wed.  7    14  21    28 

@)tatttp    K>lltit09    Commencing  1st  Sept.  1815. 

Inland  Bills  of  Exchange,  Draft  or  Order  for  Payment  to  the  Bearevi 
or  Order,  on,  Demand,  or  other-wise. 

For £2  and  not  exceeding  £5  \\  5... 










.ditto 2000 

2000  ditto 3000 

5000  ditto 

5  II  5 

















Not  exceed- 

ing 2 

or  6o 

1    0 

































z  mos.  date 
or    6o  days 
L.0      1   6 
































10  0 


For  any  Sum  not  exceeding  =^100  ...One  Shilling  &  Sixpence. 

Above  =£100  and  not  exceeding       200  ...Three  Shillings. 

Above      200        ditto 500  ...Four  Shillings. 

Above      500       ditto    1  GOO  ...Five  Shillings, 

Above      1000     ......ditto    2000  ...Seven  Shillings  &  Sixpence. 

Above      2000     ditto     3000  ...Ten  Shillings. 

Above      3000 Fifteen  Shillings. 

Evert/  Bill  in   each  Set,  is  chargeable  with   the  respective  Duties. 


For  L.2  and  under  L.5 2d 

For      5 10 3d 

For    10 20 6d 

For    20 50 Is.  Od 

For    50 .....100 Is.  6d 

For  100 200 ,2s.  6d 

For  L.200  and  under  L3pO,..4s  Od 

For     300 5bo...5s.Od 

For     500 1000...7S.  6d 

For  1000 and  upwards lOs.  Od 

In  full  of  all  demands, lOs.Od 

Duty  on  Policies  of  Insurance  to  or  from  any  place  in  the  United 
Kingdom,  the  Islands  of  Guernsey,  Jersey,  Alderney,  Sark,  or  Man. 

For  every  sum  of  £100  or  under,  every  progressive  sum  of  ;f  100, 
and  fractional  part  of  =£  100,  the  premium  not  above  20/  ^  cent,  1/3. 

For  the  said  sums,  progressively  and  fractionally,  where  the  premi- 
um is  above  20/  ^  cent , 2/6 

Polices  for  all  other  Sea  Insurances. 

For  every  ^100  or  under,  every  progressive  sum  of  =£100,  and  frac- 
tional part  of  jflOO,  the  premium  not  above  20/  ^  cent 2/6 

For  the  said  sum  progressively  and  fractionally,  the  premium  above 
20/  ^  cent 5/ 


X)/  Places  and  Streets  in  Glasgoxv,    tvhick   run  <!.s 

Adam's  Court,  97,  Argyll-street,  south  side 
Adelphi  Place,  south  end  of  the  Wooden  Bridge 
Aiton  Court  and  Place,   Old  Vennal 
Albior.-street,  South,  from  Bell  street  to  Cancn-strect 

" ■■  North,  from  Canon-street  to  George-street  / 

Court,  South   -  Ibiun-stieet 

■  Place,  North  Aibion-street 
Alston-srreet,  Grahan'sfojj,  r.orrh  from  Ai^yll-street 

Argyll"  street,  from  .Sfockv-vell  .nd  Glas.-f  rdstr.  to  Anderston  walk  ^ 

— ■  Court,  604,  Argylis'reet,   North-side 

Antigua  Buildings,  Nelsoii  i.reer 

Balmanno-street,  Deanside-brce,  George-street.  North  side 

Barrack-street,  from  C»^Uo',vf;r)r>    ,o  Duke-street 

Bath-street,  at  the  upper  end  of  B'lchaaa'^-btreet 

Bell  street,  from  Candleriggs  to  High-st:eet 

Blackfriars' Wynd,  street.  East  side  i 

Blyth's  Court,  Virginia  street,  "West  side 

Bo '.vling-Green  Court.  Bell  -  street,  Nor^h  side 

Bridgegate,  from  Sorkw ell  to  Sakmarket 

Bridge-street,  runsbcu'-h  from  the  end  of  the  New  Bridge     ' 

Broomielaw,  West  of  ibe  New  j.)  .dge 

Brownfield  from  Andersto:!  'A'ulk  tc  Clyde 

Brunswick-street  and  I'lace,   f:o:-n    I'rorgace  to  h.s;,i-ani-£trec^ 

'- Court  57,  Brunswick -srree' 

■  lane,  foot  of  Brunswick  street,  East  side 

Bun's  Wynd,  from  High-street  to  ahuttie-street 
Buchan's  Court,  Charlotte-lane 

Buchanan. stree-,  from  Argyll-street  to  Sauchiehallroad 

's  Court,  38,  Argyll-Slice. ,  South  side 

's  Court,  175,  Trop.gate,   North  side 

Burnside-lane,  foot  of  Havan.  ah-street 

BurrelFs  Hall  and  Lancj  Duke-street,  North-side    ' 

Calton  entry,  East  end  of  Gallowgate,  opposite  the  Sarracic* 
Campbell- street,  from  Gallowgate  to  Grtcme-street 
Candleriggs,  from  1  /ongate  to  Ramshorn  Church 

— , . Court,  opposite  Bell-streef 

Canon-street,  from  Ingr  -m-street  :o  .Shuttle- street 
Carlton  Place,  South  side  of  the  P.iver,  between  the  Bridge*. 
Carsv.ell's  Court,  21  2,  George-street,  North- side 
Castle-street,  from  Kirk  street  to  ToAvnhead  ToU 

A  ■■       ■  ' 

Cathcart-street,  head  of  Buchanafi-street,  west  side 
Clark's  Court,  54,  Bridgegate  ' 

Claythorn-street,  opposite  Barracks 
Clyde-street,  from  Jamaica- street  to  Bridgegate 

East,  from  the  Old  Bridge  to  the  New  Jail 

Clyde  Buildings,  South  side  of  the  River,  below  the  New  Bridg-e 

Coburgh  Court,  19,  Cochrane-street 

College-street,  High-street,  opposite  the  College 

Clyde  Terrace,  from  Carlton  Place  to  Old  Bridge 

College,  Old  and  New  Court,  High-street,  East  side 

Cochran-street,  from  Montrose-street  to  Low  John-street 

Cordiners'  Court,  24,  Stockwell,  East  side 

Commercial  Court,  corner  of  Candleriggs  and  Canon-street 

charlotte-street,  from  Gallowgate  to  Green  Dyke 

■■  •     lane,  from  Charlotte-street  to  St.  Andrew's  lane 

Craig's  Court,  47,  Argyll-street,  South  side 

Crispin  Place,  Townhead 

Cumberland  Court,  S85,  Gallowgate,  South  side 

Bobbie's  Loan  from  Castle-street  to  the  Lunatic  Asylum 

Deanside,  North  side  of  George-street 

Dempster-street,  West  side  of  North  Frederick-street 

Dovehill,  Great,  7  r         „  ,,  .    .    /-< 

^ T  .    J     >  from  Gallowgate  to  Grseme-street 

Drygate,  frohi  High-street  to  East  end  of  Duke-street 
Dunlop-street,  from  Argyll-street  to  Jackson-street 
Duke-street,  from  High-street  to  foot  of  Drygate 
Dundas-street,  from  George- street  to  Bath-street 

Frederick-street,  North,  from  George's  Square  to  Stirling's  Road/ 

' So<ith,  from  Ingrairi-street  to  George's  Square 

■: lane,  from  North  Frederick-street  to  North  Hanover-str. 

Gallowgate,  from  the  Cross^  to  Gallowgate  Toll 
Galloway's  Court,  yl,  Glassford-street,  West  side 
Garthland-street,  from  Hutcheson-street  to  Glassford-street 
George-street,  from  Dukt'-street  to  George's  Square 

.  West,  from  George's  Square  to  George's  Church 

-'s  Square,  West  end  of  George-street  and  Cochran-street 

Gibson-street,  Souch  side  Gallowgate,  near  Barracks 

Glassford-street,  from  Stockwell  to  Ingram-street 

Gordon  street,  from  Buchanan- street  to  Union  Place 

Gorbals,  South  end  of  the  Old  Bridge 

Adelphi-street,  Hospital-street,  ^     Narrow- street, 

Buchan-street,  Kirk-stieet,  Nicholson-street, 

Carlton  Place,  Mam- street,  Portland-street, 

Crown-street,  IV-uirhead  street,  Rutherglen  Loan, 

Clyde-street,  IVJalta-street,  St.  Niniari-street, 

Go  van-street,  Moncrief-street,  Thistle- street, 

Grahamston,  West  end  of  Argyll-street,  North  side 
Graham's  Square,  near  Gallowgate  Toll 

Buildings,  192,  George-street 

Grseme-street,  from  Old  Vennal  to  Campbell-street 
Greyfriar's  Wynd,  High-street,  opposite  the  College  Church 

Hamilton-street,  from  High  John-street  to  North  Frederick- street 
Hamilton-street,  Great,  from  St.  Mungo's  Lane  to  Craignestock  ' 
Hanover-  street.  North,  North  side  of  George's  Square    , 

South,  from  Ingram- street  to  George's  Square 

Havannah-street,  from  High- street  to  Burnside-lane 

Henderson's  Court,  10,  Jamaica-street,  East  side 

High  street,  from  the  Cross  to  Drygate 

Hill-street,  from  Duke-street  to  Gallowgate 

Horn's  Court,  entry  to  St.  Enoch's  Square 

Howard  street,  from  Jamaica-streel  to  Maxwell-street 

Hutcheson-street,  from  Trongate  to  Ingram-street 

Hutcheson  Town,  at  the  South  end  of  the  Wooden- Bridge 

Hutton's  Court,  Ropework  entry,  Stockwell 

Ingram-street,  from  Candleriggs  to  Queen-street 

— — — 's  Court,  8,  Ingram-street,  South  side 

Inkle  Factory  Lane,  from  Shuttle-street  to  North  Albion-street 

Jamaica-street,  from  Argyll-  street  to  the  New  Bridge 
Jamieson's  Court,  43  &  47,  Kin^-street 
Jackson-street,  from  Stockwell  to  Dunlop-street 
John-street,  High,  from  George- street  to  Stirling's  Road 
■  — —  Low,  from  Ingrafti- street  to  George-street 

Kent-street,  from  Gallowgate  to  Hamilton-street 
Kensington  Place,  Sauchiehall  Road 
King-street,  from  Trongate  to  Bridgegate 
Kirk-strfeet  from  Drygate  to  the  High- Church 

Laigh  Kirk  close,,  from  Trongate  to  Prince's  street 
Lawson's  Court,  62,  do.         South  side 

Leitch's  Court,  78,  do.  do. 

Lyceum  Court,  South  Albion-street 

Madeira  Court,  West  end  of  Argyll-street,  South  side 
Manhattan  Buildings,  South  Hanover-street 
Market  Lane,  Low  John- street,  East  side 
Marlboro'  Street  South  of  Gallowgate  Toll 
Marshall-street,  opposite  the  Barracks 
Maxwell-street,  South  from  Argyll-street  to  Clyde-sti?eet 
Melville  Place,  1S2,  Trongate,  Nprth  side 
Msntrese-streetjirom  Ingram-street  to  Stirling's  Read 


•  8 

Mobdie's  Court,  13,  Argyll-street,  South  side 
Morrison's  Cqurt,  595,       do.         North  side 
.Miller-street-  from  Argyll-street  to  Ingram-street 
Iviitchell-street,  from  Argyll-street  to  Gordon-street 

Nelson -.street,  from  Trongate  to  Bell-street 
Nile-street,  at  che  Gallowgate  Bridge,  North  side 
, —  West,  from  Mitchell-street  to  Bath-street 

Portland  street,  from  George-street  to  Rottenrow 

Port  Dundas,  Canal  New  Bason 

Port  Eglinton,  Paisley  Canal  Bason 

Prmce's  street,  from  Saltmarket  to  King-street 

Provan-Place,  High  Montrose- street 

Queen-street,  from  Argyll-street  to  George's  Square 

Reid's  Court,  169,  Trongate,  North  side 
Richmond-street,  from  Montrose  street  to  Portland-^Btreet 
Robertson-street,  Anderston  Walk 
■"  ■    ■  ■  — 's  Court,  88,  Argyll-street 
Rottenrow,  from  Drygate  to  High  John-street 

Saltmarket,  from  the  Cross  to  the  Low  Green 

Sandyford,  West  end  of  Anderston 

St.  Afidrew-street,  from  Saltmarket  to  St.  Andrew's  Square 

— -— 's  Square,   principal  enti-y  from  Saltmarket 

■ "   's  Lane,  from  Gallowgate  to  -St    ^  i^ drew 's  Square 
St.  Enoch's  Square,  South  side  Argyll-street,  opposite  Euchanan-stf. 

: ■ 's  Wynd,         do.  do. 

St.  George's  Place,  west  side  of  Buchanan-street 

St.  Mungo-street,  from  Kirk-street  to  thi  High  Church 

: — 's  lane,  from  Gallowgate  to  Green  entry 

St.  Nicholas-street,  West  side  Kirk-street 

St.  Vincent-street,  from  George's  Square  to  Buchanan-street 

f- '  We^t,  west  side  of  Buchanan-street 

Shuttle-street,  from  Canon-street  to  George-street 
Spoutmoutjli,  Gallowgate,  North  side 
Spreull's'Court,   87,  Glassford- street 
Sidney-street,  East  end  of  Gallowgate,  North  side 
■  Court,  6i6,  ArgylUstreet,. North  side 

Stirling-street,  from  High-street  to  South  Albion-street 

's  Square,  Stirling-street,  North  side 

— ^ 's  RjDad,  from  High  John-street  to  1  ownhead  toll 

Stockvvejl,,from  Glassford-street  to  Old  Bridge 
SuiFolk -street,  from  St.  Mungo's  Lane  to  Kent-Street 
Stormont-street,  .East  side  of  Maxwell-street 

Tarbet-street,  Deanside-brae 

Tay^or-streef,  from  Rottenrow  to  Stirling's  Road 

Tontine  Buildings  and  Court,  at  the  Exchange 

Tradeston,  at  the  South  end  of  the  New  Bridge 

Bridge-street,  Dale-street,  Queen- stree|;^ 

Center-street,  King-street,  West-stroet. 

Clyde-street  and  Buildings, 

Trafalgar  Place,  facing  Broomielaw  Quay 

Trongate,  from  the  Cross  to  Stockwell  and  Glassford- street 

Turner's  Court,  43,  Argyll-street,  South  side 

Union  Place,  Argyll-street,  opposite  Jamaica-street 

Court,  corner  of  Union  Place,  Argyll-street,  North  side 

Virginia-street,  from  Argyll-street  to  Ingram-street. 
Vennal,  Old,  from  High-street  to  Grseme-street 
New,  ?Iigh-street,  East  side,  tieac  the  College 

Wallace  Court,  Bell-street,  South-side  • 

Watson's  Court,  375,  Gallowgate 
Weaver-street,  from  Rottenrow  to  Stirling's  Road 
Wellington  Place,  South  end  of  the  Wooden  Bridge 

' Court,  22,  Argyll-street 

Wilson-street,  from  Gandleriggs  to  Virginia-street 

's  Court,  29,  Argyll-street,  South  side 

Wynd,  Old,    -^  , 

— — —  New,  C  from  Trongate  to  Bridgegate. 

■  Back,  3 

York- street  and  Place,  Anderston-walk 

Young-street,  from  Gallowgate  Toll-bar  to  Duke-street 


Number  of 

_Cocks  in   Names  of  Streets.  Where  Placed. 

each  street. 

1       Albion-street,    -  -  At  Fire  Engine  House, 

^      Argyll   do.      -  -  -  Corner  of  St.  Enoch's  Wynd,  and  foot 
of  Union- Place,  East  side. 

1  Balmanno  do.  -  =  -  Corner  of  Tarbet-Street. 

2  Barrack  do,-  -  »  -  No.  110,  and  lower  end  of  the  Barrack 


3  Bridegate  do,  -  .  -  No.  96,  151,  and  at  the  well. 

3  Buchanan  do.  -  —  No.  52,  65,  &  foot  of  the  Street,  E.  side^ 

3  Candleriggsdo.-  -  No.  58,  78,  &  81. 

I  Canon  do.   -  -  -  -   No.  \  5. 

1  Cochran  do.    -  -   --  Corner  of  Low  John-Street,  East  side; 

1  dlaythorn  do.-  -  -  Corner  of  King-Street,  Calton. 

1  Charlotte  do.  -  -  -  Corner  of  the  Lane, 

1  Dovehill,  Great,    -  No.  36. 
A  3 


Number  of 

Co  els  in     Names  of  Streets.  Where  Placed. 

each  street. 

1  DovehilJ,  Little,    -  No.  19.       "  ,, 

2  Drygate-Street,  -  -  Corner  of  Kirk-Street,  and  No.  106. 
1       Dmilop  do.  -  -  T  -  No.  38. 

1       Duke  do.-  -  -  -  -  No.  429. 

1       Frederick  do       -  -  Entr;.'  to  Dempster-Street. 

9       G^llowgate  do.       -   No.  75,   117,   147,  168,  552,  349,  3'^9, 

414,  &  435. 
5       George's  do.  -  -  -  Na.  54,  at  Millar's  school,  No.  BB,  192, 

&  210. 
1       Do.  West,   r  -  -  -  Corner  of  George's  Square. 

1  Gibson  Street  -  -  -  No.  7. 

2  G^asiford  do.  -  -  -  No.  31,  and  85. 

I       Hamilton  do. Corner  of  John- Street. 

1       Hanover  do. Corner  of  Frederick  Lane. 

1  Havannahdo.  -  -  -  No.  91. 

7       High  do.  —  -  -  -  Corner  of  George's-St.  No.  44,  254,  240, 
265,  293,  &  312. 

2  Hxitcheson  do.    -  -  No.  19  and  37. 

1  Jamaica  do.-,-  -  -  No.  20. 

2  Ingram  do.  -  -  -  -  Corner  of  John- Street  and  South  Han- 


1  Kent  do.  -  -  -  -  -  Corner  of  Suffolk- Street. 

2  King  do.  ■-  -  -  -  -  No.  6 1 ,  &  at  the  foot  of  the  St.  W.  side.  • 
1       Maxwell  do.  -  -  -  Corner  of  Stormont-Street. 

1  Montrose  do.  -  -  -  No,  6. 

3  Miller  do.    -  -  -  -  No.  46,  58,  and  foot  of  the  St.  E.  side. 

2  New  Wynd,    -       -  No.  11,  ar.d  64. 

2  Old  do.         -  -  -  -  No.  16,  and42. 

1  Portland-Street,    -  Corner  of  Richmond-Street. 

1  Prince's  do.-  -  -  -  Corner  of  Laigh  Kirk  Closs. 

3  Queen  do.  -  -  -  -  No,  47,  56,  &  foot  of  the  Street,  E.  side. 
1  Richmond  do.  -  -  -   Corner.of  Portland-Street. 

1  Rottenrow  do.    -  -  No.  116. 

4  Saltmarket  do,  -  -  No.  25,  40,  85,  &  head  of  the  St.  E.  side 
3  St.  Andrew  Square,  No.  20,  29,&  centre  of  the  S.  side  behind 
1  St.  Enoch's  Wynd,  No.  51. 

1  ■   Stirling-Street,-  -^No.  14. 
'S       Stockwell  do-  -  -  No.  55,  89,  and  1,51. 

5  Trongate  do. No.  51,  75,  92,  155,  &  160. 

1       Tureen  do.  -  -       -  No.  21. 

3       Turner's  Court,-  -  No.  43.  _ 

3      Virginia -Street,-  -  No.  17,  45,  &  foot  of  the  St.E.  corner. 

1       Vennal,  New,-  -.  -  No.  42. 

1       Wilson-Street,   -  -  No.  31. 
N,  B. — The  fire  engines  are  under  the  management  of  rhe  •  oni" 
missionersof  Police,  Keys  fo.'-  them  to  be  foi'V;c!  ii*  Police  Office.  • 
James  Black,  Superintendent,  who  resides  at  the  office. 


Magistrates  and  Town  Coimcil  of  Glasgoh^ 

The  Hon.  HENRY  MONTEITH,  Lord  Provost. 

Andw.  Templeton,  Esq."^ 

William  Leckie^  Esq.       C  Merchant  Baillies. 

Williair  Muir,  Esq.  3 

Robert  Hood   Esq         "  7  ^^^^^^,  ^^.^,.^^^ 

Robert  Jamieson,  j'.sq.    3 

James  Ewing,  Esq.  Dean  of  Guild, 

Robert  Ferrie,  Esq^  Deacon  Convener,      J  Honorary  Counsel- 

JoSxua  Heywood,  Esq.  Treasurer,  J.      ^^^^    /^  ^^^..^ 

John  Robertson,  Esq.  Master  of  Works,    J  »        o7       • 

James  'preull.  Esq.  Chamberlain 

James  Cleland,  Esq.  Superintendent  of  Public  Works 

Robert  Haddow,  Esq.  Baillie  of  the  River  and  Frith  of  Clyde 

R.  A.  Oswald,  Esq.  Depute  do. 

James  Hill,  Esq.  Baillie  of  Provan 

Peter  M'Farlane,  Esq.  Baillie  of  Port-Glasgow 

James  Reddie,  first  Town  Clerk 

Richard  Henderson,  second  Do. 

Robert  Thomson,  third  Do. 

John  Bennet,        7  „  .       -c-      i 

n  ,     ^  o-  e  Procurators  Fiscal.     , 

Robert  Simson,  3 

Merchant  Counsellors. 
John  Guthrie  William  Dalglish     .      R.  A.  Oswald 

William  Eccles  Daniel  Mackenzie         Adam  Crooks 

Charles  S.  Parker  John  More  Robert  Findlay 

Kirkman  Finlay  Robert  Haddow  Arch.  Hamilton 

Trades^  Counsellors. 
Arch.  Newbiggifig        William  Mitchell  Eben.  Richardson 

John  Machen  James  Hunter  Robert  Austin    . 

James  Burns  Walter  Ferguson  Rob.  Tennent,  jun, 

Basil  Ronald  WilUam  Dunn 

Dean  of  Guild  Court. 
(Hetd  every  Thursday  at  PJleven  o'clock,  A.M.) 
James  Ewing,  Esq.  Dean  of  Guild. 
John  Guthrie,  Esq.  Sub-Dean  of  Guild. 

From  Merchants'  House. 
John  Wardrop 
William  Jamieson 
John  Ryburn 

Robert  Brown,  Officer, 

From  Trades'  House. 

Walter  Ferguson 

Robert  Fleming 

John  Graham     --,- 

Alex.  Wood 

Archibald  Turner,  Assistant  Officer. 


Managers  of  the  Merchants^  House.      - 

James  Ewiilg,  Esq.  Dean  of  Guild. 

John  Guthrie,  Esq.  Sub-Dean  of  Guild. 
Arch.  Smith  Rich.  Dennistoun  John  More 

James  Black  Alex.  Campbell  James  Dennistouiv 

Joh.    Hamilton  Charles  Stirling  James  Oswald 

James  M'ICenzie  Adam  Crooks  William  Stirling 

Dan.  M'Kenzie  James  Buchanan  William  Dalglish 

Henry  Glassford  David  Connell  Samuel  Hunter 

NJcol  Brown  John  Ryburn  Robt.  Thomson,  juQ, 

John  Wardrop  Chas.  S.  Parker  William  Smith 

James  Hopkirk  James  Martin  William  Aitken 

Will.  Jamieson  Robert  Yuille  James  Robertson 

Robert  Findlay  J.  T,  Alston  David  Crawford 

John  Gordon  Kirkman  Fin  lay 

James  Hill,  Collector John  Douglas,  Clerk. 

Robert  Brown,  Officer. 

Managers  of  the  Trades'*  House, 

Robert  Ferrie,  Esq.  Convener. 

Robert  Hood,  Esq.   ?  Trades' Baillies. 
Rob.  Jamieson,  Esq*  \ 
James  Lindsay,  Collector. — Walter  Ferguson,  late  Convener* 
Robert  Hunter,  late  Collector. 

— — Deacon 

Alexander  Wood 
William  Aird 
Arch.  M'Lellan 
William  Leechman 
Alex.  Bonthron 
Dan   M'Ewan,  Deac. 
Thomas  Graham 
John  Lilburn 
William  Dunlop 
John  Armour,  sen. 
Alexander  Ross 

Cor  diners. 
Rob.  I.ochore,  Deac. 
John  Craig 
William  Telfer 
William  Lochore 
Wiiiiani  M'Tyer 
Gilbert  Crawford 

J.  Hutchiiif;./    Visitor 

John  Riichie,  Chaj  '  tin 

Robert  Tennent,  jun. 
James  Hunter 
Alex.  Galloway 
Hugh  Tennent 

J .  Watson,  Deacon 
William  Snell 
W.  Blackburn 
John  M'Nair 

R.  M'Farlane,  Deacon 
J,  Gentle 
John  Graham 

James  Nicol,  Deacon 
Andrew  Hunter 
Basil  Ronald 

L.  M*Lean,  Deacon 
Robert  Fleming 
Andw-  M'Farlane 

John  Hood,  jun.  Beac, 

Ben.  Mathie,  Clerk. 

J.  Norrie 
Robert  Robertson 

James  Watson,  Deac-; 
D,  Gilmour 
Robert  Gilmour 

Thomas  Smith,  Deac. 
A.  Rutherford 
Alex.  Waddell 

J  M'Intyre,  Deacon 
W.  M'Intyre,  jun. 
W.  M'Intyre,  sen.. 

And-w.  Rae,  Deacon 
A.  Proudfoot 
John  Christie 

Dyers,  &c. 
W.  M'Lean,  Deacon. 
John  Glass 

William  Logie,  Officer. 




Adam,  Alexander,  mealseller,  65,  Brid'gegate 
Adam,  Andrew,  shoemaker,  385,  Gallowgate 
Adam,  Matthew,  Peacock  tavern,  455,  do. 
Adam,  David,  grocer,  13,  Stockwell 
Adam,  James,  haberdasher,  2,  Bell-street 
Adam,  John,  baker.  High-street,  Anderston 
Adam,  John,  spirit-dealer,  19,  Bridgegate 
Adam,  Robert,  grocer,  26,  John-street 
Adam  A.  fancy  corset-maker,  61,  Stockwell 
^Adams,  A.  haberdasher,  39,  Trongate 
Adams,  Mrs.  lodgings,  83,  Hutcheson-street 
Adamsonand  Logan,  manufacturers^  3,  Montrose-street 
\\Adamson,  Robert,  tobacconist,  36,  Charlotte-street 
Adelphi  Brewery,  Govan-street,  Hutcheson-town 
Adshead,  James  B.  jeweller,  13,  King-street 
Agnew,  John,  spirit- dealer,  29,  High-street 
Agnew  P.  painter,  27,  do. 

Aikman,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  Gibson-street,  Gallowg. 
Aikenhead,  Alexanders  victualler,  126,  do, 

Ainslie,  W.  soap  and  candle  shop,  25,  Main-st.  Gorbals 
Ainslie,  Mrs.  straw  hatmaker,  4,  Candleriggs 
Aird,  Hugh,  gluemaker.  Hill-street 
Aird,  Wm.  saddler,  Argyll-street,  corner  of  Virginia-" 

street  \  house,  corner  of  Dunlop-street 
Aird,  Wm.  stocking-shop,  1,  Saltmarket 
Airthrey  mill  paper  warehouse,  lOS,  K'ng-street 
Aitchison,  Archibald,  surveyor  of  taxes,  Robertson- 

street,  Anderston  Walk 

AIT  14  ALE 

Aitchison,  Basil,  at  Glasgow  IVater  Works  office 
Aitchispn,  John,  merchant,  Melville-place;  house,  44, 
St.  Andrew's  square 

\  Aitchison,  Wm.  writer,  13,  Brunswick  place 
Aitchison,  John,  spirit-dealer,  Mitchell-street 
Aitken,  G.  &  W.  manufacturers,  23,  St.  Andrew's-str. 
Aitken,  Geo.  weaving  factory,  Tureen-street 
Aitken,  James  &  Co.  Edinburgh,  Leith,  Port-Glasgow 

and  Greenock,  daily  carriers,  61,  Candleriggs 
Aitken,  Andrew,  bookbinder,  11,  Bell-street 
Aitken,  James,  shoe-shop,  181,  Saltmarket 
Aitken,  James,  stabler,  29i>,  Gallowgate 

\  Aitken,  John,  tobacconist,  116,  High-street 

\ Aitken,  John,  surgeon,  260,  do.;  house,  136,  Trong. 
Aitken,  L.  &  W.  Perth,   Aberdeen,  &c,   carriers,  6, 

Aitken,  M*Indoe  &  Co.  calico-printers,  74,  Brunsw.-st. 
Aitkens  &  Orr,  agents,  70,  Ingram-street 

\ Aitken,  Peter,  working  jeweller,  7,  Hutcheson-street 
Aitken,  Robert,  builder;  house,  117,  Gallowgate 
Aitken,  Robert,  manufacturer,  110,  John-street 
Aitken,  Wm.  merch.  40,  Trong.;  lodg.  115,  Stockwell 
Aitken,  Wm.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  26,  Bell-street 
Alexander,  Andrew,  spirit- dealer,  129,  Bridgegate 
Alexander,  David,  agent,  Antigua-buildings 
Alexander,  J.  surgeon;  house,  12,  College -street     • 

X Alexander,  James  &  Co.  warehousemen,  62,  Trongate 
Alexander,  James;  house,  131,  George  street 
Alexander,  James,  dentist,  105,  King-street 
Alexander,  James,  spirit-dealer,  57,  Prince's  street 
Alexander,  Jas,  jun.  Sz  Co.  rum  cellars,  Melville  place 
Alex^mder,  John,  merchant;  house,  Horn's  court 
A»  •^:.  :Jev   Johd,  maji'ff. :  house.  Great  Hamilton-str, 
Alexander,  John',  pastry  baker,  219,  Hi^-stre©t 

ALE  15  ALS 

Alexander,  John,  cartwright,  Black-quarry 
Alexander,  Misses,  mantua-makers,  Rope-work  court, 

112,  Stockwell 
Alexander,  Mrs.  boarding-school,  27,  Miller-street 
Alexander,  R.  F.  merchant,  36,  Candleriggs 

^  Alexander,  Robert,  tobacconist,  20,  High-str.;   house, 
37,  St.  Andrew-street 
Alexander,  Robert,  merchant,  21,  Candleriggs 

X Alexander,  William,  tobacconist,  20,  High-street 
Algie,  Charles,    English,   French,   Italian,  Latin,   and 

Greek,  &c.  academy,  18,  Shuttle-street  lane 
Allan,  Alexander,  seedsman,  69,  High-street 
Allan  &  Coats,  yarn  shop,       79,         do. 
Allan,  David,  hosier,  Commercial  court,  Candleriggs 
Allan,  James  &  Son,  merchants,  157,  Stockwell 
Allan,  James,  baker,  57,  Bell-street 
Allan,  James,  silk-dyer,  St.  Enoch's  lane 
Allan,  John,  grocer,  &c.  632,  Argyll-street 
Allan,  Mrs.  James,  haberdasher,  82,  Bell-street 
Allan,  Robert,  maltman  and  brewer,  21,  Montrose-str. 
Allan,  Thomas,  furniture  shop,  150,  Bridgegate 
Allan,  Thomas,  joiner,  18,         do. 

Allan,  William,  spirit-dealer,  64,  Candleriggs 
Allan,  William,  draper,  Antigua  buildings 
Allan,  William,  eating-house,  61,  Bridgegate 
Allan,  Robt.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  94,  Candleriggs 
Allan,  William,  manufacturer,  do. 

Allan  &  M'Gavin,  manufacturers^  West  Albion-street 
Allison,  Alexander  &  Co.  9,  Gordon-street 
Allison,  John,  beef-steak  house,  68,  Argyll-street 
Alloa,  Glasswork  Coy.'s  warehouse,  6,  Queen-street 
Alston,  John,  cashier.  Thistle  Bank,  56,  Virginia-fitr, 
Alston,  R.  D.  lodging,  56,  Virginia-street 

ALS  16  AND 

Alston,  J.  T.  lodgings,  Clyde-street 

Alston,  George  &  Co.  insurance-brokers,  Tontine  build. 

Alston,  George;  house,  31,  Buchanan-street 

Alston,  Thos.  &  Son,  manufacturers,  55,  St.  And.  sqr. 

Alston,  John,  manufacturer,  65,  do.; 

house,  Stirling-street 
Alston,  Wm.  lodging,  17,  West  George-street 
Anderson,  Alexander,  manufacturer,  31,  Bell-slreet 
Anderson,  Allan,  grocer,  Anderston-walk 
Anderson  &  Caddell,  clothiers,  5,  Candleriggs 
Anderson,  J.  music  seller  and  lottery  office,  16,  do, 
Anderson  &  Campbell,  manufacts.  21,  Glassford-street 
Anderson,  James  A.  do.         21,  do. 

Anderson,  Cowan  &  Co.  wine  and  rum  eel.  22,  Stockvr. 
Anderson,  D,  damask,   diaper,  and  plain  linen  weaver, 

11,  Tarbet- street,  Deanside, 
Anderson,  David,  flesher,  72,  King-street  * 

Anderson's  Institution  Lecture  Room,  2,  John-street 
Anderson,  James,  porter  house,  20,  Saltmarket 
XAnderson,  John  &  Co.  merchants,  21,  Trongate 
\Anderson,  Johti^  jun.         do.  16,       do. 

Anderson,  John,  writer,  449,  Gallowgate 
Anderson,  John,  at  J.  &  C.  Gailaway  &  Co.'s;  house, 

37,  York-street 
-  Anderson.  John  &  Co.  insurance  brokers,  Antig.-build. 
Anderson  &  King,  surgeons,  51,  Argyll-street 
Anderson,  Kenneth,  grocer,  315,  Gallowgate 
Anderson,  Matthew,  baker,  219,  George-street 
Anderson,  M.  baker,  31,  King-street 
Anderson,  Mrs.  glazier  work,  19,  Balmanno-street 
Anderson,  M.  meal-seller,  444,  Gallowgate 
Anderson,  M.  bak^r,  81,  Hospital-street 
Anderson,  P  spirit-dealer,  161^  Trongate 
Anderson,  Robert,  reed-maker,  14,  Gallowgate 

AND  17  ARN 

Anderson,  S  slater,  82,  Stockwell 
Anderson,  J.  miHiner,  114,  Nelson-street 
Anderson  &  M*Intosh,  manufacturiers,  168,  Saltmark. 
Anderson,  William,  sargeon ;  house,  137,  Stockwell 
Anderson,  W.  G.  merchant,  2,  Virginia-street;  house, 

13,  York  street 
AniVrson,  VV'm.  brickmaker,  east  end  of  Gallowgate 
Anderson,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  1  J,  Kirk-street 
Anderson,  William,  snlith,  149,  Saltmarket 
Andrew,  James,  spirit-cellar,  Spoutniouth 
Andrew,  vVm.  .*  Co.  manufacturers,  t>,  Montrose-street 
An^^us,  Mrs.  Archibald,  meal-dealer.  Great  Dove-hill 
Angus,    W.  teacher  of  English,.  69,   G^as  .ford-street ; 

school,  opposite  to  sugc^j  house,  46,  Ingram-street 
Angus,  R.  mercer,  9,  Cardleriggs 
Angus,  W.  vintner  and  li>v^^  setter,   : 3,  Stockwell 
Angus,  Jas.  and  Son.  manufacts.  oUnej'-co.  Argyli-str. 
Angus,  Robert,  at  J.  Ingiis  &  Co.'s  calender 
Arbuckle,  J.  &  Co.  china  and  stone  warehouse,  7  and  8, 

Arbuckle,  Simon,  leather  cutter,  20,  Prince's  street. 
Archibald,  R.  baker  3,  West  Nile-street 
Armour,  John,  sen.  tailor,  head  of  the  Old  Wynd 
Armour,  W.  manufacturer,  58,  Beii-street 
Armour,  Robt.&  Co.  silk  warehouse,  1,  -runswick  place 
Armour  &  Richmond,  warehousemen,  30,  Trongate 
Armour,  A.  clothes  broker,  99,  Hridgegate 
Armour,  D.  tajlor,  Mitchell-street 
Armstrong,  Wm.  chandler,  82  Gallowgate 
xVrneil,  John,  wright  and  turner,  413,  Gallowgate 
Arneil,  J.  corn-merchant,  604,  Argyll  street 
Arnot,Thos.  manufacturer,  19,  Cochrane  streef;  house, 

24,  St.  Enoch  square 
Arnot,  X  eter,  Scotch  fcloth  merchant,  8,  Gallowgate 

ARR  18  BAI 

Arrol,  William,  yarn  warehouse,  61,  Candleriggs 

Arrol,  Walter,  draper,  451,  Gallowgate 

Arrott,  Colin  &  Co.  merchants,  127,  Trongate 

Arthur,  Wra.  manufacturer   18,  St   Andrew's-lane 

Arthur,  Archibald,  merchant,  6,  Bell-street 

Arthur,  Archibald,  taylor,  164,  Trongate 

Arthur,  Mrs.  milliner,  -        184,      do. 

Arthur,  Thomas  &  Robert,  manufacts.  11,  John-street 

Arthur,  Wm.  taylor,  S02,  High-street 

Assembly  Rooms,  51,  Ingram-street 

Attwell,  Wm.  basket  and  brushmaker,  27>  King-street 

Atkinson,  John,  boot  and  shoemaker,  103,  Saltmarket 

Auchie,  J.  &  J.  and  Co.  merchants,  47,  Virginia-street 

Auchincloss  &  Robertson,  warehousemen,  Melville-place 

Auchinvole  &  Cuthbertson,  ironmongs.  26,  Gallowgate 

Auld,  John,  shoemaker,  18,  Market  street 

Auld,  Hugh,  ironmonger,  429,  Gallowgate 

Auld,  Wm.  tobacconist,      423,       do. 

Auld,  W.  D.  hair-dresser,  75,  Glassford-street 

Austin,  S.  Kingsfield  pottery,  King -street,  Calton 

Austin  &  M*Auslan,  nursery-men,  114,  Trongate 

Austin,  R.  &  W,  manufacturers.  Commercial-court 

Aylward,  Michael,  vintner,  312,  High-street 


Banks.     See  Banking-houses 

BailHe,  Geo.  writer,  67,  Brunswick-street;  house,  375, 
_,  Gallowgate 

Baillie,  Robert,  manufact.  19,  Cochrane-street 
Bain,  Joseph,  mail-coach  office,  3,  Nelson-street 
Bain,  Joseph,  writer,  164,  Trongate 
Bain  Wm.  grocer,  &c.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Bain  &  Hunter,  manufacturers,  8,  South  Fred.  Street 
Bain,  George,  victualler,  67,  Bell-street 

BAI  19  BAL 

Bain,  John,  grocer,  97,  Hospital-street 
Bain,  William,  baker,  7,  Stockwell 
Bain,  John,  &  Co.  grocers,  412,  Gallowgate 
Bain,  John,  grocer,  5'^5,        do. 

Bain,  D.  spirit  dealer,  40,  New  wynd 
'^Baird,  James,  oil  and  colourman,  17,  Brunswick-sfreeji 
Baird,  H.  &  R.  engineers,  Canal  Old  Basin 
Baird  &  Brown  timber  merchants.  Port  Dundas 
Baird,  Mrs,  John,  furniture  shop,  86,  Saltmarket 
Baird,  John,  baker.  Bridge-street,  Tradeston 
Baird,  JsS.  cart  and  farming  utensil  maker,  Black-quarrj 
Baird,  Simon,  shoe  shop,  163,  Saltmarket 
Baird,  James,  Broom  Park,  2,         do. 
Baird,  Thomas,  broker,  66^  Glassford-street 
Baird,  Dr.  Jn.  108   Nelson-street;  house  79,  King-st. . 
Balbirnie,  Mrs.  silk  &  cotton  dyer,  449,  Gallowgate 
Balcanqual,  cork  cutter,  100,  King-street 
Balcanqual   Robert,  do.  88,         do. 
Bald,  Wm.  agent,  Spoutmouth,  Gallowgate 
Bald,  Peter  &  Son,  drysalters,  1 8,  St.  Andrew's-lane 
Balderston,  William,  baker,  43,  High-str«et 
Balfour,  Rev.  Dr.  Robert,  16,  North  Hanover-street 
Balfour,  J.  J.  grocer,  44,  Stockwell 
Balfour,  John,  spirit  dealer.  Port  Dundas 
Ballantine,  John,  shoe  shop,  62,  Prince's  street 
Ballantine,  Jn.  copper  &  tinsmith,  404,  Gallowgate 
Ballantine,  Charles,  carver  and  gilder,  124,  Trongate 
Ballantine,  Alex,  leather-cutter,  79,  New  wynd 
Ballantine  &  Kerr,  manufacts.  15,  St.  Andrew's-square 
Ballantine,  Robert,  saddler,  622,  Argyll-street 
^Bal^ray  paper  mill  warehouse,  62,  Hutcheson-street 
\B.allingall,  Andrew,  writer,  32,  Hutcheson-street ;  lodg- 
ing, 6,  South  Frederick-street 
Ballingall,  T.  writer,  32,  Hutch-str.;  lodg.  S.  Fred.-street 
B  2 

BAL  20  BAK 

Ballindalloch  Co.  at  J.  Findlay  &  Co.'s 

.Balmanno, ,  druggist,  30,  Trongate 

Baimanno,  Dr.  John,  65,  head  of  Montrose- street 
Balmanno,  Matthew,  Stirling-square ;  house,  65,  head 

of  Montrose  street 
Bannatyne  &  Mackenzie,  107,  Nelson-street 
Bannatyne,  John,  tinsmith,  58,  Saltmarket 
Bannatine,  Mrs.  grocer,  65,  Jamaica-street 
Bannerman,  John,  joiner,  283,  High  street 
Bannerman,  Robert,  trunk-maker,  110,  Nelson-street 

Bannerman, furniture  shop,  140,  Bridgegate 

Bennerman,  Wm.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  Smith's  court, 

Bankier,  A.  grammar  school,  Gorbals 
Barbour,  Humphry,  naerchant,  33,  Candleriggs 
Barbour,  J.  &  Co,  thread-makers,  33,  do. 
Barclay,  Jn.  soap  and  candle  oflBce   -3,  Glassfordstr. 
Barclay,  Arthur  &  Co.  merchants,  4,  Queen-street 
Barclay,  Arthur,  house,  8,  Clyde  buildings 
Barclay  and  Drysdale,  merchants,  4,  Queen-street 
Barclay,  John,  tailor,  1 13,  Trongate 
Barclay,  Robt.  grocer,  169,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Barclay  &  Smith,  manufacturers,  18,  High-street 
Barnet,  Sutherland  &  Co.  8,  Stirling-street 
Barnhill,  James  &  Co.  tanners  and  gluemak.  Spoutmoth 
Barr,  James,  teacher  of  music,  59,  Glassford-street 
Barr,  Rev.  John,  house,  Grseme-street 
Barr,  Peter,  stabler,  St.  Mungo-lane 
Barr,  W.  &  P.  merchants,  12,  Wilson-street 
Barr  Robert,  grocer,  14,  Govan-street,  Hutcheson-town 
Barr,  John,  atJames  Finlay  &  Co 's 
Barlas,  Alex,  writer ;  house,  York-street 
Barland  &  Whitson,  commission  merchts.  14,  Canon-st. 
Barrie,  David,  hair-dresser,  30,  King  street 

BAR  21  BEL 

Barry,  Alexander,  writer,  173,  Saltmarket 
Bartholomew,  John  &  Co.  manufacturers  and  cotton- 
spinners,  19,  St.  Andrew's  street 
Bartholomew,  Jn.  house.  Cotton  Hall,  Barowfield-road 

XEarton,  Benjamin,  writer,  175,  Trongate 
Barton,  James,  perfumer,  108,  George  street 
Baxter,  Isaac,  Italian  warehouse,    102,  Candleriggs; 
house,  50,  Charlotte- street 

\Baxter,  John,  taylor,  25,  Trongate 

Baxter,  John,  cooper,  25,  Cochrane-street 
Baxter,  Andrew,  stoneware  shop,  92,  Candleriggs 
Bayne,  John,  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 
Bayne,  Archibald,  at  Campbell,  Dick  &  Co.'s 
Beaton,  Duncan,  vintner,  49,  Spoutmouth 
Beck,  Mrs.  lodgings,^  40,  Dunlop-street  ^ 

•    Beck  &  M'Kenzie,  joiners,  62,  Bell-street 
Beech,  Lindsay,  silversmith,  104,  Stockwell 
Begerney,  Warender,  beadle,  61,  Buchanan-street 
Begerney,  W.  spirit  cellar,  9,  New-wynd 
Beilby's  eating-house,  3,  Duke-street 
Beith,  Archibald,  boot  &  shoe  shop,  3,  Stockwell 
Beith,  Allan,  &  Co.  manufacturers,  23,  St.  Andrew  st, 
Beith,  James,  umbrella  maker,  2,  Wilson-street 
Bell  &  Chapman,  merchants,  Moodie's  court 
Bell,  George  &  Son,  thread  makers,  High  John-street 
Bell,  Hector,  vintner,  Back  wynd 
Bell  &  Jackson,  ironmongers,  59,  Gallowgate 
Bell,  James,  agent,  St.  Andrew's  square,  east  side    , 

\  Bell,  John,  fire-brickmaker.  Barrack -street,  Gallowgate 
Bell,  John,  at  Graham,  Bell  &  Co.;  lodg.  2,  Carlton  pi. 
Bell,  Jn.  merchant,  34,  Trong.;  house,  375,  Gallowg. 
Bell,  James.  English  academy,  SO,  Virginia-street 
Bell,  Mrs.  dealer  in  silk  and  worsted,  595,  .Argyll -str. 
Bell,  Primrose,  Glasgow  Bottle-work  Co.'s  Cljde-str. 
B  3 

BEL  .22  BTR 

Bell,  Robert,  lodging,  Mrs    ByD's,  CarswelPs  court- 

Bell.  Richar(i  ^        ..     agar  rctinevs.  ii:5,  ^tockwtll 

Beii,  George,  aa-'nt,  Mooaie's  court 

Bell,  Wm.  merchant,  123,  Stork<vell 

Bell,  Wm.  lappet  wheel  maker,  Old  Vennal 

Bennet,  James,  wright,  24-,  Cami)beJl-street 

Bennet,  John,  writer.  Pro.  Fiscal,  City  Clerk's  Chamb. 

Bennet,  W.  insurance- brbktr,  185,  Exchange 

Bennet,  James,  brass-founder^  416,  Gallowgate 

Bennie,  Mrs.  John,  grocer,  211,  George-street 

Bennie,  Davi<i,  flesher,  86,  Candleriggs 

Berry,  John,  merchant;  house,  7,  Buchanan-street 

Berry,  Bogle  &  Co.  brokers,  Tontine  back  buildings 

Berry,  Alex,  spirit-dealer,  4-53,  Gallowgate 

Berrie,  Robert,  writer,  39,  Miller-street 

Beveridge,  James,  spirit  and  porter  cellar,  Sidney-court 

Beveridge,  John,  spirit-dealer,  7,  St.  Andrew's  lane 

Berwick  Old  Shipping  Comp  ny,  19,  Argyll  street 

Berwick  New  Shipping  Company,  St.  Alidrew's  square 

\Bewly,  Thomson  &  Co.  5.  Cochrane-street 
"^Bigby,  J.  vintner,  181^  Trongate 
Biggs,  Miss,  teacher  of  needle-work,  181,  High-street 
Bilsland,  Alex,  dealer  in  old  books,  90.  High-street 
Bilslahd,  Wm.  grocer,  Kirk  street,  Calton 

xBilton,  John,  tobacconist,  60,  Trongate 
Bilton,  Wm.         do.         630,  Argyll  s treet 
Binnie,  John,  joiner,  Nicholson-street,  Laurieston,  Wni  joiner,  19,  Jamaica-Street 
Binning,  Miss,  milliner,  1,  Nelson-street 
Binning,  Mrs.  milliner,  120,  Nelson-street 
Birnie,  George,  farrier,  veterinary  shoeing  folrgej 
Market  lane,  John-.street;  bouse,  do. 

^Birrell,  Alex,  shoemaker,  22,  Trongate 
Birreil,  Jas.  leather  cutter,  58,  Prince's  street 

BIR  23  BLA 

Birkmyre,  Geo,  house,  Harriet-hill,  Stirling*s-road 
Bishop,  J.  saw.  maker,  Adelphi-street,  Hutchesontown 
Black,  Andrew,  wooden-clockmaker,  145,  Saltmarket 
^^Black,  Duncan,  shoe  shop,  76,  Trongate 

Black,  D.  geometrical,  &c.  academy,  22,  Candleriggs 
Black,  J.  &  J.  manufact.  Ingram-court,  8,  Ingram-str. 
Black,  James,  baker.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Black,  James,  merchant ;  lodgiftg,  Queen-str.  west  side 
Black,  James  &  Co.  do.  54*,  Miller-street 
Black,  James,  jun.  at  Ewing  &  Co.'s  calender 
Black,  James,  grocer,  York-place,  Anderston  walk 
Black,  James,  superintendant  of  fire  engines,  7,  Alb.-sL 
Black,  John,  merchant; lodging,  Jamaica-street 
Black,  John  &  Co.  calico-printers,  38,  Argyll  street 
Black,  John,  hosier,  159,  Gallowgate 
Black,  Miss,  milliner  and  dress  maker,  204,  Geo.-str. 
-  Black,  Mrs.  James,  vintner,  459,  Gallowgate 
jj^  \Black,  R.  taylor,  124,  Trongate 

Black,  Robert,  commercial  inn,  413,  Gallowgate  ^ 

Black,  Thomas  &  Co.  card-factory,  113,  Saltmarket 
Black,  William  &  Co.  manufacts.  Commercial  court 
Blackburn,  And.  manufact.  Savoy-street,  I^ridgeton 
Blackburn,  Wm.  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 
Blackburn,  David,  manufacturer,  58,  Bell-street 
Blackwood  ic  Watt,  warehousemen,  Antigua  buildings 
5;  \Blackwood,  J.  &  E  spirit  cellars,  169,  Trongate 
"^Blackshaw,  Robt.  tobacconist,  Main -street,  Calton 
Blackie,  Peter,  engineer,  Tradestown;  house,  Dale-str. 
Blackie,  J.  &  Co.  printers  and  books.  East  Clyde-str. 

^Blackie, gun-maker,  36,  Brunswick-place 

Blaikley,  David,  haberdasher,  15,  Bell -street 
\Biaikie,  Francis  &  Sons,  general  brokers,  and  agents  for 
Edinburgh  and  Leith  Shipping  Co.   Post  Office 
court,  Trongate;  house,  Adam's  court 

BLA  24^  BOG 

Blair,  Rob.  merchant;  house,  53,  Charlotte-street 

Blair,  Alexander,  trunk-maker,  3,  Montrose-street 

Blair,  Arch,  ship-owner.  Port  Dundas 

Blair,  Arch.  &  Son,  painters,  48,  Argyll-street 

Blair,  D.  surgeon,  24,  High-street 

Blair,  David,  manufacturer;  house,  16,  George's  sqr. 

Blair,  George,  writer,  34,  East  Albion-street;  resides, 

Mrs.  Sinclair's,  63,  Jamaica-street 
Blair,  Geo.  tailor,  312,  High-street 
Blair,  James,  surgeon,  283,  do. 
Blair,  John,  spirit-dealer,  169,  Gallowgate 
Blair,  John,  manufacturer,  72,  Brunswick-street 
Blair,  John,  change-keeper,  76,  New-wynd 
Blair,  John,  ginger-bread-baker,  141,  Stockwell 
Blair,  John,  Albion  Chapel  beadle,  103,  High-street 
Blair  &  Morrison,  calenderers,  46,         do. 

Blair,  Mrs.  John,  vintner,  30,  Candleriggs 
Blair,  William,  manufacturer,  62,  Bell-street 

Blair, ,  tavern  and  oyster  house,  53,  Prince's-str. 

Blair,  W.  D.  deputy-collector  of  Cess,  9,  Queen-str. 
Blantyre  Yarn  Warehouse,  3  Charlotte-lane 
Blyth,  John,  .land-surveyor,  117,  Saltmarket 
Blyth  &  Loch  ore's  boot  and  shoe  shop,  ,92,  Trongate 
Blyth,  James,  jun.  shoe-shop,  71,     do. 

Bofiz,  James  &  Co.  merchants,  Cumberland  building* 
Bogie,  Andrew,  brush-maker,  99,  Candleriggs 
Bogie,  James,  candle-ofEce,  31,  John-street 
Bogle,  Robert  &  Co.  merchants,  10,  Queen-street 
^ogle,  James,  merchant;  lodging,  69,  Jamaica-street 
Bogle,  Archibald,  agent  for  the  Imperial  fire-office,  and 
secretary  to  the  Cranston-hill  Water  Works,  60, 
Hutcheson-street;  lodging,  1,  George's  square 
Bogle   Christie  &  Co.  merchants,  60,  Hutcheson-street 
Bogle  &  Gilfillan,  writers,  15,  St.  Andrew's  street      - 

BOG  25  BllK     V 

Bogle,  James,  writer,  6,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Bone,  James,  grocer,  296,  High-street 
Bontrohn,  Alexander,  smith.  12,  Turner's  court 
Borland,  Wm.  grocer,  41,  Gallowgate 

^Borthwick,  W.  M.  &  Co.  printers  agents  &  booksellers^ 
184,  Trongate 

^Borrowman  J-ohn,  writer,  7,  Hutcheson -street 
Bowman,  Alex  joiner,  &c   Bridge-street,  TradestOQ 
Bowman,  Thomas,  smith,  9,  Shuttle  street 
Bowie,  William,         do.    33,  Gallowgate 
Bowie,  Mrs.  brushmaker,  42,  Gallowgate 
Bowie,  Alex,  chandler,  602,  Argyll  street 
Bowie,  Robert,  mason,  40,  Crown^street 
Boyd,  John,  merchant,  83,  Trongate 
Boyd,  Alexander,  baker,  1''^,  Frederick-lane 

^Boyd,  John,  merchant,  127,  Trongate 

ABoyd,  James,  surgeon,  159,      do; 
Boyd,  Miss,  milliner,  121,  Argyll-street 
Boyd,  Mrs.  John,  pastry-shop,  28,  Prince's  street 

^•Boyd,  John,  &  Son,  librarians,  booksellers  and  station- 
ers, 6,  Hutcheson-street 
Boydj  James,  baker,  corner  of  Mitchell-street 
Boyle,  J.  spirit-dealer,  17^  Bridgegate 

*   Braid,  Henry,  Ramshorn  burying  ground  sexton,  42^ 
Brand  &  Molleson,  silk-dyers,  51,  Queen-street 
Brand,  A.  milliner,  123,  High- street 
Brash,  John,  architect.  Park's  land,  foot  of  Stock  well 

'^Brash  &  Reid,  booksellers  &  stationers,  170,  Trongate 
Brebner,  Wm.  keeper  of  Brid-ewell,  Duke-street 
Brebner,  George  &  Co.  spirit  cellar,  Wallace  Court 
Bread,  Jos.  grocer,  43,  Adelphl-atr   Hutchesontown 
Breakenridge,  George,  baker,  3  8,  Maio  -trtet,  Gorbals 
Bremner,  Walter,  joiner  &  trunk-maker,  68,  Beil-str. 

BRO  26  BRO 

Broadfoot,  David,  timber-merchant,  Anderston  walk 
Broadl}/,  John,  agent  for  Union  Assurance  Co.  69, 

Broadly,  John  &  Mark,  commission  wareho.  69,  do. 
Brodie,  Rev.  Rob,  lodging,  Kent-street 
Brodie,  D.  gardener,  Grahamston 
Brodie,  D.  &  Son,  manufacturers,  51,  Hutcheson-str, 
Brodie,  Wm.  manufacturer,  36.  Nelson  str. 
Brodie,  Miss,  milliner,  .76,  Argyll-street 
Brodie,  D.  &  Co.  brass-founders,  107,  Old  Wynd 
Brock,  John,  &  Waiter,  manufac    179,  George-street 
Brock,  Walter       Co.  yarn  warehouse,  59,  Wilson-str. 
Brocket,  Andrew,  mason,  York  street 
Broom,  Alexander,  do.  Portland-street 
Brown,  Alex.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  85,  Candleriggs 
Brown,  Alexander,  joiner.  Old  Vennal 
Brown,  Alex,  agent  for  Paisley  Bank,  17,  Trongate; 

house,  26,  Virginia-street 
Brown,  Alex,  grain-merchant,  Alston-street 
Brown,  A.  &  J.  furniture-warehouse,  37,  St.  And.-street 
Brown,  Arch.  &  Co.  leather-merchants,  25,  Candleriggs 
Brown,  B.  blockmaker,  Smithfield,  Broomielaw 
Brown,  Charles,  saddle-tree-maker,  19,  Stockwell 
Brown  &  Coleman,  manufacts.  52,  St.  Andrew  square 
Brown,  Cornelius,  Wallace  court 
Brcwn,  Dr.  Thomas,  16,  Miller-street 
Brown,  D.  tailor,  131,  Saltmarket 
Brown,  Donaldson  &  Co.  manuf.  Commercial  court 
Brown,  Ebenezer,  baker,  284,  High-street 
Brown,  Geo.  of  Capplerigg ;  house,  Henderson's  courts 

Brown,  George,  sugar-of-lead  maker,  80,  Trongate 
Brown,  Gourlie,  &  Co.  distillers,  Port-Dundas 
Brown,  George,  tailor,  162,  Bridgegate 

BRO  27  BRO 

Brown,  George,  writing  master,  44,  Bell-street 

Brown,  George,  bookbinder,  Old  Vennal 

Brown,  Hugh,  stocking-manufacturer,  105,  King-str. 

Brown,  H.  C.  grocer,  Nile-street,  Gallowgate 

Brown,  James  &  Co.  manufacturers,  37,  Bell-street 

Brown,  James,  shoemaker,  42,  Gallowgate 

Brown,  James,  music  &  toy-shop,  91,  High-street 

Brown,  James,  vintner,  160,  Bridgegate 

Brown,  James,  tailor,       16,         do. 

Brown,  James,  grocer,  182,  High-street 

Brown,  James,  nursery-man,  84,  Trongate 

Brown,  James,  spirit-dealer,  85,  New  wynd 

Brown,  James,  grocer,  182,  High-street 

Brown,  James,  grocer,  123,  Saltmarket 

Brown,  James,  insurance-broker,  Exeh.;  house,  29,  St. 

Andrew  square 
Brown,  James,  spirit-dealer,  4,  College-street 
Brown,  J.  provision  shop,  75,  High-street 
Brown,  J.  shoemaker,  5,  Hospital-street 
Brown,  John,  merchant,  56,  Queen-street 
Brown,  William,  oil  and  colour-man,  103,  Trongate 
Brown,  John,  messenger,  173,  Saltmarket 
Brown,  John,  tailor,  173,         do. 

Brown,  John,  (youngest)  house,  11,  George's  square 
Brown,  John,  jun.  manufacturer,  Brunswick-lane 
Brown,  John,  grain-merchant,  Alston-street 
Brown,  John  &  Co.  Scotch  cloth  shop,  319,  High-street 
Brown,  John,  haberdasher,  131,  High-street 
Brown,  Mrs.  John,  dyer,  3,  Great  Dovehill 
Brown,  John  &  Son,  dyers,  Dry  gate-bridge 
Brown,  John,  pencil-maker  and  grocer,  Port-Dundas 
Brown,  John,  of  Auchinlochan,  12,  Buchanan-street 
Brown,  John,  jun.  merchant,       12,         do. 
Brown,  J.  H.  manufacturer,  44,  St.  Andrew's  square 

BRO  28  '    BRO 

Brown,  J.  straw  hat  maker,  Great  Hamilton-street 

Brown,  Lilburn  &  Co.  upholsterers,  Post-office  court 

Brown,  WilHam,  clothier,  do. 

Brown,  Miss  C.  dress-maker,  9,  Argyll-street 

Brown,  Mrs.  lodgings,  17,  Trongate 

Brown,  Mrs.  milliner,  62,  Trongate 

Brown,  Mrs.  midwife,  37,  Stockwell 

Brown,  Mrs,     do.       100,  High-street 

Brown,  Mrs.  W.  teacher  of  drawing  and  painting, 

Brown,  Nicol,  merch.  lodging,  33,  St.  Vincent-street 
Brown,  Peter  &  Son,  bakers,  SOL  High-street 
Brown,  Robert,  accountant,  Glasgow  bank;  house, 

95,  High  John-street 
Brown,  Robert,  manufacturer;  house,  120,  George-str. 
Brown,  Rob.  merchant;  house,  30,  Dunlop-street 
Brown,  Robert,  wig-maker,  9,  Argyll-street 
Brown,  Robert,  juD.  merchant,  45,  Virginia  street 
Brown,  Robert,  corn-merchant,  Mitchell  street 
Brown,  Robert,  eating  house,  ^O^,  Gallowgate 
Brown,  Robert,  auctioneer,  Spoutmouth 
Brown  &  Shedden,  manufacturers,  72,  Brunswick-str, 
Brown,       Smellie,  tailors,  62,  Trongate 
Brown,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  51,  High-s>treet 
Brown,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  6,  Bridgegate 
Brown  &  Watson,  manufacs.  Albion  court,  Albion-str. 
Brown,  William,  glover,       77,       do. 
Brown,  William,  fruit  man,  65,  Gallowgate 
Brown,  Wm.  jun.  haberdasher,  4-7,  Trongate 
Brown,  Wm,  &  Wm^  Reid,  writers,  1,  Brunsw.  place. 
Brown,  Wm.  merchant,  459,  Gallowgate 
Brown,  WilHam,  coal-agent,  68,  Broomielaw 
Brown,  Willians  grocer,  282.  High-street 
Browning,  Matthew,  grocer,  204,  do. 

BRO  ^^  BUG 

Brownlie,  Thomas,  merchant,  1,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Brov/nlie,  William,  smith,  &  patent  axle  maker.  Burn- 
Brownlie,  John,  baker,  5,  Clyde  Terrace 
Brownlie,  Robert,  joiner,  Campbell-street 
Browjtihe,  James,  messenger,  10,  Bridgegate 
Brownlie,  T,  messenger,  &  spirit-dealer,  12,  Bridgegate 
Brownlie,  Alex.  wooUen^draper,  31,  Gallowgate 
Brownlie,  James,  grocer,  '2,  Kirk-street 
Bruce,  Thomas,  agent,  Wallace  court 
Bruce,  J.  lapidary,  1,  Brunswick- place 
Brunton,  Alexander,  saddler,  29,  Argyll  street 
Bryce  Robert,  slater,  ^-c.  near  Gallowgate  Toll 
Bryce  &  Aitken,  calico-printers,  7,  Brunswick-place 
Bryce,  John      Co.  timber-merchants,  Jackson-s-treet 
Bryce,  John,  spirit-cellar,  413^  Gallowgate 
Bryce  &  He£  gie,  braoS-founders,  Mitchell-street 
Bryce,  R.  grocer,  Grahamston 
Brydon,  Anire.v,  iiierchant,  3,  West  Nile-street 
Brydson,  VViLi  ni  -^   Co.  tape  and  muslin  manufactur- 
ers, 6^.  Hutclieson-street 
Bryson,  Aitx.  spirit-ceiic'r,  East  C!;',N'e-Street 
Bryson,  David,  rj>anutacturer,  16,  St.  Andrew's  square 
3ryson,  Jam^^s,  at  Scott,  Bryson  5.  Co,*s  149,  Trongate 
Bryson,  l^tcer  &  Co.  spirit  cellars,  31,  Saltmarket 
Buchan,  Mrs.  inn-keeper.  Port  Dundas 
Buchanan,  A.  Atlas  fire-office,  Stirling-square;  house, 

157,  George-street 
Buchanan,  A.  pastry  baker,  6,  Bell  street 
Bucnanatj,  Alexander,  -manufacturer,,  120,  Argyll-str. 
Buchanan,  Alexander,  shoemaker,  30,  Shuttle-streeit 
Buchanan,  Dr.  Alexander,  52,  Virginia-street;  house, 

:  rowM  .-iretrt,      rov/nfieid 
Buchanan,  Duncan,  6*.  Co.  nierchts.  8,  St,  Andrew's  sq. 

BUG  30  BUG 

Buchanan,  Brown,  &  Co.  merchants,  36,  Candleriggs 
Buchanan,  C.  &  Son,  Sun  fire-office,  head  of  Melville- 
place;  house,  Horn's  court,  St.  Enoch's  square 
Buchanan  &  Carrick,  accountants,  10,  Stirling-square 
^JBuchanan,  D.  teacher,  80,  Brunswick-street 

Buchanan,  Fithie  &  Co.  booksellers,  81,  High-street 
\Buchanan,  J.  jun.  &  Co  cloth-shop,  165,  Trongate 
Buchanan,  J.  G.  writer,  Melville  place;  house,  Horn's 

Buchanan,  J.  High-church  beadle,  18,  Drygate-lane 
Buchanan,  J.  &  J.  spirit  cellars,  10,  Prince's-street 
Buchanan,  J.  &  G.  &  Co.  merclits.  and  cotton  brokers, 

32,  Stockwell 
Buchanan,  James  &  Co.  hatters,  4,  St.  Andrew's  sq. 
Buchanan,  James,  at  James  Findlay  &  Co.'s 
Buchanan,  Js.  merchant,  :  uchanan's-co,  175,  Trongate 
Buchanan,  John  &  George,  merchts.  6,  St.  Enoch's  sq, 
Buchanan,  John  &  Co.  wine-cellars,  5,  Prince's  street 
Buchanan,  John,  painter,  25,  Trongate 
Buchanan,  John,  horse-setter,  4,  Bell  street 
Buchanan,  Mrs.  John,  vintner,  65,  Broomielaw 
Buchanan,  Mrs.  lodging,  2,  George-street 
Buchanan,  Peter,  manufacturer,  72,  Hutcheson-street 
Buchanan  &  Paterson,  calenderers,  36,  Candleriggs 
Buchanan,  R.  &  Co.  West  India  agents,  106,  Trongate 
Buchanan,  Thos.  Dalmarnock  dye  works,  80,  Trongate 
Buchanan,  Robertson,  civil  engineer ;  house,  Nile-str. 

near  St.  George's  church;  foundry,  Port  Dundas 
Buchanan  &  M'CuUoch,  corset  makers,71, 
Buchanan  &  Thomson,  merchants,  22,  Argyll-street 
Buchanan,  Wm.  hair-dresser,  72,  Argyll-street 
Buchanan,  Wm.  manufacturer,  79,  Stirling-street 
Buchanan,  Wm.  painter,  oil  &  colourman,  70,  Hutcheson- 
street  ;  house,  head  of  Montrose-street 

BUG  31  ^         CAI 

Buchanan,  Mrs.  Wm.  spirit  dealer,  19,  Kirk  street 
Buckie,  James,  grocer,  207,  High- street 
\ Bulloch,  James,  tobacconist,  614,  Argyll-street 
■Bulloch,  John,  grocer   94*,  Trongate 
Bunting,  Nathan,  spirit  dealer,  64-,  Queen-street 
Burn,  Geo.  Bull  inn  and  coach-office,  640,  Argyll-str.  o 
Burrell,  John,  porter  house,  100,  King-street 
Burnet,  Arch,  grocer,  135,  High-street 
Burnet,  Wm.  shoe-maker,  10,  High-street 
JBurns,  Rev.  John,  lodging,  Barony  Glebe 
Burns,  J.  surg.  and  lecturer  on  midwifery,  106,  Trong. 
Burns,  James,  grocer,  143,  Saltmarket 
Burns,  James,  o^  Co.  builders,  Buchaiian-street 
Burns,  Thomas,  joiner.  North  Albion  street 
Burns,  IMrs.  poulterer,  40,  Prince's  street 
Burns,  John>  manufacturer,  31,  Bell-street 
Burns,  George,  26,  Bell-street 
Burns,  Wm.  spirit  dealer,  9,  St.  Andrew  square 
Burns,  Wm   shoemaker,  126,  Saltmarket 
Burns,  J.  clothes  broker,  153,  High  street 
Burnside,  John,  surgeon,  55,  Charlotte-street 
Burnside,  Robt.  jun.  manufac.  6,  Charlotte  lane 
Burnside,  James,  accountant,  64,  Hutcheson-street 
Burnside,  Robt<  merchant,  37,  Bell-street 
Burton,  David,  perfumer,  5S,  Glassford-street 
Burton  &   Forbes,    steam-loom-makers,   King-street, 

Byers,  Rich,  spirit-dealer,  113,  Gallowgate 


Cabbell,  W.  B.  cashier  Glasgow  bank,  74,  Ingram-str. 
Caddell,  William,  hair-dresser,  91,  Bridgegate 
Cain  &  Hyde,  merchants,  173,  Saltmarket 
Cairnie,  Neil,  calico-printer.  7,  South  Frederick  street 
C  2    .     ' 

CAI  32.  CAM 

Cairnie.,  Charles,  do  ;  house,  191,  George-streeft 
Cairnie,  John  <?<  Co   distillers^  Barrowtield 
Cairnie,  Wm.  window  glazier   3B>  Candieriggs 
Cairns,  Martin,  livei*y  stables^  312.  Stockweli 
Cairns ;  George,  grain-merchant,  Grahamston 
Cairns,  James,  tailor   108,  Saltmarket 
Cairns,  John,     do.       119,       do. 
Calder.  John,  watchmaker,  S,  Buns  wynd,  High  street 
Calder,  Alex,  city  officer,  34  Bridgegate 
^<;alder  coal  and  iron  work  office,  88   Hutchesonigtreefc 
Calders,  dress  makers,  37,  Candlerigg-jstreet 
Caiderhead,  William,  20,  Charlotte  street 
Caldwell,  D.  Eagle  inn,  27,  Maxwell-street 
Caldwell,  John,  grocer,  272,  High-street 
Caldwell,  W.  watchmaker,  165,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Caldwell,  J.  grocer,  439,  Duke-street 
Callender,  Mrs  spirit  dealer,  87,  Stockweli 
Caledonian  Pottery,  Townhead;  office,  19,  N.  Albion  et* 
Cameron,  Arch.  College  porter.  College 
Cameron,  Arch.  &  Co.  hardwaremen,  4,  Trongate 
Cameron,  Archibald  do.  182,     do. 

Cameron,  B.  S.  writer  53,  Prince's  street 
Cameron,  Daniel,  spirit-dealer.  87,  New  wynd      , 
Cameron^  D.  spirit  dealer,  106  Old  wynd 
Cameron  J.  tailor  6,  Argyll-street 
Cameron.  John,  bookseller  92,  High-street 
Cameron   Thomas,  reedmaker,  8,  Gallowgate 
Cameron.  Mrs.  milliner.  64.  Bell-street 
Cameron,  Thomson  &  Co,  manufacturers,  GoVan-street, 

Campbells  &  Co.  brokers,  Tontine  Buildings 
Campbell,  A.  shoe  shop,  49,  Prince's  street 
Campbell,  Alex  grocer,  46,  Shuttle  street 
<?ampbell,  A.  baker,  33,  King-street 

CAM  83  CAM 

Campbell,  A.  haberdasher,  59,  Bell-street 
Campbell,  A.  agent  for  Birmingham  Fire  and  Life  In- 
surance offices,  82,  Glassf  ♦str.;ho.  Adam's  court 
Campbell,   Alexr.  writer,   Antigua  buildings;  house, 

Robertson's  court 
"Campbell,  A.  D.  at  R.  Muirhead  &  Co/s 
Campbell,  Alexander,  merchant    4,  Buchanan-street; 

house,  SO,  St  Vincent-street 
Campbell,  .Alex.  jun.  merchant.  4,  Buchanan-street 
Campbell,  Alex,  manufacturer,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Campbell,  Andrew,  house,  '20,  jSt   Andrew's  square 
Campbell,  Arch.  3,  Graham's  buildings,  George-street 
Campbell,  Arch .  reed-maker.  Old  Grammar  School 
Campbell,  Arch,  furniture  wart  house,  129,  Saltmarket 
Campbell,  Arch,  spirit-dealer,  61,  Jamaica-street 
Campbell,  Arch,  vintner,  66.  Broomielaw 
Campbell  &  Barlas,  writers,  1 1 ,  Ingram-street 
Campbell,  Alex,;  house.  35,  Glassford-st. 
Campbell,  C.  muslin  shop,  71,     ell  street 
Campbell,  Clark  &  Co.  merchants,  Antigua  buildings 
Campbell,  Colin,  raercht  4,  Buchanan-street 
Campbell,  Colin  &  Co.  merchts.  49,  Ingram-street 
Campbell,  Colin  do.;  house,  S.  Hanover- street 

Campbell,  Colin  ;  house,  24,  Buchanan-street 
Campbell,  Duncan,  drysalter,  35,  Saltmarket 
Campbell,  D.  tailor,  102,  Bridgegate 
Campbell,  D.  spirit-dealer,  72,  Argyll-street 
Campbell,  D.  &  A.  paper-makers,  Wilson's  co.  Argyll-st. 
Campbell^  David,  broker,  115,  Trongate;  house,  159, 

Campbell,  Daniel,  grocer,  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Campbell,  Daniel,  tailor,  146,  Saltmarket 
Campbell,  Dick  &  Go.  inkle-work,  Inkle  factory-lane, 

entry  by  North  Aibion-street  ^nd  Shuttle-street 
C  3 

CAM       ^-  '    34    '  '      CAM 

Campbell,  Dugald,  spirit-dealer,  54,  Bridgegate 
Campbell,  Donald,  manufacturer,  Sil,  Glassford-street 
Campbell,  Dougall,  grocer  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Campbell,  Finlay,  lodging  house,  6,  Gallowgate 
Campbell,  H.  grocer,  Tureen-street 
Campbell,  Hugh,  grocer,  York  place,  Anderston-walk 
Campbell,  Hugh,  at  Campbells  &  Co.  do. 

Campbell,  James,  jun.  merchant,  4,  Buchanan-street 
^ Campbell,  James,  tertius^  &  Co.  woollen  drapers,  41, 

Brunswick  place 
,Campbell,  James,  M.  at  Campbell,  Young  &  Co.'s 
Campbell,  James,  spirit  cellars,  16,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Campbell,  John,  grocer,  49,  Argyll-street 
Campbell   John,  victualler,  341,  Gallowgate 
Campbell,  John,  baker,  37,  Crown-str.  HutchesontowB 
Campbell,  John,  spirit-dealer,  Castle^street 
Campbell,  John,  shoe-shop,  41,  Prince's-street 
Campbell,  John,  sen.  &  Ca  merchts.  4,  Buchanan-str. 
Campbell,  John,  Nicholson-str.  Chapel ;  ho.  Buchan-str. 

Campbell,  J.  surgeon,  353^  Gallowgate;  ho.  117,  do,  . 
Campbell,  J.  cutler,  421,  Gallowgate 
Campbell,  M.  furniture  warehouse,  Nile-street 
Campbell,  Mrs.  grocer,  229,  High-street 
Campbell,  Mrs.  lodgings,  88,  Hutcheson-street 
Campbell,  Miss,  milliner  and  dress  maker,  206,  Geo  -St. 
Campbell,  M.  stay  maker,  101,     do. 

Campbell,  Mrs.  spirit  dealer,  Castle-street 
Campbell,  Mungo  N.  merchant,  4,  Buchanan -street 
Campbell,  Peter,  vintner,  t^94,  High-street 
Campbell,  Rivers  Sz  Co.  merchants,  47,  Virginia-street 
Campbell,  Thomas,  merchant,  4?  Buchanan-street 
,  Campbell,  Thomas/ wig- maker,  623,  Argyll-street 
Campbell,  Wm.  spirit-dealer  and  grocer,  629,  do. 

CAM  35  GAR 

Campbell,  Wm.  spirit-cellar,  3,  Queen-street 
Campbell,  Wm.  &  Go.  turners,  top  of  Great  Dovehifl 
Campbell,  Wm.  grocer,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Campbell,  Wm.  jun.  do.  20,  Turner's  court 
Campbell,  Wm.         do.  52,  King-street 
Campbell  i<i  Watt,  ironmongers,  40,  Argyll-street 

Campbell, ,  painter,  19,  Prince's  street 

Campbell,  Young  &  Co.  merchants,  Lyceum  buildings 
Campbell,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  5,  Kirk-street 
Candlish,  Mrs*  bparding-school,  49,  Virginia-street 
Canal  Passage  Boat,  and  Edinburgh  Coach  office,  635^ 

Cann, ,  smith.  Back  wynd 

Carlisle,  Wm.  manufacturer,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Carmichael,  Miss,  straw  hat  maker,  Gibson-street- 
Carmichael,  Robert,  slater,  356,  Gallowgate 
Carmichael,  John,  joiner,  Mulrhead-street,  Gorbals 
Carmichael,  John,  joiner,  &c.  head  of  North  Albion-str. 
Carmichael  &  Watt,  general  agents,  49,  Queen-street 
Carmichael,  John,  cabinet-maker,  57,  Buchanan-street 
Carmichael,  Duncan,'  lodging.  Port  Dundas 
Carmichael,  Duncan,  spirit  dealer,  82,  ^igh-street 
Carmichael,  Rich.  do.  173,  Saltmarket, 

Carment,  Rev.  David,  Duke-street  Chapel ;  house,  foot 

of  Havarinah-street 
Carnegie,  John,  merchant;  house,  69,  Jamaica-street 
Carrick,  Wm.  provision-warehouse,  55,  King-street 
Carrick,  Robert,  cashier,  Ship  Bank;  lodging  above 
Carrick,  A.  writer,  22,  Argyll-st.;  ho.  52,  Buchanan-str. 
Carrick  «Sj  Denny,  writers,  22,  Argyll-street 
Carrick,  J.  china  and  earthen-ware  shop,  78,  Hutch-st. 
Carrick,  J.  A.  &  R.  manufacts.  33,  Virginia^street 
Carrick,  Logan  &  Co.  spirit  dealers,  111,  Gallowgate 
Carrick,  John,  flesher,  366,      do. 

CAR  36  CHA 

Carron  warehouse,  28,  Glassford-street 
Carron  Shipping  office,  28,       do. 
Carruthers  &  Paterson,  surgeons,  152,  Gallowgate 
3<    Carss,  John,  bookbinder,  Moodie*s  court 
_     Carss,  Robert,  shoemaKer,  32,  Prince's  street 
Carss,  Mrs.  poultry-shop,    21,  do. 

Carss,  James,  baker,  620,  Argyll-street 
Carswell,  Wm.  &  Jas.  upholsterers,  17  and  18,  Candl. 
Carswell,  Wm.  &  Jas.  joiners,  213,  George-street 
Carswell,  Robert,  spirit  dealer,  25,  Trongate 
Carswell,  Thos.  tin-smith',  250,  High-street 
Cassils,  David,  spirit  cellars,  68  Bell-street 
Cassils,  William,     do.  40   High-street 

Cassils,  Robert,  confectioner,  99,  Trongate 
Cassils,  William,  dyer,  Burnside-lane 
Cassils,  Robert,  wright.  Double-dykes,  Calton 
Cassils,  John,  grocer,  Well-street,  do. 

-  Cation,  James,  spirit  dealer.  Canon-street 
Catrine  Company,  at  J.  Finlay  &  Co.'s 
Causer,   Edward,   veterinary  surgeon,  establishment^ 

Market -lane,  John-street ;  house,  27,  do. 
Caw,  N.  &  S  merchants,  53,  Brunswick-street 
Chalmers,  Alex,  grocer,  306,  Gallowgate 
Chalmers,  Thomas,  surgeon,  261,  High-street 
Chalmers   Mrs.  John,  grocer,  23,  Canon-street 
Chalmers,  Tho.  smith,  7,  Hospital-str.  Hutchesontown 
Chalmers,  J-  &  A,  merchants,  31,  Ingram-street 
Chalmers,  Dr.  Thos.;  house,  56,  Charlotte-street 
Chalmers,  John,  slater,  3,  New  Wynd 
Chambers,  J.  spirit  dealer,  102,  High-street 
Chapman,  Robert  printer,  101,  Candleriggs;  house,  3^ 

Centre-street,  Tradeston 
Chapman,  David,  vintner,  '^1,  Trafalgar  place 
Chapman,  J.  teacher  of  elocution,  17,  Richnjond-str. 

CHA  37  CLA 

Chapman,  William,  joiner,  93,  High-street 
Charles,  James,  broker,  Sidney  court;  ho.  Robertson -St. 
Charles,  John,  Smith's  coNrt;  house,  LiHy  bank 
Charles,  Lieiit.  D.   Royal  mihtary  artificers,  Welling- 
ton place,  Hutchesontown 
Charity,  Mrs,  midwife,  34,  Bridgegate 
Chiilas,  A.  chan41er,  165,  Stockweli 
Chisholm  ^  Willis,  carvers     .ajilders,  13,  Hutcheson-st. 
Chisholm,  Wm.  :/  Jas.  manufacturers,  6,  Candleriggs 
Christie    .  Fouler,  turners^  Double  dykes,  Calton 
Christie,  John,  hair-dresser,  158,  Trongate 
Christie,  W.  music  instr.  mak.  Currie's  closs,  High-str 
Christie,  Thomas  &  Geo.  Young,  writers,  29,  Stockw, 
Christie,  G.  provision  and  spirit-dealer,  85,  Old  wynd 
Christie,  John,  joiner,  Craignestock 
Christie,  James,  merchant,  60,    Hutcheson-street;  ho. 
corner  of  Thistle  and  Adelphi-str.  Hutckesontowa 
Christie,  James,  merchant,    107,  Nelson-street;  house, 

1,  South  Frederick- street 
Christie,  C.  tin-plate-worker,  128,  Gallowgate 
Christie,  J.  x  A.  spirit-dealers,  5b,  High-street 
Christie,  Daniel,  mason,  Drygate,  north-side 
Chrystal,    William,   of  the  Grammar  School;  lodging, 

7,.  Richmond-street 
Church,  Wm.  manufac.  36,  Candleriggs; bo.  1,  Geo,  sq. 
Clark,  A.  surgeon,  118,  ■  ligh-street 
Clark,  A  &  A.  manufacturers,  31,  Bell-street 
Clarke,  Charles,  china      stoneware  shop,  89,  High-str. 
Clarke,  Mrs.  D,  spirit-dealer,  45,  Glassford-street 
Clarke,  George,  paper-ruler,  107,  Old-wynd 
Clark  'k  Kirkwood,  manufacturers,  15,  Candleriggs 
Clarke,  John,  tailor,'  19,  Prince's  street 
Clark,  John,  writer,  82,  Stirling  street 
Glark,  John,  painter,  449,  GallowgatQ 


Clark,  John,  cotton- spinner,  Abercromby-str.  Calton 
Clark,  Mrs.  John,  umbrella,-maker,  57,  Wilson-street 
Clarke,  Michael,  clothes-broker,  61,  Saltmarket 
Clark,  Robert,  beef-steak  house,  57,  Bridgegate 
Clark,  W.  M.  merchant,  at  Campbell,  Clark  5c  Co.'s 
Clark,  William,  spirit  dealer,  47,  Bridgegate 
Clark,  William,  grocer,  36,  Hutcheson-street 
Clarke,  Wm.  strong-beer-house,  87,  Saltmarket 
Clarkson,  J.  grocer,  70,  King-street 
Clarkson,  John,  grocer,  Clyde-street,  Calton 
Cleghorn,  Dr.  lecturer  on  chemistry,  H,  Collesf'^'Stre 
Cleland,  James,  superint.  of  works,  Council  Clmaibers 
Cleland    '  Herbertson,  marble-work,  Bnth-street 
Clery,  Mrs.  pastry  baker,  612,  Argyll-street 
Clow,  Andw.  shoe  shop,  97,  Hutcheson-street 
Clow,  James,        do.        17S,  Saltmarket 
Clug^ton,  W.  &  W  teachers,  19,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Clydesdale,  W.  teacher  of  arithmetic,  &c,  109,  Saltra. 
Coats,  James,  yarn  merchant,  10,  Wilson-street 
Coats  &  Burnside,  merchants,^  37,  Bell-street 

Coats,  John,  vintner.  ^1,  do. 

Coats,    Vroh.  &  vVm.  linen-manufac.  23,  Stirling-street 

Coats,  Jn.  linen  &  cotton      do.         36,  Canon-street 

Coats,  Andrew,  brass- founder,  japanner  and  clock-dial 
manufacturer,  6,  Muirhead- street,  Gorbals 

Coats,  William,  taylor,  63,  Trongate 

Cochrane,  Jn.  jun.  merchant;  house  and  warehouse, 

Cochrane,  John  &  Co.  yarn-warehouse,  61,  Wilson-str. 

Cochrane,  David,  tanner,  near  the  English  Chapel 

Cochrane.  Mrs  John,  spirit-dealer,  18,  Argyll-str. 

Cochrane,  James,  hardwareman,  6,  Trongate 

Cochrane,  J.  tailor,  5,  Saltmarket 

Cochrane,  Sergt.  vintner,  49,  do. 

COC  39  COO 

Cochrane,  M.  milliner,  112,  Nelson-street 
\Coke,  Thomas,  tailor,  7,  Hutcheson-street 
Cockburn,  Wm.  vintner,  40,  King-street    . 
Cockburn,  Alex,  grocei-,  Cross-loan-street,  Calton 
Coleman,  Samuel,  52,  St.  Andrew's  square  ;  house,  18, 

Collier,  Thos.  &  Co.  machine -makers,  Mitchell  street 
Collier,  Capt.  barrack- master  ;  ho.  foot  of  St.  Enoch-sq. 
Collier,  J.  W.  commission  agent,  22,  Argyll- s_treet 

Collins, ,  teacher,  Campbell-street 

Colquhoun,  M.  grocer  and  joiner,  168,  High-street 
Colquhoun,  William,  spirit-dealer,  280,  Gallowgate 
Colquhoun,  James,  spirit-cellars,  69,  Argyll-street 
Colvill,  George,  bookbinder,  26,  i  ell-street 
Colvill,  Stephen,  hair-dresser,  51,  Bell-street 
Commercial  Bank  of  Scotland,  73,  Ingram-street 
Connachar,  John,  woollen-draper,  97,  Tro^gate 
Conly,  F.  provision  shop,  75,  King-street 
Connel,  Robert,  grocer,  Crossioan-street,  Calton 
Connel,  D.  and  J.  merchants,  35,  Virginia-street;  lodg- 
ing, St.  Vincent-street 
Connel,  C  straw-hat  shop,  40,  Glassford-street 
Connell,  Peter,  grocer,  Cowcaddens 
Connal,  Wm.  merchant,  at  Findlay,  DufF&  Co.'sj  house,- 

43,  Ingram  street 
ConnaJ,  John,  brewer,  Greenhead  brewery 
Conriochie  and  Bontrohn,  ironmongers,  16,  Gallowgate 
Conning,  Mrs,  vintner,  4 16,         do. 

Cood,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  19,  Eell-street 
Cook,  James,  engineer,  Tradeston 
Cook,  James,  smith.  West-street,  do.  " 

Cook,  Andw.  turner,  621,  Argyll-street 
Cook,  Thos.  pastry  baker.  111,  Gallowgate 
Cook,  D.  stocking  manufacturer,  627,  Argyll-street 

coo  40  COW 

Cook,  D.  grocer,  Cross  street,  Anderston 

Cook,  James,  merchant,  36,  '  roomielaw 

Cooper,   W.  and  A,  and  Co.  Osnaburgh  and  thread 

warehouse,  12,  Stirling-street 
Cooper,  Samuel,  at  W.  and  A.  Cooper  and  Go's 
-Cooper's  Tavern,  head  of  New  wynd  p  * 

^Copland,  William,  writer,  175,  Trongate 
Copland,  James,  victualler,  127,  Gallowgate 
Corbett,  Cunningham,  merchant,  85,  Clyde-street 
Corbett,  Ross,  do.  do. 

Corbett,  Buchanan,  and  Co.  merchants,    do. 

Corbet, ,  su*rgeon,  3J,  Main-street,  Gorbals 

Corbett,  Peter,  merchant,  13,  Miller-street 
Carbett,  Col.  James,  Robertson's  court,  Argyll-street 
Corkindale,  Mrs.  grocer,  63,  Jamaica-street 
Corkindal^,  Dr.  James,  156,  Saltmarket;  house,  Mori- 
son's  Court,  Argyll-street 
Corse,  David   ^<  Co.  yarn  warehouse,  58,  Candleriggs 
Corti,  B.  carver  &  gilder,  68,  Saltmarket 
Cotton,  S.  china  and  glass  warehouse,  Moodie's  court 
Coubrough,  John  &  Go.  manufacturers,  72,  Bell-street 
Coulter,  Samuel,  brickmaker,  Gallowgate  toll 
Coulter,  John,  do.  near  Gorbals 

Couper,  Wm.  surgeon,  19,  West  George  street 
Couper,  D.  turner,  294-,  High-street 
Couper,  James,  worsted  shop,  30,  Prince's  street 
Couper,  Robert,  shoe  shop,  89,  King-street 
Couper,  James,  store-keeper,  55,  Brooraielaw 
Coutts,  Joseph,  baker,  339,  Gallowgate 
Cowan,  John  Sc  Co.  brewers,  Anderston 
Cowan,  R.  &'  Sons,  merch.  and  corn-fact.  Grahamston 
Cowan,    Wm   &  Son,  seedsmen,   19,  Argyll-street 
Cowan,  William,  watchmaker,  27  High-street 
Cowan,  Gilbert,  manufacturer,  83,  Bell-sti'eet 

€OW  41  CRA 

Cowan,  William,  teacher,  88,  Argyll-street 
Cowan  6c  CamercJn,  manufacturers,  26,  Nelson-street 
Cowie,  John,  locksmith.  Little  Dovehill 
Crabb,  B.  -ic  J.  L.  pencil  makers.  29,  Saltmarket 
Cranston  Hill  Water  Co.'s  office,  59.  Hucheson-str. 
Craig,  George,  engraver,  27,  East  Albion-street 
Craig,  A.  merchant,  55^  Miller-street 
Craig,  Andrew,  shoe  shop,  160,  Saltmarket 
Craig,  Hugh,   shoemaker,  48,  Princes-street 
Craig,  James^  plumber,  94,  Stockwell 
Craig,  James,  baker,  1,  Dundas-street 
Craig,  John,  stabler,  Kent- street 
Craig,  John,  Scotch  cloth  shop,  31 7, High-street 
Craig,  John,  leather- merchant,  1,  Prince's  street 
Craig,  John,  yarn-merchant  392,  Gallowgate 
Craig,  John,  shoe  ^  Ieath«?r  shop,  1,  Trongate 
Craig,  J   Jamieson,  Slietbnd  hosier,  43,  King-street 
Craig,  Mrs.  midwife,  above  265,  High-street 
Craig,  Mrs.  shroud-maker,  79,  i^ridgegate 
Craig,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  Grahamston 
Craig,  Mrs.  :v  Co.  Haberdashers,  601,  Argyll-street 
^Craig,  Robert    .   'Vm.  cloth-merchants,  10,  Trongate 
Craig,  Robert,  painter,  42,  Candleriggs 
Craig,  Robert,  shoe  shop,  159,  Bndgegate 
Craig,  Robert,  merch.  26,  Bruns.-str  house,  Kingston 
Craig,  Thomas,  baker,  126,  Dry  gate 
Craig    \    Thomson,  spirit-ceilars,   Buchanan's  court,, 

Craig,  William,  manufacturer,  12,  Stirling-street 
Craig,  William^  surgeon,  216,  High  street 
Craigie,  Laurence,  collector  of  c.  ss,  8,  St.  Enoch  sqr. 

count ing-house,  10,  Queen  street 
Crawford,  A.  pocket-book-n)akHr,  39,  Saltmarket 
Crawford,  Adam,  grocer,  68,  Gailo^gate 

CRA  42  CRO 

Crawford,  Archibald  &  Co.  grocers,  592,  Argyll-street 
Crawford,  Andrew,  hair-dresser,  1,  Jamaica  street 
Crawford,  D  Barony  beadle,  Johnston's  land,  Barony 

Crawford,  David,  merchant,  Cessnock,  Govan 
Crawfurd,  George,  writer,  office^  Wa^ace  court,  house, 

52,  Montrose-street 
Crawford,  Gilb.  &  Co.  boot  8c  shoemak.  93,  Hutch.-str. 
Crawford,  James,  saddler,  Cowcaddens 
Crawford,  John,  joiner,  616,  Argyll-street 
Crawfurd,  J.  &  A.  warehousemen,  4-59,  Gallowgate. 
Crawford,  R.  poulterer,  14,  Prince's  street 
Crawford,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  105,  Bridgegate 
Crawford,  William,  plasterer,  39,  Saltmarket;  house, 

Anderston  Walk 
Crawford,  Ebenezer,  victualler,  4,  Prince's  street 
Crawford,  W.  jun.  rope-spinner,  94,  Bridgegate 
Crawford,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  115,  Trongate 
c  Crawford,  Wm.  o;  Co.  haberdashers,  37,  do. 
Crie,  David,  shoemaker,  51,  King-street 
Crie,  Thos.  manufacturer,  74,  Wilson-street 
Crichton,  A.  hatter,  15,  Saltmarket 
Crighton,    •.  chemiqal  and  philosophical  instrument- 
maker,  2,  Charlotte-street 
Crichton,  John,  general  agent,  and  agent  for  Dundee 
&  Perth  Shipping  Co.  616,  Argyll-street  and  59, 
Crighton,  M.  milliner  and  mantua-maker,  63,  Stockwell 
Crighton,  R.  smith,  297,  High-street 
Crighton,    ames,  vintner,  62,  Bell-street 
.    Croil,  Js.  merchant,  24  St.  And.^st.;  house,  Peter^s  Hill 
^  Croil,  William  &  Co.  merchants,  13,  Brunswick -place 
Crombie  &  Carnegie,  Coiton-spin.Main-str.  Anderston 
Crombie,  Humphry,  Post  Office  court 


Crombie,  Andrew,  cart-wright,  Cowcaddens 
Crombie,  Peter,  furniture-shop,  151,  Bridgegate 
Crooks,  A.  at  Leitch  6c  Smith's;  ho.  118,  George-str. 
Crookshanks,  ^.  smith,  &c.  Old  Vennal 
Croom,  Wm.  warehouseman,  22,  Trongate ;  house,  58, 

Croom,  John,  tobacconist,  251,  High-street 
Crosbie,  John,  vintner,  head  of  Back  Wynd 
Cross,  James,  house,  Adelphi-street,  Hutcl>esontown 
Cross,  James,  coal-master,  orders  left  at  105,  Trongate 
Cross,  John,  spirit-dealer,  84,  Saltmarket- 
Cross,  John  &  Co.  manufacturers,  8,  Stirling-street 
Cross,  Mrs  grocer,  120,  Bridgegate 
Cross,  John,  mathematical  academy,  9,  John-street; 
house,  at  the  Observatory 
/Cruden,  George,  merchant,  21,  Hutcheson-street 
Crouch,  John,  basketmaker,  98,  Candleriggs 
Crum,  A.  and  J.  Printfield  warehouse,  20,  Sh  Andrew-gt. 
Cubic,  Adam,  pottery- work,  Gallowgate  toll 
Cubic  and  Patterson,  salt-office,  1,  King-street 
Culcreuch  cotton-yarn-warehouse,  26,  Montrose-st. 
Cullen,  John,  manufacturer,  66,  Glassford-street 
CuUen,  Daniel,  and  Co.  Calenderers,  Stirling-street 
Cumin,  William,  surgeon.  College 
Cumming,  P.  shoe  shop,  61,  Trongate 
Cumming's,  John,  English  academy,  47,  Wilson-street 
Cumming,  Mrs.  milliner  and  straw-hat  manufacturerp 

23,  King*street 
Cumming,   Kirkwood   and  Allan,  manufacturers  and 

warehousemen,  27,  Hutcheson  street 
Cumming,  Thomas,  cheese  and  ham  shop,  77,  King-str, 
Cumming,  Alex,  muslin  shop,  118,  Argyll-street 
Cumming,  James,  writer,  1,  Brunswick  place 
Gumming,  J.  messenger,  11,  Saltmarket 

CUN  44  DAL 

Cunningham,  George,  shoe  shop,  147,  Trongate 
Cnnningham,  Wm.  teacher  of 'nusic,  621,  Argyll-street 
Cunningham,  Wm.  commission  wareh.  J  69,  Montrose-str 
Cunningham,  Mrs.  eating-house,  216,  George-street 
Cunningham,  George  and  Co.  hat  shop,  52,  Trongate 
Cunningham,  John,  meal  man  55  f  High-street 
Curl,  James,  tavern,  Tontine  closs,  Trongate 
Currie  and  Nisbett,  spirit-dealers,  110,  Stockwell 
Currie  &  Terris,  smiths  &  reed  loom-makers,  Mitchell-str. 
Currie,  David,  baker,  Grahamston 
Currie,  Donald,  tailor,  11,  Bell-street 
Currie,  H.        baker  &  spirit  dealer,  Tobago-str.  Calton 
Currie,  Wra.  timber-merch.  do. ;  house,  S8,Charlotte-stf, 
Currie,  Mrs.  Daniel,  spirit  cellars.  Turner's  court 
Currie,  James,  mill-wright,  Thistle  street 
Currie,  George,  bricklayer,  7,  Old  wynd 
Currie,  Thos.  merch  13,  Ingram-str.  ;ho.  Adelpbi-str. 
Currie,  William,  Tintner,  23,  King-street 
Curtis,  Richard,  silver  plater,  159,  Saltraarket 
Cuthbert,  William,  meal-seller,  63,  Bell-street 
Cuthbert,  Wra.  Ayr,  Irvine,  Stranraer,  and  Portpatrick 

daily  carrier,  64,  Ingram-street 
Guthbertson  &  Sym's  yarn  warehouse,  24,  Stirllng-str. 
Cuthbertson,  Donald,  factor  and  accountant,     do. 
Cuthbertson,  John,  grocer,  48,  Adelphi-street 
Cuthbertson,  Thos.  &  Co.  iron  merchts.  386,  Gallowgate 
Cuthil,  Archibald,  writer,  and  clerk  to  the  XrOwer  Ward 

Lieutenancy,  70,  Glassford-street 
Cuthill,  Alex,  writer,  190,  Trongate 


Dale,  James,  merchant  j  lodging,  95,  High  John-str. 
Dalgleish,  Robt.  &  Co.  candle  shop,  3,  Hutcheson  str. 
Dalgleish  &  Frame,  calico  printers,  27,  do. 

DalglishjiR.  Falconer  &  Co.  calico  printer*,  8,  Ingram  str. 

DAL  4.5  DAV 

Dalglish,  Wm.  and  James,  manufacturei-s,  4!4,  Bell-street 
Dall,  A.  spirit  dealer,  Laigh-kirk-closs 
Dallas,  Alexander,  grocer,  116,  Argyll-street 
^  Dalmarnock  dye-worfc  company,  80,  Trongate 
Dalmuir  alkali  company,  61,  Buchanan-street  s 

Dalmuir  paper  warehouse,  S2,  Bell-street 
Dalsholm,  do.         75,         do. 

Dalziel,  James,  general  agent,  SS^  Glassford-streeit 
Darnley,  James,  merchant,      79,  do. 

Davis,  James,  grocer,  85,  Hospital-street 

Davis, ,  stay  &  corset  maker,  19,  Glassford-street 

^^  Davie,  James,  haberdasher,  143,  Trongate 
\Davie,  Robert  do.  38,      do. 

Davidson,  William  &  Co.  tanners,  Spoutmouth 
Davidson,  Thos.  manufact.  BS^  St.  Andrew's  square 
Davidson,  Thos.  jun.  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 
Davison,  Thom,  &  Alexander,  Irish  linen  warehouse, 
49,  Brunswick-street ;  house,  7,  S;  Frederick-street 
\  Davidson,  Jaijies,  tobacconist,  179,  High-street 
Davidson,  Mrs.  milliner,  71,  Bell-street 
Davidson,  James  &  Co.  heddle  makers,  &c.  27,  Nelsonst. 
Davidson  &  Co.  candle  shop,  23,  Argyll-street 
Davidson  &  Co.  clothiers,       29,  do. 

Davidson, ,  saddler  &  harness  maker,  161,  Gallowgate 

Davidson,  J.  comb-maker  and  vintner,    14,         do. 
""^Davidson,  Alexander,  haberdasher,  87,  Trongate 
Davidson,  John  &  Co.  ship  and  insurance  brokers,  An- 
tigua buildings 
Davidson,  John,  house,  59,  Jamaica-street 
Davidson,  John,  messenger,  Calton-mouth 
Davidson,  John,  ship  broker,  26,  Bell-street 
Davidson,  George,  basketmaker,  ^^^  Candlerigg^ 

Davidson, ,  shoemaker,  Blackfriars-wynd 

Davidson,  Bryce,  spirit  dealer,  147?  Stockwell 
D  3 

DAW  4d  DIG 

Dawson  &  Co.  brass  founders  and  wholesale  hardware- 
men,  462,  Gallowgate;  foundry,  Old  Vennal 
Dawson  &  Johnstons,  manufacturers,  169,  Montrose-st, 
Deakin  &  Smith,  button  warehouse,  28,  Glassford-str» 
Dayer,  Mrs.  John,  stabler,  King-street,  Tradeston 
Deans,  George,  grocer,  do.  do. 

Deans,  Wm.  district  adjutant,  Hutchesontown 
Deanston  Company,  at  J.  Finlay  &  Co.'s  Queen-street 
Dearie,  Charles,  engraver,  i24,  Trongate 
De  Bois,  Chas.  teach.  &  transl.  of  langs.  7,  Hutch.-str. 
De  Monti,  Chas.  J.  A.  music-seller,  598,  Argyll-street 
Dempster,  John,  merchant,  74,  Brunswick-street 
Dempster,  A.  painter,  378,  Gallowgate 
Denholm,  Jas.  Glasgow  Academy,  48,  Dunlop-streefe 
' -Denny,  David,  merch.  1 3,  Trong.  house,  62,  Jamaica-st. 
-Denny,  David  &  Alex.  &  Co  merchants,  175,  Trong. 
Dennistoun,  Robert,  mercht.  lodging,  6,  Buchanan-str. 
Dennistoun,  Robert  &  Co.  merchants,  5,         do. 
Dennistoun,  George  &  Robert  &  Co.  merchants,  Bu- 
chanan's court,  175,  Trongate 
Dennistoun,  Buchanan  &  Co.  merchants,  36,  Candler. 
Dennistoun,  J.  &  A.  merchants,  2,  Ingram  street 
Deuchrass,  John,  auctioneer,  corner  of  Prince's  street 

and  King-street 
Deuchrass,  John,  pastry  baker,  27,  Prince's  street 
Dick,  Rev  John,  lodging,  17,  North  Hanover-street 
Dick,  Rich,  mercht.  3,  Hutch.-str.;  lodging,  Bath.-str. 
\Dick,  Walter,  agent,  9,  Trongate 
'iDick,  Douglas  &  Co.  manufacts.  29,  Brunswick-street 
Dick,  James  &  Son,  bakers,  67,  Broomielaw 
Dick,  Wm.  cheese  merchant,  89,  Candleriggs 
Dick,  Wm.  porter  bouse,  42,  High-street 
Dick,  Wm  grocer,  150,  SaJtmarket 
Dick,  Peter,  baker,  Argyll-street,  north  side 

Die  47  BOH 

Dickie,  Adam,  manufacturer,  8,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Dickie,  Rob.  sen.  at  R.  White  &  Co.'s;  ho.  Garnet-hill 
Dickie,  Sam.  &  Co.  Scotch  cloth  shop,  314,  High-str. 
Dickson,  John,  stabler,  595,  Argyll-street 
Dickson,  Mrs.  lodgings,  14,  Hutcheson-street 
Dickson,  William,  cooper,  103,  High-street 
Dickson,  John,  threadraaker,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Dickson,  James,  taylor,  455,  Gallowgate 
Dingwall,  William,  merchant,  28,  Brunswick-place 
Dinning,  John,   writer,   21,  Glassford-street ;  housej 

Centre-street,  Tradeston 
Dinning,  P.  tailor,  69,  Trongate 
Dinsdale,  J.  teacher,  9,  Shuttle-street 
NDinwoodie,  A.  sedan  chair  office,  93,  Trongate 

Divini ,  clothes  broker,  3,  Bridgegate 

Dixon,  Wm.  jun.  coal  office,  69,  Broomielaw,  R.  Stew- 
art, agent 
Dixon,  Adam  &  Co.  manufacturers,  24,  Stirling-Street 
Dixon,  James,  shoe  shop,  162,  Saltmarket 
Dobbie,  John,  watchmaker,  276,  High-street 
-Dobbie,  John,  cloth-mercht.  31,  Trongate 
Dobbie,  Robert,  baker.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Dobbie,  John,  spirit  dealer,  142,  Bridgegate 
Dobson,  William,  stocking  dresser,  Kirkwood's  lani^ 

Tobago- street,  Calton 
Dobson,  James,  drysalter,  Muirhead-street,  Gorbals 
Doig,  J.  &  D.  manufacturers,  459,  Gallowgate 
Dollar,  Robert,  stabler,  28,  Duke-street 
Dollar,  George,  joiner,  Anderston  walk 
Don,  James,  Outer  High  Church  beadle,  Mitchell-stf, 
Dodds,  John,  tin  plate  worker.  Main-street,  Calton 
Donald,  J.  teacher,  55,  Queen-street 
Donald,  James,  shoemaker,  Blackfriars-steps 
Donald,  John,  painter,  257,  High-street 

DON  is  DOU 

Donald,  C.  D.  writer,  37,  Virginia-street;  house,  St. 

Enoch's  square 
Donaldson,  George,  manufacturer,  23,  St.  Andrew-str. 
Donaldson,  David^  provision  shop,  613,  Argyll-street 
Donaldson,  James,  slater,  2,  Hamilton-street 
Donaldson^  John,  baker,  45,  Saltmarket 
Donaldson,  Peter,  spirit  dealer,  Tobago-street,  Calton 
Donaldson,  John,  confectioner,  421,  Gallowgate 
Donaldson,  A.  weaving  utensil  maker,  25,  Kirk-street 
'^Donaldson,  James,  cotton  broker,  25,  Brunswick-street; 
house,  24,  Ingram-street 
Donaldson  &  M'Feat,  music-sellers,  50,  ,Glassford-street 
Donaldson,  John,  lodging,  3,  George's  place 
Donaldson,  Robert,  grocer,  104,  High-street 
Donaldson  &  Carruthers,  smiths,  34,  Main-str,  Gorbals 
Dougal,  John,  fishing-rod-maker,  88,  Trongate 
Dougal,  Thomas,  flesher,  72,  King>street 
Dougal,  Thomas,  eating  house,  30,  Bridgegale 
Dougal,  J.  stabler,  11,  Kirk-street,  Townhead 
Dougal,  George,  shoe  shop,  593,  Argyll-street 
'^"'Dougall  &  Robertson,  silk  warehouse,  34,  Trongate 

^"^  Douglas, ,  lapidary,  9,  Trongate 

Douglas,  Brown  &  Co.  merchants,  28,  Virginia-street 
Douglas,  Campbell,  fac.  for  Ld.  Douglas  &  Blyths- 

wood,  50,  Miller-str. 
Douglas  &  Campbell,  insurance-brokers.  Coffee-room, 

and  49,  Ingram-street 
Douglas,  Edward,  slater,  Water  side,  Finnieston 
"Douglas    V  Ferguson,  writers,  32,  Hutcheson. street  ^ 
Douglas,  Geo.  lead  merch.  and  plumbr  591,  Argyll-st. 
Douglas,  Geo.  reed-maker,  94,  Candleriggs 
Douglas,  J.  T.  &  A.  &  Co.  merchants,  51,  Virginia-st* 
Douglas,  John,  merchant  •, hoUse,  12,  Gordon-street 
Douglas,  J,  &  Co.  milliners,  6ic.  118,  Nelson-street 


Douglas,  Niel,  printer,  X61,  Stockwell 

Douglas,  P.  glue-maker,  55,  Gallowgate 

Douglas,  Stewart  &  Co.  cotton-spinners  and  machine 

makers,  27,  Muirhead-street,  Gorbals 
Douglas,  Stewart,  cotton-broker,  28,  Virginia-street 
Douglas,  Thos.  corn  merchant,  Alston-street 
Douglas,  T,  D.  hat-maker,  51,  Bell-street 
Douglas,  Wm.  &  Co.  plumbers  and  water  closet-makers^ 

17,  Turner's  court 
Doughty,  Jas.  dyer,  12,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Douie,  Rob.  of  the  grammar  school ;  house,  Carswell*s 

court,  George-street 
Dow,  A.  &  Co.  brush-makers,  46,  High-street 
Dow,  John,  do.  "^9,  Gallowgate 

Dow,  Peter,  porter  and  spirit-dealer,  417,  do. 
Dow,  James  &  Co.  spirit-cellars,  8,  Bell-street 
Dow,  And.  writer;  15,  Ingram  street,  ho.  2,  George-str. 
>/  Dow,  Samuel,  spirit-dealer.  111,  Bridgegate 
Down,  Alex.  do-  168,  Saltmaiket 

Downie,   John   drysalter,   Melville  place;  lodging, 

South  Wellington-place 
Downie,  Alex.         do.         do. 
Downicv  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  295,  High-street 
Downie,  Wm.  smith  and  farrier,  30,  Gallowgate 
Downie,  John,  do.  do.     SSI,         do. 

Downie,  Malcom,  do.     spirit  dealer,  41,  New  wynd 
Downie,  William,  do.  do.         Back  wynd 

Downie,  James,  silversmith  do. 

Drew,  William,  woollen-draper,  9,  Nelson-street 
Drew,  William,  tin-plate-worker,  48,  Wilson-street 
Drew,  William,  japan  work.  High  John-street 
Drew,  A.  makes  burying  crapes,  17,  Trongate 
Drew,  John,  victualler  &  spirit-dealer,  92,  Bridgegate 
Drew,  John,  furniture  warehoHse,  89,  Saltmarket 

DRE  50  DUN 

Drew,  John,  agent  for  Newcastle  &  Leith  traders,  88, 

Drew,  J.  milliner,  106,  Nelson-street 
Druraraond,  Mrs>  J.  soap  and  candlemaker,  57,  Saltra. 
Drummond,  James,  turner,  93,  High-street 
Drummond,  Robt.  shoemaker,  6,  Gallowgate 
Drummond,  John,  lamp  contractor,  54,  Bell-street 
Drummond,  George,  baker,  125,  George-street 
Drummond,  Andrew,  porter,  15,  Gallowgate 
Drummond,  ^ames,  meal-man,  156,     do. 
Drummond,  J.  &'Cq.  Scotch  cloth  shop,  315,  High-st. 
Drysdale,  John,  grocer,  122,  Trongate 
Drysdale,  John,  jun.  grocer,  44,  Gallowgate 
Drysdale,  John,  baker,  22,  Main-street,  G  orbals 
Drysdale,  Robt.  grocer,  34,  Gallowgate 
Drysdale,  Alex.     do.      50,         do. 
Drysdale,  John,  cooper,  132,      do. 
Drysdale,  John,  sheriff  clerk,  Antigua  buildings 
Drysdale,  George,  warehouseman,      do. 
DufF  &  Stevenson,  manufacturers,  57,  Brumswick-str. 
Duff  &  Beveridge,  Manchester  wareho.  26,  Argyll-str. 
Dumbarton  Glass-work  Co.  at  Glasgow  bottle-works 
Dumbrec,  John,  victualler,  14,  New-wynd 
Dumbrec,  Alexander,  do.  289,  Gallowgate 
Dumbrec,-  Alexander,  baker,  42,  King-street 
Dun,  ^ames,  baker,  Tureen- street 
Dun,  Andrew,  fiesher,  47,  Bell-street 
Dun,  Rob.  frame-smith,  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Dun,  John,  manufacturer,  1,  Ingram-street 
Dunn,  Wm  machine-maker,  75,  John-street;  house, 

9,  George's  square 
Dunn,  Geo.  vintner,  65,  Trongate 
Dun,  Geo.  grocer,  !;•,  Gharlotte-street 
Dunn,  John,  at  Robert  Eccles  &  Co.*s 

DUN  51  DUN 

Dun,  John,  writer,  256  High-street, 

Dunn,  John,  surgeon,  180,  do. 

Dun,  David,  flesher,  68,  King-street 

Dun,  James,  vintner,  39,  Saltmarket 

Dunn,  Matthew  &  Co.  Bridgeton  cotton  yarn  wareho. 

50,  Virginia- street 
Dunn,  Mrs.  shroud-maker,  21,  Candleriggs 
Dunbar,  Mrs.  dealer  in  furniture,  153,  Bridgegate 
Duncan,  And.  booksell.  &  print,  ho.  594,  Argyll  str. 
Duncan,  A.  &  J.  printers  to  the  University,        do. 

'Duncan,  A.  &  J,  M.  booksellers,  173,  Trongate     ' 
Duncan  &  Bowman,  quill-manufacts.  96,  New  wynd 
Duncan,  G.  &  Son,  bootmakers,  18,  Adelphi-street 
Duncan,  G.  agent  for  Aberdeen  traders,  7,  Queen-str, 

\Duncan,  J.  &  H.  manufacturers,  127,  Trongate 

\Duncan,  Robt  jeweller,  96,       do. 

Duncan,  James,  jun.  bookseller,  13,  Saltmarket 

^Duncan,  Mrs.  James,  baker,  30,  Hutcheson^street 
Duncan,  James,  grocer,  Grahamston 

\Duncan,  John,  baker,  86,  Trongate 
Duncan,  John,  jun.  drysalter,  149,  Montrose-street 
Duncan,  John,  grocer,  York  place 
Duncan,  Monteith  &  Co.  grocers,  12,  King-street 
Duncan,  Thos.  printer,  159,  Saltmarket 
Duncan,  W.  bookseller  and  stationer,  16,  Saltnaarkejb 
Duncan,  W.  grocer,  29,  BelF-street 
Duncan,  Wm.  spirit- dealer,  61,  Bell-street 
Duncan,  Wm.  writer.  Post  Office  court 
Duncan,  Wm.  confectioner,  421,  Gallowgate 
Duncan,  Francis,  dyer,  Clyde-street,  Anderston 
Duncanson,  Alex,  baker,  31,  Glassford-street 
Dundee  &  Perth  Shipping  Co.  at  J.  Crichton's,  616, 

Argyll-street,  ^;d  59,  Queen-street 
Dunlop,  Boyd,  merchant,  46,  Miller-street 

DUN  52  EBG 

Dunlop,  Colin,  Fullarton  coal-oflSce,  78,  Trongate 
Dunlop,  Hamilton  &  Co.  linen  merchants,  51,  Bell-str. 
Dunlop,  James,  jun.  insurance-broker,  17,  Trongate; 

lodgings,  604,  Argyll-street 
Dunlop,  Jas.  S.  Co.  cotton  spin,  at  Oswald,  Stevenson 

Dunlop,  James,  house  Clyde-street 
Dunlop,  James,  merchant,  at  Watt,  Barr  &  Co.'s 
Dunlop,  James,  writer,  96,  King-street 
Dunlop,  John,  baker,  36,  Glassford-street 
Dunlop,  J.  &  W.  plasterers,  36,  Govan-street 
Dunlop,  Robert,  joiner,  268,  High-street 
Dunnet,  M-  &  Co.  calenderers,  87,  Glassford-street 
Duntocher  &  Faifley,  yarn  warehouse,  75,  John-street 
Dykes,  James,  yarn-shop,  438,  Gallowgate 
Dymock,  John,  of  the  Grammar  School ;  lodging,  43, 

North  Hanover-street 


Eadie,  William,  baker,  407,  Gallowgate 

Eason,  Alston  &  Co.  South  MaxwelUstreet 

Easton,  Robert  &  Son,  manufacturers,  44,  Bell-street 

Easton,  Rev.  Alex,  academy,  13,  College-street 

Easton,  ~— -  ,  vintner,  19,  Trongate 

Easton,  Geo.  spirit  dealer,  27,  Adelphi-street,  Hut- 

Easton,  John,  spirit  dealer,  82,  Candleriggs 
Easton  &.  Scott,  painters,  164,  Trongate 
Eccles,  James;  house,  West  St.  Vincent  street 
Eccles,  Robert,  &  Co.  merchants,  Antigua-place 
Eccles,  William,  &  James  &  Co.  do.        do. 
Eccles,  William,  house,  60,  Buchanan-street 
Eccles,  James ;  house>  West  St.  Vincent-street 
Edgars  &  Lyon,  merchants,  11,  Ingram-street 

EDG  53  EWI 

Edgar,  Wm.  cotton  and  worsted  shop,  37,  Gallovvgate 
Edinburgh  Mail  Coach  Office,  635,  Argyll-street,  and 

3,  Nelson-street 
Edington,  T.  &  Sons,  iron  works,  near  Port  Dundas; 

letters  left  at  Mr.  M'Nair's  sugar  house,  Queen-str. 
Edmonston,  Mrs.  dress-maker,  20,  Maxwell-street 
,;?^draond,  Joseph,  manufacturer,  22,  Brunswick-place 

"^  Edmond  &  Birkmyre,  do.  76,  Hutchesori-street 
Edmond,  John,  baker,  391,  Gallowgate 
Edmond,  Jane,  grocer,  6,  Shiittle-street 

Edwards, ,  surgeon,  corner  of  Havannah-street 

Eglinton,  John,  cqnfectioner,  12,  Charlotte-street 

Eglinton,  John,  victualler,  58,  Gallowgate 

Elder  &  Marshall,  writers,  64-,  Candleriggs 

Elliot,  Thomas,  49,  Trongate 

Elliot,  Adam  &  Co.  warehousemen,  459,  Gallowgate 

Ellegood  &  Smith,  rbanufacturers,  8,  Stirling-street 

Ellis,  Bleaymire  &  Mitchell,  10,  Cochrane-street 

Ellis,  Mrs.  Peter,  starcher,  Brownfield 

Erskine,  John,  stabler,  23,  St.  Andrew's  lane 

Erksine,  Robert,  grocer,  113,  Rottenrow 

Ewing,  W.  &  Co.  calenderers.  Smith's  court,  Candlerlg. 

Ewing,  Mrs.  Alexander,  grocer,  89,  Trongate 

Ewing  &  Anderson,  smiths,  Maxwell-street 

Ewing,  James  &  Co.  merchants,  13,  Ingram-street 

Ewing,  James,  do.  house,  head  of  Queen-street 

"^"^Ewing,  John,  writer,  32,  Brunswick-street 

Ewing,  J.  M.  &  J.  Borrowman,  writers,  7,  Hutch.-str, 
Ewing^  May  &  C6.  merchants,  Melville-place 

-  Ewing,  Mrs.  grocer,  74,  Argyll-street 

Ewing,  Patrick  &  Co.  cloth  shop,  176,  Trongate 
Ewing,  Rev.  Greville,  lodging,  4,  Carlton-place 
Ewing,  Wm.  lodging,  Douglas'  land,  GrahamstOR 
Bwing,  Walter,  house,  21,  Charlotte-street 

EWI  54^  FER 

Ewing,  Wm.  merch.  at  P.  E wing  &  Co.'s  176,  Trong. 
Ewing,  Wm.  yarn  merchant,  38,  Hutcheson-street 
Excise  Office,  Spreul's  court,  Glassford-street 
Ewing,  Arch.  Cumberland  court,  Gallowgate 


Faifley  &  Duntocher,  yarn  warehouse,  75,  John-street 
"Farland,  Alex,  yarn  warehouse,  18,  Brunswick  plac© 
Farie,  James,  of  Farm,  coal  office,  69,  Broomiel.;  R, 

Stewart,  agent 
Fairlie,  James,  spirit  dealer,  53,  Bell-street 
Fairlie,  James,  grocer,  Kirk  street,  Calton 
Fairlie,  William,    do.    21,  Adelphi-street 
^Falconer,  Thomas,  writer,  98,  Trongate 
Falconer,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  29,  Bell-street 
Falconer  &  Buchanan,  manufacturers,  12,  St.  And.  sqr. 
Falconer,  R.  hosier  &  draper,  2,  High-street 
Falconer,  Robert,  &  Brothers,  hosiers,  4,  do. 
Falconer,  William,  printer,  3,  High-street 
Farquhar,  Buchanan  &  Co.  wine  &  spirit  eel.  SO,  Stock. 
Faskine  coal  office,  37,  Brunswick-place 
Faulds,  And.  vintner,  M'Nair's  land,  92,  Eing-street 
Faulds,  Allan,  spirit  dealer,  89,  Glassford-street 
Fender,  John,  spirit  dealer,  Great  Hamilton,  street 
Fenton,  Robert,  iron  mercht.  &  agent,  46,  Jamaica-str. 
Fergus,  John,  organist,  teacher  of  instrumental  music, 

Morrison's  court,  Argyll-street 
Fergus,  William,  painter,  24,  John-street 
Fergus,  Hugh,  hosier,  461,  Gallowgate 
Fergus,  William,  plasterer,  49,  Balmanno-street 
Fergus,  George,  B.  merchant,  4,  King-street 
Ferguson,  A.  dyer,  297,  High-street 
Ferguson,  A.  &  J.  tailors,   137,  Saltmarket 
Ferguson,  Alexander,  grocer,  624,  Argyll-street 

FER  55  FEE      ' 

Ferguson,  Alex.  &  Co.  woollen-drapers,  448,  Gallowg. 
Ferguson,  D.  spirit  dealer,  635,  Argyll-street 
Ferguson,  D.  slater,  283,  High-street 
Ferguson,  D.  shoe-black  manufacturer,  118,  Stockwell 
Ferguson,  Daniel,  shoe  shop,  30,  John-street 
Ferguson,  Duncan,  clothier,  40,  Saltmarket 
Ferguson,  Dun.  poulterer,  44,  Prince's  street 
Ferguson,  Dun.  provision  shop,  11,  Stockwell 
Ferguson,  E.  chip  hat-maker,  6,  Argyll-street 
Ferguson,  Hugh,  writer ;  lodging,  7,  Graham's  building 
Ferguson,  Jas.  &  Co.  drysalters,  38,  Argyll-street 
Ferguson,  James,  spirit  dealer,  157,  Gallowgate 
Ferguson,  James,  shoe  shop,  104,  George-street 
Ferguson,  John,  confectioner,  22,  Trongate 
Ferguson,  John,  tin-plate  worker,  151,  Stockwell  . 
Ferguson,  John,  shoemaker,  i5.  Prince's  street 
Ferguson,  John,  wine  and  porter  cellar,  4,  Old  wynd 
Ferguson,  John,  writer,  107,  Nelson-street 
Ferguson,  John,  spirit  dealer,  2,  Stirling-street 
Ferguson,  J.  &  Co.  merchants,  87,  Glassford  street 
Ferguson,  Mrs.  fancy  dyer,  Sidney  court 
^Ferguson,  Miss,  lets  lodgings,  88,  Hutcheson-street 
Ferguson,  Peter,  vintner,  37,  Trafalgar-place 
Ferguson,  Peter,  grocer,  184,  High-street 
Ferguson,  Peter,  spirit  dealer,  160,  Stockwell 
Ferguson,  Peter,  slater,  25,  Gallowgate 
Ferguson  &  Stewart,  clothiers,  633,  Argyll-street 
Ferguson,  Thomas,  surveyor  of  taxes,  50,  Miller-stre^et; 

house,  M* Arthur*s  land   Broad-str.  Hutchesontown 
Ferguson,  Mrs.  William,  Scotch  cloth  shop,  t,  GaJlowg. 
Ferguson,  Wm.  &  Co.  silk  and  lace-men,  Melviile  place 
Ferguson,  William,  agent  for  Kennet  Pans  distillery, 

Reid's  court,  Trongate 
Ferguson,  William,  bookbinder,  159,  Saltmarket 
E  2 

FER  56  FIS 

fi'erguson,  William,  banding-maker,  Campbell-street 

Ferrie,  J.  &  Co.  comb  makers,  465,  Gallowgate 

Ferrie,  Robert,  joiner  &  timber  merch.  11,  Buchanan-8t. 

Ferrie,  Richard,  spirit  dealer,  Spoutmouth 

Ferrie,  Adam,  merchant,  house,  Richmond-street 

Ferrie  &  M*Naught,  smiths,  Mitchell-street 

Ferrie,  J.  baker  and  spirit  dealer,  35,  King-street 

Ferrier,  A.  vintner,  13,  King  street 

Ferrier,  Robert,  Wood  lane,  Broomielaw 

Findlater,  Alex,  collec.  of  Excise;ho.  24,  St.  And.  sqr. 

Findlay,  Duff  dc  Co,  brokers.and  commission-merchants, 

22,  Virginia-street 
Findlay,  Robert,  merchant,  house,  45,  Miller-street 
Finlay,  James  &  Co.  merchants,  14,  Queen-street  ■ 
Finlay,  Kirkman,  merchant,  15,  do. 

Finlay,  James,  gardener,  Burnside  lane 
Finlay,  George,  trunk-maker,  139,  Saltmarket 
Finlay,  Alexander,  carver  and  gilder,  144,  Trongate 
Finlay  &  Neilson,  joiners,  entry  from  Stirling's  square 
Finlayson,  Jas.  &  Co.'s  oil  &  brush  shop,  19,  Clyde  terrace  ^ 
Finlayson,  John,  merchant,  Jeanfield,  Gallowgate  toll 
Finlayson,  John,  manufacturer,  68,  Bell-street 
Finlayson,  James,  muslin  shop,  23,         do. 
Finlayson,  Thomas,  jeweller,  153,  Stockwell 
Finlayson,  J.  silversmith,         153,      do. 

Finlayson, ,  jeweller,  5,  Nelson-street 

Finlayson,  M.  &  T.  grocers,  73,  King-street 
Finlayson,  M.  &Co.  lamb  wool  hosiery,  2,Hutcheson-str. 
Fire  Cocks  and  Engines,  see  page  9;  keys  for  the  En- 
gines in  the  Police  Office,  South  Albion-street 
Fisher,  John,  writer,  town  clerks'  chamber 
Fisher  &  Pollock,  manufacturers,  70,  Glassford-street 
Fisher,  Duncan,  tobacconist,  64,  Argyll-street 
Fisher,  Wm,  pocket-book  maker,  2,  King-street  i 

FIS  57  FLE 

Fisher,  Peter,  chandler,  1,  Bell-street 
Fisher,  R.  grocer,  69,  Hospital-street 
Fisher,  John,  bookbinder,  62,  Trongate 
Fisher,  Neil,  shuttlemaker,  Well-street,  Calton 
Fleck,  Gilbert,  spirit  dealer,  402,  Gallowgate 
Fleming,  J.  &  Co.'s furniture  warehouse,  210,  High-street 

3Fleming,  Bowman  &  Co.  merchants,  93,  Brunswick-str. 
Fleming,  H.  dyer,  Rose-street,  Hutchesontown 

\  Fleming  &  Hope,  60,  Brunswick-street 
Fleming,  James,  manufacturer,  462,  Gallowgate; 

works,  Rose-street,  Hutchesontown 
Fleming,  Hugh,  jun.  house,  43,  Queen-street 
Fleming,  J.  &  R.  Strang,  writers,  SI,  East  Albion-str. 
Fleming,  J.  P.  writer,  37,  Virginia-street ;  house,  159, 

Fleming,  James,  wright,  Sharp's  open,  Anderston 
Fleming,  James,  manufacturer,  5,  Saltmarket 
Fleming,  John,  manufacturer,  79,  Bell-street 
Fleming,  John,  &  Co.  spirit-dealers,  240,  High-street 
Fleming,  John,  jun.  agent,  7,  South  Albion-street 
Fleming,  John,  writer;  house  4,  Bath-street 
Fleming,  M.  baker,  Grahamston 

Fleming,  Matthew,  merchant;  lodging,  95,  George-str. 
Fleming,  Matthew,  &  Co.  manufac.  do.     do. 
Fleming,  Peter  &  Co.  ironmongers,  7,  Argyll-street 
Fleming,  Peter,  land-surveyor,  30,  Virginia-street 
Fleming,  R.  D.  agent,  Candlerigg  Court 
Fleming,  Robert,  joiner,  Robertson-street,  Brownfield 
Fleming,  Robert,  drySalter,  35,  Brunswick -street 
Fleming,  Robert,  merchant,  79,  Bell-street 
Fleming,  Robert,  grocer,  11,  Duke-street 
Fleming,  Wm.  merchant,  Sawmillfield,  by  Port  Dundas 
Fleming,  W.  &  J.  &  Co.  33,  East  Albion-street 
Fleming,  Wm,  tailor,  60,  Broomielaw 




Fleshers  in  the  Beef  Market,  King'Street, 

Atkinson,  Thos. 
Fleming,  Wni. 
Fleming,  George 
Gilmour,  Rob.jun. 
Kilpatrick,  William 
Kilpatrick,  John 
Kilpatrick,  James 
Kilpatrick,  Matthew 
Kilpatrick,  Robert 
Neilson,  James 

Reid,  Thomas 
Scouller,  John 
ScouUer,  Ninian 
Scouller,  Charles 
Sugar,  .John 
Watson,  Matthew 
Watson,  WilHara 
Watson,  Andrew 
Watson,  James 

•  Fleshers  in  the  Mutton 
Bowes,  Gavin,  sen. 
Bowes,  Gavin,  jun. 
Brown,  Peter 
Buchanan,  Andrew 
I>unn,  David 
Diancanson,  John 
Gilmour,  David 
Gilmour,  Allan 
Hannahj  John,  sen. 
Hannah,  John,  jun. 
Kilpatrick,  David 
Lang,  Thomas 

Market,  King-street, 
Lawson,  James 
Murrie,  Andrew ' 
M'Naughtan,  Malcom 
M'Niven,  John 
M'Lay,  John 
Neilson,  Thomas 
Park,  Mrs.  Robert 
Phillips,  John 
Stewart,  Robert 
Stewart,  Walter 
Wilson,  Allan 
Wyse,  Matthew 

Fleshers  in  Belhstreet  Market. 
Adam,  George,  Graham,  Williana 

Campbell,  Mrs.  M,  Lang,  Archibald 

Adam,  John  Thomson,  William 

Ewing,  John 

Fleshers  in  St,  Andre'w's  lane  Market. 
Buchanan,  Walter  Bruce,  Robert 

FLE  69  FOR 

Fleshers  in  the  John-street  Marht, 
Taylor,  James  Stewart,  John 

Fletcher,  H.  turner.  Double  dykes,  Calton 
Fletcher,  A.  grocer,  Little  Dovehill 
Flounders,  Robert,  guard  of  Edin.  Mail,  145,  Stock^r. 
Flyn,  John,  paymaster  for  the  western  district ;  lodging, 

9,  Clyde  buildings  • 

Foot,  David,  plasterer,  St.  Ninian-str.  Hutchesontown 
Forbes,  J.  &  J.  carvers  and  gilders,  158,"Trongate 
Forbes,  John,  painter,  17,      do. 

Forbes,  Alex,  painter,  82,  High-street 
Forbes  &  M' Alpine,  brushmakers,  $6,  Gallowgate 
Forbes,  Mrs.  midwife,  152,  Trongate 
Forby,  — »— ,  brushm^er.  Old  Vennal 
Forgie,  J.  tobacconist,  108,  Gallowgate 
Forgie,  John,  baker.  Well-street,  Calton 
Forlong,  Wm.  merchant,  north  side  of  George's  square 
Forlong,  Wni.  &  Son,  wine  &  spirit  cell.  4,  Garthland-st. 
Forlong,  John,  agent,  31,  Brunswick-place 
Forrest,  Wm.  &  Co.  insurance-brokers,  187?  Exchange 
Forrest,  William,  house,  5,  Great  Hamilton-street 
Forrest,  Mrs.  eating-house,  91,  Gallowgate 
Forrest,  John,  wright,  416,  do. 

Forrest,  David,  joiner,  at  J.  Burns'  &  Co.'s 
Forrest,  Walter,  clothes  broker,  69,  Bridgegate 
Forrest  &  Lindsay,  grocers,  16,  King-street 
Forrest,  John,  manufacturer,  221,  High-street 
Forrester  &  Craigie,  do.  Commercial  court 
Forrester,  R.  baker.  Tureen-street,  Calton 
Forrester  &  Buchanan,  timber-raerchs.  Anderston-waJk 
Forrester,  D.  vintner,  158,  Trongate 
Forrester,  Wm.  grocer,  69,  Stockweil 
Forrester,  Rob,  &  Co.  manufacturers,  23,  St.  And.-str. 

FOR  60  '  FRE 

Forrester,  James,  vintner,  29,  Gallowgate 
Forrester,  Anderson  &  Co.  hardware-men,  169,  Trong. 
Forrester,  James,  cheese  &  and  ham  shop,  7,  King-str. 
Forrester,  Mrs.  vintner,  6,"  King-street 
Forster  &  Corbet,  cot.-spinners,  Rose-st.  Hutchestown 
Forsyth,  C.  milliner,  59,  Glassford- street 
Forsyth,  Robert,  messenger,  268,  High-street 
Forsyth,*  Robert,  grocer,  35,  Stockwell 
Forsyth,  John,  manufacturer,  8,  Nelson-street 
Forsyth,  Alex,  flesher,  93,  Gallowgate 
Forsyth,  John,  joiner,  &c.  74,  Wilson-street 
Forsyth,  W.  &  G.  writers.  Post  Office  C^urt,  Trongate 
Fotheringham,  T.  joiner,  92,  Saltraarket 
Fotheringham,  Robt.  grocer,  Anderston 
Foulds,  Thos.  agent,  58,  Trongate;  house,  169,  King- 
street,  Tradeston 
Frame,  Robert,  timber-merchant,  Gibson-street 
Franie  &  Pitcairn,  manufacturers,  25,  St.  And.-str. 
Fowler,  John,  turner.  Double-dykes,  Gallowgate 
Fowler,  Robt.  spirit-dealer,  75,  Candleriggs 
Frame,  William,  victualler,  Union-place 
Frame,  Rob.  grocer,  9,  Adelphi-str.  Hutchesontown 
Fraser,  D.  stabler,  258,  High-street 
Fraser,  Donald,  porter  and  window  cleaner,  15,  Stockw. 
Fraser,  James,  at  A.  &  J.  Crum's,  St.  Andrew-street 
Fraser,  Alex,  spirt-dealer,  150,  Gallowgate 
Fraser,  James  &  Co.  warehousemen,  9,  Trongate 
Fraser,  Alex,  meal -merchant,  125*,  Saltmarkei 
Fraser,  James,  hair-merchant,  132,  Stockwell 
Fraser,  John,  clerk  to  the  sample  room,  10,  Shuttle-st. 
Fraser,  Jn.  warehouseman,  25,  Trongate; house,  above 
Fraser,  W.  umbrella  maker,  21,  John-street 
Freeland,  J.  &  Co.  yarn-warehouse,  52,  Wilson-street 
Freeland,  J.  &  J,  milliners,  80,  Bell-street 

FR^  61  GAL 

Freeland,  W.  &  J.  candle  shop,  49,  High-street 
Freeland  &  Barbour,  74-,  Glassford-street 

■    Freebairn, ,  rope-spinner,  Anderston-walk 

Freebairn,  Wm.  grocer,  51,  Crown-street 
Frood,  Js.  spirit  dealer,  32,  Adelphi-str.  Hutchesontown 
Fruit  Market,  at  Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
t     Fryar,  Thomas,  brickmaker,  Gallowgate-toll 

^Fullarton,  Allan  &  Alex,  messengers,  175,  Trongate; 

house,  Westfield,  Tradeston 
Fulton,  W.  &  Son,  anchor-smiths,  &c.  Mitchell-street 
Fulton,  Wm.  victualler,  289,  Highrstreet 
Fulton,  Janet,  pastry  baker,  76,       do. 
Fulton,  Wm.  &  James,  candle-shop,  31,  Hutcheson-str. 
Fulton/ Wm.  chandler,  124,  Eridgegate 
Fulton,  John,  spirit  dealer,  46,  High-street 
Fyffe,  James,  merchant,  18,  Miller-street 
FyfFe,  James,  reedmaker,  442,  Gallowgate 


Galbraith,  James,  copper-smith,  28,  Bridgegate 
Galbraith,  James,  vintner,  13,  High-street 
Galbraith,  John,  woollen-draper,  168,  Trongate 
Galbraith,  T.  &  W.  singeing-house,  151,  Montrose-str. 
Galbraith,  William,  tin-plate  worker,  62,  Kirig-street 
^ ^Galbraith,  Robt,  &  Co.  haberdashers,  42,  Trongate 
'Galbraith,  John,  jun.  do.  151,     do. 

Gall,  Thomas,  wig-maker,  135,  Stockwell 
Gallaway,  A.  portrait  and  miniature  painter,  Union  pi. 
Gallaway,  Jno.  &  Cha.  &  Co.  co^n-merch.  102,  Trong, 
Gallie,  Andrew,  taylor,  100,  George-street 
Galletti,  Ant.  carver  and  gilder,  8"  and  10,  Nelson-str; 
Galloway,  Alexander,  brewer,  Alston-street  -     ' 

Galloway,   George,  rush  and  cane-bottomed  chair 
warehouse,  60,  Ingram-street 

GAL  62  GAR 

X  Galloway,  Henry,  flour-merchant,  154,  Trongate 
Galloway,  James,  writer,  21,  Glassford-street 
Galloway,  John,  grocer,  100,,Gallowgate 
Galloway  &  Wyld,  Manchester  warehouse,  43,  Trong. 
Galloway,  N.  baker,  66,  Argyll-street 
Galloway,  Robert,  jun.  victualler,  87,  Gallowgate 
Galloway  &  Jeffrey,  joiners,  220,  George-street 
Garden,  Francis,  insurance-broker,  87,  Glassford-str. 
Gardner,  J.  manufact.  agent,  Post  Office  court 
Gardner,  And.  manuf^c. ;  house,  13,  College-street 
Gardner,  Arch,  grocer,  Green-street,  Calton 
Gardner,  Arch,  stocking  needlemaker,  13,  Bridgegate 
Gardner,  B.  &  Co.  milliners,  116,  Nelson-street 
Gardner,  C.  wigmaker,  36,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Gardner,  George,  spirit  dealer,  Calton-moutl* 
,  Gardner,  James,  vintner,  89,  Gallowgate 
Gardner,  James,  grocer,  Anderston  walk 
Gardner.  James,  vintner,  43,  Prince's  street 
Gardner,  James,  wright,  316,  Gallowgate 
Gardner,  John,  leather  merchant,  Nile-street 
Gardner,  Jn.  stationer,  2,  Hutcheson-street 
Gardner,  J.  &  Son,  hosiers,  467,  Gallowgate 
Gardner,  Jn.  teacher  'jf  short-hand  writing,  3,  High-st. 
Gardner  John,  hosier,  4':)8,  Gallowgate;  house,  3, 

High'  street 
Gardner,  John,  spirit  dealer,  foot  of  York-street 
Gardner,  John,  surveyor  for  the  city,  43,  Bell-street 
Gardner,  John,  tailor,  6,  Bell-street 
Gardner,  J.  &  J.  opticians,  43,  do. 
Gardner,  J.  Telegraph  Office,  625,  Argyll-street 
Gardner,  Mrs.  lodgings,  23,  St.  Andrew's  street 
Gardner,  Moses,  surgeon,  394,  Gallowgate 
Gardner  &  Rorison,  rum,  wine,  and  porter  cellars,  42, 

Prince's  street 

GAR  63  GEN 

Gardner,  Robt.  hair  dresser,  30,  East  Albion -street 
Gardner,  Thomas,  tobacconist,  115,  Gallowgate 
Gardner,  William,  spirit  dealer.  Tureen-street 
Gardner,  J.  R.  writer;  office  and  house,  44,  Bell-street 
Gardner,  John,  surveyor  of  taxes,  18,  St.  Andw.-lane 
Gardner,  John,  39,  Miller-street 
Gardner  &  Sanderson,  manufacturers,  3,  High-street 

Gardeners  in  the  Green  Market j  King  Street, 

Andrew,  John  M*Aulay,  John 

Ballantine,  Thomas  M'Intyre,  Wm.  sen= 

Baxter,  Robert  M'Intyre,  John 

Campbell,  Robert  Miller,  Matthew    ' 

Crawfurd,  James  Miller,  James 

Dougall,  John  Scott,  William 

Gillies,  Duncan  Smith,  John 

Hamilton,  John  Wilson,  Robert 

Jones,  William  Wilson,  James 

M'Intyre,  Wm.  jun.  Wilson,  William 
M'Intyre,  Alexander 

Gartly,  Js.  sen.  teacher  of  English,  2,   S.  Hanover-str. 
Gay  wood,  George,  hatmaker.  111,  Nelson-street 
Geddes,  J.  Verreville  glass-works,  35,   Argyll-street; 

house  and  works,  Finnieston 

Geddes, ,  dyer.  Commerce-street,  Tradeston 

Geddes,  J.  F.  comb-maker,  132,  Sakraarket 

Gemmil,  James  &  Son,  agents  for  the  Belfast  traders, 

Wood-lane,  Broomielaw 
Gemmil,  T.  hosier,  15,  St.  Andrew's  street 
Gemmil,  Wm.  spu-it  dealer  and  grocer,  78,  Bridgegate 
Gemmil,  Matt,  vintner  and  coal  merchant,  Port  Dundas 
General  Session's  Free  Schools,  1,  Greyfriar's  wynd, 

72,  High-street — Teachers,  George  Ruthven,  John 

Wallace,  James  Edgar,  F.  Jardine,  and  Adam  Knox 

GEN  64  GIL 

Gentle,.John,  leather-cutter,  35,  High-street 
Gentle,  William,  baker,       108,  do. 

Gentle,  Thomas,  do.  298,  do. 

Gentle,  James,     do.  95,  Gallowgate 

George-street  Coach  work  Co.  179,  George  street 
George,  Andrew,  spirit-dealer,  39,  King-street 
Gheri,  B.  artificial  flower-maker,  83,  Glassford-str. 
Gibb  8i  Smith,  yarn-merchants,  33,  Candleriggs 
Gibb,  Mrs.  Archibald,  baker,  147,  Gallowgate 
Gibb,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  273,  High-street 
Gibb,  John,  calender,  51,  Bell-street 
Gibb,  Robt.  wine  and  spirit  cellars,  17,  Gallowgate 
Gibb,  John,  meal-seller,  37,  Prince's  street 
Gibb,  Rev,  Gavin;  lodging,  13,  College-street 
Gibson,  John,  manufacturer;  house,  28,  St.  Enoch-sqr. 
Gibson,  John,  surgeon,  45,  Wilson -street 
Gibson,  John  &  Co.  manufacturers,  66,  Glassford-str. 
Gibson,  D.  cutler,  421,  Gallowgate 
Gibson,  Archibald,  hatter,  24,  Saltraarket 
Gibson,  Andrew,  surgeon,  1,  York  place 
Gibson,  John,  writing  master,   Sidney-court,  Argyll- 
street;  lodging,  74,  Glassfbrd-street 
Gibson,  John,  treasurer  to  the  General  Session,  74, 

Gibson,  Charles,  at  McDonald  &  Gibson's 
Gibson,  Thomas,  hair  dresser,  27,  Gallowgate 
Gibson,  Thomas,  merchant,  Sidney  court 
Gibson,  James,  watch-maker,  40,  Trongate 
Gibson,  Alexander,  grocer,  Mitchell-street 
Gibson,  James,  teacher  of  Latin,  public  Grammar  school 
Gibson,  Robert,  tailor,  head  of  New  wynd 
Gilbert,  Andrew,  insurance  broker.  Exchange;  lodging, 

Mrs.  Campbeirs,  Miller-street 
Gilchrist,  Mrs.  J.  muslin  shop,  596,  Argyll-street 

GIL  65  GLA 

Gilchrist,  Hugh,  yarn  warehouse,  33,  Glassford-street 
Gilchrist,  Williatij,  shoe  shop,  54,  Prince's  street 
-Gilchrist,  Robertson  &  Co.  wine  and  spirit  cellars,  62, 

Gilchrist,  T.  f:i  Co.  dyers,  Millfield,  Hutchesontown 
Gilchrist,  Risk  &  Co.  manufacturers,  5,  Cochrane-str. 
Giles,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  9,  Gallowgate 
Giles,  P.  drawing  academy,  65y  Wilson-street 
Gilfillan,  W.  spirit  dealer,  47,  Candlerigg-street 
Gilfillan,  Michael,  writer,  15,  St.  Andrew's  street 
Gilfillan,  Peter,  writer,  36,  Neleon-street 
Gillespie,  Richd.  calico  printer,  Andcrston 
Gillespie,  A.  calender,  Charlotte-lane ;  house  above 
Gillespie,  Colin,  merchant,  26,  Miller-street 
Gillies,  Mrs.  J.  bookseller  and  stationer,  290,  High-str. 
Gillies,  Arch,  wine  and  spirit  cellars,  22,  King  street 
Gillies,  Geo.  skinner,  67,  Drygate 

Gillies,  ,  English  teacher,  8,  Duke-street 

Gillies,  Angus,  chair-master,  20,  Maxwell -street 
Gillies,  D.  spirit-dealer,  24,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Gilmour,  A.  perfumer,  29,  Brunswick-place 
Gilmour,  John,  spirit-dealer,  42,  Bridgegate 
Gilmour,  Morris  &  Co.  merchants,  .436,  Gallowgate 
Gilmour,  Wm.  do.;  house,  2,  Charlotte-str. 

Gilmour,  David,  baker,  84,  Gallowgate 
Gilmour,  John,  wine  and  spirit-dealer,  16,  Stockwell 
Gilmour,  Parker  &  Co.  opposite  Post-office 
Gilray,  J.  grocer,  Havannah-street 
Girdwood,  C.  &  Co.  machine-makers  and  timber-mer- 
chants, Millfield,  Hutchesontown 
Glasgow  &  Frew,  manufacs.  Wilson's  co.  Argyll-street 
Glasgow  Academy,  48,  Dunlojp  street 
Glasgow  Bank,  74,  Ingram-street 
Glasgow  Apothecaries'  hail,  53,  Virginia-street 

GLA  66  GOO 

Glasgow  Bottlework  Company's  warehouse,  Clyde-str. 
.  Glasgow  Iron  and  Brass  Wire  Co.  23,  Turner's  Court 
Glasgow  New  Tanwork  Company,  51,  Gallowgate 
Glasgow  Public  Library,  Miller's  School,  54«,  George- 
street,  open  from  7  till  9  evening 
Glasgow  Rope  Work  Company,  112,  Stockwell 
Glasgow  Courier  office,  at  the  Cross  ;  published  Tues- 
day, Thursday  and  Saturday. 
Glasgow  Herald  office,  44,  Bell-street ;  published  Mon- 
day and  Friday 
Glasgow  Chronicle  office,   169,  Trongate;  published 

Tuesday,  Thursday  and  Saturday 
Glasgow  Journal  office,  Lyceum  court;  Wednesday 
Glasgow  Lunatic  Asylum,  carriage  entry  by  Bobbie's 

loan,    Stirling's  road 
Glasgow  Royal  Infirmary,  near  the  High  Church 
Glasgow  Water  Co.  1 3,  Trongate,  D.  Denny,  secretary 
Glasgow  Provident  Bank,  Commercial  Court 
Glasgow  Dancing  academy,  Assembly  rooms,  Ingram-st. 
Glass,  John,  dyer,  Spoutmouth 
Glassford,  Henry,  of  Dougalston  ;  counting-house,  19« 

North  Albion-street 
Glen,  Allan,  joiner,  48,  John-street 
Glen,  Alex.  &  Co.  merchants,  23,  Adelphi-street 
Glen,  Alex,  vintner,  154,  Trongate 
Glen,  George  &  Co.  manufacturers,  12,  Stirling-square 
Glen,  James,  grocer,  67,  High-street 
Glen,  William  &  Co.  169,  Montrose-street 
Glendinning,  Mrs.  mantua-maker,  121,  Bridgegate 
Golder,  John,  cabinet-maker.  Centre-street,  Tradeston 
Goldie,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  340,  Gallowgate 
Good,  George,  boot  and  shoe  shop,  63,  Trongate 
Goodwin,  Thos.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  6,  Gallowgate 
Goodwin,  Alexander,  grocer,  79,  Havannah-street 

GOO  67  GRA 

<'\  Goodwin,  William,  writer,  7,  Brunswick-place 

Goold,  James,  tea-dealer,  62,  High  stre&t 
"^  Gold,  William,  teacher  of  instrti.  music,  32,  Hutch.-str. 
Gorbals  Dye-work  Company,  22,  Miiirhead-street 
Gordon,  John,  merchant,  64-,  Buchanan-street 
Gordon,  P.  stationer,  88,  Glassford-street 
Gordon,  John,  oil  and  colourman,  8,  John-street 
Gordon,  Fred,  surgeon,  2,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Gordon,  Henry,  writer,  Galloway's  co.  21,  Glassf.-str* 
Gorrie,  P.  &:  W.'s  cheese  and  ham  shop,  80,  King-str. 
Gourlay,  Wm.  spirit  cellar,  109,  Stockwell 
Gourlie,  Wm.  at  Dennistoun  &  Buchanan's 
Govan  coal  office,  60,  Broomielaw ;  R.  Stewart,  agent 
Govane,  Robert,  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 
Gow,  Benjamin,  tailor,  Melville-place,  X32,  Trongate 
Gow  &  Brown,  manufacturers,  12,  Wilson-street 
Gow,  James  &  Co.  tailors,  164,  Trongate 
Gow,  Archibald,  spirit-dealer,  Broomielaw 
Gowdie,  John,  manufacturer,  66,  Glassford-Rtreet^ 
Gowdilock,  Mrs.  Wm.  stocking-shop,  82,  King-street 
Gower,  Rich,  turkey-leather-dyer,  71,  Bridgegate 
Graeme,  Arch,  writer,  84,  King-street;  house,  Horn's  co> 
Grahame,  Alexander,  cooper,  38,  Stockwell 
Graham,  Alex,  writer,  37,  Mjller-street 
Graham,  A.  &  J.  &  Co.  grain-dealers,  Mitchell-street 
Graham,  Adam,  jeweller,  79,  King-street 
Graham,  Alej^ander,  corn-merchant ;  house,  York-street 
Graham,  Arch,  spirit-dealer,  452,  Gallowgate 
Graham,  Bell  &  Co.  merchants,  11,  N.  Albion-street 
Graham,  D.  at  do. ;  house,  Upper  Montrose-street 
Graham  &  Baird,  joiners,  &c.  46,  Candleriggs 
Graham,  David,  sen.  flesher,  71,  High-street 
Graham,  Dr.  house,  46,  Dunlopstreet 
Graham,  Henry,  grocer,  48,  High-street 
F  2 

GRA  68  GRA 

Graham  &  Hamilton,  wine  and  spirit  cellars,   19,  Gat- 

Graham,  J.  &  A.  manufacturers,  94,  Candleriggs 
Graham  James,  joiner,  &c.  56,  Saltmarket 
Graham,  Js.  jun.  yarn-warehouse,  34,  Wilson-street ; 

house,  44,  Wilson-street 
Graham,  James,  cutler,  94,  Glassford-street 
Graham,  James,  jun.  commiss.  wareho.  74,  Glassford-st* 
Graham,  James,  manufacturer,  55,  61,  St.  And.  sqr. 
Graham,  James,  joiner,  Hospital-street,  Tradeston 
Graham,  James,  manufacturer,  76,  Hutcheson- street 
Graham,  James,  manufacturer,  13,  Stirling's  square 
Graham,  James,  baker,  21,  Argyll-street 
Graham,  James  &  Co.  19,  Cochrane  street 
Graham,  John  &  Co.  manufacturers,  32,  MUler-street 
Graham,  John,  tailor,  98,  Trongate 
Graham,  John,  wine-merchant ;  house,  Stirling's  road 
Graham,  John,  pawn-broker,  68,  Bell-street 
G!:ahaRr,  Jebn,  grain-dealer,  Mitchell-street 
Graham,  John  &  Co.  tobacconists,  308,  Gallowgate 
Graham,  John,  messenger,  83,  Trongate 
Graham,  Lieut.-Col.  lodgings,  36,-  Miller-street 
Graham  &  Lindsay,  manufacturers,  158,  Trongate 
Graham,  Mrs.  midwife,  83,  King-street 
Graham,  Mrs.  lodgings,  1,  South  Hanover-street 
Graham,  Patrick,  baker,  78,  Gallowgate 
Grahame  R.  &  A.  Mitchell,  writers,  48,  Miller-street 
Graham,  Rev.  Matthew,  White  Vale 
Graham,  Robert,  victualler,  48,  Jamaica-street 
Graham,  Robert,  slater,  16,  Canon-street 
Graham,  Robert,  manufacturer,  Cochrane-str.;  house^ 

Graham  &  Sword,  wine  and  rum  cellars,  l75,_Trongate 

and  Wallace-court,  BeU-street 

GRA  69  GRA 

'Grahame,  Thomas,  writer,  51,  Miller-str.;  ho.  52,  Tron. 

^Graham,  Thomas,  tailor,  43,  Trongate 

-     Graham,  Thoma5,  joiner,  Thomson's  square,  Anderston 
Graham,  T.  &  R.  Stevenson,  raanufac.  15,  Candleriggs 

\     Graham,  W.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  19,  Gochrane-str. 
Graham;  Walter,  tailor,  322^  High-street 
Graham,  Walter,  baker,  41,  Saltmarket 
Graham,  Walter,  merchant,  39,  Prince's  street 
Graham,  Wm.  &  J.  hosiers,  71,  Saltmarket 
Graham,  Wm.  &  Co.  grocers,  54,  Gallowgate 
Graham,  William,  spirit  dealer,  19,       do. 
Graham,  William,  grocer,  8,  King-street 
Graham,   William,   writer,  Antigua  buildings;  houscj 

33,  Candleriggs 
Graham^  William,  ^?<  Brothers,  14,  Stirling  square 

0  ^Graham,  Wm.  Justice  of  Peace  Clerk,  Brunsw.  lane 

(      Grant,  Adam,  writer,  Tontine  Back  Buildings 
Grant,  Alex.  jun.  agent,  94,  Hutcheson-street 
Grant,  Alex.  &  Co.  manufact.  Manhattan-buildings. 
Grant,  Alex.  do.  do.;  ho.  Adam's  court 

Grant,  And.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  Commercial-courV 
Grant,  John,  hosier,  463,  Gallowgate 
Grant,  John,  spirit  dealer,  361,  do. 
-Grant,  Hector,  merchant,  23,  Brunswick  place 

^   Xjrant,  Geo.  &  Co.  cotton-spinners,  23,  do. 
Grants  J.  hosier,  466,  Gallowgate 
Grant,  Mrs.  grocer,  170,  Gallowgate 
Gray,  Andrew,  confectioner,  112,  Nelson-street 
Gray,  Benjamin,  shoe  shop,  28,  East  Albion-street 
Gray,  Daniel,  tailor,  61,  Buchanan-street 
Gray,  George,  stabler,  162,  Gallowgate 
Gray,  H.  joiner,  96^  New  wynd 
Gray,  James,  coal -agent,  432,  Gallowgate 
Gray,  James,  &  Co,  manufacturers,  3,  Montrose-str. 

GRA  70  GRI 

Gray,  John,  spirit  dealer,  Castle-street 

Gray,  John,  joiner.  King-street,  Tradeston 

Gray,   Robt.  &  Co.  coal  office,  69,   Broomielaw;  R. 

Stewart,  agent 
Gray,  John  &  Co.  booksellers,  96,  High-street 
Gray,  John  &  Co.  cabinet  makers,  87,  Argyll-street 
Gray,  John,  manufacturer,  Candlerigg  court 
Gray,  John,  tailor,  82,  High-street 
Gray,  Mercer  &  Co.  manufacs.  28,  Glassford-strect 
Gray,  Mrs.  furnished  lodgings,  70,  Glassford-street 
Gray,  Robt.  &  Son,  goldsmiths,  129,  Trongate 
Gray,  Robert,  engraver,  34,       do. 

Gray,  Robert,  druggist,  Cowcaddens 
Gray,  Thomas,  combmaker,  18,  Trongate 
Gray,  Thomas,  wright,  4,  Muirhead-street,  Gorbals 
Gray,  Thomas,  baker,  123,  George-street 
Grays  &  Rochead,  manufacturers,  Stirling-square 
Grazebrook,  H.  at  Hodgett  &  Co's.  Buchanan-street 
Green,  Wm.  spirit  dealer,  20,  Market-street 
Green,  John,  clothes  broker,  39,  Bridgegate 
G/een,  Wm.  straw-hat  shop,  8,  Trongate 
Green,  W.  straw-hat  warehouse,  10,  Candleriggs 
Greener,  Thos.  &  Co.  founders,  head  of  John-street 
Greenlees,  Ja.  bookseller  &  stationer,  96,  Hutch.-str. 
Greenshields,  James,  grocer,  Crossloan-street,  Calton 
Greenshields,  Sam.  cloth  shop,  122,  Nelson-street 
Greenhead  Foundery,  Rutherglen  bridge 
Greenland,  Peter,  teacher,  143,  Bridgegat^ 
Greig,  John,  strong-beerhouse,  173,  Saltmarket 
Greig,  Benjamin,  merchant,  63,  Candleriggs 
Gxeig,  William,  grocer,  255,  High-street 
Greig,  Wm.  thread  maker,  62,     do. 
Greig,  Andrew,  tailor,  11,  High-street 
Griersoa  &  M'Kinlay,  manufacts.  107,  Nelson-street 

GRI  71  HAL 

Grierson,  Philip,  jeweller,  639,  Argyll-street 
^^ Grieve  &  Wilson,  surgeons,  49,  Trongate 
Grieve,  Mrs.  Thomas,  tea  dealer,  45,  Maxwell-street 
Grieve,  E.  &  J.  agents  for  Leith  and  London  old  ship- 
ping company,  and  Globe  insurance,  29,  Argy  11-st. 
Grieve,  Walter,  do.  do.  do. 

Grieve  &  Scott,  joiners,  Balmanno  street 
Grindlay,  John,  baker,  16,  Prince's  street 
Grindlay,  Gilbert,  warehouse,  29,  Ingram-street 
Grossart,  Peter,  vintner,  322,  High-street 
Grossart,  Thomas,  baker,  162,  Trongate 
Gumprecht,  J.  above  61,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Gunson,  A.  grocer,  44,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Guthrie,  James,  manufact.  46,  St.  Andrew's  square; 

house,  167,  George-street 
Guthrie,  John,  merchant,  at  Leitch  &  Smith's 
Guthrie,  J.  vintner,  23,  King-street 


i.    Hadden,  John,  spirit  dealer,  21,  High-street 

Haddow,  Robt.  merchant;  lodging,  34,  Miller-street 
Haddow,  Scott  &  Dale,  merchants,  33,  Virginia-street 
Haddow  &  Dale,  do.  do. 

Hagart,  Robt.  &  Co.  merchants,  14,  Ingram-street; 

house,  37,  St.  Vincent- street 
Hagart,  John,  vintner,  19,  Prince's  street 
Hair,  A.  marble  cutter,  head  of  Buchanan-street 

KHare, ,  surgeon,  26,  Trongate 

Halbert,  William,  watchmaker,  99,  Glassford-street 
Haldane,  James,  engraver,  626,  Argyll-street 
Haiden,  Alex,  vintner,  268,  High-street 

\Hall,  Mrs.  Geo.  ladies  shoemaker,  8,  Hutcheson-street 
Hall,  Richard,  messenger  at  arms,  50,  High-street 
Hall,  Thos.  &  Co.  maniitacturers,  23,  Candleriggs 

HAL  n  .  HAM 

Hall,  John,  wine  and  rum  merchant,  54,  High-street > 

house,  45,  Taylor's  street 
Halley,  C.  French  teacher,  83,  Hutcheson-gfreet 
Halley,  Thomas,  grocer,  ^25,  High-street 
Haliburton,  M.  Post-office ;  lodging,  34,  Charlotte-str. 
Hamilton,  A.  &  P.  tobacconists,  152,  Stockvvell 
Hamilton,  P.  lodging,  26,  Stockwell 
Hamilton,  Alex.  &  Scott,  pipe  makers,  20,  High-street 
Hamilton,  Alej^ander,  spirit  dealer,  63,  Prince's  street 
Hamilton,  Arch.  &  Co.  merchants,  78,  Trongate 
Hamilton,  Archibald,  jun.  Bank  of  Scotland  office,  23, 

Hamilton,  Claud,  collector; house,  14,  S.  Hapover-str. 
Hamilton,  Dan.  sheriff-substitute;  ho.  10,  Queen-street 
Hamilton,  David  &  Son,  marble  works,  head  of  Buch- 
Hamilton,  David,  architect,  do.  '  do> 

Hamilton,  Daniel,  brickmaker,  near  Gallowgate-toU 
Hamilton,  Edward,  tailor,  Laigh  Kirk  CIoss 
Hamilton  Farm  &  FuUarton  coal  office,  Broomielaw 
Hamilton,  Fairlie  &  Glen,  reedmakers,  462,  Gallowgate 
Hamilton  &  Fairie,  manufac.  6,  Montrose-street 
Hamilton,  Gavin,  tile  and  pottery  work,  Gallowgate  toll 
Hamilton,  George,  commission-warehouse,  180,  Saltm. , 
Hamilton,  Gilbert  &  Co.  merchants,  23,  Queen-street 
Hamilton,  Jas.  sen.  &  Co     do.     19,  Gallowgate 
Hamilton,  John,  do.     19,         do. 

Hamilton,  John,  grocer,  135,  Main  street,  Gorbals 
Hamilton,  Jas.       do.  19,  Adelphistr.  Hutchesontown 
Hamilton,  James,  do.  128,  Trongate 
Hamilton,  James,  writer,  40,  Hutcheson-street 
'  Hamilton,  James  &  Co.  tobacconists   300,  High-street 
Hamilton,  James,  furniture  shop,  152,  Bridgegate 
Hamilton,  John,  writer,  57,  High-street  • 



'  'Hamilton,  John,  baker,  78,  King-street 
Hamilton,  'ohn,  timber  yard,  107,  Stock  Well 
Hamilton,  Thomas,  manufact.  12,  Stirling's  square 

^Hamilton,  John,  &  Son,  wine  merchants,  78,  Trongate 
Hamilton,  John,  wine  merch.;  lodg.  St.  Enoch's  square 
Hamilton,  Laurie  &  Co.  commission-merchants,  13, 

Hamilton,  Mrs.  grocer,  Calton  mouth 
Hamilton  &  McDonald,  insurance  and  ship-brokers, 

Hamilton  &  Stewart,  manufacturers,  Craignestock 
Hamilton,  Robert,  spirit-dealer.  Toll-bar,  GallOwgate 

^Hamilton,  Thos.  agent  for  Albion  Fire  office,  22,  Trong. 
Hamilton,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  28,  Bell- street 
-Hamilton  Walter,  manufacturer  40,  Trongate 
Hamilton,  Wm.  grocer,  195,  Trongate 
Hamilton,  William,  tailor,  118,  Saltmarket 
Handasyde,  G.  at  Howie's  waggon- office,  Montrase-st. 
Hannay,  W.  manufacturer,  94-,  Candleriggs 

^-Hannay,  A.  haberdasher,  45,  Trongate 

\Hannay,  John,  messenger,  43,     do. 
Hannay,  Wm.  baker,  4,  Adelphi-str.  Hutchesontown 
Hannay,  John,  hosier,  13,  King-street 
Harbut,  Matthew,  imitation  paper  and  oil  painter, 

100,  King-street 
Hardie,  James,  jun.  linen  warehouse,  18,  Virginia- 
street  ;  lodging,  Lancefieid,  Finnieston 
Hardie,  Mrs.  vintner,  459,  Gallowgate 
Hardie,  A.  baker,  foot  of  Union-place,  Argyll-street 
Hardie,  David,  taylor,  3,  New  wynd 
Hargave,  John,  English  daily  carrier,  BQ,  Bruns.-str, 
Harley,  J.  baker,  36,  Adelphi-street 
Harley,  Wm.  manufacturer,  6,  South  Frederick-street; 
lodging,  Willowbank 

H4R  74  HAY 

NUarmand.  J.  French  and  Italian  teacher,  and  chancellor 
to  the  French  consul  for  Scotland,  23,  Hutch.-str. 
Harper,  J.)hn  &  Co.  agjents,  60,  Candleriggs 
Harper  &  Campbell,  manufacturers,  29,  Brunswick-str. 
Harris,  James^  &  Co.  cloth  shop,  171,  Tronsrate 
Harris,  Win.  coal  agent,  &c.  Robertson-street 
Hart  John,  grocer,  46,  Gallowgate 
Hart,  John  &  Robert,  bakers,  Mitchell-street 
Hart,  James,  grocer,  Claythorn*-street 
Hart,  Walter,  hosfery  warehouse,  154-,  Trongate 
Hart,  Robt.  6^  Co.  manilfacturers,  76,  Hutcheson-str.; 

house,  12,  College-street 
Harvie,  Andrew  &  John,  grocers,  S05,  Gallowgate 
Harvie,  Alexander,  candle  office,  12,  Stockwell 
Harvie,  James,  grocer,  34,  Kirk-street,  Townhead 
Harvie,  Wm.  warehouseman,  S8,  Glassford-street 
Harvie,  Thos.  spirit  cellar,  43,  Dunlop-street 
Harvie,  James,  teacher,  88,  Hutcheson- street 
Harvie,  James,  measurer,  132,  Stockwell 
Harvie,  Thomas,  haberdasher,  138,  Trongate 
Harvie,  John,  warehouseman,  141,      do. 
Harvie,  John,  &  Co.  silk  warehouse,  98,  do. 
Harvie,  John,  grocer,  125,  High-street 
Harvie,  John,  hatmaker,,  1 40,  Saltmarket 
Harvie  &  Co.  spirit  dealers,  108,  Bridgegate 
Hastings,  Thos.  chimney  sweeper,  10,  Stockwell 
Hastie  Robt.  &  Co.  Cumberland  court 
Haswell,  R.  at  Newhams  &  Has  well;  house,  13,  South 

Haswell,  S.  clothier,  96,  Hutcheson-street 
Hatrick,  J.  &  L.  grocers,  81,  Saltmarket 
Hay,  George,  joiner,  Mitchell  street 
Hay,  Alexander,  joiner,  Jackson-street;  house,  142, 

HAY  75  HEN 

""  Hay,  James,  tailor,  184,  TroMgate 
Hay,  James,  smock  doctor  and  mason,  Mitchell-street 
Hay,  Alexander,  joiner,  Bath -street 
Hay,  Mrs.  John,  grocer.  Kirk- street,  Calton 
Hay,  John,  tailor,  5,  New  wynd 
Hedderwick,  James,  printer,  ^26^  Bell-street;  house, 

Paterson-street,  Dean-side 
Hedderwick,  John,  yarn  merchant,  9,  High-street 
Hedderwick,  J.  W.  &■  Co.  Adelphi  brewery,  Hutch.-to. 
Hedderwick,  Maitland,  hecklemaker,  53,  Saltmarket 
Heggie,  J.  flesher,foot  of  Union  Place  , 
Henchelwood,  Mrs.  shroudmaker,  249,  High-street 
Henniker,  Miss,  teacher  of  the  piano  forte,  singing,  &c. 

636,  Argyll-street 
Henderson's  oyster  house,  101,  Candleriggs 
Henderson,  surgeon-dentist,  Crown-st^  Hutchesontown 
Henderson,  A.  portrait  painter,  88,  Hutcheson-street 
Henderson,  Alex,  grocer,  179,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Henderson,  George,  merchant,  6,  St.  Enoch's  square 
Henderson,  J.  E.  merchant,  107,  Nelson-street 
Henderson,  James,  writer,  83,  Saltmarket 
Henderson,  James,  spirit  dealer,  Nile-street 
Henderson,  John,  grocer,  Clyde-street,  Calton 
Henderson,  Miss,  lodgings,  21,  Glassford-street 
Henderson,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  38,  High-street 
Henderson,  M'Laren  &  Co.  Candlerigg  court 
Henderson,  Patrick,  cork  cutter,  38,  Prince's -street 
Henderson,  R.  &  J.  drysalters,  13,  S.  Frederick-street; 

shop,  15,  High-street 
Henderson,  Rich,  town  clerk,  office,  city  clerk's  cham. 
Henderson,  Wm.  S.  agent,  61,  Buchanan-street 
\  Henderson,  Wm.  tobacconist,  377,  Gallowgate 
.  Henderson,  J.  chandler,  109,  High-street 
Hendry  &  Son,  rope  spinners,  Anderston  walk 

HEN  76  HIL 

Hendry,  Dr.  29,  Trongate  :  house,  169,  Trongate 
Hendry,  Ebenezer,  tailor,  21,  High-street 
H-^ndry,  J.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  26,  Bell-street 
Hendry,  J,  poulterer,  35,  Prince's  street 
Hendry,  Js.  merchant,  33,  E.  Albion-street 
Hendry,  James,  merchant,  Antigua  Place 
Hepburn,  Watt  &  Co.  manufacs.  12,  Wilson-street 
Hepburn,  John,  writing-master,  22,  Miller-street 
Herbertson,  Wm.  wright,  16,  Rottenrow 
Herbertsun,  J.  collector  of  canal  dues,  Port  Dundas 
Herbertson,  John,  jun.  architect,  Bath-street 

Herbertson,  Alex,  merchant,  76,  Hutcheson -street 

Herbertson,  James,  joiner.  Port  Dundas 

Herriot,  Andrew  &  Co.  manufacturers,  4-9,  Trongate 

Herriot  &  Imrie,  smiths,  Campbell  street 

Heron,  Wm.  apothecary.  Infirmary 

Hervey,  Robert  &  Sons,   merchants,  28,    Glassford- 
street ;  house,  above 

Hervey,  Brothers  ^  Co.  general  agents,  39,  Wilson-str. 

Heugh,  John,  spirit-dealer,  12,  Bell -street 

Heywood,  Collins  &  Co.  manufacts.  74,  Brunswick-str. 

Heywood,  Joshua,  do.         do.         do. 

Hibbert's  livery  stables^  124?,  Argyll-street 

Higgins,  W.  chandler,  4SI,  Gallowgate 

Higgens,  A.milhner,  117,  do. 

Hill,  Andrew,  vintner,  149,  Stock  well 

Hill,  Robt.  5:  Co.  merchants  and  agents  for  Fife  fire 
office,  7,  Hutcheson-street 

Hill,  William,  manufacturer,  32,  Brunswick -street 

Hill,  James  &  Laurence,  writers,  1,  South  Fred.  str. 

Kill,  John,  grocer  and  spirit-dealer,  131,  Stockwell 

Hill,  James,  vintner,  Port  Dundas 

Hill,  John,  manufacturer,  9,  St.  Andrew's  square 

Hillhouse,  Wm.  clothes-broker,  9,  Bridgegate 

HIN  77  HOU 

Hinshavv,  John  &  Co.  52,  Virginia-street 
dNHislop,  E,  corset-maker,  33,  Brunswick-place 
Hodge,  — — ,  milliner,  56,  Bridgegate 
Hodgson,  Laurence,  grocer,  21,  Bridgegate 
Hodgetts,  Grazebrook  3c  Hodgetts,  iron  and  nail  mer- 
chants, 58,  Buchanan-street 
Hog,  John,  tinsmith,  109,  Gallowgate 
Hogg,  Mrs.  midwife,  15,  Stockwell 
Hood,  Wm.  surgeon,  65,  Argyll  street 
Hood,  Andrew,  cooper,  358,  Gallowgate 
Hood,  Robert,  cooper,  63,  Candleriggs 
Hood,  Jas.  &  John,  do.  21,         do. 
Hopkirk,  Cunningham  &  Co.  merchts.  11,  N.  Albion-str. 
Hopkirk,  James,  merchant,  do.  do. 

Hopkirk,  Thomas,     do.  49,  Wilson-street 
Horton,  Thomas,  Navy  agency  office,  53,  Queen-streefr 
Horn,  David,  tailor,  322,  High-street 
Horn,  James,  last-maker,  159,  Saltmarket 
Horn,  William,  porter  house,  S04,  Gallowgate 
Hosie,  Andrew,  manufacturer,  Buchan-str.  Gorbals 
Houldsworth,  Wm.  &  Hussey,  yarn  warehouse,  Antigua 

Place  - 

Houldsworth,    Henry,  cotton-spinner,  Anderston  and 

Woodside;  lodging,  Whitehall,  Anderston 
Houldsworth 's  yarn  warehouse,  55,  Wilson-street 
Household,  George,  sugar-broker.  Tontine  buildings; 

house,  Nicholson-street,  Gorbals 
Household,  Charles,  cooper,  62,  James-street 
Houstpn,  Alex,  manufacturer,  12,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Houstoun,  And.  shore- master,  Broomielaw 
Houstoun,  A.  &  R.  agents  and  ship  brok  53,  Queen-str. 
-      Houstoun,  A.  teacher  of  vocal  masic,  65,  Trongate 
Houstoun,  Wm.  writer,  23,  St.  Andrew's  street 
Houstoun,  M.  cheese  and  ham-shop,  10,  Kmg-street 

HOW  78  HUN 

How,  Wm.  merchant,  44',  St   Andrew's  square 
Hovvat,  Charles,  vintner  &  horse-setter,  corner  of  St. 

Mungo's  lane,  Gallowgate 
Howatson,  T.  sen.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  6^,  Bell-str. 
Howson,  John,  merchant,  66,  Wilson-street 
Howison,  Miss,  dress  maker,  59,  Queen-street 
Howey,  T.  &  Co.  daily  carriers  to  Edinburgh,  New* 

castle,  London,  &c.  150,  Montrose-street 
Howie,  John,  skinner,  " ,  Bridgegate 
Howie,  Robert,  ironmonger,  158,  do. 
Hugot,  Paul,  French  consul,  42,  Dunlop-street 
Hume,  James,  plumber,  31,  Bell-street 
Hume,  Thomas,  Tontine  coffee-room  waiter 
Humphreys,  Robt.  &  Co.  cotton-spinners,  Govan-str. 

Hutchesontown;  warehouse,  24,  Virginia-street 
Humble,  Andrew,  baker,  Crossloan-street,  Calton 
Hunter,  James  :>  Robert,  brev/ers,  16,  Montrose -str. 
Hunter,  William,  victualler,  387,  Gallowgate 
Hunter  &  Kerr,  joiners,  &c.  head  of  Union>place; 

warehouse,  57.  East  Albion-street 
Hunter,  James,  joiner,  27,  Stockwell 
Hunter,  W;  &  W;  manufacts.  30,  Brunswick-street 
Hunter  &  M'llwham's  calender,  Old  Ven,  High-str. 
Hunter,  Wilson  &  Co.  chair-makers,  55^  Jamaica-str. 
Hunter,  Robt.  grocer,  120,  Gallowgate 
Hunter  rv,  Wilkie,  manufacturers,  6,  S.  Frederick-str. 
Hunter,  Andrew,  &  Co.     do.       11,  Candleriggs 
Hunter  &  Rankin,  grocers,  610,  Argyll-street 
Hunter,  John.&  Geo.  insurance-brokers,  and  agents, 

Tontine  back  buildings;  house,  43,  North  Hanov. 

Hunter,  John,  fishing-rod  maker,  above  55,  Trongate 
Hunter,  M.  &  D.  commission-raerch.  39,  Glassford-str. 
Hunter,  J.  manufacturer,  459,  Gallowgate 

HUN  79  HUT 

Hunter,  James,  grocer,  414,  Gallowgate 
Hunter,  James;  manufacturer,  316,  High-street 
Hunter,  James,  shoemaker,  49,  Saltmarket 
g     Hunter,  Arch,  woollen -draper,  148,  Trongate ;  house, 
63,  Charlotte-street 
Hunter,  Samuel,  house,  1,  Horn's  court 
Kunter,  Samuel,  k  Co.  printers,  44,  Bell-street 
:  Hunter,  Andrew,  coal-agent,  89,  New  wynd 
Hunter,  Alexander,  vintner,  113,  Old  wynd 
Hunter,  Alexander,  tailor,  42,  Canon-street 
Hunter,  And.  spirit-cellar,  85,  Saltmarket 
Hunter,  W.  spirit-dealer,  128,  Argyll-street 
Hunter,  William,  vintner,  300,  High-street 
Hunter,  William,  victualler,  387,  Gallowgate 
Hunterian  Museum,  behind  the  College,  High-street 
Hunter,  Geo.  tailor,  181,  Trongate 
Hunter  &  Stevenson,  dyers,  Millfield,  Hutchesontown 
Hurlet  &  Campsie  Alum  Company,  56,  Queen-street 
Hussey,  William,  house,  Greenhead 
Hutcheson,  Charles,  6,  South  Frederick-street 
Hutchison,  John,  grocer,  112,  High-street 
Hutchison,  M.  haberdasher,  25,  Prince's  street 
Hutchison,  James  &  Co.  manufacts.  35,  Hutch.-street 
Hutchison,  John,  merchant,  35,        do. 

Hutchison,  Jn.  brew.  New-str.  Calton;ho.  same  place 
Hutchison,  John,  merchant;  lodging,  36,  Candleriggs 
Hutchison  8c  Coulter,  merch.  and  manuf.  36,     do. 
Hutchison,  Coulter  &  Co.  do.  36,     do. 

"^xHutchison,  Miss,  lodgings,  40,  Hutcheson-street 
Hutchison,  Robert  &  Co.  booksellers  and  stationers,  10, 

Hutchison,  David,  writer,  87,  Glassford-street 
Hutchison,  James,  bookbinder,  159,  Saltmarket 
Hutchison,  William,  calenderer,  169,  Montrose-slreet 


HUT  80  J  AC 

Hutchison,  Win.  vintner,  186,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Hutchison,  James,  tailor,  295,  Gallowgate 
Hutton,  John,  confectioner,  1%  Candltrriggs 
Hutton,  E.  S.  engineer,  house,  York-street 


Imrie,  Mrs.  furnished  lodgings,  611,  Argyll-street 

Imrie,  John,  porter-house,  Marshall-street,  Gallowgate 

Imrie,  Thomas,  manufacturer,  81,  Bran&wick-street 

Inglis,  John,  spirit-dealer,  S7,  High -street 

Inglis,  James,  grocer,  Kirk-street,  Caltou 

Inglis,  John,  haberdasher  and  silk  mercer,  32,  Trbngate 

Inglis>  Miss,         do.  do.  28,     do. 

Inglis  &  Tarbet,  agents,  94-,  Candleriggs 

Inglis,  James,  &  Co.  calenderers,  1,  Stirling's  square 

Inglis,  W.  &  R.  spirit  dealers,  163,  Stockwell 

Inglis,  Mrs.  Thomas,  singeing-house,  95,  High   ohn-str, 

Inglis,  David,  calico-printer,  at  Haddow  &  Dale's 

Inglis  &  Hamilton,  25,  St.  Andrew-street 

Ingram,  C.  tobacconist,  6,  Nelson-street 

Innes,  George,  spirit-dealer,  23,  John-street 

Innes,  Charles,  smith,  1 3,  Clyde-terrace 

Innes,  Wm.  drawer  and  cutter,  22,  Prince's  street 

Insurance  Companies — See  Banks  and  Public  Offices 

Irvine,  Smith  Thomas,  house,  2,  George's  square 

Irvine,  Thos.  Scotch  cloth-shop,  309,  High  street 

Irvine,  John,  cabinet  warehouse,  104,  Saltmarket 

Irvine,  Wm.  merch.  127,  John-str.;  house,  Hope  Park 

Irvine,  Thomas,  draper,  309,  High-street 

Iver  &  Gilchrist,  merchants  5,  Buchanan-street 


Jack,  Paterson  &  Co.  upholstery  &  cabinet  warehouse, 
81,  Trongate 

JAG  81  JEN 

Jack  &  Gallie,  printers,  94,  Candleriggs 
Jack,  Alex,  chandler,  347,  Gallowgate 
Jack,  Wm.  mercht.;  lodging,  2,  Clyde-buildings 
Jack,  W.  hair-dresser,  66,  High-street 
Jackson,  James,  druggist,  69,  Gallowgate 
Jackson,  Thos.  Edin.  Leith,  Port-Glasgow  and  Green- 
ock daily  carrier,  65,  Brunswick-street 
Jackson,  James,  manufacturer,  72,  Bell-street 
Jaffray,  Robert,  wine  &  spirit  cellars,  53,  Stockweli 
JafFray,  A.  C.  surgeon  &  druggist,  383,  Gallowgate 
Jaffrey,  Mrs.  grocer,  102,  George-street 
Jamieson,  Wra.  manufacturer,  26,  Bell-street 
Jamieson,  Jehn,  merchant,  house,  10;,  Gordon-street 
Jamieson,  Robert,  merchant,  21,  Glassford^street 
Jamieson,  Wm.  haberdasher,  56,  King-street 
Jamieson,  Ebenezer,  confectioner,  22,  Trongate 
Jamieson,  Wm.  jun.  merchant,  39,  (  lassford-street 
Jamieson,  Rev.  Alexander,  25,  Stockweli 
Jamieson,  R.  tailor,  93,  Trongate 
Jamieson,  John,  shuttle-maker,  93,  Stockweli 
Jamieson,  Robert,  joiner,  30,  Stirling-street 
Tardine,  William,  tailor,  154,  Trongate 
Jardine,  William,  tailor,  3,  Kirk-street 
Jardine,  Peter,  Buck's  head  inn,  30,  Argyll-street  , 
Jarvie,  Rob.  merchant,  at  James  Hamilton,  sen.  (Sc  Co/s; 

house,  Maxwelton-place 
Jarvie,  Robert  &  Son,  rope-spinners,  Anderston 
Jeffrey,  Wra.  merchant,  .85,  Candleriggs;  house,  Cleg- 
horn's  land,  15,  College-street 
Jeffrey,  Alex,  grocer,  323,  Gallowgate 
Jenkine,  Thomas,  stabler,  6,  Duke-strieet 
Jenkine,  John,  boot  and  shoe  shop,  299,  High-street 
Jenkins,  Wm=  and  Peter,  booksellers,  3,  Saltmarket 
Jenks,  B.  bookseller,  87,      do. 

G  3 

JOH  82  KAY 

Johnstone,  William,  oil  &  colourmanj  Turner's  court.; 

Port  Dundas  Soda  Work 
Johnston,  Robert,  tanr>er,  Dovehill 
Johnston,  Robt.  tailor,  101,  Candleriggs 
Johnston,  R.  teacher,  283,  High-street 
Johnston,  James,  tanner,  foot  of  Havannah-street 
Johnston,  J.  straw-hat-maker,  105,  Nelson-street 
Johnston,  Charles  painter,  28,  Hutcheson-street 
Johnston,  C.  oil  and  colourman,  441,  Gallowgate 
Johnston,  J.  teacher  of  Latin,  &c.  34,  Dunlop-streel; 

house,  22,  Turner's  court 
Johnston,  Samuel,  grocer,  323,  Gallowgate 
Johnston,  James,  spirit  dealer,  17,  Jamaica-street 
Johnston,  William,         do.         81,  Bridgegate 
Johnston,  Alex,  manufacturer,  29,  Stirling-street 
Johnston,  Thomas,  &  Co.  pin  makers  and  wire  drawers^ 

35,  Havannah-street 
Johnston,    ohn,  gardener.  Port  Dundas 
Johnston,  Mrs.  D.  vintner,  19,  Prince's  street 
Johnston,  T.  teacher,  65,  Saltmarket 
Johnston,  William,  grocer,  61  ^  Argyll-street 
Johnstone,  's.  jun.  53,  Brunsw.-str,;house,  44,  John-stF. 
Johnstone,  David,  do.  do. 

Johnstone,    oseph,  do.  do. 

Johnstone,  John,  do.  do. 

Johnston,  A.  milliner,  84,  Bell-street 
Johnston,  T.  &  J.  bakers,  34,  Crown-str.  Hutchesonte. 
Johnstone,  John,  baker,  Main-street,  Calton 
Jones,  John,  bookseller  and  stationer,  153,  Trongate 
Jones,  Mrs.  grocer,  75,  Saltmarket 


Kalley,  James,  tea  merchant,  13,  Trongate 
.Kay,  Archibald,  stair-railer,  &c.  Portland-streefr 

KAY  83  KER 

Kay,  Robert,  grocer,  374,  Gallowgate 

Kay,  J.  tea  and  spirit  dealer,  61,  Bell-street 

Kay,  Alex,  manufacturer,  South  Albion-street 

Kay,  David,  accomptant,  Post-office  court,  Trongate 

Kean,  C.  clothes  broker,  105,  Saltmarket 

Keir,  Walter,  porter,  103,  Havannah-street 

Keith,  M.  musician,  40,  Trongate 

Kelburn,  Mias,  lodging,  79,  King-street 

Kelly,  Robert,  gardener  &  spirit-dealer,  2,  Kirk-lane 

Kelly,  John,  agent,  23,  St.  Andrew-street 

Kelly,  Andrew,  grocer.  Tureen-street 

Kelly,  Wm.  cotton-broker,  43,  Virginia-street 

Kelly,  Wm.  yarn  and  goods  wareho.  41,  Virginia-str. 

.    Keltie,  Misses,  boarding  school,  Manhattan-buildings 
Kemp,  J.  accomptant.  Thistle  Bank 
Kemp,  Robert,  victualler,  242,  High-street 
Kennedy,  Daniel,  spirit-dealer,  26,  Saltmarket 
Kennedy,  Alex.  do.  2,  St.  Andrew  lane 

Kennedy,  Thomas,  mercer,  36,  Trongate 
Kennedy,  W.  F.  and -Co.  agents,  31,  Virginia-street 

^Kennedy,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  167,  Trongate 

\Kennedy  &  M'Farlane,  painters,  169,  Trongate 
Kennedy,  Duncan,  accomptant,  13,  King-street 
Kennedy,  Angus,  vintner,  63,  Gallowgate 
Kennedy,  D.  jun.  seedsman,  110,  Argyll-street 
Kennedy,  Dugald,  smith,  36,  Gallowgate 
Kennedy,  Gilbert,  collector  of  cess  for  the  county^ 

190,  Trongate 
Kennedy,  Hugh,  cabinet-maker,  150,  Stockwell 
Kennedy,  John,  painter,  120,  Saltmarket 
Kent,  James,  spirit-dealer,  133,  Stockwell 

;NKennetpans  spirit-cellar,  169,  Trongate 

Ker,  James,  accomptant,  106,  Trongate ;  house,  cornsr 


Ker,  Norman,  tin-smith,  597?  Argyll-street 
Kerr,  James,  brush-maker,  57,  Gallowgate 
Kerr,  A.  &  X  tailors,  181,  Trongate 
Ker,  James,  brushmaker,  95,  Candleriggs 
Kerr,  Thomas,  merchant,  101,         do. 
Ker,  Thomas,  cardmaker,  36,  Gallowgate 
Ker  &  Black,  dealers  in  clothes,  112,  Saltmarket 
Kerr,  Wm.  timber-merchant,  Anderston-walk,  N.  side 
Kerr,  Wm.  &  Co.  spirit-cellars,  410,  Gallowgate 
Kerr,  How  &  Co.  manufacs.  55,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Kerr,  J.  starcher,  Mitchell-street 
Kerr,   Hugh,  writer,  44,  Bell-street ;   house,  55,  St.  • 

Andrew- square 
Kerr,  Adam,  baker,  147,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Kerr,  John,  calenderer,  Stirling-street 
Kerr  &  Boyd,  tobacco  pipe-makers,  85,  Candleriggs 
Kerr.  Richard,  cheese  and  ham-shop,  344,  Gallowgate 
Kerr,  Ralph,  vintner  and  stabler,  81,         do. 

Kerr,  John,  manufacturer,  159,  Saltmarket 
Kerr,  John,  writer,  164,  Trongate;  ho.  59,  Glassf.-str. 
Kerr,  D.  stabler,  74,  New  wvnd 

Kerr  &  Wilson,  manufacturers,  21,  St.  Andrew  square 
Kerr,  William,  agent,  Woodlane,  Broomielaw 
Khull,  Edward,  &  Co.  printers,  East  Clyde-street 
Kibble,  Forster  &  Co.  calico-printers,  36,  Candleriggs 
Kibble,  James,   wire^ warehouse,  23,  Turner's  court; 

house,  Park-place 
Kidd,  John  &  Alexander,  merchants,  Melville-place 
Kidd,  Wm.  tin-smith,  2,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Kidston,  Thomas,  agent,  Melville-place 
Kidston,^ev.  Wm,  Young-street,  Belgrove-place 
Kidston,  Wm.  mercht.  6,  Queen-street;  lodg.  Andersto* 
Kidston,  Rich,     do,     6,         do. 
Kidston,  Arch.  G.        6,         do. 

KID  85  KIK 

Kidston,  James,  teacher,  Balmanno-street 
^  Kilbee,  R.  S.  G.  raercht.  30,  Miller-street 
Kilpatrick,  George,  spirit-dealer,  Craignestock 
Kincaid,  John,  grocer  and  spirit-dealer,  5,  St.  And.  lane 
Kinnier,  Bernard,  wright,  Rottenrow 
i   Kinnear  &  Shearer,  wooden  clock-makers,  8,  Bruns.-pl. 
Kinnear,  Morris  &  Co.  merchts.  55,  St.  Andrew's  sqr. 
King,  John,  manufacturer,  12,  do. 

King,  Morrison  and  Co.  merchts.  48,  do. 

King,  John,  cotton-spinner,  Clyde-street,  Anderston, 

to  remove  to  Bridgefon 
King,  Andrew  and  Co.  cotton-spinners,  Tradeston 
King,  Andrew,  &  Co.  manufacturers,  6,  Candleriggg 
King,  John,  wooden-dish  maker,  30,  High-street 
King,  John,  spirit- dealer,  25,  New  wynd 
King,  Mrs.  lodgings,  40,  Hutcheson-street 
King,   B.  W.  surgeon,  51,  Argyll-street;  house,  16, 

Gordon  street 
King,  Wm.  wooden-dish  maker,  16,  High-street 
King,  Gilbert,  surgeon,  166,  Trongate 
King,  George,  baker,  22,  Caadleriggs 
King,  Js.  &  S.  Campbell,  writers,  23,  Brunswick-ph 
King,  Js.  jun.  do.  19,  Gallowg. ;  ho.  Sauchiehall-road 
King,  James,  manufacturer,  94,  Candleriggs 
King,  William,  plumber,  Blackfriars  wynd 
.'\  King,  Alex,  tobacconist,  162,  Stock  well 

Kingan,  John,  merchant,  11,  S.  Albion-street;  house, 

7,  Miller-street 
Kinniburgh,  tinsmith  and  pewterer,  435,  Gallowgate 
^Kippen  &  Wilson,  manufacturers,  94,  Hutcheson-str. 
"'^  Kirkland,  J.  tobacconist,  28,  Gallowgate 
Kirklands,  milliners,  38,  Argyll-street 
Kirkland,  John,  merchant.  Tontine  Back  Buildings ; 
house,  38,  JohB-stveefc 

KIR  se  LAM 

Kirkland,  Neilson  &  Co.  sugar  refiners,  399,  Gallowg. 
Kirkland,  R.  manufacturer,  5,  Saitmarket 
Kirkland,  R.         do.  26,  Nelson-street 

Kirkland,  Wm.  thatcher.  Black  quarry 
Kirkpatrick,  W.  &  T.  manufacts.  Commercial-court 
Kirkpatrick,  Mrs.  38,  High  John-street 
Kirkwood,  Robert,  teacher,  176,  George-street 
Kirkwood,  John,  joiner,  Tobago-street,  Calton 
Kirkwood,  John,  manufacturer,  11,  Candleriggs 
Knight,  Anthony,  sells  coloured  worsted,  31,  Bell-«tr. 
Knight,  Alex-  tailor.  J  75,  Trongate 
Knox,  William,  lodging,  10,  Clyde  Buildings 
Knox,  J.  &  Sons,  yarn  warehouse,  27,  Glassford-str. 
Knox,  James,  spirit  dealer,  50,  Prince's  street 
Knox,  John,  writer,  21,  Glassford -street 
Knox,  John,  manufacturer.  Commercial-court 
Kyle,  W.  land-surveyor,  corner  of  Kent  &  SufFolk-str. 

Laidlay,  Thos.  joiner,  &c.  Anderston-walk 
Laird,  David  &  Co.  merchants,  36,  Candleriggs 
Laird,  James,  oil  of  vitriol  maker,  61,  Buchanan-str.; 

house,  63,  Jamaica-street 
Laird,  Daniel,  hatter,  27,  Saltmarket 
Lamb,  James,  merchant,  Wallace  court.  Bell-street 
Lamb,  ?yliller  &  Co.  do.  do.  do. 

Lamb,  James,  lodging,  49,  Virginia  street 
Lamb  &  Grieve,  joiners,  Dundas-street 
Lamb,  David  &  Co.  merchants,  39,  Virginia-street 
Lamb,  David,  jun.  house,  15,  George's  square 
Lamont,  Daniel,  baker, '25,  Saltmarket 
Lamond;.  Alex.  &  Co.  merchants,  76,  Hutcheson-str. 
Lamont,  R.  merch,  and  commis.  agent,  27,  Brunsw.  pi. 

LAN  87  LAU 

Lanark  New  Twist  Company's  warehouse,  Manhattan 

Buildings,  S.  Hanover-street 
Lancaster,  Thomas,  merchant,  .37,  Virginia-street;  ho. 

9,  Carlton  place 
Lancasterian  Schools,  Green-street,  Calton,  Anderston- 

walk,  and  Gorbals 
Landale,  John  &  Co,  merchants,  3,  Stirling-street 
Lang,  Arch,  writer,  19,  Virginia-str. ;  ho.  Gordon-str, 
'Lang,  David,  writer,  28,  Brunswick  place 
Lang,  Giib.  jun.  94,  Candleriggs ;  house^  Coramerce-str. 

Tradeston  > 

Lang,  .  ohn,  Manchester  warehouse,  90,  Candleriggi 
Lang,  John,  writer,  19,  Virginia  street 
Lang  5c  Smith,  calico  printers,  47,  Glassford-street 
'Lang,  Gilbert,  house,  Park  place 
Lang,  John,  wigmaker,  2G9,  George-street 
Lang,  John,  spirit-dealer,  3,  Shuttle-street 
Lang,  James,  victualler,  138,  Stockwell 
Lang,  Miss,  band-box  maker,  101,  King-street 
Lang,  Miss,  mantua  maker,       84, ,        do. 
Lang,  James,  hat  manufacturer,  106,    do. 
Lang,  Wm,  &  Son,  smiths,  bell-hangers,  and  jack  screw 

makers,  Old  wynd 
Lang,  Wm.  printing-office  and  house,  62,  Bell-street 
Lang,  Wm.  writer,  28,  Brunswick  place 
Lang  &  Steel,  surgeons  Melville  place 
Lang,  Thomas,  &  Son,  chandlers,  1 09^- King-street 
Lashiey,  Geo.  pottery,  King-street,  Calton 
Latta,  James,  English  teacher,  34,  Dunlop-street 
Lauder,  Robert,  yam  warehouse,  2,  Garthland-street 
Lauder,  H.  dyer,  102,  Stockwell 
Laurie,  David,  jun.  corn  factor.  Union  place 
Laurie,  Thomas,  do.  88,  Argy's I  street 

Laurie,  Mrs.  cheese  and  ham  shop>  29,  King-street 


Laurie,  James  &  Co.  28,  Candleriggs 

Laurie,  Dav.  merchant,   131»   Trongate;  house,   Geo. 

Laurie's,  Wilson's  land.  Bridge-street,  Gorbals 
Law,  William,  spirit  dealer,  8,  Gallowgate 
Law,  James,  tin-smith,  97,  Bridgegate 
Lawrie,  Wra.  writer  ;  lodging,  5,  Maxwelton  place 
Lawrie,  Wm.  &  A.  Morrison,  writers,  48,  E.  Albion-st. 
Lawrie,  H.  &  J.  Walker,  writers,  169,  Trongate 
Lawrie,  M*Nee,  &  Co.  7,  Hutcheson-street 
Lawson,  And.  timber-merch.  at  J.  Lindsay  &  Co.'s 
Lawson,  Archibald,  manufacturer,  40,  St.  And.  sqr. 
Lawson  &  M'Culloch,      do.  55  do. 

Lawson  &  Bain,  grocers,  75,  Trongate 
Lawson,  Mrs.  milliner,  22,  Nelson-street 
Lawson,  Wm.  shoemaker,  410,  Gallowgate 
Lawson,  James,  jun.  vintner,  25,  Trongate 
Lawson,  Alex,  merchant;  house,  Brownfield 
Lawson,  Jas.  jun.  vintner  145,  Main-str.  Gorbals 
Lawson,  Henry,  grocer,  &c.  44,  Queen-street 
Lawson,  John,  man's  mercer,  2,  Argyll  street 
Leadbetter,  J.  &  Co-  merchants,  15,  Stirling-square 
Leadbeater,  James,  tailor,  23,  Stockwell 
Leadbeater,  D.  do.       8,  Gallowgate 

Learmonth,  James,  saddler,  371,     do. 
Leckie,  W.  &  Co.  merchants,  137,  Stockwell 
Leckie  &  Alexander,  manufacts.  70,  Brunswick-street 
Leckie,  Mrs.  mangle  and  press,  82,  28,  High-street 
Leckie,  Dr.  R.  house,  49,  Charlotte-street 
Leckie,  John,  flesher,  20,  Adelphi-street 
Leckie,  Robt.  spirit  cellars,  34,  Glassford-street 
Lee,  Wm.  check-manufacturer,  8,  High-street 
Lee  and  Proctor,  accountants,  6,  Virginia-street 
Leechman  &  M'Viccar,  tin-smiths,  40,  Bridgegate 
Leechraan,  John,  smith,  St.  Nicholas-str.  Townhea^ 

LEE  89  LID 

\  Leechman,  W.  ironmonger,  20,  Brunswick-street 
V  Legat,  Francis,  at  A.  &  P.  Hamilton,  tobacconists 
f    Leggat,  Wm.  porter  and  spirit-cellars,  St.  Mungo's  lane 
:    Leighton,  Alex,  writer,  175,  Trong.;  ho.  52,  High-str. 
Lennan,  F.  surgfeon,  101,  Saltmarket 
Leishman,  John,  smith,  St.  Nicholas-str.  Town-head 
Leitch  &  Smith,  merchants,  119,  George -street 
Leitch  N.  tambouring  warehouse,  22,  Trongate 
Leitch,  Peter^  Co.  grocers,  72,  Gallowgate   ' 
^Leitch,  M.  beef-steak-house,  22,  Hutcheson-street 
Leitch  William,  agent,  Commercial  court;  house,  2, 

Leith,  Alex,  vintner  &  chaise  hirer,  302,  High-street 
Leith  &  Hamburgh  Shipping  Co.  621,  Argyll-street 
Lennox,  Gavan,  frame  smith,  Kirk-street,  Calton 
XLennox,  Gilbert,  yarn  merchant,  63,  Brunswiclc-street 
Lennox  &  Johnston,  grocers,  14,  iCing-street 
Lennox  John,  grocer,  Cowcaddens 
Leslie  &  Reid,  manufacturers,  44,  Ingram-street 
Leshe,  James  &  Co.  18,  North  Albion-street 
Leslie,  Alexander,  tailor,  50,  High-street 
,  Leslie  Alexander,  spirit  dealer,  166,  Gallowgate 
Lethem,  James,  manufacturer.  South  Albion-street 
Lethem,  M.  milliner,  20,  Bell-street 
Lethem,  Patrick,  manufacturer  173,  Saltmarket 
?,  Letters,  Michael,  clothes  broker,  96,  Bridgegate 
Lewis,  George,  grocer,  Blackfriars  wynd 
Liddel,  A.  oil  and  colour-man,  101,  Trongate; 

house,  1,  St.  George's  place,  Buchanan-street 
Liddell,  Wm.  merchant,  13,  Stirling's  square;  lodging, 

57,  Buchanan-street 
Liddell,  James,  baker,  33,  Bridgegate 
Liddel,  Jas.  &  Co.  smiths  &  bell  hangers,  155,  Stocks. 
Liddel,  Wm,  teacher,  8,  Nelson-street 

LID  90  LIV 

Liddel,  Andrew  &  Co.  ironmongers,  5^,  Gallowgate 
Liddel,  David,  saddler,  25,  Hutcheson-street 
Lightbody,  Alexander,  grocer,  18,  Kirk-street 
Lilburn,  John,  upholsterer;  house,  48,  Dunlop-etreet 
Lillie,  David,  insurance  broker,  Tontine  buildings; 

lodging,  48,  Brunswick-street 
Lillie,  Mrs.  milliner  and  haberdasher,  27,  Bell  street 
Limeburn,  M.  wigmaker,  &c.  16,       do. 

Liraeburn,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  16,       do. 

Limeburn,  Hugh,  grocer,  39,  Adelphi-street 
Limont,  Mrs.  John,  grocer,  62,  Argyll-street 
Lindsay,  Jas.  &  Co.  timber  merchants,  Broomielaw 
Lindsay  k  Adam,  yarn-merchts.  24,  Virginia-street 
Lindsay,  Robert,  24,  Virginia-street;  lodging,  70,  Bu- 
Lindsay,  John,  merch.  do  ;  lodg.  70,  Buchanan-str. 
Lindsay,  John,  at  Ewing  and  Co.'s  calender 
Lindsay,  William,  joiner,  &c.  449,  Gallowgate     . 
Lindsay,  James,  mealseller,  132,  Bridgegate 
Lindsay,  John,  spirit-dealer,  22,  Old  wynd 
Lindsay,  John,  vintner,  Port  Dundas 
Lindsay  and  Laird,  manufacturers,  127,  Trongate 
Lindsay,  Alex,  and  James,  bakers,  60,  Argyll-street 
Lindsay,  Alex,  vintner,  13,  King-street 
Lindsay,  W.  and  Co.  thread  makers,  24,  Bruns.  place 
Lindsay  &  Pearson,  writers,  Moodie's  co.  Argyll-str, 
Lindsay,  James,  joiner,  4,  Canon-street 
Linen  Stamp  office,  13,  High-street 
Lishman,  James,  hosier,  2,  Trongate 
Little,  John,  flesher,  Calton  mouth 
Livingston,  Mrs.  lodging,  31,  Adelphi-street 
Livingston,  John,  manufacturer,  1,  Brunswick  lane 
Livingston,  A.  &  Co.  agents,  brokers,  and  herring 
merchants.  West  Clyde- street 

LIV  -  91       '  luOlJ 

Livingston,  D.  fancy  crape  maker,  47,  King-street 
Lloyd,  H.  grocer^  115,  High-street 

Lochead ,  book  publisher,  341,  Gallowgate 

Lochead,  W.  jun.  furniture-shop,  114,  Saltraarket 
Lochead,  Mrs.  poulterer,  18,  Prince's  street 
\Lochore,  Robert,  shoe-shop,  95,  Trongate 
Lockie,  Wm.  wright,  York-street 
Lochty,  Robert,  teacher,  Havannah-street 
Lockhart,  Rev.  Dr.  John,  40,  Charlotte-street 
Lockhart,  John,  clothier,  82,  Trongate 
Lockhart,  Peter,  grocer,  Grahamston 
Lockhart,  Wm.  &  Co.  brushmakers,  do. 
Lockhart  &  Campbell,  manufacturers,  8,  Stirling-str* 
Logan,  W.  merchant.  Canal-office,  Port  Dundas 
Logan,  Thomas,  grocer,  67,  Gallowgate 
Logan,  Thomas,  tailor,    33,  do. 

Logan,  John,  painter,  115,  Argyll-street 
Logan,  J.  tea-dealer,  59,  Queen-street 
Logan,  John,  spirit-dealer,  81,  New  wynd 
Logan,  Wm.  tinsmith,  103,  Bridgegate 
Logic  &  Tassie,  leather  merchants,  38,  Argyll-strecl 
Logic,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  44,  Glassford-street 
Lonie,  Andrew,  vintner.  Port  Dundas 
Longmuir,  J.  turner,  7,  New  wynd 
Longmuir,  John,  merchant,  48,  Jamaica-street 

Lorrain -,  of  the  Gram.  School;  house,  W.  Nile-str. 

Lothian,  George,  &  Co.  merchants,  39,  Glassford-str. 
Lothian,  George,  39,  Glassf.-str.;  house,  3,  Carlton  pi. 
Lottimer,  Wra.  grocer,  262,  High-street 
Loudon  &  Hamilton,  Phoenix  fire  and  Pelican  life- 
office,  14,  Hutcheson-street 
Loudon,  Geo.  acct.  Ship  Bank;  ho.  59,  Glassford-str. 
Loudon,  Morehead,  lodging,  40,  Dunlop-street 
Lpughrey,  Wm.  spivit-dealer,  61,  King-street 
H  2 

LOV  92  MAC 

Love,  John,  bailHe  of  the  Ramshorn  burying  ground, 

Gordon's  land,  582,  Argyll-street 
Love,  Hugh,  sale  room,  89,  Candleriggs;  house,  13, 

Love,  Rev.  John,  lodging,  Brownfield 
Love,  John,  haberdasher,  133,  Trongate 
Low,  Isaac,  grocer,  &c.  363,  Gallowgate 
Low,  James,  chandler,     115,       do. 
Low,  Alex,  candle  shop,  389,     do. 
Low,  M.  milliner,  206,     do. 

Low,  George,  spirit-dealer,  48,  Great  Dovehill 
Lowry,  Richard,  agent,  47,  Glassford-strbet  " 
Lumsden,  Jas.  &  Son,  wholesale  stationers,  60,  Queen-st. 
Lumsden,  L.  writer,  14,  Hutcheson-street 
Lumsden,  John,  pocket  book  maker,  3,  Argyll-street 
Lusk,  Wm.  tailor,  21,  Nelson-street 
Lusk,  Mrs.  milliner,  117?     do. 

Lyle,  Thomas,  druggist,  206,  High-street  "^ 

Lyle,  John,  shoemaker,  67,  Trongate 
Lyle,  James,  book  publisher,  81,  Gallowgate 
Lyon,  John,  tinsmith,  619,  Argyll-street 
Lyon,  Peter,  grocer,  Spoutjnouth 
Lyon,  George,  coppersmith,  80,  Gallowgate 
Lyon,  John,  bookseller,  17,  Saltmarket 
Lyon  &  Boggie,  brushmakers,  99,  Candleriggs, 
Lying-in-ward,  100,  High-street 

Mabon,  David,  grocer.  East  Clyde-street 
Machen,  John,  brass-founder;  house,  67,  Brunsw.-str. 
•Mack,  W.  G.  writer,    64,  Hutcheson-street ;  lodging, 

St.  Mungo-street,  Stirling's  road 
Mackie,  Js.  &  Co.  tea-merchants,  85,  Glassford-street 
Mackie,  John,  grocer,  Main-street,  Calton 

MAC  €^8  MAR- 

Mackie,  T.  muslin  singer,  83,  Saltmarket 
Mackie,  Robt.  painter,  28,  Stockwell 
Mail-Coaeh  Office,  3,  Nelson-street 
Mair,  John  &  Co.  manufacturers,  38,  Argyll-street 
Mair,  John,  manufacturer;  lodging,  Plantation 

Mair, ,  manufac.  23,  Adelphi-str.  Hutchesontow» 

Mair,  John,  vintner  and  stabler,  57,  High  street 
Maitland  &  Brown,  manufacturers,  8,  Garthland-str» 

Malcom, ,  auctioneer,  Post-office  court 

Malcom,  A.  spirit-dealer,  85,  Bell-street 
Malcom,  John,  grocer,  33,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Malcom,  William,  57,  Brunswick-street 
Malloch,  M.  milliner,  Sidney  court,  Argyll-street 
Maltnaan,  John,  manufacturer,  6,  Bell-street 
Mann,  David,  auctioneer,  2,  Prince's  street 
Mann,  John,  writer,  13,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Mann,  John,  gunsmith,  4,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Mann,  William,  do.     198,       do.  do* 

'Mann,  John,  jun.  writer,  Melville-place 
Mann,  James,  gunsmith,  31,  Brunswick-place 
Mann,  Alex,  merchant,  at  G.  M*Nish  &  Co's. 
Manson,  William,  at  A.  Oswald's  cellars 
Manners,  J.  plane  maker,  Saracen  lane,  Gallowgate 
Marquis,  N.  &  J.  grocers,  1 1 ,  King-street 
Marsden,  Wm.  machine-mak.  Picadilly-str.  AnderstOH 
Marshall,  Thomas,  writer,  449,  Gallowgate 
Marshall,  David  and  Co.  inkle-work,  Craignestock 
Marshall,  Thos.  and  Co.  tape  and  thread  warehouse,  do. 
Marshall,  Richard,  spirit-dealer  Calton  mouth 
Marshall,  Js.  cotton- and  worsted  shop,  25,  High-str. 
Marshall,  J.  baker,  279,      do.    ' 

Marshall,  Wm.  do.  269,      do. 

Marshall, -,  surgeon,  88,  High-street 

Marshall,  Alex,  jn^on,  1,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
H  3 

MAR  94  MA-T 

Marshall,  A.  baker,  King-street,  Tradestown 
Marshall,  Lawrence  and  Co.  5,  Saltmarket 
Marshall,  John,  spirit-dealer,  25,  Bell-street 
Marshall,  John,  vintner,  39,  Gallowgate 
Marshall,  John,  grocer,  203,       do. 
Marshall,  James,  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 
Marshal],  Robert,  writer,  50;  house,  10,  Miller-street 
Marshall,  Robert,  grocer,  King-street,  Calton 
Marshall,  John,  accomptant,  Ship  Bank 
Marshall,  John,  sen.  baker,  362,  Gallowgate    ? 
Marshall,  Couper  and  Co.  nianufacts.  57,  Brunsw.-street 
Martin,  James  and  Co.  merchts.  North  Albion-street 
Martin,  James,  sen.  and  Co,  ironmongers,  13,  Argyll-str. 
Martin,  Pvlrs.  lodgings,  44?,  John-street 
Martin,  .ames,  mill-wright,  Mitchell-street 

Marwick,  ,  straw  hat  maker,  34,  Brunsw.-place 

Mason,  Tames,  spirit  dealer,  9,  Kirk-street 

Mather,  William,  yarn -warehouse,  55^  Wilson  street; 

house,  Kingston,  Tradeston 
Mather,  Carnegie  and  Co.  wine  and  rum  cellars,  Tontine 

Back  Buildings 
Mather,  Mackay  and  Co.  general  commission  agents,  25, 

Mather  and  Watson,  spirit-dealers,  20,  King-street 
Mathie,  David,  writer,  175,  Trongate;  ho.  33,  Char- 
Mathie  and  Craig,  writers,  23,  Ingram-street 
Mathie,  Benjamin,  do.  lodging,  West  George-street 
Mathie,  Robert,  warehouse^  8,  S.  Frederick-street 
Mathie  and  vSimpson,  spirit-cellars,  15,  St.  And.-lane 
Mathison,  Charles,  painter,  25,  Trongate 
Mathieson,    Kenneth,    mason   and   builder,    Hopehill: 
orders  left  at  Mrs.  Anderson's,  King's  field,  Gallow, 
Mattbieson,  Wm.  flour-merchant,  Main«street,  Calton 

MAV  95  MIL 

Maver,  Wm.  sale-room,  69,  Trongate 

Maxwell,  John,  Dargavel,  18,  Buchanan-street 

Maxwell,  William,  19,  Queen-street 

Maxwell,  Houston,  cheese  and  hara-shop,  10,  King-str. 

Maxwell,  Peter,  spirit- dealer,  Grahamstone 

Maxwell,  William,  tea  dealer,  211,  High-street 

Maxwell,  John,  surgeon,   100,    Candleriggs;  house,' 

23,  King-street 
May,  J.  A.  music-seller  and  teacher,  17,  Glassford>str. 
Mayne,  James,  taylor,*  22,  Prince's  street 
Mearns,  James,  spirit-dealer,  3,  Maxwell-street 
\jMeek,'  Thomas,  writer,  71,  Hutcheson-street 
Meikle,  William,  baker,  40,  Gallowgate ;  house,  21, 

Meikle,  W-^illiam,  grocer,  Crossloan  street,  Calton 
Meikle,  Richard,  baker,  97,  Gallowgate 
Meikle,  J.  grocer  and  spirit-dealer, "546,  Gallowgate 
Meliss,  Danitl,  grocer,  64,  Saltmarket 
Menzies,  Wm,  bookbinder,  11,  Saltmarket 
Menzies,  A.  tobacconist,   106,         do. 
Menzies,  Alex,  tobacconist,  1,  Bridgegate 
Menzies,  Archibald,  lint-dresser,  8,  PI igh  street 
Menzies,  Thomas,  George  Inn,  18,  George's  square 
Menzies,  James,  herring  merchant,  98,  Bridgegate 
Menzies,  Wm.  brewer,  38,  Muirhead-street,  Gorbals 
Menzies,  A.  tool-maker,  Main-street,  Calton 
Menzies  &  Binning,  spirit  cellars,  99,  Saltmarket 
Mercer,  James,  spirit  dealer,  facirfg  Broomielaw  quay 
Middleton  &  Tennant,  merchants,  80,  Stirling-street 
Middleton,  William,  haberdasher,  134,  Trongate 
Mile  End  Spinning  Co.  Mil^  End,  Calton;  letters  and 

orders  left  at  Lindsay  &  Adams,  24,  Virginia'-str. 
Millar,  Dr.  Rich,  lecturer  in  Mat.  Medica,  Spreull's 

land,  106,  Trongate 

MIL  96  MIL 

Miller  &  Ewing,  cloth  merchants,  145,  Trongate 
Millar,  G.  and  W.  &  Co.  haberdashers,  157,  do. 
Millar,  M.  shoe  shop,  14-,  do. 

Millar,  James,  tailor,  96,  King- street 
Millar,  A.  teacher,  96,  George-street 

Millars, ,  milliners,  599,  Argyll-street 

Miller,  James,  and  Co.  calenderers,  169,  Montrose-str. 

Miller,  James,  merchant,  26,  Bell-street 

Miller,  Wm.  shoemaker,  271,  High-street 

Miller  and  Neilson,  reedmakers,  287,  do. 

Miller,  John,  grocer,  39,  do. 

Miller,  John,  dyer,  162,  Gallowgate 

Miller,  Geo.  cooper,  402y     do. 

Miller,  Stephen  &  Co.  founders,  Saracen's  lane 

Miller,  Wm.  weaving  utensil  maker,  112,  Gallowgate 

Miller,  John,  cork  cutter,  lOl,         do. 

Miller,  And.  &  Co.  painters,  oil  and  colourmen,  15, 

Miller,  Alex,  baker,  334,  Gallowgate 
Miller,  James,  tailor,  9,  Trongate 
Miller,  James,  chandler,  408,  Gallowgate 
Miller,  Robt.  shoemaker,  19,  Canon-street 
Miller,  John  &  Co.  merchants,  37,  Brunswick  place 
Miller,  Geo.  straw-hat  maker,  18,  Glassford-street 
Miller,  John,  grocer,  415,  Gallowgate 
Miller,  M.  baker,         425,      do. 
Miller  &  M'Lennan,  house  and  sign  painters,  S3,  do. 
Miller,  D.  wheel  wright  and  turner,  81,  do. 

Miller,  Robt.  joiner,  52,  East  Albion-street 
Miller,  Robt.  &  Alex,  spirit  dealers,  47,  Saltmarket- 
Miller,  Alex,  wright,  72,  Saltmarket 

Miller,  . ,  furniture  shop,  76,  do.  i 

Miller,  Alex,  leather  cutter,  122,  do.  j 

f  Miller,  Walter,  lint  shop,  67,  do. 

MIL  97  Mlt 

Miller,  John,  cooper,  199,  Main-str.  GorbalB 

Miller,  John,  cooper,  169,  Saltmarket 

Miller,  John,     do.         62,  Queen-street 

Miller,  John,  grocer,  39,  High-street 

Miller,  Robert,  spirit  dealer,  16,  Duke-street 

Miller,  Wm.  grain  merchant,  21,  Montrose-Street 

Miller,  Wm.  baker,  71,  Gallowgate 
'    Miller,  Patrick,  cooper,  St.  Enoch^s  wynd 

Miller,  J.  umbrella  and  straw  hat  mak.  121,  Nelson^st. 

Miller,  Wm.  manufacturer,  15,  St.  Andrew's  square 
.   Miller,  Wm.  yarn  shop,  4,  St.  Andrew's  street 

Miller's  School  for  Girls,  54,  George-street 

Miller,  George,  painter,  5,  Maxwell-street 
V  Miller,  Gabriel,  writing  master,  17,  Hutcheson-street 

Miller,  James,  coppersmith,  51,  Bridgegate 

Miller,  David,  baker,  80,         do. 

Miller,  H.  do.  53,         do. 

Miller,  Alexander,  spirit  dealer,  25,  do. 

Miller,  Alexander,  Cossack  Inn,  40,  King-street 

Miller,  John  &  Co.  marble  cutters,  Jamaica-street 

Miller,  T.  merch.  at  Mrs.  Shedden's,  94,  George- str. 

Miller,  William,  eating-house,  300,  Gallowgate 

Miller,  Thomas,  grain  merchant,  Mitchell-street 

Miller,  Hugh,  surgeon,  77,  opposite  the  College- 
church,  High-street 
'Miller,  Robt.jun.  merchant,  164,   Trongate;  house, 

John-street,  Greenhead 
-  Miller,  Robt.  manufacturer,  37,  Bell^street 
)   Miller  &  Birkrayre,  manufacturers,  64,  Brunswick-str 

Miller  &  M'Lean,  surgeons,  47,  Adelphi-street 

Miller,  Wm.  dye  works,  Sidney-street 
VMiller,  A.  vintner,  113,  Trongate 

Miller,  J.  grocer,  246,  High-street 

MIL  98  MIT 

Miller,  Mrs.  milliner,  144-,  Saltmarket 

Miller, ,  surgeon,  3,  Crown-str.  Hutchesontown 

Miller,  James,  smith,  23,  Main-street,  Gorbals 

Miller,  James,  wigmalier,  93,  New  wynd 

Miller,  James,  baker,  Crossloan-street,  Calton 

Miller,  Joseph,  smith,  Argyll-street,  North  side 

Milligan,  Mrs.  Andrew,  toy  dealer,  29,  St«  Enoch's  sq. 

Milligan,  James,  manufacturer,  12,  Wilson-street 

Miliken,  James,  stocking  manufacturer,  33,  Gallowg. 

Miliken,  John,  reedmaker,  8,  High-street 

Mills,  Mrs.  starcher,  Gordon-street 

Mills,  Mrs.  midwife,  63,  Stockwell 

Mills,  Wm.  merch.  127,  Trong.;  house,  Sandyford  pi. 

Miln,  Wm.  haberdasher,  426,  Gallowgate 
Milne,  William,  merchant,  at  James  Black  &  Co.*s: 

lodgings,  40,  Miller-street 
Milne,  John,  turner,  25,  Trongate 
Milne,  John,     do.     193,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Milne,  John,  Tontine  tavern,  Exchange 
Milne,  Alex.  &  Co.  merchants,  22,  Argyll-street 
Mirlees,  Peter,  saddler,  634,  do. 

Mirlees,  W.  saddle  and  saddle-tree  maker,  34,  do. 
Mirlees,  Wm.  jun.         do.     house,  49,  Virginia»streel 
Mirleess,  Robt.  wright  and  organ  builder,  64,  Ingr.-sti> 
Mirlees,  Alex,  spirit  dealer,  42,  Argyll-street 
Mitchell,  James,  painter,  84,  King-street 
Mitchell,  John  &  James,  grocers,  15,  do. 
Mitchell,  Alex,  merchant ;  house,  Garnet  Hill 
Mitchell,  Rev.  Dr.  J.  Antiburgher-meeting,  Anderstoji 
Mitchell,  Wm.  spirit  dealer,  105,  Gallowgate 
Mitchell,  Thomas,  &  Co.  grocers,  420,  do. 
Mitchell  &  Russel,  watch-makers,  18,  do. 
Mitchell,  Alex,  currier,  38,  Bridgegate 

MIT  99  MON 

Mitchell,  M.  spirit  dealer,  82,  New  wynd 
Mitchell,  James,  reedraaker,  6,  Bell-street 
Mitchell,  J.  tambouring  warehouse,  30,  Trongate 
Mitchell,  Thos.  &  Wm.  149,  Montrose-street 
Mitchell,  Alex,  manufacturer,  11,  Candleriggs 
Mitchell,  Andrew,  writer;  house,  38,  Miller'Street 
Mitchell,  Js.  master  of  Police ;  house,  Turner's  court 
Mitchell,  David,  gardener,  IS^,  George-street 
Mitchell,  John,  hairdresser,  11,  do. 

Mitchell,  Alexander,  plumber,  16,  Jamaica-street 
Mitchell,  Alex,  druggist,  29,  Candleriggs 
Mitchell,  T.  and  M.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  Nile-street, 

near  the  Tabernacle ;  lodgings,  Garnet  Hill 
Mitchell,  J.  grocer,  165,  Gallowgate 
Mitchell,  Thomas,  rope  maker,  Grahamston 
Mitchell,  Peter  H.  writer,  47,  King-street 
Mitchell,  Stewart,  tobacconist,  46,     do. 
Mitchell,  John,  cork-cutt«r,       27,     do. 
Mitchell's  drawing  academy,  1,  Brunswick-place 
Mitchell,  Alex,  merchant,  13,  Buchanan-street 
Mitchell,  J.  grocer,  Anderston-walk 
Mitchell,  Robt.  smith,  Jamaica-street 
Mochrie,  Wm.  and  Brothers,  calender,  68,  Bell-street 
MoiFat,  Walter,  smith,  Govan-street,  Gorbala 
Moffat,  James,  chaplain.  Town's  Hospital 
Moffat,  James,  merchant,  at  M*Gavin  and  Lamb's,  Vir- 
Moffat  and  Scott,  surgeons,  109,  Nelson-street 
Moffat,  James,  plumber,  11,  Charlotte-street 
Molle^on,  Alexander,  at  J.  and  R.  Monteith's;  houa?, 

Sauchyhall  road     _ 
Moir,  James,  spirit-dealer,  23,  Prince's  street 
Mon^ch,  Duncan,  manufac. :  house,  Morrison's  court 
Monach,  Robert,  manufacturer^  79,  Stirling-street 


MON  100  Mon 

Monach,  James  and  Andrew,  cotton-spinners,  Burnside 

lane,  foot  of  Havannah-street 
Monkland  Steel  Company,  Moodie^s  court 
Monro,  John,  reed-maker,  42,  High-street 
Monro,  D.  baker,  Grahamston 
Monro,  George,  tinsmith,  87,  High-street 
Munro,  Mrs.  vintner,  Laigh  Kirk  Close 
Munro,  John,  reed-maker,  42,  High-street 
Monro,  Mrs.  grocer,  24,  Glassford-street 
Monro,  John^  brickmaker,  &c.  Gallowgate  toll 
Monro,  Wm,  grocer,  74,  King-street 
Monro,  N.  vintner,  158,  Trongate 
Monteath,  James,  manufacturer,  59,  Queen-street 
Monteath,  J.surg.  Buchanan-str.;shop,  87,  Glassf.-str. 
Monteath,  James,  writer,  87,  Glassford-street 
Monteath,  J.  &  G.  surgeons,  87,  Glassford-street 
Monteath,  Dr.  George,  do.;  house,  32,  Hutch.-street 
Monteith,  John  &  Robert,  merchants,  IS,       do. 
Monteith,  Henry,  merchant;  house,  53,  Buchanan-str. 
Monteith,  Henry,  Bogle,  &  Co.  yarn-warehouse,  Char- 
Monteith,  Robert,  grocer,  23,  College-street 
Monteith,  William,  lodging,  57,  Hutcheson-street 
Montgomery,  Matthew,  writer,  141,  Trongate;  lodg- 
ing, 1 1 ,  Graham's  buildings,  George-street 
Montgomery,  Robert,  merchant,  85,  Clyde-street 
Montgomery,  M.  spirit-dealer,  East  Clyde-street 
Montgomery,  John,  spirit-dealer,  5,  Shuttle-street 
Moody,  Hugh,  wine  and.  rum  merchant,  24,  King-str. 
Moody  Sc  Harley,  manufacturers,  37,  Bell-street 
Moore,  J.  &  Co.  druggists,  123,  Bridgegate 
More,  Robert,  agent,  58,  Bell-street 
More,  John,  cashier,  Royal  Bank,  38,  St.  And.-square 
More,  John,  grocer.  Kirk-street,  Calton 

MOR  101  MOR 

Morehead,  Alex,  grocer,  16,  Canon-street 
Morrison,  Alex,  at  Wm.  Bennerman  &  Co.*s 
Morrison,  Jas.  &  Co.  manufacts.  48,  St.  Andrew's  sqr. 
Morison's  furnished  lodgings,  80,  Trongiite 
Morison,  Miss,  milliner,  91,  New  wynd 
Morison,  D.  and  G,  spirit-cellars,  58,  Nelson-street 
Morison,  James,  spirit-dealer,  125,  Bridgegate 
Morison,  Wm.  hosier  and  glover,  628,  Argyll-street 
Morison,   Wm.  upholsterer;  house,   Marshall's  court, 

12,  South  Hanover-street 
Morison,  N.  &  Co.  saddlers,  Grahamston 
Morison,  Duncan  &  Co.  manufacts.  23,  Candleriggs 
Morison,  Mrs.  dealer  in  furniture,  88,  Saltmarket 
Morison,  W.  joiner,  Blackfriar's  wynd 
Morison,  J.  cane  bottom  chair-maker,  621,  Argyll-str. 
Morison,  George,  writer,  ^^Q,  Gallowgate 
Morison,  William,  wright,  155,  Bridgegate 
Morison,  C.  accountant,  ^SO,  Duke-street 
Morison,   Daniel,    comptroller    of  customs;    lodging, 

Main-street,  Anderston 
Morison  Sc  M'Donald,  shuttle-makers,  New-str._  Calton 
Morison,  Wm.  mason,  Hospital-street,  Gorbals 
Morison  &  M*Lean,  spirit-cellars,  20,  Jamaica-street 
Morison,  J.  baker,  7,  College-street 
Morison,  Walter,  surgeon  Sc  ac.coucheur,  88,  Saltmark. 
Morison,  John,  grocer,  30,  Adelphi-street 
Morison,  James,  grocer.  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Morrison,  James,  mercantile  academy,  32  E.  Albion-st. 
Morrison,  Munro  &  Co.  saddlers,  626,  Argyll-street 
M«rris,  Kinnear  &  Co.  merchts.  55,  St.  Andrew's  sqn 
Morris,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  66,  Stockwell 
Morris,  R.  H.  merchant,  house,  Greenhead 
.Morison  &  M'Dougall,  accountants,  43,  Hutch.-stf. 
^Morrison,  M'Dougall  &  Co.  agents,  43,         do. 



MOR  102  MUI 

Morison,  George,  Writing-master,  96,  George-street 
Morrison  &  M'Dowall,  writers,  53,  Miller-street 
Morrison  &  Watson,  agents,  51,  Bell-street 
Morrison,  ^neas,  writer,  53,  Miller-street 
Morton,  Peter,  agent,  25,  Virginia-street 
Morton,  Miss,  milliner,  13,  Frederick-lane 
Muckart,  Lachlant,  shoemaker,  76,  Glassford-street 
^  Mudie,  William,  &  Son,  auctioneers;   sale-room,  22, 
Trongate ;  lodgings,  2d  flat  above 
Mudie,  Robt.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  6,  Montrose-street 
Muir,  Brown  &  Co.  do.         190,  Trongate  ; 

works,  Rose-street,  Hutchesontown 
Muir,  James  &  Co.  woollen-drapers,  454,  Gallowgate 
Muir,  M.  milliner,  73,  Bell-street 
Muir,  Wm.  grocer,  38,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Muir,  Wm.  &  Hugh,  manufacts.  24,  Montrose-street 
Muir,  John,  tinsmith,  17,  Market-street 
Muir,  Mrs.  David,  umbrella-maker,  86,  Glassford-str. 
Muir,  James,  at  James  Mackie  &  Co.'s  85,     do. 
Muir,  Thomas,  manufacturer,  5,  Saltmarket 
Muir,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  20,  New  wynd 
Muir,  Wm.  jun.  at  Robert  White  &  Co.*s;  lodging, 

West  Vincent-street 
Muir,  Rev.  Wm.  house,  25,  George's  square 
Muir,  John,  spirit-cellars,  38,  Saltmarket 
Muir,  William,  spirit-dealer,  38,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Muir,  John,  porter-house,  62,  Trongate 
Muir,  Robert,  writer,  Antigua  Place 
Muir,  Mrs.  grocer,  119,  Argyll-street 
Muir,  Robert,  H.  71,  Ingram-street 
Muir,  M.  spirit-dealer,  16,  Market-street 
Muirhead,  A.  joiner,  Dale  street,  Tradeston 
Mulligan,  Robert,  vintner,  357,  Gallowgate 
Muirhead,  Alexander,  ironmonger,  7,  Saltmarket 

MUI  103  MUR 

,    Muirhead,  William,  baker,  100,Newwynd 
;   Muirhead,  Js.  vintner  &  coal-agent,  32,  Trafalgar  place 
''  Muirhead,  William,  vintner,  175,  Trongate 
Muirhead,  Lockhart,  profess,  of  Nat.  Hist.  2,  Col.-str. 
Muirhead,  Michael  &  Son,  merchants,  21,  Glassf.-str. 
Muirheid,  Robert,  merchant,  5,  St,  Enoch's  square 
Muirheid,  R.  &  Co.  timber-merchants,  Union-place 
Muirkirklron  Company,  13,  Ingram-street 
Munn,  Neil,  vintner  and  livery  stables,  65,  Ingram-str. 
Mungal,  James,  grocer,  61,  High-street 
Munsie,  John,  joiner,  Old  Vennal 
Murdoch,  James,  merchant,  26,  Montrose-street 
Murdoch,   James,  jun.  insurance-broker,  Exchange; 

house,  44,  High  John -street 
Murdoch  &  Buchanan,  26,  Montrose-street ;  dye-work.. 

Burnside-lane,  Duke-street 
Murdoch,  John,  watchmaker,  356,  Gallowgate 
Murdoch  John,  grocer,  Balmanno-street 
Murdoch,  John,     do.     York-place 
Murdoch,  Mrs.  lodgings,  70,  Glassford-street 
Murray,  Maurice,  joiner,  &c.  13,  Miller-street 
Murphy,  F.  clothes-broker,  39,  Bridgegate 
Murray,  John,  grocer.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Murray,  John,      do.     Tureen-street 
Murray,  James,  shoemaker,  7,  Shuttle-street 
Murray,  Robert,  smith,  West«street,  Tradestoji 
Murray,  Alexander,  baker,  41,  Queen-street 
Murray,  Arch,  joiner,  Anderston-walk 
Murray,  Mrs.  furnished  lodgings,  621,  Argyll-street 
Murray,  George,  glazier,  Gibson-street,  Gallowgate 
Murray,  Patrick,  writer,  29,  Virginia-street 
Murray,  Francis,   merchant,  Moodie's  court;   house, 

first  close  west  of  Union  place 
Murray,  Wm.  merchant,  house,  Greenhead 
12        _ 

MUR  104  M*AR 

Murray,  Andrew,  painter,  22,  Dunlop-street 

Murray  &  Bonnard,  booksellers  and  stationers,  98,  Glas.^ 

Mushet,  Rev,  H.  above  176,  George-street 
Muter,  Rev,  Robert,  213,  George-street 
Mutrie,  David,  lodging,  23,  St.  Enoch's  square 
Mutrie,  D-  &  Soiis,  manufacturers,  80,  Trongate 
JM'Adam,  Thomas,  grocer,  202,  High-street 
M'Adam  &  M'Kinlay,  manufacts,  45,  Hutch.-street 
M'A  am,  Peter,  merchant,  26,  Bell-street 
M*Adara  &  Sons,  ivory  blacking  and  sal-ammoniac 

makers,  Hill-street,  Duke-street 
M'Adam,  James,  grocer,  Cowcaddens 
M'Adani,  J.  tinsmith,  1,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
McAllister,  Charles,  tailor,  Sidney-court 
M'AlIister  &  Duncan,  warehousemen,  72,  Trongate 
McAllister  S:  M  Kay,  calenderers,  62,  Bell-street 
McAllister,  M.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  432,  Gallowgate 
McAllister  &  Gibb,  wine  &  rum  cellars,  18,  Stockwell 
M'Allister,  Patrick,  manufacturer,  82,  Stirling-street 
M'Alpine.  Wm.  writer,  92,  King-street 
M*Alpine,  John,  confectioner,  294,  High-street 
M* Alpine,  Wm.  surgeon,  above  87,  Gallowgate 
M' Arthur,  John,  merchant,  Melville  place 
M*Arthur,  John,  surgeon;  house,  57,  Hutcheson-street 
M* Arthur,  Alexander,  .Carswell's  court,  George-street 
M'Arthur,  James  manufac.  Dale-street,  Tradeston 
M< Arthur,  M.  boarding-school,  81,  Brunswick-street 
M*Arthur,  Hector,  eating-house,  4,  Market-street 
M'Arthur,  William,  grocer,  56,  Stockwell-street 

M' Arthur, ,  confectioner,  91,  Hutcheson-street 

M* Arthur,  J.  &  Co.  wholes,  iron-merchs.  52,  jQueen-sK 
M* Arthur,  Arch,  tailor,  136,  Trongate 
M'Arthur,  Duncan  &  Co.  engineers,  Camlacl^ie 

M*AR  105  M«CA 

M' Arthur,  James,  teacher,  39,  Prince's  street 
M*  Arthur,  — — ,  clothes-broker,  49,  Bridgegate 
M*Aslan,  John  &  Co.  linen-printers'  colour-makers, 

West -street,  Tradeston 
M*Aulay,  J.  linen-draper,  23,  Nelson-street 
M'Aulay,  George,  spirit- dealer,  4-5,  Argyll-street 
M'Aulay  &  Biggar,  dress-makers,  617,    do. 
M*Bean,  Smith  &  Co.  merchants,  47,  Glassford-street 
M*Beth,  George,  merchant,  at  Leckie  &  Alexander's 
M'Brair,  Archd.  house,  2,  South  Frederick-street 
M*Brair,  Alexander,  agent,  17,  North  Albion-street 
^      M*Brayne,  Dav.  at  Js.  Leslie  S.  Co.*s,  S.  Frederick- str. 
M*Bryde,  M.  perfumer,  616,  Argyll  street 
M*Cabe,  Wm.  teacher  of  English,  62,  Bell-street 
M'Call,  John,  &  Co.  merchants,  42,  Miller-street; 

house,  York-hill 
M*Call,  Robert,  merchant,  3,  South  Albion-street 
M'Callum,  Duncan,  grocer,  45,  Bell-street 
M'Callum,  Alexander,  teacher  of  mathematics  and  ac- 
counts, Stirling  square 
M'Callum  &  Watson,  smiths,  126,  Saltmarket 
M*Callum,  Mrs.  W.  milliner,  92,  Hutchesoo-stre«et 
I  NM'Callum,  D.  jeweller,  108,  Trongate 

M'Callum,  Duncan,  sen.  measurer,  32,  Stockwell 
M*Callum,  Donald,  spirit-dealer,      24,       do. 
M<Callum,  Alex,  stabler,  74,  Gallowgate 
M'Callum,  D.  joiner,  36,  Gallowgate 
M*Callum,  A.  stationer,  36,  Bell-street 
M*Callum,  D.  sen.  ironmonger,  9,  Saltmarket 
M'Callum,  John  &  Co.  coopers,  Bnoomielaw 
M*Callum,  A.  grocer,  14,  George-street 
M*Caul,  John  &  Sons,  merchants,  50,  Argyll-street 
M'Caul,  Alexander,  insurance-broker,  do. 

M*Caul,  Gilbert,  shoe-shop,  1,  Virginia-street 

M'CL  106  M«CU 

M*Clunie,  Johia,  grocer,  154;,  Saltmarket 
M'Coll,  H.  &  Co.  tailors,  43,        do. 
M'Coll,  D.  nailer  &  spirit  dealer,  Cowcaddens 
M'CoU,  Arch,  at  Campbell,  Rivers  &  Co.'s;  house, 

Key's  land,  Ivlaxwelton-place 
M'Coll  &  Carlisle,  nailers,  Bridge-street,  Tradeston 
M'Coall,  D.  tailor,  96,  New  wynd 
M'Connechy,  Hugh,  baker,  199,  George-street 
M*Corry,  Peter,  clothes  broker,  J 11,  Saltmarket 
^''CorklOj  Allan,  rope  spinner,  128,  Bridgegate 
M'Corkle,  Wm.  Port-Glasgow  and  Greenock  daily 

carrier,  6,  Virginia-street 
M'Corquodale,  M.  6<  J.  haberdashers,  46,  Trongate 
M*Cormick,  Mrs.  Dun.  candle-shop,  400,  Gallowgate 
M*Cormick,  J.  shoemaker,  Balmanno-street 
M'Craken,  Alex,  grocer,  Spoutmouth 
M'Creath,  James,  wright,  Brunswick-lane 
M*Creadie,  Wm.  bricklayer^  1 J  7,  Gallowgate 
M'Crindell,  James,  Latin  teacher,  at      r.  Batchelor's, 

Broad  street,  Hutchesontown 
M*Crocket  &  Goodwin,  corn  merchants,  631,  Argyll-sK 
M*Crocket,  Boyd,  house,  4,  West  St.  Vincent-street 
M*Crone,  James,  messenger,  130,  Stockwell;  house, 

Gallowknow,  Gorbals  Barony 
M'Cubbin,  John,  merchant,  442,  Gallowgate 
.M*Gulloch,  M.  &  Co.  ironmong.  &  founders,  388,  do. 
M*Culloch,  Robert,  wheel-wright,  Campbell-street 
M*Culloch,  Davidson  &  Co.  manufacturers,  15,  St. 

Andrew's  square 
M*Culloch,  John,  lodging,  Robertson's  co.  Argyll-stro 
M*Culloch,   Andrew,  sand-paper  and  scythe-strake- 

raaker,  256,  High -street 
M^Cullocb,  Alexander,  house,  29,  Stv  Andrew's  square 
I4'C^i11ogIi,  John,  spirit-dealer,  65,  Trongate 

JSl'CU  107  M*DO 

M'Culloch,  W.  jeweller,  120,  Trongate 
M'Cusker,  Hugh,  spirit-dealer,  85,  Saltmarket 
M'Derroid,  Robert,  house,  Brownfield 
M'Dermid  &  Forrester,  spirit-cellars,  29,  Argyli-slreet 
M 'Donald,  John,  grocer,  house,  136,  Trongate 
M*Donald,  John,  grocer,  60,  King-street 
M*Donald,  J.  H.  haberdasher,  44-,  Trongate 
M*Donald,  Norman,  clothier,  641,  Argyll-street 
McDonald,  Angus,  patent  medicine  warehouse,  14  and 

15,  Brunswick-place 
M'Donald,  John,  writer,  37,  Brunswick-place 
M* Donald,  Donald,  merchant;  house,  37,  Dunlop-str, 
M*Donald,  Hugh,  agent,  18,  Brunswick-place 

McDonald, ,  wigmaker,  590,  Argyll-street 

M'Donald  &  Co.  stone  ware  shop,  25,     do. 

M'Donald,  Ronald,  saddler,  91,  GJassford-street 

M*Donald,  Richard,  vintner,  61,  Broomielaw 

M 'Donald,  Ronald,     do.  do. 

M'Donald,  Mrs.  grocer,  302,  Gallowgate 

M*Donald  &  Gibson,  yarn-merchants,  34,  Candleriggs 

M'Donald,  Peter,  spirit-dealer,  50,  Saltmarket 

M' Donald  &  Halket,  merchants,  4,  Virginia-street 

M'Donald,  Matthew,  spirit-dealer,  88,  Bridgegate 

M'Donald,  A.  grocer,  24,  New  wynd 

M*Donald,  Jas.  music  engraver  and  copperplate  printer, 

8,  High-street 
M*Donald,  M.  milliner,  64,  Queen-street 
M'Donald,  David,  silversmithy-40,  Dunlop-street 
M'Donald,  Duncan,  spirit-dealer,  24,  Hutcheson-street 
M'Donald,  Roderick,  agent,  22,  Argyll-street 
M'Donald,  Alex,  vintner,  20,  Saltmarket 
M'Donald,  Robt.  insur.  brok.  Exchange;  ho„  Duke-str. 
M'Donald,  John,  spirit-dealer,  74,  Bridgegate 
M'Donald,  John,  chair-master.  Turner's  co.  Argyll-str. 

M<DO  10$  M<FA 

M'Donald,  John,  grocer,  75,  Bridgegate 
M*Donald,  Mrs.  lodgings,  Moodie's  court  *^ 

M*Dougall,  John  &  Co.  general  agents  and  ship-brok- 

ersy  30,  St.  Enoch  square 
M*Dougall,  Allan,  spirit-dealer,  98,  New  wynd 
M'Dougall,  James  &  Co.  calico-printers,  47,  Glassf.-st, 
M'Dougall,  H.  tinsmith  and  oilman,  101,  High-street 
M*Dougall,  Mrs.  heddle-maker,.  11,  Bell-street 
M<Dougall,  Mrs.  Dun.  spirit-dealer,  101,  Old  wynd 
M'Dougall,  Peter,  manufacturer,  9,  Trongate 
M'Dougall,  Duncan,  sen.  do.        20,   St.  And.  square 
M'Dougall,  Duncan,  jun.  spirit-dealer,  97,  New  wynd 
M'Eachern,  D.  vintner,  402,  Gallowgate 
M*Elmaile,  Wm.  draper,  310,  High-street  ' 

M*Ewan,  J.  &  T.  Ballingall,  writers,  32,  Hutch.-str. 
M'Ewan,  Wm.  cloth  merchant,  7,  Trongate 
M'Ewan  and  M*Farlane,  haberdashers,  137?  Trongate 
M*Ewan,  Daniel,  tailor,  13,  Trongate 
M'Ewan,  William,  tea-dealer,  395,  Gallowgate 
M'Ewan,  Wm.  manufacturer,  31,  Bell-street 
M'Ewan,  Janiea,_b^llie  of  the  High  church-yard,  44> 

High  John-street 
M'Ewan,  James,  tea-dealer,  19,  High-street 
M'Ewan,  John,  hardware-shop,  Anderston 
M*Fadyen,  J.  stationery  ^  music  shop,  30,  Wilsdn-str. 
M'Fadyen,  A.  spirit-dealer,  32,  Bridgegate 
M'Fadyen,  D.  oilman,  59,  Trongate 

M'Fadyen, ,  chandler,  Antigua-buildings 

M'Fadyen,  John,  messen.  and  auctioneer,  44,  Bell-str. 
M'Farlane,  W.  chaise-hirer,  40,  Trongate 
M*Farlane,  T.  &  A.  cotton-spins.  Savoy-str.  Bridgetn. 
M*Farlane,  Mr^.  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  32,  Candleriggs 
M'Farlane,  John,  singeing-house,  85,         do. 

M'Farlane.  John,  barley  office,  20,        do. 

M*rA  109  M<FA 

M'Farlane,  D.  spirit-dealer,  31,  Candleriggs 
M'Farlane,  M.  B.  haberdasher,  89 ;  ho.  88,  Hutch.-str. 
M'Farlanej;  James  &  Co.  woollen  drapers,  87,  do. 
MTarlane,  Donald,  spirit-cellar,  114,  Old  wynd 
M*Farlane,  Wm.  perfumer,  92,  Glassford-street 
M'Farlane,  Wm.  tea  and  coiFee  shop,  SO,  Candleriggs' 
M'Farlane,  Duncan,  spirit-cellars,  107,  Bridgegate 
M'Farlane,  Peter,  plasterer,  Robertson's-str.  Broomiel. 

letters  or  orders  left  at  Mr.  Finlay's,  14-4,  Trong. 
M^Farlane,  John,  merchant;  4-9,  Miller-street ;  house, 

M'Farlane,  D.  writer,  Melville-pla.ce 
M'Farlane,  R.  baker,  215,  George-street     ' 
M'Farlane,  James,  spirit-dealer,  80,  High-street 
M*Farlane,  Andw.  vintner,  Cowcaddens 
M'Farlane,  Andrew,  joiner,  77,  High-street? 
M'Farlane,   P.  agent  for  Leith  and  Hull  traders,  60, 

Queen -street 
M'Farlane,  Peter,  grocer,  409,  Gallowgate 
M'Farlane,  Daniel,  spirit-dealer,  1,  New  wynd 
M'Farlane,  Walter,  currier,  51,  Gallowgate 
M'Farlane,  Rob.  vintner  and  stabler,  355,  do. 
M'Farlane,  Mrs.  shroudmaker,  15,  do. 

|:     M'Farlane,  Daniel,  grocer,  401,  do. 

I"^  M'Farlane,  Walter,  vintner,.  164,  Trongate 
^     M'Farlane,  David,  starcher,  Millfield,  HutchesontowB 
M'Farlane,  W.  spirit-dealer,  5,  Montrose-street 
M'Farlane,  William,  do.      90,  Gallowgate 
M'Farlane,  James,  leather-cutter,  7,  Main-str.  Gorbals 
i. ,    M'Farlane,  John,  writer,  30,  Saltmarket 
^^M'Farlane,  John,  commission- warehouse,  Ingram-cour|> 
8,  Ingram-street;  house,  47,  Brunswick-street 
M'Farlatie,  Wm.  pastry-shop,  12,  Prince's  street 
M'Farlane,  P.  dyer,  15,  Virginia-street 

M*FA  no  M*GA 

M'Farlane,  Andrew,  spirit-cellar,  East  Clyde-street 
M*Farlane,  George,  grocer,  Kirk-street,  Caiton 
M'Farlane,  G.  surgeon,  Great  Hamilton-street 
M'Farlane,  G.  &  A.  spirit-dealers,  17,  King-stre6t 
M*Farlane,  M.  spirit- dealer,  23,  New  wynd 
M*Farlane,  M.  surgeon,  1,  Centre-street,  Tradeston 
M*  Farlane,  W.  spirit-dealer,  facing  the  new  Jail 
M*Farlane,  R  &  A .  wood-merchants,  Robertson-street 
M*Farlane,  W^  joiner.  Main-street,  Gorbals 
M 'Farlane,  M.  wright,         do.         do. 
M'Farlane,  John,  spirit-dealer,  12,  Market-street 
M*Farlane,  D.  spint-dealer,  56,  East  Albion-street 
M'Farlane,  Duncan,    cotton-spinner,    Busbie;   orders 

left  at  Wm.  Kelly*^,  Virginia-street 
M'Farlane,  Daniel,  &  Co.  distillers.  Port  Dundas 
M*Farlane.  Mrs.  D.  tea-dealer,  101,  Candleriggs 
M'Farlane,  John,  stabler,  St.  Enoch's  wynd 
M'Farquhar,  Campbell  &  Co.  S.  American  merchants 

and  agents,  12,  "West  Albion -street 
M'Feat,  A.  stationer,  105,  Trongate 
M'Feat,  John,  Staffordshire  china  and  stone-  warfe  shop, 

36,  King-street 
M*Fee  Daniel,  spirit-cellar,  ^^S,  Gallowgate 
M'Fee,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  239,  High-street 
M'Fie,  Alexander,  spirit-dealer,  65,  Bell-street 
M'Fie,  John,  calico-printer,  12,  West  Albion-street 
M'Fun,  Daniel  &  Son,  manufacts.  79,  Stirling-street 
M*Fun,  Peter,  do.         13,  St.  Andw.-lane 

M*Garva,  Peter,  joiner,  Spoutmouth 
M'Garry,  P.  spirit-dealer,  59,  King-street 
M*Garvie,  J.  shoe-shop,  61,  G  lassford-street 
M*Gavin,  Robert,  house,  20,  St.  Enoch's  square 
M*Gavin,,  John,  merchant  and  accountant,  Candlerigg 
court;  house,  4,  York-street 

M*GA  111  M*GR 

M' Gavin,  William,  lodging,  2,  GeOrge  square 
M'Gavin  &  Lamb,  merchts.  39,  head  of  Virginia-street 

''  M'Gavin,  Robert  &  Co.  SpreuU's  court,  19,  Hutcheson- 
street,  and  87,  Glassford-street 
M'Gee,  Wm.  green-grocer,  St.  Andrew  lane 

^~  Macgeorge,    Andrew,    writer,    13,    Brunswick-place; 
house,  Sauchiehall-road 

"^^  M*Gibbon,  Thomas,  tobacconist,  70,  Saltmarket 
M'Gibbon,  Thomas,  tobacconist,  52,  Main-str.  Gorbals 

\M*Gill,  Francis,  merchant,  29,  Brunswick-street 
M'Gilchrist,  J.  &  Son,  woollen-drap.  460,  Gallowgate 
M'Gilp  &  Shirra,  wine-merchants,  Sidney  court 
M'Gilp,  Ninian,  manufacturer,  8,  Glassford-street 

^\M:*Goun  &  Muir,  tailors,  62,  Trongate 
M'Goun,  Archibald,  paper-maker,  117,  Stockwell 

^^^M*Goun,  R.  writing-master,  67,  Brunswick-street 
MGown,  J.  &  D.  manufacturers,  7,  South  Fred.-str. 
M*Gregor,  Pet.  &  Co.  calico-printers,  24,  St.  A.  sqr. 
M'Gregor,  Alexander,  do.;  house,  St.  Andrew's  sqr. 
M'Gregor,  John,  turner,  297,  High-street 
H.  M'Gregor,  confectioner,  175,  Trongate 
M'Gregor,    Malcom,   paper  and  yarn-merchant,    19, 

M'Gregor,  Robt.  do.  do. 

M'Gregor,  John,  spirit  dealer,  81,  Stockwell 
M'Gregor,  John,  spirit  dealer,  40,  Jamaica-street 
M'Gregor,  John,  jun.  woollen  draper,  428,  Gallowgate 
M'Gregor,  James,  cloth  merchant,  11,  Trongate 
M'Gregor's  lodgings,  83,  Glassford-street 
XM'Gregor,  Dugald,  merchant,  20,  Trongate 
M'Gregor,  Gregor,  Tontine  Buildings 

XM*Grigor,  D.  vintner.  King's  Arms,  164,  Trongate        © 
M*Grigor,  Donald,  manufacturer,  Commercial  court 
M'Grigor,  Alex,  writer ;  house,  7,  Queen-street 

M'GR  112  MaN 

M'Grigor,  Alex.  &  P.  Murray,  writers,  29,  Virgiaia-st. 
M'Grigor,  John,  merchant,  26,  Brunswick  place 
M'Grigor,  John,  vintner,  44-2,  Gallowgate 
M*Grigor,  Wm.  agent,  28,  Brunswick-place 
M'Grouther,  R.  baker,  1 08,  King-street 
M*Guffie,  James,  mason,  76,  Stockwell 
M*Haffie,  David,  &  Co.  11,  St.  Andrew's  square 
M'Hardie,  Jas.  Sheriff  Clerk  Depute,  Antigua  place 
M'Hutchon,  J.  &  R.  spirit  dealers,  94,  New  wynd 
M'Hutch on,  print  cutter,  Cochrane-street 
M'Hutchison,  James,  manufac.  33,  Candleriggs 
M*Hutchison,  Rob.  grocer,  20,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
M*Ilwham,  Thomas,  calenderer,   Old  Vennal ;  house, 

Maryfield,  near  Grahame's  square 
M^Ilwham,  J.  manufac.  79,  GJassford-str.;    lodging, 

Hyde  Park,  Anderston 
M'Indoe,  Mrs.  Scotch  cloth  shop,  327,  High-street 
M*Indoe,  John,  do.  323,         do. 

M*Indoe  &  Galbraith,  calenderers,  42,  Canon-street 
M'Indoe,  Rob.  commiss.  warehouse,  46,  Candleriggs 
M'Indoe,  Robt.  jun.  do.         do.         Stirling  square 
M'Indoe,  Peter,  turner,  Tureen-street 
M'Innes,  John,  spirit  dealer,  19,  New  wynd 
M*Innes,  John,  S.  Albion-str.  corner  of  Stirling  square 
M'Innes,  Duncan,  grocer,  45,  Gallowgate 
M'Innes,  D.  candle  shop,  101,  New  wynd 
M'Innes,  Joseph,  spirit  dealer,  80,  Saltraarket 
M'Innes,  Angus,  spirit  dealer,  23,  King-street 
M'Innes,  Lewis,  milkman,  89,  Candleriggs 
M*Innes,  Misses,  silk  shop,  2,  Nelson-street 
M*Innes,  William,  beadle,  65,  Trongate 
M*Innes,  William,  harbour  master,  Port  Dundas 
M^Innes,  William,  jun.  joiner,  do 

M'lnroy,  Parker  &  Co.  counting-house,  Antigua  place  I 

M'lN  lis  M'KA 

M'Inroy 5  James,  lodging,  26,  Buchanan-street 

;    M*Intosh,  C.  &  Co.  cudbear  works,  nigh  Craig's  Parks 
M'Intosh,  G.  &  Co.  chemists,  at  the  cudbear  works 
M'Intosh,  Charles,  house,  Dunchattan 
M'lntosh,  Alexander,  victualler,  24,  Candleriggs 
M'Intosh,  Chas.  jun.  merchant,  39,   Glassford-street; 
house,  128,  Geo'-ge- street 

■    M'Intosh,  Jas.  grocer,  51,  Main-street,  Gorbals 

M'Intosh  &  M'Intyre,  painters,  48,  Glassford-street 
^M'Intosh,  D.  &  Co.  woollen  drapers,  7,  Hutcheson-str. 
M'Intosh,  Andrew,  merchant,  41,  Glassford-street; 

house,  4S,  John-street 
M'Intosh,  D.  musician,  227,  High-street 

c  ^M'Intosh,  John,  merchant,  28,  Brunswick-place 
M'Intosh,  Johuj  grocer,  51,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
M*Intosh,  Knox  &  Co.  barm  cellar.  Back  wynd 

'■     M*Intyre,  Don.  writer,  631,  Ai*gyll-street 
M'Intyre,  Alex,  grocer,  90,  Old  wynd 
M'Intyre,  D.  measurer,  256,  High-street 
M'Intyre,  Arch,  smith,  Maxwell -street 

j     M'Intyre,  Peter,  grocer,  do, 

I    ,M*Intyre,  John,  Scotch  cloth-shop^  1,  Gallowgate 

I     M*Intyre,  John,  smith,  S3,       do. 

"^^  M*Intyre,  Peter^  at  Thos.  Owen  &  Co.  79,  Trongate 
•   MTntyre,  John,  spirit  dealer,  297,  Gallowgate 
M*Intyre,  Arch,  joiner,  Clarke's  court,  Bridgegate 
M'lntyre,  A.         do.     Cochrane-street 
M'Intyre,  H.  &  Co.  bakers,  170,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
M*Intyre,  D.  Inverary  carrier,  Blackfriars  wynd 
M'lntyre,  — — ,  hair  dresser,  48,  King-street 
M*Intyre,  D.- candle  maker,  98,  King-street 

!      M'Isaac,  Robt,  tailor,  153,  Saltmarket 

M'Kay,  R.  joiner,  machine  maker  and  wool  spinner^ 



M*Kay,  John,  tailor,  1,  New  wynd 
M*Kay,  Mrs.  H.  vintner,  307,  High-street 
M*Kay,  Mrs. chandler,  214,     do. 
M'Kay,  Alex,  tobacconist,  213,  High-street 
M'Kay,  H.  grocer,  56,  High-street 
M*Kay,  Alex,  tailor,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
M*Kay,  Angus,  tailor,  140,  Saltmarket 
M*Kay,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  48,  Bridgegate 
M'Kay,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  19,  Candleriggs 
M*Kay,  Roderick,  accountant,  61,  Buchanan- street 
M'Kay,  William,  plasterer,  21,  Johri^street 
M*Kay,  Alex,  shoemaker,  25,  Canon-street 
M^Kean,  Adam&  Co.  manufacturers,  13,  St.  And.  lant 
M'Kean,  James,  grocer,  Anderston-walk 

M*Kechnie, ,  writer,  Melville  place  \ 

M*Kechnie,  Alex,  merchant,  do. 
M*Kechnie,  Wm.  brick-maker,  near  Gallowgate  toll 
M'Kellar,  Duncan,  merchant,  33,  Cochrane-street 
M'Kellar,  Archd.  grocer,  Black  quarry 
M*Kelvie,  H.  clothes-broker,  133,  Bridgegate 
M'Kendrick,  And.  plasterer,  38,  Crown-str.  Hutch,  town 
M'Kendrick,  Andrew,  tinsmith,  238,  High-street 
M'Kendrick,  Wm.  writer,  6,  St.  Andrew-lane 
M*Kenzie,  Janies,  merchant,  19,  N.  Albion-street 
M*Kenzie,  Daniel,  19,  do. 

M'Kenzie,  Miss,  sewing-mistress,  19,  Maxwell-street 
M'Kenzie,  Misses,  mantua-makers,  Mitchell-street 
^M'Kenzie,  Al/ex.  grocer,  70,  Trongate 
M'Kenzie,  D.  printer,  20,  Saltmarket 
M'Kenzie,  D.  spirit-dealer,  85,  Bridgegate 
M'Kenzie  &  Campbell,  merchants,  32,  Miller-street 
M'Kenzie,  Thos.  successor  to  T.  Neilson,  tobacconist^ 

22,  Saltmarket 
M'Kenzie ,  chandlet,  116,  Stockwell 

M«KE  115    '  M*LA 

M'Kenzie,  M.  tailor,  100,  Saltmarketl 
M'Kenzie,  Niel,  grocer,  285,  High-street 
M*Kenzie,  James,  manufacturer,  180,  Saltmarket 
M*Kenzie,  Daniel  &  Co.  chamdlers,  26,  King-street 
M'Kerras,  Wm.  customer  weaver,  Sandyford  toll 
M*Kerracher,  Robert,  grocer,  114,  Gallowgate 
M*Kerlie,  "Alexander,  mercht.  36,  Dunlop-street 
M*Kie,  John,  mercht.  25,  Brunswick-street 
M'Kimming's,  brush-shop,  81,  King-street 
M'Kinlay,  A.  smith,  42,  Crown-street 
M*KinIay,  D.  cooper,  23,  King-street 
M'Kinlay  &  Foreman,  brushmakers,  300,  High-street 
M'Kinlay,  George,  grocer,  Castle-street 
M'KinJay,  Isabel,  grocer,  158,  Stockwell 
M*Kinlay,  James,  grocer,  28,  Saltmarket 
M*Kinlay,  John,  agent  and  ship-broker,  10,  Jamaica-st. 
M'Kinlay,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  Monkland  Canal  Basin 
M*Kinlay,  WaHer,  spirit-dealer,  609,  Argyll-street 
M*Kinnon,  Hugh,  tailor,  17,  Trongate 
M'Kinnon,  Daniel,  spirit-dealer,  30,  New  wynd 
H'Kinnon,  Angus,  smith,  25,  Trongate 
M'Kirdy,  Michael,  shoemaker,  35,  Trongate 
M*Lachlan,  Colin,  at  G.  &  R.  Dennistoun  and  Co.'s 
M'Laehlan,  D.  &  Co.  hat  manufacturers,  48,  Trongate 
M*Lachlan,  Hugh,  writer,  head  of  Virginia-street 

\M'Lachlan,  H.  messenger,  9,  Trongate 
M'Lachlan,  D.  grocer,  North  Frederick-street 
M'Lachlan,  &  M*Keand,  cloth  merchts.  325,  High-str, 

.  M'Lachlane,  James,  iron-founder,  Malta-str.  Gorbals 
M*Lachlane,  D.  spirit-dealer,  349,  Gallowgate 
M'Laughlan,  M.  clothes  broker,  58,  King-street 
M*Laughlan,  Andw.  grocer,  22,  Adelphi-street 

.  M'Leu,  Duncan,  grocer,  90,  New  wynd 
M*Laren,  — ~,  spirit- dealer,  2,  ICirk-streefr 
K  2 

M*LA  '  116  M^E 

M'Laren,  A.  teacher,  9,  Charlotte-lane 
McLaren,  Alex.  Dalmarnock  dye-works,  80,  Trongate 
M'Laren  and  Anderson,  ironmongerSj     152,      do. 
M'Laren,  James,  ironmonger,  13,  Gallowgate 
McLaren,  James,  pastry-baker,  21,  Market-street 
M'Laren,  John,  grocer,  99,  High-street 
^xM'Laren,  John,  tailor,  25,  Trongate 
M'Laren,  Rev.  J,  lodging,  Bridge-street,  Tradeston 
M'Laren,  M.  &  A.  coopers,  56,  Bridgegate 
M'Laren,  Mrs.  lodgings,  23,  Hutcheson-street 
M'Laren  and  Stalker,  agents,  SO,  Glassford-street 
M'Laurin,  Robert  and  Co.  61,  Hutcheson-street 
M'Laurin,  Js,  quill-manufacturer,  13,  St.  Andw,  lane 
M'Laws,  Robert,  A.  spirit-dealer^  308,  High-street 
M*Lay,  Robert,  spirit-cellar,  47,  High-street 
.  M'Lae,  Wm.  smith,  Port  Dundas 
M'Lean,  Daniel,  grocer,  131,  Argyll-street 
M'Lean,  Duncan,  manufacturer,  8,  Garthland-street 
M'Lean,  Hector,  spirit-dealer,  68,  Stofckwell 
M'Lean,  Rev.  Dr.  James,  lodging,  near  Gorbals  toll 
M'Lean,  Jn.  drysalter,  5,  Virginia-st.;  house,  Union  co. 
M'Lean,  Ronald,  wheelwright,  55,  Gallowgate 
McLean,  Lachlan,  trunk-maker,  68,  Bell-street 
McLean,  M.  and  Co.  calenderers,  33,  Candleriggs 
M'Lean,  Miss,  milliner,  115,  Nelson- street 
M'Lean,  Murdoch,  bagpipe-maker,  51,  Bell-street 
M'Lean,  William,  dyer,  78,  Duke-street 
M'Lehose,  Robt.  &  Co.  urabrella-Hiak.  159,  Trongate 
M'Lehose,  J.  hair-dresser,  83,  Stirling-street 
M'Leish,  Alexander,  skinner,  62,  Saltmarket 
M'Leish,  Wjn.  at  Kerr,  How  and  Co.'s 
M'Lellan  &  Turner,  cotton-spinners.  Commerce-street, 

M'Lellan  &  Shields,  woollen-drapers,  1\  Nelson-street 

M«LE  117  M*LU 

M*Lellan,  Lewis,  candle-shop,  4«llj  Gallowgate 
VM*Lellan,  James  cloth  shop,  23,  Trongate 

M'Lellan,  Fulton;  flesher,  72,  King-street 
"^  M^Lellan,  D.  hardwareman,  5,  Trongate 
>M'Lellan,  J.  &  W.  manufacts.  74,  Brunswick-street 
M'Lellan,  Arch.  &  Son,  coach  makers,  24,  Miller-str. 
M'Lellan   Dunbar  &  Co.  do  Dunlop-street 

M'Lellan,  H.  messenger  and  auctioneer,  13,  Trongate 
M'Lennan,  M.  shoe-shop,  167,  Saltmarket 
M'Lennan,  D.  &  Co.  painters,  132,  Stockwell 
M'Lennan,  do.         139,  Saltmarket 

M'Lenochan,  P.  lock  and  hinge-maker,  50,  High-str. 
M'Leod  — — ,  fish  hook  maker,  79,  Rridgegate 
M'Leod,  Alex,  porter-house,  184-,  Trongate 
M*Leod,  Alex.  &  Co.  spirit-dealers,  158,  Trongate 
M'Leod,  Andrew,  surgeon,  60,  Virginia-street 
M'Leod,  Angus,  hat- maker,  21,  Saltmarket 
M'Leod,  Cornelius,  tanner,  Old  Vennal 
M'Leod,  George,  surgeon,   17,   Argyll-street ;  house, 

32,  Stockwell 
M'Leod,  John,  cotton-spinner.  Tureen-street 
M'Leod,  John  &  Co,  manufacturers,  32,  Miller-street 
M'Leod,  John,  victualler,  66,  Bridgegate 
M'Leod,  M.  victualler,  73,  High-street 
M'Leod,  Mrs.  meal-seller,  76,  Gallowgate 
M'Leod,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  293,  High-street 
M'Leod,  William,  shawl  manufacturer,  23,  Bruns.  pi. 
M'Leroy,  Finlay  &  Co.  manufacturers,  Craignestock 
M*Limont,  Robert,  merchant,  36,  Candleriggs 
M'Luckie,  J.  &  Co.  plasterers,  corner  of  Saracen's  lane 
M'Luckie,  Thomas,  tailor,  173,  Saltmarl^t 
M'Luckie,  C.  haberdasher,  13,  Candleriggs 
M'Lure  &  Hamilton,  writers,  40,  Hutcheson-str^et 
M*Lure,  D.  porter  and  spirit-cellar,  93,  Trongate 
K  3 

If  MI  -     118  '      M«NA 

M'Micliael,  David,  manufacturer,  44,  Bell  street 

j/nMillan;  Andrew.  condJe  shop,  l-vS,  Argyll-street 

M' '  nlari,  D.  grocer,  46,  Argyll-street 

X/i'^/illan,  D.  grocer,  323,  Gallowgate 

M'Millan,  John,  spirit-dealer,  160,  do. 

M'Millan,  Dugald,  provision  shop,  134,  Saltraarke& 

M'iTiilan,  D.  grocer,  192,  Main-street,  Gorbals 

I'  *j  'iJlan,  Hugh,  painter,  21,  Glassford-street 

M'^  illan,    ames,  tailor,  53,  PrinceVstreet 

McMillan,  '  :ich.  23,  St.  And.-str.;  house,  9,  St.  A.  sqr. 

M'Millan  -^   Co.  clothiers,  Antigua  place 

ivi  'Miilan,  Walter,  manufacturer,  427,  Gallowgate 

M'Millan,  ; ,  furniture  broker,  135,  Bridgegate 

M'     artin-      Thomson,  merchants,  Antigua  place 
M'Min,  George,  surgeon  and  druggist,  90,  King-streefe 
M^Murra)/;  Thomas,  manufac.  Currie's  closs,  High-str. 
M'     urray,  Wm,  Paisley  daily  carrier,  Back  wynd 
M'Murrich,  J.  tisnber  merchant,  Union  place 
M'Nab,  Arch.  &  Co.  agents,  57,  Brunswick-street 
M'i>iab,  MaJcom,       Co.  57,  do. 

M'Nab,  M  Farlane      Co.  merchants,  49,  Miller-street 
M'Nab,  Archibald,at  J.&  G.Buchanan's, St. Enoch  sqr. 
M^Nab,  John,  grocer,  45,  Adelphi-street,- Hutch.-tovvn 
M'Nab,  Kob.mynufr  18,  Stirling  str'.;  ho.  2,  College-st. 
M'Nab,  Peter,  spu-it  cellar,  Main-street,  Anderston 
M'Nab,  Wm.  and  Co.  7,  Hutcheson-street 
M*Nair,  James,  sugar-reiinei,  48,  Queen-street 
M'Nair,  Matthew,  tape-maker,  Grseme-street 
M'Nair,  J.  manufacturer,  7;  Mootrose-street 
M'Nau',  Misses,  milliners,  ISlj  George-street 
M'Nair,  And.  &  Co.  London  hat  warehouse,  55}  Trongo 
M^Nair,  Walter,  grocer,  63,  Queen-street 
M^Nair,  Alex  paper  vrarehouse,  33,  Bell-street 
M'Nau',  James,  smoke-doctor,  Calton-mouth 

M»NA  119  M'NI 

M'NalJy,  Mrs.  clothes  broker,  161,  Bridgegate 
M'Nally,  John,  ^clothes  broker,  3,  Market-street 
M  Vaught  &  Anderson,  manufacts.  12^  Wilson-street 
M  N  i.ojht.  John  &  Co.  merchants,  26,  Virginia-street 
M'N    ightaii)  Finlay,  grocer,  10,  George-street 
M  Naughtan,  Peter,  joiner,  Cochrane-street 
M'Naughtan,  P.  agent,  29,  Ingram-street 
M^Naughtan,  G-  &  T.  manufactSt  85,  Candleriggs 
M*Nee,  M.  grocer,  78,  Stockwell 
M'Nee,  Mrs.  dressmaker,  23,  Stockwell 
M*Nee,  John,  grocer,  398,  Gallowgate 
M*Nee,  James,  do.      403,         do. 
M'Nee,  John,  druggist,  267,  High-street 
M'Nee,  John,  at  Alexander  Brown  &  Co.'s 
M^Nee,  Alexander,  grocer,  Cowcaddens 
M'Nee,  Walter,  manufacturer,  at  Robert  Mudie  &  Co.'s 

6,  ivlontrose-street 
M'Nee,  James,  at  Mr.  Burns'  coach-office 
M^Nee,  John,  teacher  of  mathemat.  76>  Hutcheson-str. 
M*Neil,  Mrs.  D.  52,  Virginia-street 
M'Neil,  John,  spirit-dealer,  64-,  King-street 
M'Nei),,  Roderick,  spirit-dealer,  Bstdl  wynd 
M'Neil,  Mrs.  Neil,  vintner,  456,  Gallowgate 
M'Neil,  Ale?c.  agent  and  broker,  Woodlane,  Broomiel. 
M'Nerin,  Thomas,  hosier,  27?  Argyll-street 
M*Neillage,  D.  custom  house;  house,  Finnieston 
M'Nicol,  Ronald,  merchant,  22,  Turner's  court 
M'Nicol,  D.  grocer,  16,  College-street 
M'Nicol,  A.  cloth-shop,  2,  Gallowgate 
M'NicQ],  P.  joiner,  Back  wynd 
M'NIcol,  John,  vintner,  35,  Trafalgar  place 
M'Nish,  J.  surg.  114,  Argyll-street,  shop,  606,  d©. 
M'Nish,  John,  do.67,         do.  do.     do,     do. 

M'Nish,  Geo.  &  Co.  merchants,  A»tigua  place 

M*NI  120  M*WH 

M'Niveh,  David,  grocer,  7,  Kirk-street 
M*Omish,  Robert,  grocer,  St.  Rollox,  Townhead 
M'Owat,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  114,  Drygate 
M*Owat,  Peter,  grocer,  Clyde-street,  Anderston 
M'Phail,  Daniel,  dyer,  581,  Argyll-street 
M*Phail,  D.  &  Co.  cotton-spinners,  Millfield,  Hutchest, 
M'Phail,  L.  &  Co.  reed-makers,  31,  Bell-street 
M'Pherson  &  M*Lachlan,  writers,  head  of  Virginia-sir. 
M*Pherson,  A.  sailmaker,  60,  Broomielaw 
M*Pherson,  John,  Scots  cloth-shop,  311,  High-street 
*"  M'Pherson,  Angus,  manufacturer,  30,  Trongate 
M'Pherson,  Angus,  spirit-dealer,  175,       do. 
M'Pherson,  D.  tavern,  3,  Argyll-street 
M*Pherson,  John&  Co.  dyers,  Clyde-street,  Anderston 
M*Queen,  Robert,  Basin  Inn,  Port  Dundas 
M*Queen,  James,  at  Mather  Carnegie's  &  Co.'s;  house, 

South  ^Wellington  place 
M'Queen,  William,  tobacconist,  286,  High-street 
M*Queen,  John,  spirit-dealer,  corner  of  Union  Place 
M*Queen,  Peter,  grocer,  183,  Main-street,  Gmbals 
M'Rae  &Frazer,  starchers,  Crown-str.  Hutch.-town 
M'Rae,  J.  shoemaker,  39,  Brunswick-place 
JVI*Ruer,  J.  wright  and  timber  merchant,  Union-place 
M'Target,  Walter  &  Co.  timber-merchants.  Hospital- 
street,  Hutchesontown 
M*Tyre,  Wm.  boot  arid  shoe  shop,  5,  Argyll-street 
M*Vean,  D.  bookseller,  70,  High-street 
M*Vicar,  James,  tinsmith,  83,  High-street 
M'Vey  Si  Hunter,  manufacs.  27,  Hutcheson-street 
M'Whinnie  &  Wilson,  rnanufacs.  44,  Canon-street 
M*Walter,  John,  brick-maker,  Crown  point 
M'Whannell  &  Pringle,  plumbers,  25,  N.  Albion-street 
M*Whannel,  Arch,  tin-plate  worker,  369,  Gallowgate 
M'Whannell,  John,  &  Co.  manufacs.  55,  St.  And.  sqr. 

NAI  121  NEI 

N  ■ 

Naismith,  W.  Sc  Co.  manufacturers,  29,  St.  And.-sqr. 
Napier,  John  &  Sons,  cast-iron  founders,  Camlachie 
Napier,  George,  ropemaker,  168,  Gallovvgate 
Napier,  Mrs.  lodgings,  91,  Glassford-street 
Napier,  Mrs.  A.  printing-office,  43,  Trongate 
Napier,  George,  manufacturer,  25,  St.  Andrew's  strefet 
Napier,  Wm.  &  Co.  agents  for  Renfrewshire  bank, 

.31,  Miller-street 
Naismith,  M.  grocer,  24,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Naismith,  David  &  Co.  victuallers,  83,  King-street 
Naismith,  Thomas,  shoe  shop,  43,  Brunswick  place 
Neil,  James,  teacher,  82,  High-street 
Neil,  John,  agent  for  Carron  Co.  28,  Glassford-streefe 
Neil,  David,  spirit-dealer,  Clyde-street,  Anderston 
Neilson,  A.  &  M.,  wholes,  tea-merch.  54,  Wilson-str. 
Neilson,  Alexander,  plane-maker,  10,  G-reyfriars'  wynd 
Neilson,  Francis,  surgeon,  Wallace-court;  house,  65, 

Neilson  &  Hunter,  merchants,  125,  John-street 
Neilson,  J.  architect,  surveyor  of  buildings;  Park's  land? 


Neilson,  John,  engineer,  near  Canal  Old  Basin 
Neilson,  James,  leather  merchant,  402,  Gallowgate 
Neilson,  James,  spirit-dealer,  365,  Gallowgate 
^  Neilson,  John,  watchmaker,      94,         do. 
Neilson,  John,  victualler,  85,         do. 

Neilson's,  John,  tavern,  8,         do.  / 

I     Neilson,  John,  joiner,  ~  77,         do. 

jXNeilson,  John,  vintner,  184,  Trongate 
Neilson,  James,  M.  writer,  150,  do. 
Neilson,  Mrs.  stabler,  Old  Vennal 
Neilson,  Mrs.  haberdasher,  14,  Bell-street 
Neilson,  Robert,  surgeon  and  druggist,  192,  Trongate 

NEI  122  NIS 

Neilson,  ropework,  Port  Dundas 
Keilson,  T.  cheese  and  ham-warehouse,  19,  King-str. 
Neilson,  William,  candlemaker,  359,  Gallowgkte 
Neilson  &  Young,  plumbers  and  lead  merchants,  84, 

Neilson,  Patrick,  wine  and  spirit  cellars,  Wallace  court 
Newall,  Arch,  broker  and  commission-merchant,  4, 

Virginia-street;  house,  15,  North  Hanover-street 
Newbigging,  A.  &  Co.  calico  printers,  27,  Montrose-st. 
Newbold,  M.  umbrella  maker,  336,  Gallowgate 
Newham,  D.  &  C.  commiss.  merchts.  13,  Canon-str, 
Newlands  &  Tannahill,  linen  merchts.  318,  High-str. 
Newlands,  John,  tailor,  33,  St.  Andrew- street 
Newlands,  John,    do.  103,  Gallowgate 
Newlands  &  Grierson,  jewellers,  6:^9,  Argyll-street 

Newlands, ,  jeweller,  1 30,  Trongate 

Newton,  Alex,  stabler,  Blackfriars'  steps 
Nichol,  James,  spinner  &  dyer,  35,  Havannah-street 
Nichol,  Jas.  cotton  and  worsted  shop,  6,  St.  And.-str, 
Nichol,  James,  wire  worker,  9,  Brunswick  place 
Nichol,  Mrs.  lodgings,  Moodie's  court 
"Nicholson  &  Reid,  manufacturers,  32,  Miller-street 
Nimmo,  R.  writer,  clerk  of  police,  Albion-street 
Nimmo,  J.  surgeon,  583?  Argyll-street 
Nimmo,  Dr.  John,  64?,  Hutcheson-street ;  shop,  Glass- 
Nimmo,  Alex,  grocer,  35,  Bridgegate 
Nimmo,  Robert,  hair  dresser,  450,  Gallowgate 
Nisbet,  .  ohn,  grocer,  337,         do. 

Nisbet,  David,  cheese  and  ham  shop,  368,  do. 
Nisbet,  Wm.  S.  writer,  Antigua  pi.;  ho.  11,  Adelp.-stt. 
Nisbet  &  Mackife,  Kilmarnock  carriers,  50,  Stockwell 
Nisbet,  William,  eating  house,  102,  Gallowgate 
Nisbet,  Robt.  spirit  cellar,         42 J ,         do. 

NIV  125  ORR 

Niven,  David,  &  Co.  booksellers,  stationers,  and  state 

lottery-office,  139,  Trongate 
Niven,  D.  house,  Clyde-terrace,  Gorbals  ^ 

Niven,  John,  printer,  53,  Prince's  street 
Niven,  R.  B.  Sc  Son,  provision  raerch.  12,  Candlerigg* 
Nixon,  John,  hat  shop,  44?6,  Gallowgate 
Noble,  John,  manufacturer,  7,  S.  Frederick-street 
Norrie,  James,  oil-shop,  95,  New  wynd,  and  cooperage, 

24,  Old  wynd 
Norrie,  W.  A.  cutler,  618,  Argyll-street 
Norris,  Alexander,  cartwright,  Grahamston 
North  Parish  victual,  society's  office,  13S,  Rottenrow 
Norval,  Williara»,  brushmaker,  102,  Trongate 
Nerval.  James,  combmaker,  3,  King-street 
Notman,  Thos,  meal  and  barley  office,  85,  King-street 
Nunn,  Wm.  &  Co.  lace  warehouse,  94,  Candleriggg 


Oatwell,  -* ,  marble  cutter,  Bath-street 

O'Brien,  Mrs.  T.  clothes  broker,  129,  Saltmarkefc 
Ogilvie,  John,  glass  warehouse,  Clyde-street 
Ogilvie,  Thomas,  bookseller,  stationer,  and  lottery- 
office,  637,  Argyll-street 
Ogilvie,  E   tailor,  14,  Gallowgate 
Ogilvie,  John,  grocer,  Alston-street  • 
Ogilvie,  John  &  Co.  manufacts.  6,  Bell-street 
Ogilvie,  Alex,  sexton,  High  church-yard,  Castle-street 
Ogle,  Maurice,  bookseller,  8,  Wilson-street 
Orhart,  White,  Rose  &  Co.  manufacturers,  Commer^ 

cial  court,  Candleriggs 
Orhart,  William,  lodging,  25,  Charlotte-street 
Orr,  Robert,  merchant}  housf;,  23,  St.  Enoch  square 
Orr>,  J.  corset  maker,  A^rigua  place 
Orr,  Francis,  pocket-book  maker,  15,  Prince's  street 

ORll  m  PAR 

Orr,  Charles,  writing  master,  58,  Ingram-street 
Osborne,  M.  mathemat.  instru.  mak.  406,  Gallowgate 
Osborne,  Wm.  shoe  shop,  165,  Saltmarket 
Osborne,  Geo.  &  Son,  boot  and  shoemaker,  51,  Trong. 
Oswald,  R.  A.  merchant,  lodging,  Clyie-street 
Oswald,  Alex.  &  Sons,  do.  112,  Sto^ckwell 
Oswald,  And.  wine  ^nd  rum  merch.  81,  Stirling-street 
Oswald,  Stevenson  &  Co.  cotton  brokers,   and  yarn- 
merchants,  54,  Hutcheson-street 
Ovington,  Wheatly  &  Co.  manufacts.  69i  Ingram-str. 
Owen,  Robert  &  Co.  merchants,  Manhattan  buildings. 

S.  Hanoyer-street 
Owen,  Thos.  &  Co.  shoe  shop,^  79)  Trongate 


Pagan,  R.  spirit  dealer,  77,  Bridgegate 

Paillou,  P.  miniature  painter,  ,2,  Queen-street 

Paisley  Bank  office,  17,  Trongate 

Paisley  Union  Bank,  16,  Ingram-street 

Paisley  and  Ardrosssan  Canal  office,  Moodie's  court 

Paisley,  James,  accomptant,  Bridge-street,  Tradest on 

Panton^  Dr.  Alexander,  house,  79,  Stirling-street 

Park,  Matthew,  builder;  house.  Park's  land,  Stockweli 

Park,  Wm.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  1 ,  Ingram-street 

Park,  Mrs.  grocer,  Maiil-street,Gorbals 

Park,  Thomas,  tailor,  Back  wynd 

Park,  Wm.  &  Co.  hosiers,  191,  Trongate 

Parker,  Wm.  manufacturer,  85>  Candleriggs 

Parker  &  Finnic,  merchants,  Wallace  court,  Bell-str. 

Parker,  C.  S.  merchant,  Antigua  place 

Parker,  James,  jun.  baker,  443,  Gallowgate 

Parkhill's  tavern,  83,  King-street 

Parlane  &  Ure,  calanderers,  23,  N.  x\lbion-street 

parlane,  Walter,  vintner,  96,  Stockweli 

PAR  125  PAT 

Parsell,  Mrs.  Jn.  brush  and  basket  wareho.  2,  Candler. 
Parsell,  John,  brush  warehouse,  97,       do. 

Passage  Boat  Office,  Forth  &  Clyde  Canal,  635,  Arg.-st. 
Paterson,  A.  spirit-dealer,  74,  Candleriggs 
Paterson,  Alexander,  haberdasher,  123,  Trongate 
Paterson,  Alexander,  spirit  cellar.  Turner's  court 
Paterson,  Alexander,  strong-beer  house,  Cochrane-str. 
Paterson,  A.  &  M.  &  Co.  plasterers,  Alston-street 
Paterson,  Alex,  spirit  dealer,  39,  Argyll-street 
Paterson,  Alex,  barber  and  wig  maker,  104,  Gallowg, 
Paterson,  Alex,  house,  7,  West  Charlotte  lane 
Paterson,  Andrew,  tavern,  1*?,  Clyde  terrace 
Paterson,  Arch,  manufacturer,  21,  Glassford-street 
Patel*son,  D.  spirit  dealer,  SIS,  Gallowgate 
Paterson,  Dugald,  yarn- warehouse,  80,  Glassford-Str,; 

lodging,  92,  Stock  well 
Paterson,  Dundas,  spirit  cellar,  11,  Jamaica -street 
Paterson,  E.  &  R.  &  Co.  grocers,  Melville  place 
Paterson,  Francis,  smith,  88,  Old  wynd 
Paterson,  Hugh,  spirit  cellar,  63,  Glassford-street 
Paterson,  Henry,  plasterer,  Gibson-street 
Paterson,  James,  jun.  manufacturer,  6,  Montrose-str. 
Paterson,  James,  warehouseman  and  hosier,  154,  TroK. 
Paterson,  James,  merchant,  Melville-place 
Paterson,  James,  jun.  house,  3,  S.  Frederick- street 
Paterson,  James,  spirit  and  porter  cellar,  Dunlop-str. 
Paterson,  James,  grocer,  247,  High-street 
Paterson,  James,  cheese  and  ham  shop,  87,  King-str, 
Paterson,  James,  grocer,  132,  High-street 
Paterson,  James,  joiner,  Mitchell-street 
Paterson,  Jamieson  &  Co.  manufacs.  44,  St,  And.-sqr, 
Paterson,  John,  calenderer,  36,  Candleriggs 
Paterson,  John,  fringe  maker,  Claythorn-street 
Paterson,  Jn.  bush  tavern,  181,  Trongate  o 


PAT  126  PEE 

Patersen,  Jn.  hinge-maker,  Sauchyhall  road 

Paterson,  John,  skinner,  Spoutmouth 

Paterson,  Mrs.  George,  meal-seller,  5,  New  wynd 

Paterson,  Matthew,  mason  and  builder,  Alston-street 

Paterson,  Matthew,  plasterer,  8,  Clyde  terrace 

Paterson,  Mrs.  spirit  dealer,  104,  Bridgegate 

Paterson,  Robert,  81,  Trongate;  house,  Grahamston 

Paterson,  Robert,  shoe  shop,  62,  Ingram-street 

Paterson,  Wm.  smith,  Black  quarry 

Paterson,  William,  smith,  Jamaica-street 

Paterson,  W.  A.  inspector  of  taxes,  18,  St.  And.  lane; 

house.  South  Wellington-place 
Paton,  Geo.  brush  and  bellows  maker,  11,  High-street, 

and  180,  Gallowgate 
Paton,  James,  accountant,  112,  Stockwell 
Paton,  Jn.  machine  maker,  Thistle^str.  Hutches.-town 
Paton,  James,  spirit  cellar,  7j  Bell-street 
Paton,  Robt.  tobacconist,  167,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Patrick,  Alex,  manufacturer,  459,  Gallowgate 
Pattison,  John  &  Wm.  26,  North  Albion-street 
Pattison,  G.  S.  surgeon,  604,  Argyll-street 
Pattison  &  Co.  3,  Garthland-street 
Pattison,  M.  merchant,  3,  do. 
Pattisons,  milliners,  63,  Argyll-street 
Paul^  John,  at  J.  Alexander  &  Co.'s,  62,  Trongate; 

house,  46,  Wilson-street 
Paul,  James,  spirit  dealer,  61,  Prince's  street 
Paul,  James,  grocer,  King-street,  Tradeston 
Paul,  Robert,  cotton-dealer,  Bridge-street,  do. 
Payler,  E.  straw  and  chip-hat  maker,  60,  Bell-street 
Pearson,  John,  rope-work,  112,  Stockwell 
Peddis,  Thos.  carver  and  gilder,  Wallace  court 
Peddie,  P.  portmanteau  wareho  &c.  10,  Argyll-street 
Peebles  &  Thomson,  manufacturers,  29,  Stirling-street 

PEE  127  PIC 

Peebles,  Chas.  writer,  Antigua  place 

Penny,  Wm.  29,   St.  Andrew's  square;  lodging,   30, 

Penny,  Wm.  cameo  and  seal  engraver,  Morriso»'s  co. 

Pellance,  John,  carpet  wareho.  34,  Havannah- street 
Penny cuick,  Mrs.  Jets  lodgings,  38,  Argyll-street 
Pennycuick,  Mrs.  furnishing  shop,  36,     do. 
Penman,  William,  surgeon,  621,     do. 

Penman,  Andrew,  bookseller,  at  D.  Niven  &  Co.'s 
Penman,  John,  manufacturer,.  101,  Candleriggs  \ 

Perston,  M.  &  J.      do.  20,  Montrose-street 

Perry,  Robt.  surg.  41,  Argyll- street;  ho.  28,  High-str. 
Perry,  William,  merchant,  39,  Glassford-street ;  house, 

West  George-street 
Peterkin,  J.  D.  merch.  175,  Trong.;  ho.  Clyde  build. 
Peterkin,  Alex.  Royal  bank;  house,  Sidney -street 

Peterkin, ,  seal-engraver,  54,  Trongate 

Peters,  W.  &  Co.  foot  of  Havannah-street 

Peters,  John,  at  Haddow  &  Dale's;  ho.  Adam's  court 

Peterson,  Peter,  writer,  11,  Saltm.;  house,  Brownfield 

Pettigrew,  Thos.  hair-dresser,  131,  Bridgegate 

Pettigrew,  Alex,  surgeon,  68,  Trongate 

Pettigrew,  Alex,  writer,  7,  Brunswick  place 

Pettigrew,  Hewit  &  Co.  8,  Ingram-street 

Phcenix  fire  office,  13,  Hutcheson-street 

Phillips,  Thomas,  sugar  refiner,  64,  John-street 

Philips  &  Charles,  manufac.  Smith's  court,  Candleriggs 

Philips,  James,  288,  High-street 

Philip,  John,  spirit  cellar,  61,  Buchanan-street 

Philips,  Rev.  Jas.  academy,  14,  Cochrane-str.;  ho.  19, 

Philips,  James,  upholstery  wareho.  26,  Maxwell-str» 
Picken,  Alex,  grocer,  115,  Saltmarket 


Picken,  Andrew,  tape-manufac.  Grammar-school  wynd 
Picken  &  M^Pherson,  joiners,  120,  Saltmarket 
-Pinkerton,  Geo.  spirit  cellars,  12,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Pinkerton,  John,  cooper,  34-,  Saltmarket 
Pinkerton,  James,  brewer.  Turner's  co.  Argyll-street 
Pinkerton,  Allan,  merchant,  321,  High-street 
Pinkerton,  James,  sen.  corn-factor,  7,  Queen-street 
Pirrie,  Robert,  cooper,  17,  Old  wynd 
Playfair-,  Patrick,  merch.  63,  St.  Andrew  square 
Playfair,  James,  Andrew,  &  Co.  do.  do. 
Flenderleith,  C.  glass-warehouse,  2,  Hutcheson-street 
Plenderleith,  Malcom  &  Co.  auctioneers,  2,  do. 
Pointer,  John,  porter-house,  Laigh  kirk  closs 
Pollock,  Mrs.  vintner,  22,  Prince's  street 
Pollock,  John,  surgeon  and  druggist,  328,  GatUbwgate 
Pollock,  J.  &  M.  manufacturers,  51,  Hutcheson-street 
Pollock,  James,  reedmaker,  283,  High-street 
Pollock,  James,  saddler,  77,  Stockwell 
Pollock,  Gilmour,  &  Co.  merchants,  119,  Stockwell 
Pollock,  R.  &  Co.  auctioneers,  108,  King-street 
Porteous,  John,  manufacturer,.  83,  Bell-street 
Porteous,  Archibald,  joiner,  33,  High-street 
Porteous,  William,  window  glazier,  8.4<,  Clyde-street 
Porteous,  William,  spirit  dealer,  22,  Canon-street 
Porteous,  George,  musician,  21,  High-street 
Porter,  Mrs.  Thomas,  hatmaker,  24,  Gallowgate 
Porter,  M.  accountant,  Antigua  place 
Porter,  JameSj  agent,  Wood-lane,  Broomielaw  ' 
Pott  &  M'Miilan,  merchants,  427,  Gallowgate 
Potter,  Lewis,  baker,  223,  High-street 
Potter   &  M'Callum,  librarians,  booksellers  and  sta- 
tioners, 31,  Wilson-street 
Prentice,  David  &  Co.  Chronicle  office,  169,  Trongate 
Prestonpans  oil  of  vitriol  Co.  19,  North  Albion-street 

PRI  129  RAE 

Primrose,  J.  &  H.  mantua-makers,  210,  George-street 
Primrose,  John,  straw  hat-maker,  212,         do 
Primrose,  William,  baker,  King-street,  Tradeston 

-  Pringle,  John  Sc  Son,  joiners,  31,  Shuttle-street 
'^Proudfoot  and  Co.  sale-room,  75,  Hutcheson-street 
^Troudfoot,  Hew,  glover,  112,  Trongate 

-  Proudfoot,  Alex,  wig-maker,  14?3,  Stockwell 
Professors,    Dr.  ,Wm.   Taylor,  sen.  principal,   M'Gill, 

Cumin,  Couper,  Davidson,  Freer,  Jardine,  JefFray, 

Mylne,  Miller,  Meikleham,  M'Turk,  Young,\^lker; 

lodgings  in  the  College  court 
Proudfoot,  Adam,  grocer,  126,  Argyll-street 
Provan,  Mrs.  straw-hatmaker,  68,  Bell-street 
Provand,  Js.  mercht.  44,  Ingrara-str.;  lodg.  Queen-str. 
Provand,  George,  66,  Glassford-street ;  house,  36,  N. 

^•-Provan,  David  &  Co.  manufacts.  29,  Brunswick-str. 
Public  Offices — See  Banks,  Insurance-offices,  d<c. 
Purcell,  Jn.  &  Co.  Manchester  wareho.  13,  Trongate 
Purcell,  W.  &  G.  brass-founders,  Barrowfield-bridge 
Purdie,  Wm.  agent  and  tea  merchant,  13,  Trongate 
Purdon,  Robert,  hinge-maker,  Cowcaddens 
Purdon,  Wm.  fish-hook  maker.  Old  wynd 
Purves,  Wm.  slate  pencil  maker,  26,  Hutcheson-street 
Purvis,  John,  grocer,  6,  North  Frederick-street 
Purvis,  Thomas,  wright,  406,  Gallowgate 

'  R 

Rae,  Andrevf^,  barber,  Nile-street 
Rae,  Robert,  tailor.  Market-street 
Rae,'Wm.  tea  dealer,  96,  Gallowgate 
.Rae,  James,  tallow-chandler,  26b",  High-street 
Rae,  James,  stabler,  287,         do, 

-  Rae,  George,  painter,  47,  King-street 


RAE  130  REI 

Rae,  James,  locksmithj  24«,  Canon  stree|; 

E,ailton,  John  3c  Co.  wholesale  muslin  warehousemer,, 

54,  Trongate 
Rainey,  H.  surgeon,  Turner's  court 
Ralston,  William,  clothier,  52,  Saltmarket 
Ralston,  Robert,  stabler,  Jackson.street 
Ralston,  John  &  Co.  57,  Brunswick-street 
Ramage,  Wm.  grocer,  14,  Clyde  terrace 
Ramsay,  Wm.  at  TurnbuU  &  Ramsay,  23,  St.  And. -St. 
Ramsay,  John,  spirit  dealer,  329,  Gallowgate 
Ramsay,  John,  joiner,  81,       do. 

Ramsay,  John,  warehouse,  66,  Ingram  street 
Ramsay,  John,  iron  liquor  m9,ker,  Camlachie 
Ramsay,  Thomas,  grocer,  2,  Jamaica-street 
Ramsay,  E.  ready  made  linen- wareho.  40,  Dunlop-str. 
Randolph,  Thomas,  tobacconist,  23,  King-street 
Rankin,  A.  victualler,  17,  Prince's  street 
Ranken,  Rev.  Dr.  Alexander,  head  of  Montrose-street 
Ranken,  And.  at  Leitch  &  Smith's;  lodg.  11,  Geo.  sqr. 
Rankin,  Js.  tobacconist,  114,  Bridgeg.;  ho.  Kingston 
Rankin,  James  and  Co.  grocers,  292,  High-street 
Rankin,  Js.  &  Co.  barleyand  salt  office,  Laigh  kirk  close 
Rankin,  James,  cartwright,  Cowcaddens 
Rankin,  James,  victualler,  47,  King-street 
Rankin,  Robert,  joiner.  Castle-street,  Townhead 
Rankin  &  Clark,  tailors,  39,  Prince's  street 
Rankin,  Duncan,  s^irit-^ealer,  64,  Broomielaw 
Recruiting  District  Office,  Laurieston 
Reddie,  James,  advocate,   17,   Gordon -street;  office, 

town  clerks'  chambers 
Reekie,  James,  grocer,  122,  High-street 
Reid,  Adam  &  Co.  calenderers,  12,  Stirling-square 
Reid,  Ai^x.  trunk-maker,  12,  St.  Andrew-street 
Reid,  Alexander,  dyer,  Chavlotte-lane 

REI  131  REI 

Reid,  Alexander,  threadmaker,  213,  George-street 
Reid,  Andrew,  cabinet  maker,  Thistle-street 
Reid,  Andrew,  manufacturer,  36,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Reid,  Andw.  jun.  at  Wilson  &  Reid's,  51,  Glassf.  str. 
Reid,  Andrew,  surgeon  and  druggist,  26,  Adelphi  str. 
Reid,  Andrew,  tailor;  129,  Saltmarket 
Reid,  D.  boot  and  shoemaker,  310,  Gallowgate 
-^Reid,  David,  watchmaker,  95,  Hutcheson  street 

Reid,  Francis  &  Son,  watch  &  clockmakers,  142,  Saltm. 
\Ileid,  James  and  Co.  upholsterers,  30,  Tro/igate 
Reid,  James,  grocer,  &c.  Saracen's  head,  107,     allowg^ 
Reid  and  Whiteraan,  merchants,  56,  Glassford-street 
Reid  James,  agent,  6,  Bell-street 
Reid,  John,  spirit-dealer,  110,  High-street 
Reid,  John,  surgeon,  83,  Stockwell 
Reid,  John,  late  Tontine  tavern,  lodging,  9,  Jamaica-str, 
Reid,  John,  jun.  agent,  Commercial  court;  house,  116, 

Reid,  John,  wright,  Saracen-lane,  107,  Gallowgate 
Reid,  John,  &  Co.  grocers,  4,  King-street 
Reid,  John,  threadmaker,  26,  Duke-street 
Reid,  Joseph,  writer,  town  clerks'  cha:  bers 
Reid,  Mrs.  John,  boarding  school,  44,  Dunlop-street 
Reid,  Mary,  candle  shop,  33,  Prince's  street 
lleid,  Matthew  &  Co.  joiners,  20,  Canon-street 
Reid,  Robert  &  Co.  agency-office,  7^,  Wilson-^street, 

and  47,  Stockwell 
Reid,  Robert,  spirit-cellars,  252,  High  street 
Reid,  Robertson,  and  Brother,  cabinet-makers,  600, 

Reid,  Thomas,  stabler,  277,  High-street 
Reid,  William,  printer ;  house,  2,  George's  street 
Reid,  William  &  Co.  printers',  6,  Gallowgate 
Reid,  William,  stabler,  343,  Gallowgate 

-  REI  132  RIS 

Reid,  William,  plumber,  40,  Dunlop-street 

Relton,  James,  ragent  £or  Edinburgh,  Glasgow,  and  Leith 

Shipping  Co.  Albion  place,  N.  Albionstreet 
Rentoul,  J.  umbrella-maker,  Great  Hamilton-street 
Rentoul,  John,  chandler,  104-,  Argyll-street 
Renwick,  James,  coal  agent,  and  agent  for  Antermony 

lime-work,  13,  High-street 
Rennie,  Alex,  manufac.  Melville-place,  132,  Trongate 
Renfrew,  John,  manufacturer,  3,  Montrose-street 
Rennie,  James,  tinsmith,  307,  Gallowgate 
Rennie,  Robert,  wright,  316,         do. 
Rennie,  Thomas,  writing-master,  36,  E.  Albion-street 
Rennie,  James,  grocer,  62,  Glassford-street 
Rennieson,  Wm.  cheese  and  ham  shop,  86,  King-street 
Richard,  M.  umbrella  maker,  31,  Candleriggs 
Richardson,  G.  bleacher,  Tradeston 
Richardson,    E.  manufacturer,    28,    Glassford-street; 
house,  5,  Clyde  buildings 

Richardson,  James,  Royal  Bank ;  ho.  220,  George-str, 

Richardson,    T.   land-surveyor  and  planner,  head  of 
Back  wynd 

Richardson,  B.  writer,  50,  Argyll-street 

Richmond,  A.  commission  warehouse,  Post-office  court, 
141,  Trongate 

Riddoch,  David,  grocer,  195,  George-street 

Riddell,  Dr.  John,  36,  Dunlop-street 

Riddell,  Daniel,  victualler,  372,  Gallowgate 

Riddell,  W.  merchant,  59,  Queen-street 

Riddell,  John,  dyer,  8,  Shuttle-street 

Rigg,  Isaac,  victualler,  87,  Candleriggs 

Risk,  James  &  Son,  manufacturers,  6,  Montrose-street 

Risk,  Robert,  grocer,  63,  Broomielaw 

Risk,  Robert,  manufacturer,  26,  Bell-street 

Risk,  Moses,  spirit-dealer,  41 ,  High-street 

KIT  133  ROB 

,  KitcMe,  J.  &  Son,  merchants,  close  by  Smitbfield 
Ritchie,  James  &  Co.  spirit-dealers,  109,  Bridgegate 
Ritchie,  John,  Trades'  house  chaplain,  Trades*  hall ; 
house,  York-street 

*  Ritchie,  A.  and  J.  manufacturers,  11,  Hutcheson-str. 
Ritchie,  Thomas,  hair-dresser,  57,  Argyll-street 
Ritchie,  John,  spirit-dealer,  88,  New  wynd 
Ritchie,  James,         do.  50,  Main-street,  Gorbals 

Robb,  Andrew,  grocer,  Anderston 
Rbbb  &  M^Callura,  writers,  Melville  place 
Robb,  James,  grocer,  78,  Saltmarket 
Robb,  James,  grocer,  397,  Gallowgate 
Robb,  James,  jun..  grocer,  22,  Bell-street 
Robb,  Wm.  wheelwright,  1 33,  High-street 

'^  Roberton,  John,  teacher  of  music,  49,  Trongate 
Roberton,  J.  &  W.  merchants,  33,  Virgiaia -street 
Roberton,  Js.  &  Co.  iron  &  brass-founders,  Gorbals 
Roberton,  James,  engineer,  Tradeston 
Roberton,  John,         do,  do. 

*"  Roberton,  Smith  &  Co.  manufacturers,  93,  Trongate 
Roberton,  R.  D^  mercht-tailor,  636,  Argyll-street 
Robertson,  Audrey/,  grocer,  427,  Duke-street 
Robertson,  Andrew,  grocer,  152,  Saltmarket 
Robertson,  J.  M.  and  Co.  Smithfield,  Broomielaw 
Robertson,  Buchan  &  Jo.  manufrs.  Commercial  court 
Robertson,  Christopher,  grocer,  Alston-street 
Robertson,  D.  hair-dresser,  105,  George-street 

jV  Robertson,  David,  vintner,  124,  Trongate 
Robertson,  George,  rag  cellar,  3f ,  Stockwell 
Robertson,  Geo.  at  Dalmarnock  dye-work  Co.'s;  house^ 

Great  Hamilton- street,  Calton 
Robertson,  J.  auctioneer;  house,  Cowcaddens  toll 
Robertson,  J.  spirit-dealer,  317,  Gallowgate 
Robertson,  J.  Tron  church  beadle,  34,  Trongate 

ROB  1S4  ROB 

Robertson,  J.  shoemaker,  63,  Gallowgate 
KobertsoP;  J.  and  A.  raanufrs.  T2,  Brunswick-street 
Robertson,  James,  tea-dealer,  154,  Stockwell 
Robertson,  James,  merchant  &  manufacturer;  house^ 

Geor^re's  square 
Robertson,  James,  D.  hosier  and  merchant,  51,  Bell-str. 
R/)bert.^on,  J.  stabler,  f^SO,  GailcfAraate 
Robertson,  James,  rope-spiriner,  Barrack-street 
Robertson,  James,  clothes  broker,  tiT,  Bridgegate 
Robertson,  James,  grocer,  75,  Stockwell 
Robertson,  James  t<  Co.  iron  and  nail  merchants, 

Robertson,  John,  commercial  tavern,  175,  Trongate    ' 
Robertson,  John,  manufacturer,  46,  Glassford-street 
Robertson,  John,  engineer,  18,  York-street 
Robertson,  John,  grocer,  King-street,  Caltoa 
Robertson  &.  Jeffrey,  spirit-cellars,  Melville-place 
Robertson,  John,  rope-spinner,  Campbell-street 
Robertson,  John,  timber  merchant,  Anderston  walk 
Robertson,  John,  grocer,  17S,  Main- street,  Gorbals 
Robertson,  Dr.  John,  99;  house,  106,  Trongate 
Robertson,  John  &  Co.  grocers,  78,  Candleriggs 
Robertson,  Mrs,  John,  lodging,  29,  Dunlop-street 
Robertson,  Mrs.  P.  vintner,  7,  Clyde  terrace 
Robertson,  M.  &  Co.  cotton-spinners,  PortDundas 
Robertson  &  More,  ironmongers,  427,  Gdlowgate 
Robertson,  Mrs.  midwife,  Spoutmoth 
Robertsonv  Misses,  milliners,  Melville  place 
Robertson,  R.  grocer,  13,  Jamaica-street 
Robertson  &  Menzies,  sawyers,  Howard-street 
Robertson,  Robt  spirit-dealer,  16,  Jamaica-street 
Robertson,  R.  watchmaker,  86,  Argyll-street 
Robertson,  Robert,  grocer,  103,         do. 
Robertson,  Robt.  ]un.  spirit-dealer,  114,  Stockwell 

ROB  1S5  ROS 

Eobertson,  Robt.  &  Co.  coopers,  foot  of  Dunlop-street 
Robertson  &  Wigham,  manufrs.  South  Hanover-street 
Robertson,  W-  &  R.  &  Sons,  timber  merchants,  An- 

derston  Walk 
Robertson,  William,  writer,  636,  Argyll-streel 
Robertson,  Wm.  grocer,  Cowcaddens 
Robertson,  Wm.  shoemaker,  60,  Prince's  street 
Robertson,  William,  joiner,  Bath-street 
Robertson,  Wm.  surgeon.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Robinson,  John  &  Co.  agents,  32,  Glassford -street 
Rodger,  James,  merchant,  64,  Wilson-street 
f   Rodger,  Thomas,     do.       46,  Brunswick-street 
Rodger,  James,  spirit-dealer,  8,  Kirk-street 
Rodger,  Wm.  tin^ser-merch.  head  of  Buchanan-street 
Rogers  &  Lowe,  dancing  academy.  Assembly  rooms 
Ronald,  J.  threadmaker,  at  W.  &  A.  Cooper  &  Co.'s 
Ronald,  Basil,  lodging  Belvue,  Hangingshaw 
"^^Ronald,  Robt.  M.  writer,  136,  Trongate 
Ronald,  John,  yarn  merchant,  58,  Wilson-street 
Ronald,  John,  spirit-dealer,  158,  Trongate 
^Ronald,  John,  baker,        "      73,  do. 

Rovison,  Wm.  tea  and  spirit-dealer,  Spoutmouth 
Rose,  W^m.  Commercial  co.;  house,  30,  Richmond-str. 
Rose,  Hugh,  victualler,  35,  Gallowgate 
Rose,  D.  Smithfield,  Broomielaw 
Ross,  D.  grocer,  309,  Gallowgate 
\Ross,  Alexander,  clothier,  104,  Trongate 
Ross,  Alex,  tailor,  73,  Saltmarket 
Ross,  John,  wigmaker,  55,  Argyll-street 
Ross,  John,  spirit  dealer,  56^  High-street 
Ross,  Carfrae  &  <^o.  12,  South  Albion-street 
Ross,  Hugh,  spirit-dealer,  17,  Shuttle-street 
Ross,  Hugh,  grocer,  Crown-street 
Ross,  Hugh,  slater,  Trafalgar-place,  BroomielaTr 

ROS  136  RUS 

Ress  &  Brown,  agents,  50,  East  Albion-street 

Ross,  Robert,  confectioner,  65,  Saltmarket 

Ross,  Robert,  spirit-cellars,  28,  Argyll-street 

Reutledge,  Rev.  Dr.  Wm.  lodging,  1 1    George-square 

Rowand,  Michael,  ship  bank ;  house,  69,  Jamaica-str, 

Rowan,  Alexander,  baker,  32,  John-street 

Rowan,  A.  smith,  ID,  Duke-street 

Rowan,  William,, grocer,  Kirk-street,  Calton 

Rowan,  Js.  cartwright  &  spirit-dealer,  71,  Stockwell 

Rowan,  Thomas,  writer,  175,  Trongate 

Roy,  Adam,  spirit-dealer,  264,  High- street 

Roy,  Leslie  &  Co.  West  Albion-street 

Rowley,  Josiab,  glass  &  chinaman,  16,  Wilson-street 

Roxburgh,  John,  &  Co.  tanners,  Spoutmouth 

Roxburgh, ,  leather  merchant,  Grahamston 

Rule,  Thomas,  agent,  621,  Argyll-street 

Russel  &  M'xlrthur,  paper-warehouse,  75,  Bell-street 

Russel,  Wm.  candlemaker,  50,  King-street 

Russel,  Wm.  barber,  3,  Bell-street 

Russel,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  2,  Castle-street 

Russel,  Robert,  grocer,  74,  High -street 

Russel,  Robert,     do.      86,         do. 

Russel,  James,      do.      60,         do. 

Russell,  Walter,  &  Co.  manufacturers,  302,  do. 

Russel,  Mrs.  midwife,  Double  Dykes,  Calton 

Russel,  Mrs.  glue-maker,  37,  Bridgegate 

Russel,  Wm.  ale  &. porter-cellars,  60,  Glassford-street 

Russel,  Alexander,  messenger,  26,  East  Albion-street 

^^Russel,  Mrs.  James,  vintner,  22,  Trongate 

~'^Russell,  Alex,  tailor,  9,         do. 

Russel,  Thomas,  plasterer,  47,  .Maxwell-street 
Russel,  Alexander,  shoe  shop,  169,  Saltmarket 
Russell,  Mrs.  midwife,  56,  Bridgegate 
Russel,  Mrs.  spirit  cellars,  159,  Saltmarket 

RUS  137  SCH 

Russell,  John,  manufacturer,  6,  Bell -street 
Russel,  John,  merchant,  44-2,  Gallowgate 
Russel,  Charles,  slater,     356,         do. 
Russel,  John,  smith,  Cowcaddens 
Russel,  Wm.  &  Co.  merchants,  44,  St.  Andrew-square 
Russel,  Alexander,  slater  and  vintner,  19,  Trongate 
Russel,  David,  joiner,  25,  Miller-street 
Russel,  David,  smith,  55,  Jamaica-street 
Russel,  James,  jun.  grocer,  45,  High-street 
Russel,  James,  grocer,  76,  Hospital-street 
Rutherford,  James,  joiner,  Clyde-street,  Anderston 
Rutherford,  Samuel,  manufacturer,  11,  Bell-street 
Rutherford,  Adam,  builder,  Hospital-str.  Hutch.-town 
Rutherford,  George  &  Co.  24,  Stirling-street 
Rutherford,  George,  house.  High  Montrose-street 
Rutherford,  Geo.  jun.  83,  Hospital-str.  Hutch.-town 
Ryburn,  John,  merch.  at  Leitch  &  Smith's ;  house,  29, 


Salmond,  G.  writer,  23,  Brunswick  place 
Salmond,  Peter  &  Co.  paint  shop,  140,  Stockwell 
Salmond,  John,  heddle-maker,.42,  Bell-street;  works, 

St.  Mungo's  lane 
Sand  and  Co.  grocers,  29,  John-street 
Sanders,  Thomas,  shoemaker,  173,.  Gallowgate 
Sanders,  S.  accountant,  15,  Candleriggs 
Sanderson,   John,  writing-master,  6,  Virginia-street; 

house,  2,  Windsor-place,  Sauchiehall 
Sawers,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  339,  Gallowgate 
Scales,  John,  writer,  79,  Stirling-street 
Scales,  John,  haberdasher,  119,  Trongate 
Sclanders,  Aridrew,  baker,  Grahamston,  north  side 
Scheviz,  George,  mercht.  at  Campbell,  Rivers  &  Co»; 

lodging,  9,  Queen-street 

M     . 


Scotland,  James,  vintner,  60,  Gallowgate 
Scot,  Robert,  merchant,  Thistle  Bank 
Scot,  James,  B.  writer,  169,  Trongate 
Scotch  Patent  Cooperage  Company,  Port  Dundas 
Scott,  A.  &  J.  &  Co.  timber-merchts.  Clyde-street 
Scott,  Js.  &  Allan,  trunk-maks.  &  joiners,  8,  S.  Albion-st. 
Scott,  Charles,  shoemaker,  34f,  Prince's  street 
Scott,  Robert,  baker,  24,  Argyll-street 
Scott,  Wm.  &  Co.  merchants,  76,  Hutcheson-street 
Scott,  Rev.  Andrew,  lodging,  S13,  Gallowgate 
Scott,  Wm.  leather-merchant,  27,  St.  Andrew-street 
Scott,  Francis,  fruit  warehouse,  1,  Candleriggs 
Scott,  J.  &  R.  manufacturers,  head  of  Miller-street 
Scott,  James,  manufacturer,  36,  Candleriggs 
^   Scott,  Wm.  tobacconist,  179,  High-street 
Scott,  Allan,  Morison's  court,  Argyll-street 
Scott,  William,  late  tobacconist,  256,  High-street 
Scott,  William,  cooper,  40,  Candleriggs 
Scott,  Robt.  architectural  academy,  2,  Argyll-street 
Scott,  John,  tile-maker,  east  from  the  Barracks 
Scott,  Wm.  &  Co.  manufacturers,  1,  Ingram-str. 
Scott  and  Balmanno,  merchants,  14,  Stirling  square 
Scott,  Robt.  and  Co.  merchants,  27,  St.  Andrew's  str. 
Scott,  John,  farrier,  54,  Stockwell 
Scott,  John,  joiner,  house,  4,  Paterson-street 
Scott,  James  &  Co.  cloth-shop,  172,  Trongate 
Scott,  David,  print-cutter,  22,     do. 

Scott,  Bryson,  &  Co.  hat-manufacturers,  149,  do. 
Scott,  John,  tea  and  spirit-dealer,  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Scott,  Arthur,  porter,  at  Wm.  Harley  and  Co.'s 

Scott, 5  surgeon-dentist,  6,  Miller-street 

Scott,  Mrs.  furnished  lodgings,  59,  Glassford-street 
Scott,  William,  merchant;  lodging,  George's  place 
Scott,  James,  baker,  33,  John-street 

SCO  139  SHA 

Scott,  Thomas,  baker,  15,  Clyde  terrace 
Scott,  George  and  Son,  cartwrigbts,  45,  Jamaica-street 
Scouller,  John,  manufacturer,  27,  John-street 
ScouUer,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  96,  King-street 
Scouller,  Charles,  do.  38,         do. 

Scouller,  George,  do.  2,  New  wynd 

Scouller,  John,  baker,  32,  Bridgegate 
Scouller,  John,  baker,  2,  Kent-street 
Scouller^  John,  writer,  19,  Prince's  street 
Scruton,  John,  surgeon,  611,  Argyll-street 
Scrymgeour,  James,  watchmaker,  90,  Glassford-stree^ 
Sellars,.  Andrew,  boot  and  shoe  shop,  161,  Saltmarket 
Semple,  James,  spirit-dealer,  St.  Mungo's  lane 
Semple,  William,* stabler,  191,  High-street 
Semple  and  Murison,  Clyde  Brewery,  Adelphi-street 
Senior,  Joshua  and  Son,  wholesale  Manchester  ware- 
house, 34,  Brunswick-street;  lodging,  Sandyford 
'  Seyer,  Nicholas,  French  teacher,  22,  Trongate 
Shaddon,  John,  merchant,  corner  of  S.  Hanover-street 
Shand,  W.  &  A.  manufacturers,  7,  S.  Frederick-street 
Shanks,  Robert,  turner,  19,  College-street 
Shanks,  Samuel,  cloth-shop,  24,  Trongate 
Shanks,  Thomas,  muslin-singer,  22,  North  Albion-str. 
Sharpe,  James,  tailor,  Fost  Office  court,  Trongate 
Sharpe,  Robert,  grocer,  53,  Gallowgate 
Sharpe,  James,  spirit-dealer,  58,  Bridgegate 
Sharp,  James,   drysalter,  Hoodie's,  court,  Argyll-str.; 

house,  2,  Queen-street 
Sharpe,  W.  &  J.  &  Co.  cotton  and  yarn-merchants  52, 

Sharpe,  Thomas,  P.         do.      house,  339,  Gallowgate 
Sharpe,  John,  F.  do.       house,  192,  George*str. 

Shaw,  William,  timber  merchant,  Broomielaw 
Shaw,  James  &  David,  '28,  King-street 
M  2 

SHA  140  JSHO 

Shaw,  Peter,' grocer,  foot  of  Duke-street 

Shaw,  Matthew,  thread-maker,  25,  St.  Andrew-street 

Shaw,  James,  grocer  and  spirit-dealer,  197,  George-str. 

Shaw,  John,  shuttle-maker,  Green-street,  Calton 

Shaw,  Robert,  grocer,  Clyde-street,  do. 

Shaw,  Robert,  flour  merchant,  175,  Trongate 

Shaw,  Robert,  cartwright,  291,  Gallowgate 

Schaw,  Robb  &  Co.  drysalt.  &  gen.  agts.  6,  Queen-str. 

Shearer,  Mrs.  J.  grocer,  64,  Stockwell 

Shearer,  John,  wool  and  worsted  shop,  102,  King-str, 

Shearer,  Benjamin,  joiner,  Balmanno-street 

Shearer,  James,  boot  and  shoemaker,  Mitchell-street 

Shedden,  Thomas,  silk  dyer,  head  of  Albion-street ; 

house,  94,  George-street 
Shedden,  John  &  Co.  agents,  41,  East  Albion-street 
Shedden,  John,  manufacturer,  37,  Bell-street 
Shepherd,  John  &  Co.  architects  and  agents  for  heri- 
table property,  636,  Argyll-street 
Shepherd,  James,  manufacturer,  26,  Bell-street 
Shepherd,  John,  dyer,  Cheapside,  Anderston 
Sheriff,  Rob.  calenderer,  3,  Montrose-str.;  ho.  York-str. 
Shiels,  Robert  &  Son,  tobacconists,  145,  Saltmarket 
Shiels,  Thos.  &  Co.  calico-printers,  7,  S.  Frederick- str. 
Shiels,  Thos.  lodging,  4,  St.  Enoch's  square 
Sheils,  John,  grocer,  311,  Gallowgate 
Shirra,  Robt.  &  Co.  calenderers,  23,  St.  Andrew's  str. 
Shirra,  William,  merchant,  Sidney  court 
Shirra,  Mrs.  John,  grocer,  8,  North  Frederick-street 
Shirra,  Thomas,  grocer,  224,  Gallowgate 
Shirley,  William,  ironmonger,  111,  Trongate 
Shotts  New  Iron  Co.  orders  for  them  received  at  Bogle, 

Christie  &  Co.'s,  60,  Hutcheson-street 
Short,  Mrs.  pipe-manufac.  Ayton-court,  Old  Vennal 
Shortridge,  Geo.  Y.  drysalter,  39,  Miller-street 

SHO  141  SMA 

Shortridge,  W,  merchant;  lodg.  4,  South  Hanov.-street 
Silver  &  Rae,  painters,  621 ,  Argyll-street 
Sillo,  Joseph,  carver  and  gilder,  19,  Saltmarket 
Siddell,  Alex,  grocer,  215,  High-street 
'  Sim,  Mrs.  grocer,  94,         do. 

Sim,  David,  merchant,  Melville  place ;  house,  above 
Sim,  G.  tallow  chandler,  303,  High-street 
Simpson,  James,  manufacturer,  8,  S.  Frederick-street 
Simpson,  Robert,  grocer,  5,  Stockwell 
Simpson,  William,  manufacturer,  9,  S.  Frederick-str- 

house,  Greenhead 
Simson,  Andrew,  writer,  town  clerks'  chambers 
Simson,  John,  tap-room.  Tontine  closs 
Simsone,  J.  &  R.  joiners,  12,  Charlotte-street 
Sinclair,  John,  reed-maker,  291,  High-street 
Sinclair,  J.  &  J.  booksellers,  85,         do. 
Sinclair,  John,  farrier,  146,  Stockwell 
Sinclair,  A.  horse-setter  and  vintner,  Moodie's  court 
Sinclair,  John,  shoemaker,  55,  Prince's  street 
Sinclair,  John,  muslin  and  linen  shop,  70,  Bell-street 
Sinclair,  Hugh,  marble  paper  mak.  head  of  Back  wynd 
Sinclair,  Dav.  machine-maker,  39,  Spoutmouth 
Sinclair,  J.  grocer,  115,  Argyll-street 
Sinclair,  Mrs.  house,  63,  Jamaica-street 
Sinclair,  Archibald,  farrier,  Campbell-street 
Sinclair,  George,  writer,  307,  High-street 
Sinclair,  Dn.  timber-yard,  286,  Gallowgate 
Skinner,  William,  leather-cutter,  31,  Prince's  street 
Slater,  J.  stoneware  &  china-shop,  83  &  84,  Candleriggs 
Slater,  John,  tea  mercht.  67 ;  house,  65,  Wilson^street 
Sloan,  James  &  Co.  merchants,  12,         do. 

Sloan,  Robert,  shoe  shop,  1,  Maxwell-street 
Sloan,  John,  shoemaker,  52,  Prince's  street 
Small,  John,  joiner,  65,  High  street . 
M  S 

SMA  142  SMi 

Smallcom,  William,  townbelJman,  19,  Gallowgate 

Smart,  Thomas,  grocer,  164<,  Stockwell 

b'mart,  William,  vintner  and  stabler,  Blackfriars'  wynd 

Smeal,  John,  machine-mak.  M'Kechnie-street,  Calton 

"Snieal,  William,  tea  dealer,  86,  Gallowgate 

Smellie,  J.  &  E.  haberdashers,  458,     do. 

Smellie,  Geo.  &  Co.  Manchester  wareho.  11,  Candler, 

Smellie,  George,  house,  Woodside,  new  road 

Smellie  &  Storrie,  drysalters,  22,  Argyll-street 

Smith, ,  engraver,  43,  Prince's  street 

Smith,  Alex,  umbrella-maker,  Antigua  place 
Smith,  Adam,  merchant,  33,  Candleriggs 
Smith  &  Graham,  agents,  10,  Garthland-street 
Smith,  Alexander,  shoe  shop,  170,  Saltmarket 
Smith,  Andrew,  inkle  and  muslin  manufacturer,  H; 

Smith,  Andrew,  painter,  23^  Glassford  street 
Smith,  Arch,  of  Jordan-hill,  119,  George-street 
Smith,  Andrew,  26,  Bell-street 
Smith  &  Brown,  cotton-brokers,  Moodie's  court 
Smith  D.  &  Co.  hatters,  43,  Gallowgate 
Smith,  David,  boot  and  shoe  shop,  157,  Saltmarket 
Smith,  David,  shoe  shop,  176,       do. 

Smith,  David,  land-surveyor,  above  77,  Trongate 
Smith,  David,  chamber  officer,  26,  Saltmarket 
Smith,  David,  hair-cloth  manufacturer,  Craignestock 
Smith,  David,  soda-works,  Camlachie 
Smith  &  Elder,  smiths,  268,  High-street 
Smith,  George,  &  Son,  shoe  shop,  9,  Hutcheson-street 
Smith,  George,  bookseller,  18,  >altmarket 
Smith,  Hugh,  merchant,  at  M'Bean,  Smith  &  Co.'s; 

house,  Great  Hamilton-street 
Smith  &  Hunter,  manufacs.  Smith's  court,  Candleriggg 
Smith,  Hutcheson,  &  Co.  linen-xvareho.  37,  Miller-str. 

SMI  143  SMI 

Smith,  J.  watch  and  clock-mak«r,  above  75,  Trongate 
Smith,  J.  &  Son,  booksellers  and  stationers;  Glasgow 

circulatiiig  library  and  reading-room,  85,  Hutch.-st. 
Smith,  W.  &  A.  warehousemen,  21,  High-street 
Smith,  James,  of  Craigend,  merchant,  119,  George-st. 
Smith,  Js.  younger  of  Jordan  Hill,  119,  George-street 
.  Smith,  James,  shoe  shop,  3,  Trongate, 
Smith,  James,  victualler.  King-street,  Calton 
Smith,  James,  jun.  manufacturer,  Commercial  court 
Smith,  James,  manufacturer,  29,  Stirling-street 
Smith,  John,  merchant,  house,  14,  Carlton-place 
Smith,  John,  spirit-dealer,  100,  Bridgegate 
Smith,  John,  smith,  1 1 ,  Frederick-lane 
Smith,  John,  vintner,  354",  Gallowgate 
Smith,  John,  stocking-shop,  5  and  6,  High-street; 

house,  Garngad  hill 
Smith,  John,  grocer  and  spirit- dealer,  Adelphi-street 
Smith,  John,  tailor,  121,  Saltmarket 
Smith,  John,  joiner,  47,  John- street, 
Smith,  James,  cork-cutter,  74,  Trongate 
Smith,  Miss,  milliner,  3,  Argyll-street 
Smith,  Mrs.  artificial  flower-makei',  46,  Saltmarket 
Smith,  M.  tea  and  coffee  dealer,  17,  Charlotte-street 
Smith,  Neil,  flax  and  yarn  warehouse,  22,  High-street 
Smith,  P.  flax  and  yarn  warehouse,  76,  Stirling-street 
Smith,  P.  clerk  of  customs;  house,  Sauchiehall  road 
Smith,  Peter,  messenger,  268,  High-street 
Smith,  Patrick,  writer,  21,  Glassford-street 
Smith,  Robert,  manufacturer.  Smith's  court,  Candler, 
Smith,  Robert,  yarn-merchant,  33,  Candleriggs 
Smith,  Robert,  cork-cutter,  85,  Stirling-street 
Smith,  Stewart,  house,  West  George  street 
Smith,  R.  &  J.  spirit-cellars,  32,  High-street 
Smith,  Thos.  and  Co,  saddlers,  4,  Argyll-street 

SMI  U4  SPll 

Smith,  Thos.  merchant,  house,  13,  George's  square 
Smith,  Thos.  wine  and  spirit-cellar,  14,  Market- street 
Smith  and  Wardlaw,  agents,  omith's  court,  Candler. 
Smith,  Wm.  and  Co.  grocers,  180,  Trongate 
Smith,  Wm.  and  Co.yarn-yarehouse,  29,  Argyll-street 
Smith,  Wm.  shoe  shop,  177,  Saltmarket    ^ 
Smith,  Wm.  writer,  3r64,  Trongate 
Smith,  Mrs.  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  62,  Stockwell 
Smith,  Wm.  vintner,  18,  Broomielaw 
Smith,  W.  and  Sons,  rope-makers,  Craignestock 
Snell,  Wm.  manufacturer,  59,  Candleriggs 
Sommers,  Mrs.  lets  lodgings,  40,  Hutcheson-street 
Sommerville,  George,  bookbinder,  169,  Trongate 
Sommerville,  John,  hat  shop,  4,  Saltmarket 
Sommerville,  John  and  Sons,  manufacs.  28,  St.  A.  sq, 
Sommerville,  Thos.  agent,  30,  Brunswick  place 
Sorley,  John,  ironmonger,  2,  Saltmarket 
Sorley  and  M*Callum,  do.  437,  Gallowgate 
Spalding,  John,  at  John-street  sugar-house 
Spears,  Rob.  merch.  &  insurance  office,  Post  Office  c©. 
Speirs,  Brown  &  Co,  stocking- wareho.  34,  Virginia-str. 
Spence,  Loudon,  and  Co.  aquafortis-makers,  14, 

Spence,  Henry,  tobacconist,  Park's  land,  80,  Stockw. 
Spence,  John,  merchant.  Post  Office  court 
Spencer  and  Co.  hardwaremen,  174,  Saltmarket 
Spencer,  Wm.  hardwareman,  172,  Saltmarket 
Spittal,  James,  grocer,  263,  High-street 
Spowart,  And.  baker.  Kirk-street,  Calton 
Spreuli,  Js.  city  chamberlain,  council  chambers 
SpreuU,  John,  do.         at  do. 

Spreuli,  A.  lint  shop,  12,  High-street 
Sproull,  Matthew,  tea-dealer,  103,  Saltmarket 
SprouU  ^nd  Campbell,  spirit-dealers,  16,  St.  A.  lane 

STA  145  STE 

V.  ^Stamp  office,  Post  Office  court,  141,  Trongate 
;       Staines,  H.  B.  merchant,  at  J.  Hamilton  &  Son's;  ho.. 
Sauchiehall  road 
Stark,  Mrs.  midwife,  Old  Post  Office  court 
Stark,  R.  &  Co.  victuallers,  30,  Bell-street 
Stark,  Malcom,  grocer,  113,  High-street 
Stark,  Thomas,  yarn-shop,  44,  High-street 
Stark,  ¥7m.  baker,  1,  Kirk-street,  Townhead 
Steel,  John,  manufacturer,  82,  Stirling-street 
Steel,  John  &  Son,  boot  and  shoe  shop,  64,  Trongate 
Steel,  William,  cloth-merchant,  12,     do. 

Steel,  Gavin,  manufacturer,  107,  Nelson-street 
Steel,  Mrs.  Wm.  victualler,  181,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Steel,  James,  wheel  wright  &  cooper,  Anderston-walk 
Steel,  Wm.  umbrella-maker,  196,  High-street 
Steel,  Rob.  joiner,  &c.  Crown-street,  Hutchesontown 
Steel,  Matthew,  woollen  draper,  453,  Gallowgate 
Steel,  Dr.  James,  drug  shop,  83,  Gallowgate 
I        SteeF,  G.  $c  W.  rum  and  porter  cellars,  396,  do. 
Steel,  James,  victualler.  45,  King-street 
Steel,  James,  spirit-dealer,  79,  Gallowgate 
Steell,  George,  writer,  83,  Hutcheson-street 
Steell,  James,  bookseller,  12,  Saltmarket 
Steell,  Jas,  and  Co.  commission-merchants,  44,  Bell-st. 
Stenhouse,  Jn.  and  Co.  calico-printers,  302,  High-str. 
Stenhouse  &  Nimmo,  surgeons,  20,  Glassford-street 
Stenhouse,  John,  surgeon;  house,  21,      do. 
Stephen,  A.  haberdasher,  53,  Trongate 
Stephen,  Charles,  turner,  6^2,  Bridgegate 
Stephen,  Robert,  dyer,  1,  Buchanan-street 
Stephen,  William,  tailor,  175,  Trongate 
Stephen,  Alex,  provision  shop,  54,  Bell-street 
Stephenson,  And.  manufacturer.  North  Albion-street; 
house,  Parson's  Green,  Townhead 

STE  146  STE 

Stephenson,  George,  spirit-dealer,  58,  Back  wynd 
Steven,  James,  music  shop,  35,  Wilson-street 
Steven  &  Frazer,  booksel.  &  stationers,  14*0,  Trongale 
Steven,  John,  surgeon,  31,  High-street 
Steven,  William,  comb-maker,  39,  Bell-street 
Steven,  William,  manufacturer,  6,         do. 
Steven  and  Pettigrew,  rope-makers,  270,  Gallowgate 
Stevenson,  John,  and  Co.  dyers,  Govan  Croft,  order* 

left  atD.  Niven  and  Co.'s,  139,  Trongate 
Stevenson,  Nathaiiiel,  writer,  63,  Candieriggs 
Stevenson,  Nathaniel,  merchant,  63,  do. 
Stevenson's  English  academy,  ^3,  King-street 
Stevenson,^ Robert,  ham  shop,  34-,         do; 
Stevenson,  Hew,  57,  Brunswick-street 
Stevenson,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  373,  Gallowgate 
Stevenson,  Robert,  slater,  56,  Saltmarket 
Stevenson,  W.  lodging,  6,  Clyde-buildings 
Stevenson,  Wm.  spirit-dealer,  7,  Adelphi-street 
Stevenson,  John,  spirit-dealer;  Charlotte-lane 
Stevenson,  Alex,  manufacturer,  20,  St.  And.  square 
Stevenson,  Andrew,  oyster-house,  136,  Trongate 
Stevenson,  Thomas,  clerk,  stamp  office,  141,  do. 
Stevenson,  Adam,  writing  master,  8,  Nelson-street 
Stevenson  and  Eason,  muslin  manufacs.  141,  Trongate 
Stevenson  &  Dale,  glass,  china,  and  Wedgewood  ware- 
house, 107,  Trong. ;  works,  Cobridge,  Staffordshire 
Stevenson,  M.  grocer,  foot  of  Brown-street 
Stevenson,  J.  spirit- dealer,  20,  Argyll-street 
Stevenson,  J.  spirit  dealer.  Maxwell-street 
Stevenson,  James,  grocer,  139,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Stewart,  A.  leather  cutter,  Laigh  kirk  close 
Stewart,  A.  tailor,  29,  Prince's  street 
Stewart,  Alex.  jun.  grocer,  226,  High-street 
Stewart,  Alex,  grocer,  110,  Saltmarket 


Stewart,  Alex,  tailor,  107,  Saltmarket 

Stewart,  Arch.  do.       39,         do. 

Stewart,  A.  &  R,  yarn  warehouse,  14,  Wilson-street 

Stewart,  Andrew,  clothes  broker,  163,  Bridgegate  _    , 

Stewart,  Andrew,  grocer,  83,  Havannah-street 

Stewart,  Andrew,  spirit-dealer,  34,  Bell-street 

Stewart,  Charles,         do.  127,  Saltmarket 

Stewart,  Chas.  D.  writer,  Antigua  place 

Stewart  &  Campbell,  reedmakers,  Greyfriars'  wynd 

Stewart  &  Co.  tobacconists,  244,  High-street 

Stewart,  Charles,  hosier,  429,  Duke-street 

Stewart,  D.  painter,  84,  Hutch,  str.;  ho.  Tontine  closs 

Stiewart,  D.  &  D.  manufacturers,  37,  Bell-street 

Stewart,  Daniel,  joiner,  297,  High-street 

Stewart,  David,  carrier  to  Perth,  Dundee,  &c.  Albion 

place,  North  Albion-street 
Stewart,  Duncan,  spirit-dealer,  54,  Saltmarket 
Stewart,  Duncan,         do.  45,  Bridgegate 

Stewart,  J.  eating-house,  75,  Argyll-street 
Stewart,  James,  merchant,  at  J.  Finlay  &  Co,'s 
Stewart,  James,  grocer,  222,  High-street 
Stewart,  Jamos,  spirit-dealer,  114,  do. 
Stewart,  Rev.  James,  Anderston 
Stewart,  James,  merchant,  190,  Trongate 
Stewart,  James,  grocer,  326,  Gallowgate 
Stewart,  James,  slater,  73,  Gallowgate 
Stewart,  James,  Prince  of  Wales  Tavern,  33,  Bruns.-st,     ^ 
Stewart,  James,  spirit-dealer,  23,  Back  wynd 
Stewart,  James,  agent.  Post  office  court 
Stewart,  John,  flesher,  222,  George-itreet 
Stewart,  James,  ferrier,  115,  Argyll-street 
Stewart,  John,  tailor,  117,  Saltmarket 

Stewart,  John,  grocer,  New-street,  Calton 

Stewart,  John,  spirit-dealer,  70,  Bridgegate 

STE  14$  STI 

Stewart,  John,  sheriff  and  commissary  bar  officer,  11, 

St.  Andrew's  lane 
Stewart,  John,  spirit-dealer,  19,  Market  lane 
Stewart,  John,  writer,  4«3,  Trongate 
Stewart,  John,  ironmonger,  at  J.  Martin,  sen.  &  Co.'s 
Stewart,  John,  ironmonger,  95,  Glassford-street 
Stewart,  M.  &  Co.  milliners,  24,  Adelphi-street 
Stewart,  N.  ironmonger,  6,  Saltmarket 
Stewart,  J.  &  J.  spirit-dealers,  136,  Saltmarket 
Stewart,  Robt.  &  Co.  at  J.  &  T.  Tassie's,  45,  Candler. 
Stewart,  Robt.  coal-agent,  69,  Broomielaw 
Stewart,  Thomas,  19,  North  Albion-street 
Stewart,  Wm.  &  Co.  commiss.  merchts.  26,  Bell-street 
Stewart  &  Strang,  spirit-cellars,  17,  St.  And.  lane 
Stewart,  Thos.  merchant,  Glasgow  Field,  Townhead 
Stewart,  Thos.  daily  carrier  to  and  from  Edinburgh, 

Albion  place,  N.  Albion-street 
Stewart,  W.  &  Co.  brewers,  Haghill 
Stewart,  W.  tailor,  72,  Trongate 
Stewart,  Wm.  lodging,  7,  Clyde-buildings 
Stewart,  Wm.  smith  and  spirit-dealer,  290,  Gallowgate 
Stewart,  Wm.  tailor,  23,  King-street 
Stewart,  Wm.  smith  and  farrier,  Howard-street 
Stewart,  Wm.  Edinburgh  and  Leith  daily  carrier,  40, 

King- street 
Stewart,  Wm.  &  Co.  26,  Bell-street 
Stirling,  Gordon  &  Co.  merchants,  18,  Miller-street 
Stirling,  Wm.  &  Sons,  calico-printers,  25,  Queen-street 
Stirling,  Wm.  merchant,  do. 

Stirling,  George,     do.  do. 

Stirling,  J.  surveyor,  458,  Duke-street 
Stirling,  Peter,  commission  merch.  70,  Wilson-street 
Stirling's  library,  Hutcheson's  Hospital,  Ingram-street; 

J.  Jamieson,  Librarian 

STl  149  SUT 

Stirling,  David,  Royal  Bank ;  house,  Wellington  place 
Stirling,  James,  ironmonger,  22,  Gallowgate 
Stirling,  Robt.  jun.  manufacturer,  120,  Saltmarket 
Stirling,  James,  tailor,  38,  High-street 
Stirrat,  Robert,  cartwright,  Cowcaddens 
Stirrat,  Wm.  do.         Port  Dundas 

Stirrat,  Mrs.  muslin  shop,  66,  Bell-street 
Stiven,  Blair  &  Co.  manufrs.  above  36,  St.  And.  sqr, 
Stodart,  James,  grocer,  241,  High-street 
Stobo,  Miss,  teacher  of  knitting,  24,  Ingram-street 
>  Storrie,  John,  tobacconist,  21,  King-street 
Storrie,  Geo.  clothes  broker,  137,  Bridgegate 
Storrie,  James,  painter,  35,  Crown-street 
Strang,  Wm.  grocer,  &c.  Calton  mouth 
Strang,  Robt.  writer,  31,  E.  Albion-street;  house,  34, 

Strang,  Geo.  wright  and  grocer,  62,  Main-;Str.  Gorbals 
Strang,  Robert,  session  clerk,  17,  St.  Andrew's  lane; 

house,  34,  Kent-street 
Strang,  William,  jun.  spirit-dealer.  New-street,  Calton 
Strang,  John,  &  Co.  wine  &  spirit-cellars,  137,  Stockw. 
Strong,  David,  Tontine  back  buildings 
Struthers,  Robert  &  Co.  brewers,  Greenhead 
Struthers,  Alexander,         do.  Sandyford 
Struthers,  John,  merchant,  at  Smith  &  Wardlaw's 
Stuart,  Arthur,  &  Co.  calico-printers,  46,  Hutch.-str. 
Stuart,  John,  house,  3,  George's  square 
Stuart  &  Wright,  merchants,  43,  Wilson-street 
Stuart,  J.  &  J.  tobacconists,  38,  Gallowgate;  succes- 
sors to  David  Black  &  Son 
Stuart,  Wm.  messenger,  at  Tayler  &  Gardner's 
Stubbs,  J.  S.  merchant,  132,  Trong.;  house,  2  stairs  Uf 
Sutherland,  Thomas j  druggist,  17,  Argyll-street 
Sutherland,  Alexander,  basket-maker,  139,  Saltraarkef^ 

SUT  150  TAS 

Sutherland,  B.  clothes  broker,  141,  Saltmarket 
Sutherland,  Mrs.  biscuit  shop,  91,  Trongate 
Sun  Fire  and  Life  Insurance  office,  Melville  place,  do. 
Swanston,  John,  &  Co.  grocers,  126,  Trongate 
Swanston,  George,  do.       do.         do. 

Swanston,  George,  spirit  dealer,  4<35,  Duke-str. 
Swan,  James,  card-maker,  33,  Gallowgate 
Swan,  Andrew,  spirit  dealer,  35,  Bell-street 
Sweet,  Thos.  billet  master.  Turner's  court 
Sweet,  Geo.  &  Co.  ale  and  porter  cellars,  19,  do. 
Sword  James,  merchant;  house,  Annfield 
Sword,  Jas.  jun.  West-thorn  coal  office,  386,  Gallowg. 
Sword,  James,  youngest,  wine-merchant,  Buchanan- 
court,  175,  Trongate;  house,  Greenhead 
Sword,  Robert,  writer,  94",  Hutcheson-street 
Sym,  Mrs.  Hugh,  grocer,  94,  High-street 
Sym,  David,  spirit-cellars,  305,     do. 
Sym,  Wm.  clerk  to  Town's  Hospital 
Sym,  Thomas,  upholsterer,  21,  Candleriggs 
Sym,  Geo.  chandler  and  tobacconist,  26,  Candleriggs 
Sym,  J.  mathematician  and  optician^  236,  High-street 
Sym,  And.  mercht.  24,  Stirling-str, ;  ho.  3,  George  sq. 
Syrae,  John,  cotton  spinner,  19,  Duke-street 
Syme,  James,  Scotch  and  Eng.  wareho.  154,  Trong. 


Tait,  Adam,  Excise  office ;  ho.  Adelphi-street 
Tait,  Wm.  printer,  journal  office,  Lyceum  court 
Tait,  David,  do.  do. 

Tait,  David,  grocer.  Kirk-street  Calton 
Tait,  James,  &  Co.  merchants^  190,  Trongate 
Tait,  James,  jun.  &  Co.  agents,  4,  Montrose-str. 
Tannahill,  Rob.  merchant,  house,  39,  Gallowgate 
Tassie,  Jas.  &  Thos.  manufacturers,  46,  Candlerigg* 

TAS  151  TAY 

Tassie,  Walter,  counting-house,  Duke-street;  orders 

left  at  J.  &  T.  Tassie's 
Tassie,  Walter,  &  Co.  barm-cellar,  Back  wynd 
Tassie,  John,  cheese  &  ham  merchant,  32,  King-street 
Tayler,  Js.  writer,  office,  44,  Bell-street;  house, 

Graham's  buildings,  George-street 
Tayler  &  Gardner,  writers,  44,  Bell-street 
Taylor,  A.  &  Co.  milliners,  1 1 9,  Nelson-street 
Taylor,  Alexander,  grocer,  312,  Galllowgate 
Taylor,  Andrew,  writing  master,  2,  Hutcheson-street 
Taylor,  D.  shoe  shop,  10^,  Gallowgate 
Taylor,  Donald,  merchant,  26,  Virginia-street 
Taylor,  Ebenezer,  toyman,  16,  Hutcheson-street 
Taylor,  George  &  Co.  candleshop,  9,  Calton  mouth 
Tayjor,  Henry,  baker,  45,  John-street 
Taylor,  J.  turner  and  patent  leg-maker,  37,  Hutch.-st. 
Taylor,  John,  manufacturer,  51,  Bell-street 
Taylor,  John,  grocer,  52,  Gallow.;  ho.  Spring  Bank 
Taylor,  Jas.  turner  and  musical  inst,  mak.  114,  John-st. 
Taylor,  Jos.  music  and  toy  shop,  18,  Hutcheson-street 
Taylor,  James,  linen  draper,  I IV,  Trongate    * 
Taylor,  James,  stabler,  Blackfriars'  inn 
Taylor,  James,  grocer,  52,  Gallowgate  '  * 

Taylor,  Matthew,  writer,  21,  Glassford-street 
Taylor,  Robt.  sen.  grocer,  4,  Brunswick  place 
Taylor,  Robt.  baker,  56,  Gallowgate 
Taylor,  Robt.  jun.  grocer,  62,  do. 
Taylor,  Robt.  druggist,  S6,  Bridgegate 
Taylor,  Thomas,  manufacturer,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Taylor,  Wm.  merchant,  30,  Charlotte-street 
Taylor,  Wm.  grocer,  52,  Gallowgate 
Taylor,  Rev.  Dr.  William,  sen.  Principal  of  the  Uni^ 

versity.  College  court 
Taylor,  Wm.  confectioner,  21,  Candleriggs 

TAY  .152  THO 

Taylor,  Dr.  William,  jun.  142,  Stockwell 
Taylor,  Wm.  clothes  broker,  95,  Bridgegate 
Taylor,  William,  grocer,  King-street,  Tradeston 
Telfer,  James,  upholsterer,  90,  Saltmarket 
Telfer,  Wra.  boot  and  shoe  shop,  33,  Argyll^street 
Templeton,  And.  agent  for  Paisley  Union  Bank,  16; 

Ingram-street ;  house,  14,  George's  square 
Templeton,  Jas.  watchmaker,  196,  Main-str.  Gorbab 
Templeton,  John,  haberdasher,  24,  Nelson-street 
Tennent,  David,  tobacconist,  124,  Gallowgate 
,  Tennent,  J.  &  Co.  tobacconists,  76,  Candleriggs 
Tennent,  John  &  Robert,  brewers,  Drygate  bridge 
Tennent,  Robt.  house,  156,  George-street 
Tennent  &  Wood,  merchants,  Commercial  court 
Tennent,  John,  jun.  at  Dunlop,  Hamilton  &  Co.'s 
Tennent,  John,  grocer,  125,  Gallowgate 
Tennent,  Charles,  &  Co.  merchants,  St.  Rollox ;  office, 

56,  Queen-street 
Tennent,  And.  &  Co.  merchants,  13,  Ingram-street 
Tennent,  John,  grocer,  142,  Stockwell 
Tennent,  Hugh,  merchant;  house,  32,  Richmond-str.- 
Tennent,^  Hugh,  jun.  brewer,  Drygate  bridge 
Thallon,  R.  smith,  81,  Gallowgate 
Thallon,  Robert,  grocer,  370,  do. 
Theatre,  27,  Queen-street 

Thom,  John,  coal  agent,  Monkland  Canal  Basin 
Thorn,  Wm.  spirit- cellars,  47,  Prince's  street 
Thom,  James,  marble  cutter,  55,  Jamaica^street 
Thom,  James,  spirit-cellar,  393,  Gallowgate 
Thom,  Robert,  victualler,  118,  do. 

Thomas,  Dav.  stocking-manufacturer,  94,  Candleriggs 
Thomas,  John,  coach  work,  John-street 
Thomson's,  Geo.  tavern,  76,  King-street 
Thomson,  Alexander,  haberdasher,  78,  Bell-street 


THO  153  THO 

Thomson,  Allan,  vintner,  14,  Gallowgate 
Thomson,  And.  merchant,  4,  King-street 
x3^Thorason,  And.      do.     37,  Brunswick  place 
Thomson,  And.  music  teacher,  6,  Virginia-street 
Thomson,  Arch,  muslin  manufacturer,  26,  Bell-str.     > 
Thomson,  George,  tea  shop,  110,  Trongate 
Thomson,  George,  vintner,  76,  King-street 
Thomson,  J.  hosier,  1,  High-street 
Thomson,  J.  stocking  shop,  8,  High-strret 
Thomson,  James,  at  Jas.  Finlay  &  Co.'s 
Thomson,  Jas.  cane  bottom  chair-maker,  Graham  sq. 
Thomson,  James,  29,  St.  Andrew-street 
Thomson,  James  &  Co.  cloth'shop,  194,  Trongate 
Thomson,  James  &  Co.  grocers,  47,  Gallowgate 
Thomson,  John,  sen.  manufacturer,  46,  High-street 
Thomson,  John,  sen.  reedmaker,      46,         do. 
Thomson,'  John,  dyet,  Campbell-street 
Thomson,  John,  tailor,  70,  Stockwell  ^    ' 

Thomson,  John,  butter  and  cheese  shop,  71,  King-str. 
Thomson,  John,  grocer,  26,  High -street^ 
Thomson,  John,  plasterer.  Thistle-street,  Hutch,  town 
Thomson,  John,  spirit-dealer,  Back  wynd 
Thomson,  John,  horse-dealer,  Calton  mouth 
Thomson,  John,  spirit-dealer,  462,  Gallowgate 
Thompson,  Joshua,  at  Welsh  &  Sons;  ho.  243,  High-str.' 
Thomson  &  Kerr,  nierchants,  7,  Brunswick  place 
Thomson,  Mrs.  milliner,  77,  Bell-street 
Thomson,  Mrs.  P.  vintner,  50,     do. 
Thomson,  Mrs.  housekeeper.  Town's  hospital 
Thomson,  Peter,  vintner,  346,  Gallowgate 
Thomson  &  ScouUer,  pewterers,  421,  do| 
Thomson  &  Paterson,  manufrs.  10,  St.  Andrew's  sqr. 
Thomson,  Hugh,  turner,  85,  Candleriggs 
N  3 

THO  154  TOD 

Thomson,  Robert,  spirit-dealer,  14-,  Bridgegate 
Thomson,  Rob.  manuf.  N.  back  buildings,  .St.  And.  sq. 
Thomson,   Robert  &   Son,  59,   St.  Andrew's  square; 

cotton  works,  Adelphi  place     ' 
Thomson,  Robert,  merchant ;  house,  8,  Buchanan-str. 
Thomson,  Robt.  writer,  office,  town  clerks'  chambers; 

house,  14,  North  Hanover-street 
Thomson,  Mrs.  Robert,  grocer,  59,  Stockwell 
Thomson,  Stubbs  &  Co.  merchants,  131,  Trongate 
Thomson,  T.  S.  merchant,  South  Albion-street 
Thomson  8c  Leslie,  commission  merchts.  do. 
Thomson,  Wm.  baker,  Govan-street,  Hutchesontown 
Thomson,  William,  merchant,  127,  Bridgegate 
Thomson,  William,  spirit-dealer,  63,  High-street 
Thomson,  Wm.  muslin  broker,  54,  Glassford-streefc 
Thomson,  Wm.  grocer,  17,  High  street 
Thomson,  Mrs.  straw  hat-maker,  Old  wynd 
Thomson,  William,  merchant,  Ufiion  place 
Thomson,  Wm.  &  Co.  joiners,  Thistle-str.  Hutch.-town 
Thomson,  Rev.  William,  lodging,     do.  do. 

Thomson,  Wm.  mealman,  35,  Adelphi-street 
Thorburn,  A.  shoe  and  leather  shop,  166,  Saltmarket 
-Thorburn,  John,  coach  maker,  Geo.-street  coach  work 
Thorburn,  John  &  Co.  grocers,  122,  Bridgegate 
Thorburn,  Archibald,  spirit-dealer,  424,  Gallowgate 
Xhorburn,  George,  38,  High  John-street 
Thorburn,  James,  tea  warehouse,  268,  High-street 
Tillie,  Andrew,  grocer,  217,  High-street 
Todd&  Stevenson,  cotton-spinners,  Springfield;  ware- 
house, 75,  Brunswick-street 
Todd,  Shortridge  &  Co.  calico-printers,  5,  S.  Fred-str. 
Todd,  Cornelius,  merchant,  158,  Trongate 
Todd,  Robert,  17,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Todd,  James,  spirit-dealer,  3^,  High-street 

TOL  155  TUR 

Tolmie,  Alex,  brass-founder,  &c.  at  J.  &  J.Dawson  &  Co.'s 
Tomlinson,  Mrs.  band  box  maker,  6,  Jackson-street 
Torrance,  James,  spirit-dealer,  129,  Gallowgate 
Torrance,  James  &  Co.  grocers,  112,  Argyll-street 
Torri  &  Cossa,  looking-glass-makers,  67,  High-street 
Tosh,  George  &  Co.  calenderers,  59,  Candleriggs 
Towart,   Hugh,   writer,  26,  Bell-street;  house,  Great 

Towart,  John,  baker,  82,  Saltmarket 
Towers,  J.  surgeon,  36,  Ingram-street 
Towers,  James  &  Co.  merchts.  Commercial  court 
Trades'  Hall,  Glassford- street 
Trades'  mortcloth  office,  46,  High -street 
Trenor,  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  11,  Bridgegate 
Turcan,  Mrs.  grocer,  9,  Stockwell 
Turnbull,  John,  writer,  13,  St.  Andrew  lane 
Turnbull,  A.  &  J,  manufacturers,.  34,  Trongate 
Turnbull,  W.  bookseller  and  stationer,  156,  do. 
Turnbull,  John,  druggist,  66,  do. 

Turnbull  &  Ramsay,  linen  printers'   colour  makers, 

16,  St.  Andrew-street 
Turnbull,  Colin,  jun.  &  Co,  grocers,  101,  Argyll-str. 
Turnbull,    S.  merchant,  26,  Brunswick-street;  house, 

35,  North  Frederick-street 
Turnbull,  Rev.  Wm.  house,-  Belgrove  place 
Turnbull,  John,  manufacturer,  23,  St.  Andrew-street 
Turnbull,  A.  auctioneer,  92,  Stockwell 
Turnbull,  Js.  at  J.  &  R.  Watson's,  Post-office  court 
Turnbull-,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  20,  John-street 
Turner,  Robert,  pewterer,  41,  Bridgegate 
Turner,  Duncan,  writer,  Wallace  court;  house,   21, 

Turner,  Duncan,  coppersmith,  422,  Gallowgate 
Turner,  Archibaldj  ironmonger,  8,  Sajtmarket 

TUR  156  URE 

Turner,  James,  manufacturer,  11,  Candleriggs 
"^  Turner,  James,  tobacconist,  275,  High-street;  house, 
Turner,  Mrs.  muslin  shop,  245,  High-street 
Turner,  Arch,  writer,  184<,  Trongate 
Turner,  Alex,  messenger,  house  and  office,  43,  Trongat'e 
Turner,  Stewart,  do.  4$,     do. 

Turner,  James,  horse-setter,  364,  Gallowgate 
Turpie,  John,  salt  merchant  and  victualler,  159;  house, 

141,  Stock  well 
Tweedie,  Mrs.  lodgings,  23,  Hutcheson-street 
Tweedie,  J.  teacher,  Little  Dovehill 
Twaddle,  Wm.  spirit  proof-maker,  449,  Gallowgate 

University  printing  office,  Morrison's  court,  Argyll-str. 
Ure,  Alex,  pastry  baker,  11,  Hutcheson-street 
Ure,  Alex,  writer,  102,  King-street.  , 

Ure,  Andrew  &  Co.  spirit-dealers,  84,  Stockwell  ' 

Ure  &  M'Watt,  spirit- dealers,  39,  Govan-street 
Ure,  George,  haberdasher,  118,  Trongate 
Ure,  George,  baker,  64,  High-street 
Ure,  Hugh,  spirit-cellar,  402,  Gallowgate 
Ure,  Js.  mercht.  Neilson  &  Hunter's;  ho.  125,  John-str. 
Ure,  James,  spirit-dealer,  116,  Bridgegate 
Ure,  John,  baker,  60,  Stockwell 
Ure,  John,  jun.  lodging,  52,  Montrose- street 
Ure  &  Miller,  merchants,  34,  Trongate 
Ure,  John  &  Son,  merchant,  35,  Candleriggs 
Ure,  P.  shoemaker  and  leather-cutter,  Grahamsto* 
Ure,  Robert,  wig-maker,  44,  Saltmarket 
Ure,  Robert,  at  Wm.  Forrest  &  Co.'s 
Ure,  Walter,  calenderer,  55,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Ure,  Wm,  mathcmat.  inst.  maker,  15,  Deanside  lane 

URE  157  WAL 

Ure,  Wm.  tea  warehouse,  29,  Saltmarket 
Urie  &  M'Nair,  manufacturers,  6,  Montrose-stl'eet 
Urie,  William,  cooper,  19,  Stockwell  *- 

Urquhart,  Buchanan  &  Co.  yarn  wareho.  63yBruns-str. 

Vassie,  T.  shoemaker,  10,  Stockwell 
Veitch,  Mrs.  Thomas,  spirit-dealer,  60,  Bridgegate 
Virtue,  And.  Great  Canal  track^boat  office,  115,  Tron. 
Virtue,  Rob.  &  Co.  Liverpool  traders'  office^  115,  do. 
Virtue,  John,  fruitman,  64,  Gallowgate 

Wade,  W.  M.  English  and  French  teacher,  22,  Rich- 
Waddell,  John,  shoemaker,  99,  Gallowgate 
Wadddl,  R.  &  Son,  cabinet-makers,  &c.  142,  Stockw. 
Waddell,  R.  Son  &  Co.  upholsterers,  175,  Trongate 
Waddell,  John,  pastry  shop,  St.  Enoch's  wynd 
V\7'addell,  James,  English  seminary,  25,  Miller-street 
Waddell,  Alexander,  mason,  Hutchesontown 
Waddell,  Mrs.  straw-hat  maker,  above  75,  Trongate 
Waddell,  Wm.  writer,  88,  Hutcheson-street 
Waldeck,  J.  F.  professor  and  teacher  of  painting,  23, 

Walker,  A.  tailor,  63,  Saltmarket" 
Walker,  Adam,  grocer,  615,  Argyll-street 
Walker,  A.. smith,  173?  Gallowgate 
Walker,  Alex,  and  Co.  smiths  and  farriers,  284-,  do. 
Walker,  Alex,  spirit-dealer,  158,  do. 

Walker,  Andrew,  coal-master,  Gairbraid;  orders  left 

at  105,  Trongate 
Walker,  Charles,  grocer,  50;  house,  449,  Gallowgate 
Walker,  David,  merchant,  87,  Glassford-street 

WAL  15S  WAL 

Walker,  G.  L.  commission-mercht.  1,  Ingram-street 
Walker,  G.and  W.  stocking  shop,  4-57,  Gallowgate 
Walker,  G.  manufacturer,  169,  Montrose-Btreet;  house, 

47,  North  Hanover-street 
Walker,  G.  Spanish  and  French  teach.  6,  Turner's  co. 
Walker,  J.  joiner,  Thistle-street,  Hutchesontown 
Walker,  J.  baker  and  vintner,  24-,  High-street 
Walker,  James,  manufacturer,  26,  Bell-street 
Walker,  James,  beadle,  621,  Argyll-street 
Walker,  James,  slater,  124,  High-street 
Walker,  James,  grocer.  King-street,  Tradeston 
Walker,  John,  manufacturer,  Wallace  court.  Bell-street 
Walker,  John,  writer,  169,  Trongate 
Walker,  John,  perfumer,  22,  Glassford-street 
Walker,  John,  spirit-dealer,  105,  Bridgegate 
Walker,  Knox  &  Co.  manufacturers,  23,  St.  And.-itr. 
Walker  Mrs.  midwife,  52,  Virginia-street 
Walker,  Misses,  milliners,  Post  Office  court 
Walker,  Matthew,  flesher,  Mitchell-street 
Walker,  Robert,  hosier,  119,  Bridgegate 
Walker,  R.  spirit-dealer,  117,         do. 
Walker,  Robert,  stabler,  580,  Argyll-street 
Walker  &  Robertson,  warehousemen,  17,  St.  And.  sq. 
Walker,  Wm.  manufacturer,  44,  St.  Andrew  square 
Walker,  Wm.  hardware  shop,  171,  Saltmarket 
Walker,  Wm.  working  painter,  11,  Saltmarket 
Walker,  Wm.  grocer,  Maxwell-street  \ 

Walker,  Wm.  baker,  66,  Saltmarket 
Walkinshaw,  D.  &  Co.  merchants,  Brunswick-lane 
Walkinshaw,  Barlas  &  Co.  commission  warehouse  do. 
Walkinshaw,  Robert,  writer,  house,  5,  Carlton  place 
Walkinshaws  &  Dow,  writers,  15,  Ingram-street, 

second  door  east  from  Hutcheson-street 
Walkinshaw,  Thos.  writer,  190,  Trong.;ho.  Whitevale 


WAL  159  WAR 

Walkinshaw,  James,  manufacturer,  59,  Nelson-street 
:%JVVallace,  James,  tobacconist,  94,  Candleriggg 
Wallace,  Miss,  milliner,  57,  High-street 
Wallace,  John,  teacher,  68,       do. 
Wallace,  J.  &  J.  spirit-cellars,  384-,  Gallowgate 
Wallace,  Robert,  writing-master,  64,  Ingram-street; 

house,  3,  George's  square 
Wallace,  Arch,  merchant;  house,  18,  W.  Geo.  street 
Wallace,  Robert,  accomptant,  23,  Hutcheson-street 
Wallace,  Mrs.  straw  hat  maker,  23,         do. 
Wallace,  Geo.  joiner.  Great  Hamilton-sti«et 
Wallace,  James,  spirit-dealer,  84,  High-street 
^Wallace  and  McMillan,  quill-merchants,  22,  Trongate 
Wallace  and  Veitch,  manufacts.  6,  St.  Andrew's  sqr. 
Wallace,  Hamilton  and  Co.  drysalters,  23,  Queen-str. 
Wallace,  John,  house,  12,  York-street 
Wallace,  John  &  Jas.  spirit- cellars,  384,  Gallowgate 
Walrond,  Theodore,  merchant;  house,  10,  George  sq. 
Warden,  Joseph,  frame-smith,  Calton-mouth 
^Warden,  Walkers  &  Hill,  manufacs.  27,  Hutch.-str. 
V/arden,  Arch,  merch.  61,  Ingrara-str.;  ho.  Sauchiehall 
Wardens,  milliners,  406,  Gallowgate 
Wardlaw,  Rev.  Ralph,  lodgmg,  Provan-place,  High 

Wardlaw,  Wra.  lodging,  17,  North  Hanover  street 
Wardlaw,  Walter,  house,  Richmond-street 
Wardlaw,  Walter,  commiss.  wareho.  107,  Nelson-str. 
Wardlaw,  Gilbert,  lodging,  North  Wellington  place 
Wardrop,  John,  merchant,  41,  North  Fr^derick-str. 
Wardrop,  Whyt  &  Co.  do.  Wallace-court,  Bell-str. 
Wardrop,  David,  mercht.;  house,  W.  St.  Vincent-str. 
Wardrop,  David,  &  Co.  merchants,  39,  Glassford-str. 
Wardrop,  J.  &  H.  coppersmiths,  &c.  44,  Argyll-str.; 
works,  58,  Queen-street 

WAR  160  WAT 

Warnock,  Robert,  vintner,  55,  Gallowgate 
Waterson,  E.  tobacconist,  193,  Trongate 
Warren,  Miss,  straw-hat-maker,  42,  Brunswick-place 
Warren,  W.  teacher  of  drawings  83,  Trongate 
Warren,  Mrs.  piano  forte  teacher,  do.     do. 
Waters,  Andrew,  manufacturer,  27,  Hutcheson-street 

'Waterston, ,  painter.  Main-street,  Gorbals 

Watkin,  J.  G.  spirit- dealer,  5,  College-sti^eet 
Watson,  Adam,  manufacturer,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Watson,  Andrew,  shoemaker,  294,  High-street 
Watson,  George,  surgeon,  49,  King-street;  house,  14, 

Watson  &  Weir,  surgeons,  49,  King-street 
-Watson,  Gilbert,  banker,  house,  32,  Buchanan-street 
Watson,  J.  &  R.  bankers,  Post-office  court 
Watson,  James,  merchant,  Post-office  court;  ho.  77, 

Watson,  James,  manufacturer;  house,  98,  Rottenrow 
Watson,  James,  surgeon,  47,  Argyll-street 
Watson,  James,  mealseller,  14,  Stockwell 
V/atson,  John,  Commercial  court 
Watson,  John,,  jun,  manufacturer,  8,  Garthland-street 
Watson,  Rev.  John,  lodging,  Garngad  hill 
Watson,  Joseph,  stabler,  3,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Watson,  Joseph,  baker,  25,  Adeiphi-street 
Watson,  Matthew,  cloth  merchant,  27,  Trongate 
Watson,  Peter,  &  Co.  merchants,  5,  Buchanan-street 
Watson,  Robert,  provision-merch.  12,  New  wynd 
Watson,  Robert,  saddler,  96,  Glassford-street 
Watson,  Robert,  house,  72,  Hutcheson-gtreet 
/""Watson,  Robert,  cloth-merchant,  174,  Trongate 
Watson,  Robert,  banker;  house,  15,  Buchanan-street 
Watson,  Robert,  agent,  15,  John-street 
Watson,  Thomas,  auctioneer,  307,  High-street 

WAT  161  WEI 

Watson,  Wm.  house,  32,  Hutcheson-street 

Watson,  W.  &  J.  &  Co.  calico-printers,  36,  Virgin.-st!'. 

Watson,  W.  writer,  13,  Bruns.-place;  ho.  1,  Union-pla. 

Watson,  Whi.  grocer,  28,  Crown-street 

Watson,  William,  grocer,  he-ad  of  Drygate 

Watson,  William,  manufacturer,  St.  Andrew's  square 

Watson,  W.  &  R.  manufacs.  29,  St.  Andrew's  street 

Watson,  Young,  &  Co.  merchants,  12,  Stirling's  sqr. 

Watt,  Barr,  &  Co.  silk- warehousemen,  6,  Candleriggs 

Watt,  G.  H.  agent,  66,  Wilson-street 

Watt,  Dr.  James,  83,  Hutcheson-street 

Watt,  J,  &  A.  drawing  academy,  9,  Argyll-street 

Watt,  James,  architect,  9,  Argyll-street 

Watt,  J.  mason  &  vintner,  Cathcart-street,  Cowcaddens 

Watt,  Jn.  chimney-sweeper,  15,  Stockwell 

Watt, spirit-dealer,  80,  Hutcheson-street 

Watt,  Mrs.  lodgings,  35,  Glassford-street 

Watt,  Dr.  Robt.  lodging,  54fj  Queen-street 

Watt,  Rob.  joiner  &  cabinet  maker,  20,  Maxweil-str. 

Watt,  Robert,  slater,  33,  Gallowgate 

Watt,  — —  agent;  house,  Sidney-court 

Watt,  Thomas,  tailor,  148,  Saltnmrket 

Watt,  Wm.  Cranston-hill  water-works,  Robertson-str. 

Waterson,  J.  &  Son,  painters,  92,  Stockwell 

Waterson  &  Son,  painters,  194,  Main-str.  Gorbals 

Webster,  John,  agent,  62,  Bell-street 

Weems,  Mrs.  candle-shop,  46,  Adelphi-str,  Hutchto. 

Welsh,  Widow,  &  Sons,  English  carriers,  Blackft-iars 

Weir,  John,  wright,  West-street,  Tradeston 
Weir,  John,  architect,  5,  Hamilton-row,  Kent-street 
Weir,  Mrs.  Joseph,  cork  cutter,  605,  Argyll-street 
Weir  &  Kennedy,  stationers,       8,  do. 

Weir,, John,  teacher  of  music,  8,  Garthland-street 

WEI  162  WHI 

Weir,  Miss,  teacher  of  miisic,  8,  Garthland-street 
Weir,  John,  jun,  surgeon,  8,  do. 

Weir,  William,  surgeon,  8,  do. 

Weir,  Matthew,  hosier^  158,  Trongate 
Weir,  Mrs.  midwife,  104,  New-wynd 
Welch,  John,  plane-maker,  81,  Gallowgate 
West,  John,  joiner,  Anderston 

W^est-thorn  coal-office,  386,  Gal. McGregor,  agt. 

Westmuir  coal-office,  69,  Broomielaw;  R.  Stewart,  agt. 
White,  Alexander,  &  Co.  upholsterers,  19,  Trongate 
White,  Arthur,  merchant,  47,  <jlassford-street 
White,  Arthur,  &  Co.  oil  of  vitriol  makers,  Napier's 

Hall;  counting  house,  4^7,  Glassford-street 
White  &  Downie,  soap  and  soda  works,  Melville-place 
White,  John,  Shawfield  soda-works 
White,  Js.  &  Son,  upholsterers  &  cabinet-makers,  40, 

White,  James,  upholsterer,  413,  Gallowgate 
White,  Js.  &  Co.  merchants,  47,  Virginia-street 
White  &  Johnston,  victuallerjs,  376,  Gallowgate 
White,  Joshua,  brush-maker,  15,  Gallowgate 
White,  Peter,  beadle,  Albion-co.  Buchan-str.  Gorbals 
White,  R.  &  Co.  linen-wareho.  Albion-co.  Albion-str. 
White,  William,  tobacco-pipe-maker.  Great  Dovehill 
White,  William,  dyer,  foot  of  Saltmarket 
White,  Wm.  confectioner,  86,  Hutcheson-street 
White,  Stephen,  organ-builder,  84,  Clyde-street 
Whitford,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  28,  Canon-street 
Whitehead,  John,  &  Co.  merchts.  Antigua  place 
Whiteside,  J.  spirit  cellars.  East  Clyde-street 
Whitelaw,  James,  grocer,  70,  Glassford-street 
Whitelaw,  George,  barm  maker,  Kirk-street,  Gorbals 
Whitelaw,  George,  spirit  dealer,  63,  Broomielaw 
Whitelaw,  James,  leather-merchant,  19,  Gallowgate 

WHI  163  WIL 

Whitson,  William,  agent,  14-,  Canon-street 
Whyt,  Andrew,  merchant;  house,  Greenhead 
Whyte,  Thos.  &  Son,  cotton-brokers,  68,  Glassford  str. 
Whyte,  And.  writer,  102,  Tron.  corner  of  Glassf.-str. 
Whyte  &Kerr,  yarn  merchants,  169,  Trongate 
Whyte,  James  &  Son,  manufacturers,  29,  Argyll-stneet 
Whyte,  John  and  Co.  manufrs.  72,  Bell-street 
Whyte,  John,  grocer,  184<,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Whyte,  Js.-^nd  Wm.  yarn-merchts.  27;  Wilson-str, 
Whytlaw,  John,  merchant,  113,  Trongate 
Whytlaw,  Robt.  stabler,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Whytock,  M.  and  J.  dress  makers,  Hamilton-street 
Whytock,  Mrs.  teacher  of  writing  &  accts.  59,  Ing.-str. 
"Whytock,  James,  tobacconist,  218,  High-street 
Wight  and  Taylor,  joiners,  Laurieston 
V/ight,  Robt-  la^  accomptant.  Great  Hamilton-street 
Wighton,  Alex,  merchant;  house,  9,  Buchanan-street 
Wighton,  Gray,  and  Co.  merchts.  9,  Stirling-square 
VVilKie,  John,  hosier,  58,  Trongate 
Wilkie,  David,  writer,  138,    do. 
Wilkie,  Peter,  provision-warehouse,  228,  High-streel 
Wilkie,  John,  spirit  cellar,  3,  Prince's  street 
Wilkie,  Mrs.  Adam,  porter-ho.  Marshall-str.  Gallowg. 
Wilkie,  Jn.  plough  wright,  at  81,  Gallowg,  every  We(}. 
Wilkie,  Jas.  at  J.  Landale's,  Stirling-street 
Wiikieson,  James,  teacher,  158,  George-street 
Williamson,  Mrs.  lodgings,  32,  Brunswick  street 
Williamson,  James,  shoe-maker,  26,  Prince's  street 
Williamson,  John,  merchant,  29,  St.  Andrew-street 
Williamson,  John,  jun.  76,  Hutcheson-street 
''Williamson,  James,  seedsman,  56,  Trongate 
Williamson,  James,  agent,  Melville-place 
Williamson,  John,  jun.  merch.  Antigua-place;  house, 
l^ancefield,  Finnieston 

'  0  2 

WIL  164  WIL 

Williamsoo,  Miss,  straw-hat  manufac.  594,  Argyll-i^r^ 
Willlson  &  M'Ewan,  warehousemen,  Nile-street 
Willison,  Duncan,  slater,  Wood-lane,  Broomielaw 

^Willis,  Hugh,  hardwareman,  15,  Trongate 
Wilson,  A.  chair-master,  154,  Trongate 
Wilson,  A.  type-founder,  College-steps  ;  lodging,  21, 

Wilson  &  Allan,  milliners,  47,  Argyll-street 
Wilson,  Andrew,  vintner,  70,  Broomielaw 
Wilson,  Andrew,  messenger,  20,  Saltmarket 
Wilsone,  Charles,  surgeon,  153,  Stock  well 
Wilsone,  David,         do.       do.         do.    . 
Wilson  &  Elliott,  manufacturers,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Wilson,  Geo.  sail-cloth  and  sack  wareho.607>  Arg.-str. 

^^Wilson,  J.  tobacconist,  57,  Trongate 
Wilson,  James  accomptant,  636,  Argyll-street 
Wilson,  Js.  joiner  and  trunk-maker,  19,  College-str. 
Wilson,  James,  seedsman,  160,  Trongate 
Wilson,  Jas.  surgeon,  Adam's  court,  Argyll-street 
Wilson,  James,  writer,  83,  Saltmarket 
Wilson,  Jas.  grocer,  172,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Wilson,  John  &  Son,  wire- workers,  158,  Trongat© 
W^ilson,  John  &  Alex.         do.  9,         do. 

Wilsoo,  John,  lodging,  S.  Wellington-place 
^"^  W^ilson,  John,  tobacconist,  S51,  Gallowgate 
Wilson,  John,  grocer,  Anderston 
Wilson,  John,  candle-shpp,  37,  Saltmarket,  and  King- 
street,  Tradeston 
Wilson,  John,  sen.  grocer,  18,  King-street 
Wilson,  John,  spirit-dealer,  419,  Gallowgate 
Wilson,  John,  joiner,  &c.  205,  George-street 
Wilson  and  Liddell,  linen-drapers,  7,  High-street 
Wilson  and  Kerr,  manwfacrs.  24,  St.  Andrew's  square 
Wilson,  M.  spirit-dealer,  1,  Muirhead-street 

WIL  165  WOO 

Wilson,  George,  pastry-shop,  59,  Argyll-street 
Wilson,  Mrs.  straw-hat  manufacturer,  8,  High-street 
Wilson,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  63,  Bridgegate 
Wilson,  Mrs.  Wm.  provision  shop,  105,  King-street 
Wilson  and  Neil's  academy,  82,  High-street 
rt   Wilson,  P.  and  R.  manufacturers,  29,  Brunswick-str. 
Wilson,  Robert,  vintner,  99,  King-street 
Wilson  and  Reid,  agents,  51,  Glassford-street 
Wilson,  Robert,  gardener,  Black  quarry 
Wilson,  Robert,  jeweller,  146,  Trongate 
Wilson,  Robert,  joiner,  St.  Enoch's  wynd 
Wilson,  Robert,  joiner,  168,  Saltmarket 
Wilson,  Robert,  currier,  294,  High-street 
Wilson,  Robt.  gardener,  40,  Bell-Street 
Wilson,  Samuel,  merchant,  Alston-street 
Wilson,  Strang  &  Co.  sugar-refiners,  do. 
Wilson,  Samuel,  slater,  24,  Stockwell 
Wilson,  Stow  and  Co.  silk-warehouse,  115,  Trongate 
Wilson,  Thomas,  ma«on,  Portland-street 
Wilson,  Thomas,  grocer,  Calton  mouth 
Wilson,  Thomas,  hair-dresser,  320,  High-street 
Wilson,  W.  factor  for  Sir  J.  Maxwell,  631,  Argyll-str. 
Wilson,  W.  &  D.  M*Intyre,  writers,      do.         do. 
Wilson,  Walter,  baker,  77,  Saltmarket 
Wilson,  Wm.  brickmaker  and  builder,  Graham-square 
Wilson,  Wm,  baker,  36,  High-street 
Wilson,  William,  bookbinder,  30,  Trongate 
Wilson,  W,  pastry-baker,  59,  High-street 
Wilson,  William,  shoemaker,  5,  Hutcheson-street 
Wingateand  Roxburgh,  warehousemen,  150,  Trongate 
Wingate,  John,  at  Miller  and  Swing's 
a  "Wingate,  Jn.  and  Js.  manufacturers,  72,  Brunsw.-str. 
Wood,  Henry  &  Co.  merchants,  8,  S.  Frederick-street 
Wood,  Francis  «Sc  Co.  manufacturers,  316,  High-str. 
O  3 

woo  166  WRI 

Wood,  Mrs.  hajberdasher,  21,  Bell-street 

Wood  J  Wm.  shoe  shop,  51,  Prince's  street , 

Wood,  Win.  shoemaker,  62,  Bridgegate 

Woodi,  Alex,  furniture  shop,  14<8,  do. 

W^ood,  John,  spirit-dealer,  167,  Gallowgate 

Wood,  John,  merchant,  Ingrara-court ;  house,  Villa- 

lield,  Taylor-street,  Rattenrow 
Wood,  Alex,  at  James  Liddel  &  Co.'s,  Stockwell. 
Wood,  Jn.  book  publisher  and  binder,  6,  York-street 
Wood,  John,  spirit  dealer,  93,  Trongate 
Wood,  John,  lattice  window* maker,  60,  Back  wynd 
Woodrow,  J.  manufacturer,  94-,  Candleriggs 
Woodrow,  James,  &  Son,  merchants,  26,  Nelson-str. 
Worsley,  1!lmiM»  i5l%*-  1aniM»rWI. ;  yarn  warehouse, 

20,  St.  And.  sqr.  north  side;  ho.  32,  Hutch.-str. 
Wotherspoon,  Robert,  baker,  254,  High-street 
Wotherspoon,  ,-n.  smith,  Woodside  lane,  Anderston 
Wotherspoon,  Jn.  spirit-dealer,  150,  Main-str.  Gorbals 
Wotherspoon,  Jn.  baker,  144,  Stockwell 
Wotherspoon,  M.  yarn  merchant,  31,  Virginia-street 
Wotherspoon,  G.  cutler,  New  Vennal 
Wright,  Dr.  Peter,  2>  Kensington  place 
Wright,  Hay,  merchant ;  house,  Enoch  bank 
Wright,  Arch,  nursery-man ;  house,  43,  Queen-street 
Wright,  James,  jun.  Scotch  cloth  shop,  3,  Gallowgate 
Wright,  Robt.  vintner,  418,         do. 

Wriglit,  John,  grocer,  46,  Stockwell 
Wright,    ohn,  merchant,  115,  Trongate 
Wright,  John,  sen.  coachmaker,  head  orPortland-str. 
Wright,  Mrs.  John,  vintner,  106,  Bridgegate 
Wright,  John,  meal  and  barley  office,  437,  Duke-str. 
Wright,  R.  writer,  316,  High-street 
Wright,  John,  at  R.  0\ven's;lodg,  39,  St.  Vineent-str. 
Wjight,  Wm.  smith,  168,  Saltmarket 

WRI  167  YOU 

Wright,  Peter,  manufacturer,  20,  St.  Andrew's  square 

Wright,  James,  hardwareman,  179,  Saltmarket 

Wright,  Mrs.  midwife,  89,  New  wynd 

Wright,  J.  &  Co.  druggists,  68,  Trongate 

Wvld,  .  ohn,  agent  for  Commercial  Bank;  house  ancV 

office,  73,  Ingram-street 
Wyld,  Tohn,  jun.  merch.;  house,  68,  Charlotte-street 
Wylie,  Aaron,  grocer.  Little  Dovehill 
Wyhe,  John,  teacher,  8,  Charlotte  lane 
Wylie,  James,  tinsmith,  53,  Wilson-street 
Wylie,  Alex,  manufacturer,  21,  High  street;  house, 

Anderston  walk 
Wylie,  Mrs.  boarding  school,  3,  George's  square 
Wylie,  John,  &  Co.  booksellers,  81,  Hutcheson-street 
W^ylie,  Wm^  surgeon,  99,  Trongate ;  house,  Slateneld 
Wylie,  Richard,  grocer,  14,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Wylie,  J.  milliner,  464,  Galiowgate 
Wylie,  Mrs.  spirit-dealer,  72,  Bridgegate 
Wyse,  William,  baker,  22,  John- street 
Wyse,  George,  turner,  St.  Mungo's  lane 

"       Y 
Young,  George,  edge-tool-maker.  Little  Dovehill 
Young,  Andrew,  merchant,  at  Andrew  Grant  &  Co.'s 
Young,  Andrew,  printer,  29,  Brunswick-street 
Young,  Thomas,  &  Co.  calenderers,  4,  Stirling-street 
Young,  John,  manufacturer,  18,  St,  Andrew's  lane 
Young,  John,  grocer,  Crossloan-street,  Calton 
Young,  Arch.  &  Son.  surgeons,  82,  Hutcheson-street; 

lodging,  11,  Cochran e-street 
Young,  William,  fancy  dyer,  Craignestock 
Young,  M.  grocer,  33,  Adelphi-street 
Young,  W.  grocer,  177,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Young,  Wm.  potter,  Caledonian  pottery,  Townhea^ 

YOU  168  ZUI 

5foung,  James,  jun.  joiner,  42,  Canon-street 
Young,  James,  grocer,  New-street,  Calton 
Young,  Wm.  coal  mercht.  Monkland  Canal  Basin 
Young,  Alex,  stabler,  55,  Stock  well 
Young,  Alex,  spirit^cellars,  25,  John-street 
Young,  Robt.  shoemaker,  322,  Gallowgate 
Young,  J.  &  R.  merchants^  4,  Virginia-street 
Young,  John,  joiner,  30,  Shuttle-street 
Young,  James,  grease^  merchant,  Spoutmouth 
Young,  James,  dyer,  6,  New  wynd 
Younghusband,  Mrs.  G.  Star  inn,  57,  Ingram-street 
Yuille,  R.  timber-merchant,  Wood  lane,  Broomielaw 
Yuille,  G.  &  Co.  yarn  warehouse,  34,  Hutcheson-str. 
Yuille,  Geo.  &  Co.  muslin  warehou.  47,  Brunswick-str. 
Yuille,  Geo.  merchant,  34,  Hutcheson-street;  lodging, 

St.  Vincent-street,  South  side 
Yuille,  John,  spirit-dealer,  113,  Stockwell 
Yuille,  Thomas,  saddler,  200,  Main-street,  Gorbals 
Yuille,  Robert,  porter-hoi*se,  43,  Trongate 
Yuille,  Wm.  spirit- dealer,  Great  Hamilton-street 


Zuill,  John  &  Andrew,  cloth  shop,  33,  Trongate 
Zuill,  Andrew  &  John,  spirit-dealers,  55,  Bridgegate 
Zuill,  T.  &  Co,  warehouse,  57,  Brunswick-street 

ADA  ,  169  SAN 

Names  omitted  in  their  'proper  'places, 

Adam,  Thos.  provision  shop,  67,  King-street 
Allan,  Wm.  and  Co.  haberdashers,  27,  Candleriggs 
Bannatyne,  Ninian,  Broomielaw 

Buchanan,  Geo.  and  Allan,  Caleaderers,  S6,  Candlerig. 
Clark,  James,  clothier,  at  J.  M*Farlane  and  Co.'s,  87» 

Cotton's  china  warehouse,  3,  Virginia-street 
Glasgow  Colour  Company,  North  Albion  street 
Gillies,  John  and  Co.  commission  wareho.  26,  Bell-str. 
Johnston,  Alex.  ^:  James,  manufacts.  29,  Stirling-str. 
Kerr,  Archibald,  manufacturer,  21,  St.  Andrew's  sq. 
Sandeman,  Thcs.  merchant;  house,  N.  Hanover-str^el 


Ship  Bank — 642,  Argyll-street;  open  from  10  to  S 
o'clock  (shuts  at  12  oh  Saturday)  no  drafts  on  Lon- 
don or  Edinburgh  given  after  1  o'clock.  Bills  for  dis- 
count given  in  on  Monday  before  1,  and  called  for 
on  Tuesday,  from  10  to  12  o'clock.  Robt.  Carrick 
and  M.  Rowand,  cashiers;  John  Marshall  and  Geo. 
Loudoun,  accompts.;  J.  Edmond,  teller;  James  Neil- 
son,  porter.     Draw  on  Spiith,  Payne  and  Co. 

Thistle  Bank — 54*,  Virginia-street;  open  from  10  to  3 
o'clock,  (shuts  at  12  on  Saturday)  Drafts  on  Lon- 
don or  Edinburgh  given  on  these  hours;  Bills  for 
discount  given  in  on  Monday  before  12  o'clock,  and 
called  for  on  Tuesday  between  11  and  2  o'clock; 
John  Alston,  cashier;  John  Kemp,  jun.  accomptant; 
Richard  Duncan  &  Robert  M'Nair,  tellers;  David 
Mitchell,  porter.     Draw  on  Smith  Payne  &  Co. 


Royal  Bank — 39,  St.  Andrew's  square;  open  from  10  to 
3  o'clock,  (shuts  at  12  on  Saturday,)  no  Drafts  on 
London  or  Edinburgh  given  after  2  o'clock;  Bills 
for  discount  given  in  between  9  and  10  Monday 
morning,  and  called  for  on  Tuesday  between  11 
and  12.  John  More,  cashier;  D.  Stirling,  Robert 
Bell,  Alexander  Donaldson,  jun,  Alex.  Mein,  Rob. 
Hunter,  Thos.  More,  Wm.  Riddell,  George  Rich- 
mond, and  Wm.  Nimmo,  accomptants;  John' Cunning- 
ham, Alex.  Peterkin,  James  Richardson,  and  Edward 
Fairly,  tellers;  James  Dick  and  William  Bell,  porters. 
Draw  on  Pole,  Thornton  &  Co. 

Glasgoiv  Bank  Company — 74*,  Ingram-street;  open  from 

10  to  3  o*clock;  shuts  on  Saturday  at  12.  Glasgow 
Bills  for  discount  given  in  on  Monday  between  10 
and  12  o'clock,  and  called  for  on  Tuesday  between 

11  and  2.  W.  B.  Cabbell,  cashier;  Robert  Brown, 
accomptant;  ames  Gorthy,  and  Alex.  Campbell, 
tellers ;  Thomas  Brown,  porter.  Draw  on  Morland 
&  Co. 

,  BanJc  of  Scotland — 23,  Queen-street;  Bills  for  discount 
given  in  on  Monday  before  3,  and  called  for  on  Tues- 
day before  1  o'clock;  Arch,  Hamilton,  jun.  agent; 
Thomas  Hogg,  porter.  Draw  on  Coutts  &  Co. 
Paisley  Union  Bank — 15,  Ingram-street;  Andrew  Tem- 
pleton,  agent.-  -  Draw  on  Glynn  &  Co. 

Paisley  Bank — 17,  Trongate;  Bills  for  discount  given 
in  on  Saturday  before  2  o'clock,  and  called  for  be- 
tween 12  and  1  o'clock  on  Tuesday,  Alex.  Brown, 
agent. — Draw  on  Smith,  Payne  &  Co. 

Aberdeen  Baw^— r23,Queen-str.  G.  Hamilton  &  Co.agts. 

Greenock  do» 

Stirli?tg    do. 

Kilmarnock  do.  -^    ^    tn  ..    i    c  x>    \ht  4. 

r,     J    TT  '      J         ,  1  ost-office  court,  J.  &  K.  Wat- 
Dunaee  Union  do.       \  ^        t^  c    -^u 

r»  -x- i  r  •        n     J     \      son,  agcnts. — Draw  on  Smith, 
British  Linen  Co.  do.  •      p  <?,  n 

East  Lothian  do.  j 

Kirby  Lonsdale  do.      I 

Leith  Bank  do.  J 

'  Falkirk  Bank — 19,  Gallowgate;  James  King,  jun.  agt. 

Ayr  ^aw^— David  Stirling,  Royal  Bank,  agent. 


Renfre'vosMre  Banh — 31,  Miller-street;  Bills  for  discount 
given  in  on  Saturday  before  2  o'clock,  and  called  for 
between  1  and  2  o'clock  on  Tuesday.  William  Na- 
pier &  Co.  agents ;  Robert  Salmon,  teller;  Adam  Fer- 
guson, porter — Draw  on  Perrin  &  Co. 

Perth  Bank—St.  And.  sq.;  John  More,  R.  Bank,  agt. 

Dundee  Ne'w  Banh — at  the  Glasgow  Bank  Office. 

Commercial  Bank  of  Scotland — 73,  Ingram-street;  John 
Wyld,  agent. 

Glasgotv  Provident  Bank — Commercial   Court;  James 
Robertson,  agent. 
N,  B.    Holidays  at  the  Banks;  first  January,    first 

Thursday,  Saturday  and   Monday  in  April  and  No- 
vember, and  the  4;th  June. 


Billet  Master's  Office— foot  of  Turner's  court. 
Commissioners  for  executing  the  Assessed  Tax  Act  for 

Lanarkshire  Lower  ward — 190y  Trongate. 
N.  B.  All  appeals  against  the  assessed  taxes  must  be 

lodged  at  this  office;  Thomas  Walkinshaw,  clerk. 
Canal  Company's  Office — Port  Dundas ;  Walter  Logan, 

Cess  Office  for  the  City — Queen-street;  Laurence  Craigie, 

collector;  W.  D.  Blair,  deputy;  James  Young,  clerk. 
Cess  and  Tax  Office  for  the    County — 190,  Trongate; 

Gilbert  Kennedy,  collector. 
Cranston  Hill    Water    Works — 59,    Hutcheson- street; 

Archibald  Bogle,  secretary. 
Chamberlain^ s  Office — Council  Chambers;  Jas.  Spreull, 

Commissary  Clerk^s  Office — -175,  Trongate;  Benjamia 

Barton,  clerk. 
Commissary  Clerk  of  Hamilton  and  Cm??p5fe— office,  21, 

Glassford-street;  Matthew  Taylor,  clerk. 


Custom  House — 22,  St.  Enoch  square,  Claud  Hamilton, 
collector;  D.  Morison,  comptroller;  D.  Rhind,  land- 
-fiurveyor  and  warehouse-keeper ;  A.  Galloway,  tide- 
surveyor;  John  Lauder,  John  Rowe,  and  A.  Lind- 
say, land-waiter«;  Peter  Campbell,  coast-waiter;  P. 
Smith,  A.  Scott,  D.  M'Neillage,  J.  Alexander,  and 
Geo.  Bennet,  clerks.  Holidays,  18th  Jan.  Queen's 
Birth-day;  Good  Friday,  April;  Restoration  of  Charles 
II.  29th  May;  the  King's  Birth-day,  4th  June; 
Prince  of  Wales'  Birth-day,  12th  August;  the  22d 
September,  and  the  25th  December;  hours  of  pub- 
lic business  from  10  morning  till  3  afternoon,  and 
from  JO  till  12  on  Saturday. 

Edinburgh,  Glasgoto,  and  Leith  Shipping  Co.'s  Office — 
North  Albion-street,  James  Helton,  agent. 

Excise  Office — SpreulPs  court,  Glassford-street;  Alex. 
Findlater,  collector ;  J.  Scott  and  W.  Bulloch,  clerks; 
Duncan  Campbell,  James  Anderson,  Thomas  Dum- 
brec,  and  D.  Carrick,  supervisors;  James  Mitchell, 
auctioneer  officer.  Gabriel  Kay  and  Wm.  Robertson 
attend  from  7  morning  till  5  afternoon,  for  granting 
permits,  &c.;  G.Kay,  office-keeper. 

French  Consuls  Office — 32,  Brunswick-street,  corner  of 
Wilson  street,  P.  Hugot,  consul;  J.  Harmand,  chan- 

Judice  of  Peace  Cleric's  Office — Brunswick  lane;  W. 
Graham,  clerk. 

L-eith  and  Hamburgh  Shipping  Co, — Office,  621,  Ar- 
gyll-street;  Thos.  Rule,  agent. 

Liverpool  Shipping  Office — Melville  place;  J.  &  A.  Kidd, 

Liverpool  Traders  Office — 1 15,  Trong. ;  R.  Virtue  &  Co. 

Mail  Coach  Office — at  Joseph  Bain's,  3,  Nelson-street, 
and  Mr.  Burns',  640,  Argyll-street 

Navy  Agency  Pay  Office — 53,  Queen-street;  T.  Horton, 

Post  Office — East  Albion-street ;  Dugald  Bannatyne 
postmaster;  M.  Halliburton,  A.  Milligao,  Jas.  Wise, 
C.  Porteous,  and  H.  Field,  clerks;  T.  Minto,  R. 
Cochran,  J.  Hanna,  R.  Dalrymple^  J.  Affleck,  J. 



M'Intyre,  P.  Wylie,  P.  Finlay  and  Thos.  Lauchlaris 
letter  carriers;  P,  M'Adam,  stamper. 

Police  Office — 7,  South  Albion-street ;  James  Mitchell, 
Master  of  Police ;  R.  Nimmo,  clerk  and  treasurer. 

Police  Office,  Gorbals — Main-street;  D.  M'Kenzie,  Mas- 
ter of  Police,  surveyor,  collector,  and  treasurer;  Hen- 
derson &  M' Alpine,  King-street,  clerks. 

Permit  office — 87,  Glassford-street,  and  5,  Spoutmouth, 
open  from  7  morning  till  5  afternoon — permits  and 
entries  granted  on  these  hours. 

Procurator  Fiscal*  s  Office  for  the  Totvn — Clerk's  Cham, 
Do,      for  the  County — 
Do.      Jbr  Hamilton  and  f.mnpsie — 63,  Candleriggs 

Road  Money  Office — 112,   Stockweil 

Stamp  OJfce — 141,  Trongate;  T.  Stevenson,  clerk 

State  Lottery  Offices — 139,  and  156,  Trongate;  2, 
Hutcheson-street ;  637,  Argyll-street,  and  98,  Glass- 

Surveyor  of  Taxesl — Office,  10,  St.  And.  lane,  John 
Jirst  District       j       Gardner,  surveyor. 

Do.  second  District— -169,  Trongate,  Allan  Campbell,  do. 

Country  District — Robertson-street;  A.  Aitchison,.  do. 

Sheriff  Clerk' s  ■  ffice — Antigua  place;  John  Drysdale, 
clerk ;  James  M*Hardy,  deput'3 

Session  Clerk's  Office — 18,  St.  Andi'ew*s  lane;  Robert 
Strang,  clerk 

Session  Clerk's  Office — Barony  Parish,  Gray's  land.  Ba- 
rony Glebe;  W.  Clugston,  clerk 

Toton  Clerk's  Chambers  —James  Reddie,  Richard  Hen- 
derson, and  Robert  Thomson,  clerks 

Tax  Inspectors  Office' — 18,  St.  Andrew's  lane;  W.  A. 
Paterson,  inspector. 


Albion  Fire  Office — ^22,  Trongate;  Thos  Hamilton,  agt. 
Aberdeen  Insurance  Office — 55,  St.  And.  sq.;  R.  Tod,  ag. 
British  Fire  Office,  and  Westminster  Office  for  Insurance 

of  Lives — Post-office  court;  R.  Spears,  agent 
Caledonian  Insurance  Cow.pany — St.  Andrew's  square; 

John  More,  Royal  Bank,  agent 


County  Fire  and  Provident  Life  Office — 6S6,  Argyll- 
street;  James  Shepherd  &  Co.  agents 

Atlas  Assurance  Office — 10,  Stirling's  sq.;  A.  Buchanan, 

Dundee  Assurance  Office — D.  Stirling,  Royal  Bank,  agt. 

Eagle  Assurance  Office — 49,  Miller-street;  M'Nab, 
M'Farlane  &  Co.  agents. 

Edinburgh  Friendly  Assurance  Office — 16,  Ingram-str. ; 
Andrew  Templeton,  agent 

Fife  Fire  Insurance  Office — 7,  Hutcheson-street ;  R. 
Hill  &  Co.  agents 

Globe  Fire  Office — 29,  Argyll-str.  R.  &  J.  Grieve,  agts. 

Hope  Fire  and  hife  Insurance  Office — Commercial  co.; 
James  Robertson,  agent 

Hercules  Fire  Office— ^S5,  Candleriggs,  W.  Jeffrey,  agt. 

Imperial  Fire  Office — 60,  Hutcheson-str,;  A.  Bogle,  ag. 

London  Assurance  Office — 22,  Argyll-str.;  Smellie  & 
Storrie,  agents. 

Neiccastle  on  Tyne  Fire  Office — R.  Bell,  R.  Bank,  agt, 

^orth  British  Insurance  Office — D.  Bannatyne  and  D. 
Mackenzie,  agents,  107,  Nelson-street 

Phoenix  Fire  Office — 14,  Hutcheson-street;  Loudon 
&  Hamilton,  &  D.  Denny,   13,  Trongate,  agents. 

Royal  Exchange  Assurance — 187,  Exchange;  W.  For- 
rest &  Co.  agents. 

Sun  Fire  Office — Melville-pl.;  C.  Buchanan  &  Son,  ags. 

Superintendanf* s  Office — Mr.  Cleland's  office,  Council 

Union  Fire  and  Life  Office — 69,  Wilson-street;  John 
Broadly,  agent. 


As  no  rate  of  Wages  Jbr  Porters  has  been  fixed  by  the 
Magistrates,  since  March,  1798,  the  Jblloiuing  rates 
are  now  generally  paid. 

Carrying  a  letter  or  letters,  parcel  or  parcels,  not  exceed-  j.  d. 
ing  7  pounds  weight,  from  any  part  of  the  City  or  Newtown 
to  any  other  place  therein,  -  -  -  0     2 


5.       d. 

Carrying  a  letter  or  letters,  parcel  or  parcels,  not  exceeding 
7  pounds  weight,  from  any  part  of  the  City  or  Newtown  to 
any  other  place  therein,  if  delivered  to  the  Porter  after  nine 
o'clock  at  night,  -  -  -  0     3 

Carrying  a  letter  or  letters,  parcel  or  parcels,  not  exceeding 
7   pounds  weight,  from  any  part  of  the  City  or  Newtown  to 
Anderston,  Bridgetown,  New  Basin  of  the  Canal,  or  any  place 
not  exceeding  an  English  mile  from  the  Cross,  -  0     8 

If  delivered  to  the  Porter  after  eight  o'clock  at  night,         1     0 
For  running  an  express  with  a  letter,  or  small  parcel,  for 
every  English  mile  outwards  in  day  time,  -  -06 

If  in  the  night  time,  that  is,  after  eight  o'clock  at  night,       0     9 
Carrying  a  hack  load,  not  exceeding  eight  English  stone, 
from  any  ware-room  in  Glasgow,  to  any  other  ware-room  or 
calender,  v^here  the  distance  does  not  ejsceed  500  yards,  0     4 

Do.  where  the  distance  exceeds  500  yards,  -  0     6 

Carrying  a  hack  load,  not  exceeding  8  stone  weight,  from 
the  Cross  to  the  Broomielaw,  Calton  or  Gorbals,  or  the  like 
distance,  -  -  -  -  0     6 

Carrying  any  load  not  exceeding  2\  hundred  weight,  on  a 
wheel  barrow,  for  the  same  distance,  -  -  0     9 

For  weighing  a  ton  of  goods,  such  as  iron,  &c.  for  the  first 
ton,  -  -  -  -  -  -  10 

For  every  other  ton,  -  -  -  -  0  10 

For  weighing  each  bag  of  cotton  -  -  0  If 

For  carrying  each  bag  of  cotton  out  of  a  cellar,  and  putting 
it  on  a  cart,  -  -  -  -  0     3 

For  taking  each  bag  of  cotton  off  a  cart,  and  putting  the 
same  into  a  cellar,  -  -  .  _  0     3 

N.  B.  Two-thirds  of  the  foregoing  rates  to  be  paid  for  pockets 
and  bags   of  cotton,  not  exceeding   one  and  a  half  hundred 

For  a  day's  work  at  articles  not  specified  as  above,  to  con- 
sist of  ten  working  hours,         -  -  -  -  5     0 

For  a  week's  work,  -  -  -  -  20     0 

For  the  first  hour's  work,  when  not  employed  a  whole  day,    0     8 
For  each  subsequent  hour's  work,  when  not  employed  a 
whole  day,  -  -  -  -  -  0     6 

For  carrying  a  load  of  two  bolls  of  meal,  for  each  stair,        O     2 
For  carrying  a  load  of  two  bolls  of  meal  into  a  closs,  0     2 

For  each  night's  watching,  -  -  -  4     0 


As  Jixed  by  the  Magistrates,  1 5th  January,  1807. 

For  carrying  a  cart  of  coals  up  stairs,  where  the  distance 
from  the  stair  to  where  the  coals  lie  is  not  more  than   60    s,     d. 
feet,  for  the  first  stair,  -  -  -  _  0     S 



s.      d. 
Vor  every  other  stair,  -  -  -  _         0  1-^ 

For  carrying  a  waggon  of  coals  up  stairs,  the  same  dis- 
tance as  above,  for  the  first  stair,  -  -  -         0     6 
For  every  other  stair,         -              -              -             -  0     3 
For  carrying  a  cart  of  coals  from  any  street  or  lane,  to  a 
cellar,  within  twenty  feet  from  where  the  coals  lie,  if  not 
down  a  stair,              -             -             -              -             -            O     2 
If  down  a  stair,  an  additional             -              -             .         g     ^ 
If  above  twenty,  and  not  exceeding  sixty  feet,         -.  0     3 
For  every  additional  stair,       -              -             -             -       o     1 
For  half  the  distance,  and  so  iji  proportion,              -  ^     ^ 
For  carrying  -a  waggon  of  coals  from  any  street  or  lane, 
the  same  distance  as  above,  into  a  cellar,  if  not  downa  stair,       0     4 
If  down  a  stair,                -              -              -                -               0     5 
If  above  twenty,  and  not  exceeding  sixty  iett^           -            0     6 
Wdown  a. stair,               -               -               -              -              0     7 
For  every  additional  sixty  feet,  for  each  cart,               -         ^     i 
For  each  waggon,                -                -              -             -         0     2 
N.  B.  Coal  porters  to  report theirnames  to  the  Town  Clerks,  and 
to  take  out  a  Badge,  which  they  shall  wear,  under  a  penalty  of  5s. 
They  shall  be  furnished  with  a  copy  of  the  Regulations,  under  a 
penalty  of  5s.     Refusmg  to  work  when  not  engaged,  or  demand- 
ing more  than  specified  in  the  Table,  53. 


As  fixedly  the  Magistrates,  June  8th,  J  808. 

The  division  of  the  City  into  districts,  according  to  which  the 
Rates  pf  Carriage  after-mentioned  shall  be  exigible. 

First  District. — To  or  from  the  Broomielaw,  to  Stockwell-street, 
Glassford-street,  and  Frederick -street,  up  to  the  north  side  of 
George's  square,  includiag  both  sides  of  these  streets,  the  whole  of 
George's  square,  and  every  part  of  the  city  west  of  these  streets ; 
also  the  upper  side  of  George-street,  west  of -Frederick-street. 

Second  District. — From  the  streets  last  mentioned,  along  both 
*ides  of  George-street,  to  High-street,  along  Trongate  and  Gal* 
lowgate,  to  the  Spoutmouth,  including  both  sid^s  of  High-street, 
from  George-street  southward;  also,  St.  Andrew's  square,  apd  all 
the  streets  and  lanes  between  the  said  Spoutmouth  westward,  to 
the  first  Ime  of  divisioo. 

Third  Districts — All  the  streets,  lanes  and  other  places,  within 
the  City,  to  the  east  of  the  second  line  of  division,  and  to  the  north 
of  George  street. 

The  following  Rate  of  Cartage  §hall  be  payable  in  the  Eai4  r«» 
spective  Districts. 

any    Place  in  Bisiricts, 

No.          No.          No. 

1                2                3 

s.    d.        s.      d.        s.    di 

0  11         10         12 

1  0        0    11         1      O 

1      2 
1      4 

1  4 
1      2 

1      6 
1      4 

1      2 
1      4 

1  4 
1      2 

I      6 

1      4 


For  a  hhd.  of  sugar,  pipe  of  wine,  or  pun- 
cheon of  rum,  from  the  Broomielaw, 
Do.  from  the  Weigh-house, 
For  two  puncheons  of  beans  or  meal,  two 
bales  of  yarn,  or  other  large  casks  or  bales, 
or  grain  in  bags,  weighing  about  20  cwt. 
from  the  Broomielaw, 
Do.    do.  from  the  Weigh-house, 
For  six  casks  of  ashes,  or  six  large  bales  of 
Cotton,  or  any  number  of  barrels  or 
bales,  weighing  about  18  cwt.  from  the 
Broomielaw,        _  -  - 

Do.  from  the  Weigh-house, 
For  a  Cart  Load  of  Cork,  Staves,  dried 
Hides,  or  any  other  commodity  that  re- 
quires a  considerable  time  to  load  and 

unload,  from  the  Broomielaw,  14       16        18 

Do.     Do.     from  the  Weigh  house,  16       14       16 

For  a  Cart  Load  of  Furniture,  or  similar 
articles  that  require  long  time  to  load 
and  unload,  for  the  first  hour,   and  so 

proportionally,  for  each  Cart,         -  10       10       10 

And  for  every  other  hour,  and  so  propor- 
tionally, for  each  Cart,  -  0     9       0     9       0     9 
In  carrying  Grain  the  Carters  shall  always  find  sufficient  Bags,  and 
carry  the  whole  of  their  load  up  one  storey,  or  into  a  ground  flat, 
without  any  assistance  from  the  employer. 
When  the  Cart  Load  is  to  be  carried  up  more  than  one  storey,  the 
Garter  shall  receive  2d.  per  Cart  additional ;  but  in  this  case  the 
Carter  may  carry   up  half  the  load  at  his  own  expense,   his  em- 
ployer being  at  the  expense  of  carrying  up  the  other  half. 
The  Carter  in  all  cases  shall  assist  in  loading  and  unloading,  bu,c 
must  always  remain  by  his  Cart;  and  when  able  so  to  do,  he 
must  load  and  unload  the  Cart  himself. 
All  such  quantities  of  Goods  as  are  to  be   considered  as  a  single 
Cart  Load,  and  likewise  all  Rates  and  Fares  not  before  specially 
provided  for,  in  case  of  any  dispute,  shall  be  settled  by  the  Sit- 
ting Magistrate. 
The  following  Rules  and  Regulations  shall  be  observed  by  the 
Carters,  and  shall  be  strictly  enforced  in  all  time  coming. 
1st.  Every  Carter  shall  enter  his  name  and  place  of  residence,  in 
a  book  to  be  kept  for  that  purpose,  in  the  Town  Clerks'  Chambers, 
and  must  find  security  for  the  faithful  and  honest  discharge  of  his 
duty,  under  a  suitable  penalty ;  and  any  Carter  plying  in  the  streets 
and  neglecting  to  find  such  caution,  shall  forfeit  a  sum  not  exceed- 
i"ng  two  pounds  sterling  for  each  ofifence.  , 
P  3 


2d.  Every  Cartef  shall  be  furnished  with  a  Badge,  which  will 
be  numbered  according  to  the  order  in  which  his  name  is  entered. 
These  badges  must  be  worn  constantly  by  the  Carters  when  at 
work;  and  they  must  immediately  get  the  number  which  is  on 
the  Badge,  painted  on  some  conspcuouspart  of  their  Carts,  under 
a  penslty  of  ten  shillings  for  each  offence. 

3d.  Every  Carter  who  shall  refuse  to  wort  when  not  engaged, 
or  who  shall  demand  higher  Fares  than  those  specified  in  the  fore- 
going Table,  shall  be  liable  co  a  penalty  of  ten  shillingsfor  each 
offence.  And  every  Carter  who  says  he  is  engaged,  shall,  upon 
beijjp^  isked,  specify  the  person  by  ..horn,  and  the  hour  at  which 
he  is  engaged,  and  he  shall  not  refuse  to  be  employed  in  the  inter- 
val berween  the  time  he  is  so  asked,  and  the  hour  of  his  engage- 
ment, liider  a  penalty  of  ten  shlUings  for  each  offence 

4th.  Every  Carter  shall  be  furnished  with,  and  shall  always 
carry  about  with  him  a  copy  of  these  Regulations  and  Fares,  which 
he  shall  produce  and  shew,  when  required,  to  his  employers,  under 
a  penalty  of  ten  shillings  for  each  offence.     And, 

Lastly,  Every  Carter  is  hereby  enjoined,  strictly  to  attend  and 
conform  to  the  Regulations  in  the  Act  12  Geo.  IH.  Cap.  45,  also 
to  the  Regulations  with  regard  to  the  carriage  of  J  imber,  in  the 
Act  3  'd  Geo.  III.  Cap.  104,  under  the  several  penalties  therein 

Extracted  from  the  Records  of  Council,  by 



To  be  paid  by  Shippers  of  Goods  upon  the  River  Clyde y 
commencing  2d  July y  i^\0» 

Anchors,  per  ton,  6s.  6d. — Alum,  per  ton,  in  hhds.  or  bulk,  5s.  6d. 
—Aquafortis,  turpentine,  vitriol,  &c.  in  bottles  and  baskets.  Is. — 
Ashes  per  barrel,  lOd. 

Boilers,  cast  metal,  per  ton,  7s.  Cd. — Bark,  per  ton,  7s.  6d. — But- 
ter, per  ton,  68. — Bread,  in  bags,  per  ton.  7s. — Beef,  per  tierce, 
lOd. — Barley,  per  boll,  5cL — per  bag  of  2§  cwt.  8d. — Brazil,  ^per 
pocket,  8d.  and  9d. — Bricks  or  tiles,  per  thousand,  1 2s. — Bottles, 
per  gross,  9d. 

Canvas  yarn,  per  bale,  Is. — Carpets.  12  pieces,  per  bale,  6s — 
Coals,  per  large  hhd.  3s.  6d. — per  ord.nary,  3s — percart,  2s. — Cop- 
per in  sheets,  per  ton,  5s. — in  vessels,  per  ton,  6s. — Cordage,  per 
ton,  8s. — Cork,  per  ton,  15s — Cudbear,  per  ton,  6s.  6d. — Cheese, 
per  ton,  5s. — Cotton,  per  bag,  from  2  to  3  cwt.  Is.  6d. — per  bag, 
mpwards  of  3  cwt.  Is.  8d. — per  pocket,  each  6d.— Cotton- bagging, 
per  4  piece  bale.  Is.  3d. — Candles,  per  box,  large,  3\d.  small  2|d. 

Dry  Goods,  per  puncheon,  2s.  6d. — per  hhd.  3s.  9d. — Large  box, 
2s.  9d. — ordinary  do,  Is.  Sd. — do.under  three  feet.   Is. 

Empty  Casks,  to  pay  half  freight. 



Flour,  per  bag,  Sd. — per  barrel,  6d. — Flax^ Seed,  per  hhd.  Is.  3d; 
— Fruit,  per  chest,  lOd. — per  half  chest,  5d. — Fustic,  per  ton,  6s.— 
Figs,  per  frail,  l§d. 

Gabert  Freight,  per  ton,  register,  4s. — Guns  and  shot,  per  ton, 
5s. — Gaberts  of  50  or  60  tons,  loaded  to  ©r  from  Greenock  to  a 
vessel  in  the  roads,  if  assisted  by  the  crew  of  the  vessel,  40s. — Gab- 
berts,  60  tons  and  upwards,  if  not  assisted  by  the  crew,  50s. 

Herring,  per  barrel,  8d. — Hides,  cow  or  bullock,  per  hide  Sfd. 
buffalo,  per  hide,  l-|d. — Hemp,  per  ton,  ]0s.  6d. —  Horns,  cow 
or  ox,  per  thousand,  8s.  6d. 

Iron,  pig,  per  ton,  4s. — bar  and  rod,  4s.  6d.—- ore,  4s. 

Kelp,  per  ton,  4s.  6d. 

Linen,  per  bale,  3s. — per  box,  2s. — Logwood,  per  ton,  6s. 

Lime-stone,  per  ton,  6s. — Lead,  bar  and  roll,  pejr  ton,  4s.  each. 

Leather,  per  bale,  2s.  9d. — half  bale.  Is.  4|d. — double  bale,  5s. 

Mahogany,  per  ton,  6s. — Molasses,  per  puncheon,  2s.  9d. — Man- 
ganese, per  ton,  4s. — Madder,  per  butt,  Ss.  6d. — Madder  root, 
per  large  bag,   Is.  8d. — per  ordinary,   Is.  6d. — Meal,  per  ton,  43. 

Oil,  per  ton,  6s. — per  jar,  3d. — Oats,  per  ton,  4s. — Osnaburghs, 
per  bale,  12  pieces,  3s.  3d. — per  bale,  9  pieces,  2s.  6d. — per  bale,  6 
pieces.  Is.  9d. — per  bale,  4  pieces,  Is.  3d. 

Pipe  Clay,  per  ton,  4s.  6d. — Pots,  per  ton,  7s. — Planks,per  ton, 
4s^ — ^Porter,  per  hhd.  Is,  6d. — Paint,  per  keg,  2d. — Puncheons, 
hhds.  and  packs,  each,  9d. 

Quercitron  Bark,  in  hhds.  Ss.  6d. 

Rum,  per  puncheon,  3s. — per  hhd.  Is.  6d. — Raisins,  per  br.  4d. 
—Rice  per  hhd.   Is.  6d. — Ropes  or  Rags,  per  ton,   9s. 

Sugar,  Raw,  per  ton  gross,  5s. — Sugar  refined,  7s.  6d. — Sugar 
mc^jlds,  per  waggon  load,  9s — Skins,  calf,  per  bale,  or  8  dozen, 
2s.  6d  per  bale,  or  12  dozen,  3s.  6d, — Staves,  butt,  from  If  to  2 
inches,  per  thousand,  3  Is.  6d. — butt,  from  2  to  3  inches  per  thousand/ 
36s. — ^butt,  3  inches  and  upwards,  40s. — pipe,  per  thousand,  lOs, 
hhd.  per  thousand,  9s. — barrel,  per  thousand,  7s. — Stoneware,  in 
crates  or  hhds.  3s  6d — Slates,  large,  per  thousand,  4s.  6d. ^—ordin- 
ary, per  thousand,  2s.  9d. — Starch,  per  hhd.  4s. — Shumac,  per  bag, 
7d. — Soft  soap,  per  firkin,  3d. — per  half  firkin,  2d. — Hard  soap,  per 
box,  3d. — Seal  skms,  per  bundle,  l^d. 

Tobacco,  per  hhd.  3s.  6d. — Trunks  or  small  boxes  under  three 
feet  long,  per  trunk,  7d.— three  feet  and  upwards,  per  trunk,  lOd. 
— Tar  and  turpentine,  per  barrel,  lOd. — Tar,  America,  per  barrel, 
8d. — Tin  plates,  per  box,  4d. — ditto, per  block,  is.  2d. — Tallow, 
per  butt,  3s.  6d, 

Wine  per  pipe,  4s. — per  hhd.  2s — Wheat,  per  ton,  4s. — Whit- 
ening, per  ton,  4s. 

Yarn,  per  bale,  3s.  3d. 



To  ABERDEEN — Ceres,  Duncan — Clyde,  Laws — Glasgoiv  Packet, 
Campbell,  one  of  which  sails  every  week — agent,  G.  Duncan, 
7,  Queen-street. 

To  DUNDEE — Netvcastle  and  Berivick  Packet,  Spalding— il<far/i/?, 
Nicol — Mary,  Sinv^ion— Augusta,  Spink — agent,  J.  Crighton, 
50,  Queen-street. 

To  FALKIRK,  Lock  No.  16.  (where  carriages  are  ready  for  pas- 
sengers to  and  from  Stirling,  Alloa  and  Edinburgh) — A  Boat 
leaves  Port  Dundas  at-  8  and  1 1 ,  forenoon,  and  4  o'clock  after- 
noon, and  arrives  at  half-past  10,  morning,  half-past  5,  and  half- 
past  7,  afternoon ;  fare,  4s.  and  2s. — agent,  John  Herbertfion, 

To  GRANGEMOUTH— yi  Track  Boat  for  goods  every  Tues- 
day  and  Friday,  leaves  Port-Dundas  a't  9,  morning — agent, 
Andrew  Virtue,  115,  Trongate 

To  HULL — Jane,  Simpson, — Sisters,  Balderson,  James,  Graham, 
— agent,   P,  M'Farlanie,  60,  Queen-street. 

To  LEITH — Andre'w  Iff  Kat^,  Ferguson — Kaiy,  Ballantine — 
Port  of  Leith,  Wihon — Jane  Xs"  Menie,  Hill — agent,   John  Drew, 

88,  Argyll-street— i2o^<?r/,  Pottinger— /"^ot^,  Burrell Minerva, 

Walker — Vine,  Walls — agent,  P.  M'Fariane,  60,  Queen-street,— 
The  new  Packets  Ant,  Rogers — and  Bee,  Brown,  sail  from  Port 
Dundas  and  Leith,  every  Tuesday — agents,  R..  Virtue  &  Co. 
115,  Trongate. 

To  LONDON—constant  traders,  receive  goods  at  Carron  Wharf, 
London,  and  Glasgow  Wharf,  London,  for  Carron,  Grange- 
mouth, and  Port-Dundas — agents,  M'Nab,  M'Fariane  &  Co. 
48,  Miller-street,  and  Andrew  Virtue,  115,  Trongate. 

To  NEWCASTLE— /"r/f^^f  Increase,  Ferguson— G/^j^ow  Packet^ 
Robertson — Annie,  Davidson — Friendship,  Fordr^He/en^  Camp- 
bell— agent,  John  Drew,  88,  Argyll-street. 


A  Boat /or  Passengers  leaves  Glasgow  for  Paisley  and  Johnston,  at 
10  o'clock,  forenoon,  and  at  4  and  6  afternoon;  fare  to  Paisley 
8d.  and  Is.;  to  Johnston,  Is.  and  Is.  6d. 

Trad  Boats  for  Goods,  departs  from  Glasgow  for  Paisley  and  John- 
ston at  6  morning — from  Johnston  for  Paisley  at  9  morning — 
and  from  Paisley  for  Glasgow,  at  12  forenoon.  s.     d. 

Carriage  between  Glasgow  and  Paisley,  per  cwt 0     4f 

Do.  for  grain,  flour,  and  heavy  goods,  between  Glasgow, 

and  Paisley,  per  ton, 6     8 

Do.  for  pig  iron,  per  ton,  3     6 

Single  parcels  below  one  cwt.  per  stone,  O     ! 

Empty  casks  one- fourth  of  the  rate  when  full. 



Carriage  between  Glasgow  and  Johnston,  per  cwt 0     5-| 

Agents,  John  M'Gee,  PortEglinton,  and  John  West,  Moodie's 
Court.  «i 


To  ANNAN,  DUMFRIES,  and  CARLISLE — Elizabeth,  Folder. 

To  AYR — Jeanie,  Mitchell — yohn  Ritchie — Margaret^  Logan, 

To  ^El.^ AST— Margaret  ^  Naney,  M'Arthur— Z)j«««,  Savage  — 
Bee^  Storer — Betsies,  Rankin-^-- Z)/j/'a/ci ,  M'Namara — Hatuh^ 
M'Cormick — James  Gemmill  &  Son,  agents P^ggy^  Jamie- 
son — Jane,  M'Creary- -agents,  A.  &  R.  Houstoun,  53,  Queen- 
street,  who  have  vessels  occasionally  for  all  the  Ports  in  Ireland. 

To  BRISTOL— ikf^ri<z,  M'Kinlay — Robert  Virtue,  &  Co.  agents, 
115,  Trongate— ^//s«,  Owen — J.  M*Kinlay,  agent. 

To  CAMPBELLTON— i5";'?V«^j,  Harvie — Isabella,  Love. 

To  CUMBRAYS— /fd^fw,  Gibb.     • 

To  DUBLIN — Brothers,  Blair — Fame,  Blair — Mary,  Cochrane — 

Alex.  M'Neill,  agent,  Wood-lane. King's  Fisher,  M'Kissock — 

agents  A.  &  R.  Houston,  53,  Queen-street 

To  GIRVAN — jffa«,  Wilson — Britannia,  Eaglesom — Jfa«,WrJght. 

To  INVERARAY— Zcri,  M'Quilkan— /j^^f/Za,  Cochrane. 

To  IShAY—ShaivfelJ,  M'Lachlan— C?V<y,  M'Kay— Ronald, 
M'Nicol,  agent.  Turner's  Court. 

VERSTON— ^«a,  Thomson-^ Margaret,  Taylor — Sally,  Gracie 
— Isabella,  Blair. 

To  LARGS — Williams,  Kerr — Brisbane,  Hunter. 

LISBON — Famei  Stevenson — agents,  A.  &  R.  Houstoun,  Queen- 
street,  who  have  vessels  occasionally  to  the  ports  on  the  Continent. 

To  LIVERPOOL — Clyde,  Ritchie — Dispatch,  Turnbull— ikfary, 
M'Fee — Intrepid,  Gilchrist — Hazard,  Gilchrist — Janes,  Poe — 
Brilliant,    TurnbuU — Nancy,    M'Kay — Robert   Virtue    &    Co. 

agents,   115,  Trongate Ja-oa,  Dow,  Arion,  Nisbet — Mersey, 

Goodsman — -Blossom,   Goodsman — Elizabeth,     Hastie Maria, 

Peebles — Glasgow,  Gilchrist — J.  &  A.  Kidd,  agents,  Melville- 

To  LONDONDERRY— 5^^r,  M'Callwn— Alex.  M'Neill,  agent, 
Wood-kne,  Broomi^law — Otter,  Haggerty,  R.  &  A.  Houstoun, 
53,  Queen  street,  agents. 

To  LOCHGILPHEAD — Salamander,  M'Killop—  Catharine,  Mor- 

To  OBAN,  FORT-WILLIAM  and  ESDALE—Bell  Iff  Anh, 
Kerr — Cato,  M'Dougall — Janet,  Stewart. 

To  PORT  GLASGOW  &  GREENOCK,  Steam  Boats  for  Goods, 
the  Trusty,  &  Industry. 


To  KOTHS AY^Fortufie,  Martin. 

To  STRANRAER— 7o;5«j  Packet,  Gibson. 

Staam  Boats  for  Passengeifs  to  Port-Glasgow,  Greenock,  and 
places  round  the  coast,  Clyde,  Princess  Charlotte,  Prince  of 
Orange,  Britannia,  Dumbarton  Castle,  Rothsay  Castle,  Albion, 
Neptune,  Lord  Nelson,  Argyle,  Waterloo,  Duke  of  Wellington, 
and  Caledonia. 

Also  a  number  of  other  Craft  for  Goods,  evfcry  tide. 

Vessels  occasionally  to  Cork,  Coleraine,  Drogheda,  Killala,  Dun- 
dalk,  Limerick,  Lame,  Newry,  Sligo  and  Waterford — Alex. 
M'Neill,  agent,  W'ood-lane. 


A  Passage  Boat  starts  from  Faskin,  (1 1  miles  distant  from  Glasgow) 
at  7,  morning,  and  from  the  Bason  Townhead,  at  4  o'clock 

List  of  the  Arrival  a?id  Departure  of  the  different 
Mails,  and  the  places  Jrom  uihence  th?y  set  off". 

Foreign  JMails  are  made  up  at  the  General  Pest-oflSce,  London,  for 

France,  every  Tuesday.   Wednesday,    Thursday,  and  Friday 

Hamburgh  and  Holland,  Tuesday  and  Friday. — Portugal,  every 
Tuesday — Madeira  and  South  America,  first  Tuesday  each, 
month. — Leeward  Islands,  first  and  third  Wednesday  each 
month. — Gibraltar  and  Mediterranean,  every  third  Tuesday.— 
Jamaica  and  America,  first  Wednesday  each  month. 

Postage  from  London  to  America  and  West  Indies,  2/2;  Ma- 
deira, 2/7;  Gibraltar,  2/10;  Malta,  Majorca,  Sicily,  and  the  Me- 
diterranean, 3/2;  South  America,  3/6;  Portugal,  2/6;  France, 
1/2;  Holland,  1/4;  Hamburgh,  Denmark,  Norway,  Sweden, 
Germany,  Prussia,  Russia,  &c.  1/8;  Italy,  by  Germany,  1/8; 
by  E#ance,  1/11;  Spain,  by  France,  2/S.  No  Letters  can  be  for- 
warded to  foreign  parts  (except  the  British  West  Indies)  un- 
less the  postage  ba  first  paid. — Letters  for  the  East  Indies,  if 
the  inland  postage  to  London  is  paid,  are  regularly  forwarded 
to  the  India  House  to  go  by  the  Company's  Ships. — All  ship 
letters  charged  at  half  tiie  rate  of  packet  postage. 

Ayr^  and  all  places  in  that  direction  to  Port  Patrick,  arrives  in  the 
morning  early,  and  at  one  afternoon. — Departs  immediately  after 
the  arrival  pf  the  London  Mail,  and  at  4  afternoon. 

Dumbarton — From  Luss.  Tarbet,  &c.  and  all  places  in  that  direc- 
tion from  the  West  Highlands,  arrives  between  one  and  two  after- 
noon.— Departs  at  9  morning  in  summer,  and  at  10  in  winter. 

Edinburgh — From  Durham,  Newcastle,  Berwick,  and  places  in  that 
direction,  and  places  on  the  north  of  the  Forth,  and  by  Linlith*- 


gow,  Falkirk,  &c.  also  the  Stirling  Mail,  and  all  places  in  that 
direction  in  the  north  of  Scotland,  arrives  every  morning  early.— 
Departs  at  9  evening.  The  afternoon  Mail  by  Mid  Calder, 
Whitburn,  &c.  arrives  at  3  afternoon.  Departs  at  8  morning, 
and  half  past  8  on  Sunday. 

Greenock — Port  Glasgow,  Rothsay,  &c.  arrives  at  5  morning,  half 
past  one  afternoon,  and  half  past  7  evening.  Departs  at  5  morn- 
ing, immediately  after  arrival  of  London  Mail ;  and  at  half  past 
3  afternoon. 

Invernry  and  the  West  Highlands,  arrives  nnd  departs  with  Dum- 
barton Mail. 

Irish  Mail — Arrives  and  departs  with  Ayr  Mail. 

London — By  Hamilton,  Douglas,  Moffat,  &c.  and  all  on  this  side 
London,  arrive  at  Mr.  Bain's,  3,  Nelson-street,  every  morning, 
and  depart  from  the  same  place,  at  5  o'clock,  every  afternoon. 
— London^  and  all  beyond  it,  arrive  every  day  at  the  same  time 
and  place,  (Wednesday  excepted)  and  depart  every  day,  (Thurs- 
day excepted)  fare  to  Carlisle  ^Sf^  outside  36/6. 

Paisley — Arrives  and  departs  with  Greenock  Mail. 

List  of  the  Departure  of  the  Mail  and  Stage  Coaches. 

Ayr — A  Coach  from  Mr.  Bain's,  3,  Nelson-street,  every  lawful 
day,  (by  Kilmarnock,)  at  8  o'clock  morning.  From  the 
Tontine,  at  4  afternoon,  fare  15/,  outside  10/. 

Carlisle — A  Coach,  from  Mr.  Bain's  Nelson- street,  at  8  morning, 
on  Monday,  Wednesday,  and  Friday,  by  Kilmarnock,  Sanqu- 
har, and  Dumfries,  fare  to  Sanquhar,  ^SjG,  outside  16/ — Dum- 
fries, 35/,  outside  24/ — Carlisle,  40/,  outside  28/. 

Dumbarton — A  Coach,  from  625,  Argyll-street,  on  Monday,  Wed- 
nesday, atid  Friday,  at  5  afternoon. 

Edinburgh — A  Coach  (the  Mail)  from  the  Bull  Inn,  on  Sunday,  at 
8  morning,  and  half  past  8  on  other  days.  From  No.  625,  Ar- 
gyll street,  at  9  morning.  From  the  Tontine,  at  10  morning, 
13/  and  9/.  From  the  Bucks  head  Inn,  at  ]  2  noon.  From  625, 
Argyll-street,  gt  4  afternoon.  From  Mr.  Bain's  Nelson  street, 
a  Coach  (the  Mail)  at  9  evening,  fare  20/,  outside  12/. 

Greenock — By  Paisley,  (a  Coach)  from  Mr.  Bain's,  Nelson-street, 
every  lawful  day,  at  9  morning.  From  the  Bull  Inn,  at  4  after- 
noon, fare  to  Paisley  3/,  outside  2/,  to  Greenock  8/,  outside  5/. 

Helensburgh — A  Coach  from  625,  Argyll-street,  every  lawful  day 
during  summer,  at  4  afternoon,  fare  6/,  outside  5/. 

Haoiilton — A  Coach  from  Howat's,  Saracen's  head  Inn,  Gallowgate, 
on  Monday,  Wednesday,  Friday,  and  Saturday,  at  6  evening, 
fare  3/,  outside  2/6;  another  Coach  leaves  the  Bull  inn, 
Hamilton,  on  Monday,  Wednesday,  and  Saturday,  at  9  morning, 
departs  from  the  Bull  Inn,  Glasgow,  and  Barr's,  371,  Gallow- 
gate, at  5  afternoon. 


JCilmarttock — Conveyance  by  Ayr  and  Carlisle  Coaches,  fare  10/  &  7/. 

Lanark — A  Coach  from  Saracen's  head  Inn,  Gallowgate,  on  Wed- 
nesday and  Saturday,  at  4  afternoon,  fare  10/6,  outside  8/. 

London — The  Mail  Coach  from  Mr.  Bain's,  Nelson-street,  every 
day,  at  3  afternoon,  fare  to  Carlisle  by  Mail,  SSj  and  86/6. 

Paisley — A  Coach  from  Brash  &  Raid's,  170,  Trongate,  on  Wed- 
nesday, at  5  and  7  o'clock  afternoon,  fare  2/6. 

Perth,  by  Stirling  and  CriefF,  a  Coach  from  the  Bull  Inn,  and 
Mr,  Bain's,  Nelson-street,  every  lawful  day  at  8  morning,  fare 
30/,  outside  22/. 

Stirling     Conveyance  by  the  Perth  Coach,  fare  12/6,  outside  9/. 

Carters*  Quarters,    with  the  Days 

Prom  -whence. 

















Do.  ^     - 



Calder  (East) 

Where  lodged, 
L.W.&W.  Aitkens,  6, 
Cuthbert's,  63,  Ingram- street 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 

otland's,  60,  Gallowgate 
Kerr's,         81,  do. 

Ferrie's  &  Beatoti's,  Spoutmo. 
Erskine's,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
I'vliller's,  40,  King-street 
Ralston's,  Jackson- street 
See  Aberdeen 
Taylor's,  Blacl;friars  wynd 
Munn's,  64,  Ingram-street  and 

Weigh  house 
Taykr's,  Blackfriars  wynd 
Munn's,  64,  Ingram-street 
See  Stirling  Carriers 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Erskine's  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Angus,  Stockwell 

Do.         D©. 
Kerr,  81,  Gallowgate 
Morrison's  court,  Argyll-«tr. 
Mair's,  57,  High-street 
Watson's,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Erskine's,  do. 

See  Drymen  Carrier 
See  Aberdeen  do, 
Munn's,  "64,  Ingram-street 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars  wynd 

Do.  Do.  on'ce  a  fort n 

Mair's  57,  High-street 
Kerr's,  81^  Gallowgate 

of  Arrival  and 







Tues  Fri 

Taes  Fri 

3  times 

a  week 

















Tues.  Fri 

Tues  Fri 





Tues  Sat 

Wed  Sat 


Tues          i 



Mon  Thu 

Tues  Frid  .' 





Tues  Frid 

Tues  Frid 






Wednes.    f 




Friday       '\ 






■  Cie .: 









N.  Galloway, 










Edinburgh  7 

and  Leith,  3 




Where  lodged. 

X  Raid's,  342,  Gallowgate 

Wiiier's,  40,  King-street 
t-'aldane's,  26«,  High-street,  & 

Mair's,  57,  High-&treet     - 
•Mro.  Nellson's,  do. 
-liller's,  40, King-street 
Ivt^rr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
P:vi/6,  i33,  Stockwell 
trskia^'s,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Beiii-orj's,  Spoutmouth 
Mrs.  Neii3oti'3,  Higli-atreet 
K.-rr's,  81   Gallowgate 
■Sef:  Guilov/ay 
M?ir's,  57,  High-street 
Leitn's,  Currie's  Closs 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Leith's,  Currie's  Closs,  and 

Mrtv  Neiison's,  H'gh-street 
Miller's,  40,  King:-s£reet 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd, 
and  Weigh  house 

7  Miller's,    40,     King-street, 
i      once  in  3  weeks    - 

Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
Angus',  Stockwell 
Kerrs,  74,  New  wynd 
Mair's,  57,  High-street 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Erskine's,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Miller's,  40,  King-street,  and 

Munn's,  Ingram  street 
Millet's,  40,  King-street 
Munn's,  64,  Ingram-street 
Weigh  ho.  &  Munn's,  Ing.-str. 

Do.  Do.  Do. 

L.  &  W.  Aitken's,  6,  Virg.-str. 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Mair's,  57,  High-street 
Mrs.  Currie's,  23,  King-street 
Aitken's,      Candleriggs,     and 

Stewarts,  40,  King-street 
Howie's,  Montrose-street 
Jackson's,  Bruns.-str.  &  Bell's, 

St.  Andrew's  square 
Relton's,  North  Albion- street 




4  times 




Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 









Tues  Fri 

Tues  Fri 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 









Wed  Sat 

Wtd  Sat 



Mon  Tues 

Tues  Wed 





Tues  Fri 

Wed  Sat 



Wei, Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Tues  Fri 

Tues  Fri 









4  times 




4  times 








Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 










From  •whence. 











Galloway,  -i 

Garlieston,  C 

Gatehouse,  j 





Greenock  and  7 

Port-Glasg.     \ 


Do.        - 







Do.       - 











Where  lodged. 

Howey's,  Montrose-str.  by  N. 
Castle,  York,  Leeds,  &c. 

Hargrave's,  Bruns.-str.  by  Car- 
lisle, Manchester,  &c. 

Welsh  &  Sons,  Blackfriars' 
wynd,  by  Carlisle,  Manches- 
ter, Liverpool  and  Leeds 

Miller's,  King-str.  and  Mair's, 

Kerr's,  74,  New  wynd 

Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 

Miller's,  40,  King- street 

Kent's,  133,  Stockwell 

Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
See  Aberdeen  Carriers 
M«Callum's,  24,  Stockwell 

Miller's,  King-str.  &  Kerr's 
New  wynd,  once  a-fortnight 

Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Kerr's,  74,  New^  wynd 
Blair's,  do. 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
M'Corkle's,  Virginia-str.  Jack- 
son's, Brunswick-street 
Aitken's  &  Co.  Candleriggs 
Stewart's,  North  Albion-treet 
Erskine's  &  Watson's,  St.  An- 
drew's lane 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Morison's  court,  Argyll-street 
•— — ,  Stockwell 

Ralston's,  Jackson-street 
Leith's,  Currie's  close,  High-sf. 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 

Do.  do. 

Erskine's,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
Kent's,  133,  Stockwell 
Barr's,  St.  Mungo's  lane 

,  48,  Jamaica-street 

Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Nisbet  &  Mackie's,  50,  Stock. 
Kerr's,  74,  New  wynd,  a  Cara- 

Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Mrs.  Neilson's,  High-street 







Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 





Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 








a  month 











3  times 



Tues  Frid 

once  a 






Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Tues  Frid 

Tues  Frid 

Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 



4  times 


Wed  Sat 

Wed  f  .: 


From  tuhence. 




















London,      7 

Leeds,  &c.  \ 











Ne  wart-hill, 


Nev/ mills 

Newton  Stewart 






Where  lodged. 
[Kerr's,  74,  New  wynd 
Miller's,  40,  King- street 
Munn's,  Ingram-str.  &  Kerr's. 

1,  Gallowgate 
Munn's,  do.  do. 

Weigh-house,  Ingram-street 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 

Do.        do.  once  a-fortnight 
Munn's,  64,  Ingram-street 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Weigh-house,  Ingram-street 
Buchanan's,  4,  Bell-street,  and 

Mrs.  Neilson's,  High-street 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
M'Gregor's,  442,  Gallowgate 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Angus',  Stockwell 
Ersklne's,   St.  Andrew's  lane, 

and  Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 

Do.  do. 

Kerr's,    74,    New  wynd,  and 

Miller'e,  40,  King-street 
Do.  do.  and  Angus'  Stockwell 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 

See  English  Carriers 

Ralston's,  Jackson- street 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 

Do.  do. 

Kerr's,  74,  New  wynd 
Mair's,  57,  High-str.  &  Kerr's, 

81,  Gallowgate 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
See  Aberdeen  Carriers 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 
Erskine's,  St  Andrew's  lane 
Boyle's,  l7,Bndgegate 
Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
See  English  Carriers 
Kerr's,  74,  New  wynd 

Do.  do. 

Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Taylor's,  Blackfriars'  wynd 

Ralston's,  Jackson-street 
M'Callum's,  24,  Stockwell 














Tuesday    * 







Tues  Thu 

Wed  Frid 

4  times 














3  times 
















Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 





once  a 


Tues  Fric 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 















Q  2 

Prom  ivhence, 




Roberton  and  7 
WJsfon,       5 







St.  Andrew's 



Thprn  Hill 


West  Quarter 






Where  Icdgid. 
See  Langhholm 
Aitken's,  6,  Virginia-street 
Rekon's,  North  Aibioh*street 
Weigh-hottse,  Ingram-street 
Mail's,  57,  High-street 
M'Murray's,  Back  irynd 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Scouller's,  2,  New  wynd 
At  No.  115  and  167,  Trongate 
Kerr's,  New  wynd,  h.  Miller's, 

Munn's,     Ingram-street,    and 

M  orison's  court 
Morison's  court 

Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 

Miller's,  4©,  King-street 

Do.  do. 

See  Langholm. 
Miller's,  40,  King- street 
Robertson's,  380,  Gallowgate 
Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Weigh-house,  and  Mair's,  57. 

Mrs.  Neilson's,  High-street 
Taylor's,  Biackfriars'  wynd 
Scotland's,  60,  and  Kerr's,  81. 

Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Kerr's,    81,    Gallowgate,   and 

Erskine's,  St.  Andrew's  lane 
M*Callum's,  26,  Stockwell 
Beaton's,  Spoutmouth 
Munn'a,  64,  Ingram-street 
Taylor's,  Biackfriars'  wynd 
Miller's,  40,  King-street 
Taylor's,  Biackfriars'  wynd 
Kerr's,  81,  Gallowgate 
Ferrie's,  Spoutmouth 
Mair's,  57,  High  street 
Miller's,  King-street,  &  Kerr's, 

New  wynd 
Miller's,  40,  King-Street 
Erskine's,  St.  Andrew's  lace 



















Wed  Sat 

Wed  Safe 

Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 





Tues  Frid 

Wed  Frid 





Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sa8 



Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Wed  Sat 

Mon  Thu 




Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 

Tues  Frid 

Tues  Fri 

Tues  Frid 

Wed  Sat 





4  times 


















S  times 



Managers  of  the  POLICE  of  the  City  ofGlasgoxv, 

The  Lord  Provost,  three  BailUes,  Dean  of  Gii'ld  and  Deacon  con- 
venor, ex  officio,  and  twenty-four  Comrnissionersj  chosen  by  Inhabi- 
tants posstssing  houses  of  ^^"10  yearly  rent  ?.nd  "upwards. 

The  City  is  divided  into  twenty-fciir  Wa'-ds,  or  Districts;  un- 
der the  inspection  of  twenty-four  Commissioner*,  chosen  upon  the 
last  week  of  July  annually,  James  Mitchell,  Master  of  Police; 
15  officers,  3  of  whom  are  Constables,  and  74  Watchmen. 


A  Constable  with  four  Officers  attend  regularly  at  the  Police 
Office,  Albion-street,  to  call  the  roll  of  the  Watchmen,  half  an 
hour  before  they  take  their  stations,  r.nd  mark  such  as  are  absent. 
The  Constable  and  Officers  are  thereafter  to  patrole  the  streets  un- 
till  between  two  and  three  in  the  morning,  or  longer  if  necessary, 
to  observe  if  the  Watchmen  are  doing  their  duty;  to  apprehend 
vagrants  and  disorderly  persons;  and  to  give,  in  writing,  a  report 
of  the  whole  transactions,  in  the  morning,  to  the  Master  of  Police. 

The  Watchmen  are  to  be  on  their  respeetive  Stations,  in  the 
months  of  April  to  September  inclusive,  at  10  o'clock  at  night,  and 
continue  till  5  in  the  morning,  and  in  the  months  of  October  to 
March^inclusive,  at  9  o'clock  at  night,  and  continue  until  6  in  the 

N.B,  If  the  inhabitants  are  attentive  tokeepuptheirn>umbersin 
a  legible  state,  it  will  be  easy  for  the  Publisher  of  this  work  to  give 
the  shortest,  and  at  the  same  time  most  accurate,  direction  to  their 
lodgings,  even  where  these  are  within  Closes,  by  inserting  their 
»ame,  Street -number,  and  interior  number,  all  in  a  line,  E.  G.  John 
Brown,  No.  22,  11,  High-street;  that  is,  in  Cioss,  No.  22,  and  No. 
II,  v/ithin  that  Close,  And  they  will  observe,  that  if  tbey  suffer 
their  numbers  to  be  obliterated,  and  do  not  immediately  replace 
them,  they  incur  penalties. 

POLICE  OF  GORBALS,  under  the  management  of  three 
Baillies  and  twelve  Commissioners,  chosen  by  Inhabitants  possessing 
houses  of  £5  yearly  rent,  and  upwards.  The  Barony  is  divided  into 
twelve  Wards,  under  the  inspection  of  the  Commissioners.  Donald 
M'Kenzie,  Master  of  Police. 

The  Watchmen  to  be  on  their  stations  at  10  o'clock  at  night,  and 
to  continue  UHtil  5  o'clock  morning,  from  April  to  September,  in- 
clusive, and  until  six  o'clock  from  October  till  March,  inclusive. 
— The  Sergeants  on  duty  to  patrole  the  streets  alternately  during 
the  night.  To  see  that  the  Watchmen  are  doing  their  duty,  the 
lamps  burning  properly,  to  apprehend  suspicious  or  disorderly  per- 
sons, all  of  which  is  to  be  entered  in  a  book  for  the  inspection  of 
the  Master  of  Police  in  the  morning,  and  the  Commissioners  at  the 
weekly  board. 


The  funds  are  raised  from  the  yearly  rent  of  subjects;  rented 
valued  at  =62  and  under  =€4  Sterling,  yearly,  6d.  per  £  Sterling 
:£4  and  under  =66,  8d.  per  do.— at  £6  and  under  =69,  lOd.  per 
—at  £9  and  upwards,  Is.  per  do. 

Engines  for  extinguishing  fire,  under  the  management  of  th& 
Commissioners ;  keys,  and  other  appurtenances  for  them  to  be  fo  .(^;f 
in  the  Felice  Office. 



GLASGOW     '